It’s going to be Spot, but you’ll at least get your requisite comic!

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  1. IceKitsune

    Yay! I’m glad your feeling well enough to make a comic Rick :)

  2. Draco_2k

    You just might be a bit too hard on yourself, there.

  3. AuvaAkita

    Just don’t overwork yourself.

  4. DatGuy

    Do not.
    Keep your energies and rest, remember that your well-being is more important than your hobbies, projects or whatever.

  5. Z24

    I prefer that you’ll take a break and continue the arc comic on Monday, but do what you wish

  6. Senorpie7

    I really think you should hold off on the comic. I like spot, but I think you should put out some good stuff if you know what I mean =)
    Anyways I am glad to hear you are a little better?

  7. Dissension

    *giggles* It’s easy to tell who does and does not like Spot (Superdog) strips.