Cunning Disguise

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  1. Senorpie7

    Wow, Rick you always find a way to amaze me… =)

  2. rtlstien

    Oh… did someone finally TURN AROUND!?

    Let’s see what happens…

    • Barker

      This turn of events has finally gotten the plot around to dealing with ‘???’.

      • Tynach

        It’s around this time, that things will begin to turn – for better or worse.

        • rallyjr

          should probably stop before this spins out of control

    • Rue

      Looks like someone finally did! I want to know what that jaguar is though.

      • Rico

        If I learned anything from Scooby Doo, it’s that all ghosts are fat balding middle-aged men.

        • Draven

          Rediculously thin women who recently got fired.

        • Alechsa

          But what if it’s a movie? The ghosts are REAL in those!!!

  3. Dissension

    The K-9 unit is incredibly awesome. x3

    • Senorpie7

      Indeed. Plus, fool proof methods such as the ones displayed here are sure to be rewarding later on.

  4. IceKitsune

    Yay more of that Ghost/God/Whatever he is. lol at them trying to sound like bats XD clever yet stupid at the same time.

    • Snowmon

      Thug 1: “Hey, ya’ll heard that?”
      Thug 2: “It’s just a bunch of dogs pretending they’re bats, ignore ‘em.”
      Thug 1: “But-”
      Thug 2: “Ignore them…”

      • One-Who-Howls

        Win. XD

        • Snowmon

          Just be glad that I don’t like being ‘cliché’ and tried saying that they’ve gone batty.

  5. Barker

    Skeeing is fun. I love to skee down slopes and I go skeeing with my cousin at the lake all the time.

    • Hera_Ledro

      …BAD PUN BAD PUN GAH! >_<

    • One-Who-Howls

      Skiers, UNITE! *Fly Away* XD Goggles Are So Skeers Don’t Hit Your Face, And Skiers Can See. Very Bad Pun Indead. XD

  6. AuvaAkita

    Oh sure, sounding like bats is definitely NOT gonna attract some attention XD

  7. Tensa Zangetsu

    Ralph has got to be my favorite police dog!

  8. C.S.


  9. Snowmon

    You can’t fool me, I know that’s an aztec ghost.

  10. SilverZeo

    Kevin is the first to see trouble, isn’t he? First the atomic water-balloon, the symbol, and now ghost-cat…

    • Snowmon

      Not to mention the Bat’s um… ¿stampede¿

    • Frank

      I hereby christen this phenomenom “The curse of Kevin” (and with that name, maybe we can get some money to make a movie!)

      • One-Who-Howls

        You Have Won Free Internet. XD

  11. leaffly

    So its the fake out move?

  12. SleepSandMan

    The aztec ghost is a nefarious villain!?!?!

    • SleepSandMan

      oh nvm….

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No, but this is the first time we’ve seen the nefarious villains outside a Spot episode!

  13. rallyjr

    I wounder what Kelvin sees :)

    • Frank

      Let’s see… giant glowing battle axe? No, can’t be anything scary :D

      • Napu

        Looks like a Giant tarot card to me

  14. 1boredcanadian

    I thought Fido was going to say “No Kevin you can’t tackle them.”

  15. xhunterko

    Guys? No seriously. Guys turn around.

  16. Napu

    Despite how Rick first portrayed Kevin he may not be so hard-headed after all
    At least at the moment…

    • Frank

      He was trying to get it right, if you remember

      • Napu

        Must be really hard if Rick’s having trouble.

  17. Napu

    I hope that’s not the Fido Sabrina fell in love with

  18. gaboris

    Okay now all we need are some zombie pirates… okay lets say zombie ninjas cuz of plagiarism and we’ll have an awesome climax. XD
    … What anyone has a better idea? :D

    • Pogiforce

      you can’t plagiarize the idea of zombie pirates. you can plagiarize a STORY about zombie pirates, since that’s written and documented, but the concept, the idea of zombie pirates alone can’t be copyrighted.

      For instance, there are Zombie Pirates in Fable 2 you know. Zombie pirates aren’t exclusive to the first Pirates of the Carribean movie.

      • gaboris

        You know I put “…” in the middle of my sentence, right? :D That normally means I’m jokinn. ;)
        BTW the joke was about the part that it’s an Aztec treasure and with zombie pirates it would be close enough to make a joke about it. :)

      • Draven

        I thought they were ghost pirates.

        • gaboris

          No they were zombies, but better question is: Are they zombie pirates or pirate zombies? :”D

  19. Kaleb

    This the best web-comic around!

  20. Talonstripe


  21. Draven


  22. Argent Stonecutter

    OK, I know that’s ??? because of the tag, but first I thought it was a reflection of the bad guy’s flashlights or something. What part of ??? is that supposed to be?

    • Draven

      That would be the end of his Aztec sword. It’s not like most other swords so it’s hard to tell.

      • Pogiforce

        It looks like an obsidian sword. From what I saw on Deadliest Warrior, they would take obsidian glass and wedgeit between two pieces of wood and tie it shut and add a handle. the jagged, serrated edge would rip flesh instead of cutting it, resulting in large jagged wounds. Sometimes the obsidian would break off in the enemy’s skin. THey weren’t sturdy weapons and because of the nature of obsidian glass it tended to break a lot, but that’s small comfort to the poor fool who got hit by one.

        • Draven

          That’s exactly why I know what it is, and it makes sense that ??? would have one because it was used by the JAGUAR warriors. When used in battle it has an effect similar to that of a chainsaw.

  23. Argent Stonecutter

    Also… this is totally a Scooby Doo moment too.

    The obvious plan would be to send someone inconspicuous like Spo down to investigate while either Ralph or Fido went out to report. Kevin is more useful as a backup tackle, and making reports isn’t exactly his forte.

    • Frank

      But then they might be wondering why there’s mice in the cave.

      Also, you’re assuming Spo will be cooperative

    • spiritkitsune

      Ok guys, let’s split up.

  24. Shuma Jindivi

    I agree. That’s clearly racist.

    • Grip the Wolf

      Fido: We aren’t being racist! We’re just following the script that Rick gave us!
      Rick: Fido, I don’t give anyone a script. *winks*

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • Tensa Zangetsu

        Is that even a word?

  25. Salenstormwing

    “Oh man, I love eating bugs and sleeping upside down! Skree skree!”
    “I can’t wait to play some more baseball!”
    “I’m supposed to be a baseball bat, right?”

    • T-Squared

      Not only that, but that’s a different dialect you’re speaking in. ;)

    • Frank

      “Uh, sure! Why don’t we try out your aim with this baseball-shaped rock?”
      “That would give me a headache”

  26. WingedWolfGirl

    Now, in real life they’d get caught by the villains. But since this is HousePets, yea, their plan will work.

  27. Fennec

    say – nice Maquahuitl Rick !

    • Frank

      “nice Maquahuitl Rick”
      There, I said it!

      • Fennec

        Ah, I see !! They’re in a cavern, so there is an echo ?

        Or were you >trying< to be funny, mocking someone
        else's manner of speech ?

  28. Twerp

    Ugh… they have too bright EyEs and they hurt my EyEs @-@;;

  29. Grip the Wolf

    I suppose that in the world of Housepets!, that IS racist. Also, Kevin is probably going to scream soon.

    • Draven

      Kevin won’t scream, Kevin will attempt to tackle. Ralph and Fido will scream.

  30. McFly

    You know Spo, I’m beginning to wonder about them too.

    • AuvaAkita

      You read my mind! I was gonna write this comment first, but then i decided to write something else.

  31. Sansash

    Ye’d best start believing in ghost stories, Kevin… You’re in one!

    • Napu


  32. loomCAT


    REALLY, RALPH?! This is your big plan?! I hereby revoke your right to be agitated at the silliness of other characters; you take the cake for absurd ideas.

  33. Pogiforce

    and it’s at this point they get a message back from the guys at the lab saying “That thing you saw was a marker that native americans left as a sign from their cursed burial grounds.” referring to whatever it is they had found in the previous strip.

  34. Pogiforce

    also, I think once the K9 unit get a gander at that ghost they’ll ALL be raising the pitch of their voice.

  35. FantasticMrWolf

    No Kevin, you need to raise you pitch XDD

  36. Tattorack

    Uh, guys………….



      • Tattorack

        Well um, TURN AROUND FINALLY!!

  37. ventus

    I’m totally waiting for a bat to fly up and say something like,”shut UP you guys sound nothing likebats I mean rea…OMG DO YOU SEE THAT THING!?”

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Kind of like the reaction I get to fake Australian accents on TV.

      • Frank

        You say “OMG did you see that thing”?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          fair dinkum, mate, stone the blooming crows,

          • MKarrow

            I read this in your avatar’s voice, which sounded more like calmly-spoken proper English.

  38. Nick (from HP!R)

    Hmm, all the TURN AROUND jokes and the last strip being named BRIGHT EYES.
    I see a song reference there!

  39. Rayne

    I thought Fido was supposed to actually be smart. I put to much faith in the dogs.

  40. Sansash

    Wow, Sergeant Ralph’s arm looks so… pencilly in panel 1 compared to Kevin’s. :P