too sick

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  1. IceKitsune

    awww Get well soon Rick. *hugs*

  2. haddib


  3. Masque

    Yeah, there’s a nasty bug going around. Rest up, the comic can wait!

  4. Draco_2k

    Get better, Rick! By the power of love!

  5. senorpie7

    Oh man! I got this bug going aroud as well :(
    Get well soon Rick :)

  6. Rebeca

    I hope you feel better soon. I really enjoy your comic, but would rather have you skip an update (or two) to keep your health.

  7. Draven

    It’s the stupid fall weather. Feel better dude

  8. Dissension

    Feel better soon or I’ll hurt you to death. *hugs tightly*

    • Yehoshua

      In some places, maybe that’s considered a compliment.

    • senorpie7

      I think he is on the road to recovery after that!!

  9. Rexnano

    Aww thats okay you get yourself some rest, take as much time as you need to rest up okay ^^

  10. rtlstien

    Get well soon!

  11. AuvaAkita

    This is quite unfortunate. Hope you get feeling better!

  12. GameCobra

    Hope you feel better soon, Rick.

  13. Zenaku

    Rick, may the power of your fans heal you of your sickness!!!! (Get well soon)

    • Yehoshua

      I find that herbal tea does a much best job than rotating blades.

      • Yehoshua


  14. AleyxJ

    Me Too!!! And my mom, and my……

  15. Ozuan

    Lack of capitalization makes me think it’s a bad one. Get well soon! I’m just lucky I haven’t succumbed to the season yet.

  16. kurowolfe

    Just have a good long rest, Rick, and drink plenty of plain water. It always help!
    Hope you’ll feel well soon *hugs too*

  17. leaffly

    A lot of people are sick this pass week. Well hope you get well soon. Take care Rick. I can wait till you get better.

  18. FunkyChicken

    I believe I speak for the rest of the internets when I say:

    “-insert all the previous comments here-”

  19. Barker

    Oh snap! Hope you feel better.

    You should probably prematurely take off Monday for good measure. We can wait.

  20. Valerio

    Aw, stupid bug! *kicks bug*
    now rest, eath your broth and get well soon, dude… And NO, don’t let kharishad fix your broth!

  21. Karlos

    Rest well and get better soon :)

  22. Tensa Zangetsu

    Ah sickness, every writer/artists worst enemy
    Get well dude!

  23. gaboris

    It’s fine man. Get well. :)

  24. Eric

    I was just sick all of last week so I can sympathize with you there, I love your work. Please get well soon!

  25. kimo

    get well soon

  26. Grip the Wolf

    Get well soon, Rick. I hope that you don’t need any shots! Those needles hurt…

    • Zarvain

      I agree, get well soon, before Dr.s are needed.
      …needles are scary =c

      • Valerio

        never had a problem with needles.
        In fact, when necessary, I do the shots myself.

  27. Tommyrazor

    If only I had the ability to steal sickness from people :P Well. Screw getting better soon, get better when you feel like it.

  28. snowyote

    Get well soon! >_<

  29. Lilaeris

    Woops. I meant; -Insert another get well message here-

  30. FerreTrip

    Awwww…Happens to the best of us. Get well soon! ^^