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Picked The Wrong Spot

Romancing The Spot

Giving Thanks

A Way With The Ladies

Dogs Who Stare At Water

I don’t know if I can get the comic done today either. So the comics this week will be wed thurs fri like that

MFF has been crazy, I’ll upload a filler and you’ll get a comic on Tuesday

This Is Not Really The Comic Guys

Lady Of The Lake

Jill Knife

So guys, I am a guest of honor at Midwest Fur Fest in Chicago (Or, well, technically it’s Rosemont), which runs from Nov. 18-20.  I’m going to have a table in the Dealer’s Den which I am sharing with Root of The Dawn Chapel, from which I will be giving autographs and selling books and [...]

I’ll Make Brat-Wurst Out Of You

Thinking About Thoughts

Rosey Gasses