Bright Eyes
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  1. Ryufire

    Oh Boy! 0.o

  2. Nick Crotser

    Not even Rick knows who that is! “???”

    • rtlstien

      Whoever he is, he ’s giving them the “are you kidding me” look

      • Barker

        I know I was as I was reading this.

        • rtlstien

          lol I’m sure we all were

      • Kitch

        Who said it was a he? Those hips are awfully wide for a he.

        • Rico

          So guys can’t have wide hips? :P

          • Air

            Agreed. I have wide hips, so I don’t get where Kitch is getting at. Shoulders are better for telling genders apart than hips are.

        • Dragongal

          I think it was more of the clothes. Sorta loincloth-y style. In my opinion.

          • Kitch

            Women in native cultures wear loincloths. And remember, the female animals in the Housepets-verse don’t have human-style breasts.

        • Caynine

          I’ll point something else out to indicate it’s gender; look at those biceps! I know women can be muscular too, but those are a little large =P

    • gaboris

      (????: Ha-HA! Not even the GODS know who I am!!! >:V
      Gab: SERIOUSLY I’m the one who’d get us banned? Quit it before you anger someone!)

  3. 1boredcanadian

    All I can hear is “Remember who you are”

    • The Wolf Kin

      “Gotta put your BEHIND in the past!”

      • AuvaAkita

        No, i think it sounds much better like this…

        “You gotta put your past BEHIND YOU” ;-)

  4. Nick Crotser

    I would think Spo would’ve noticed “???” materializing behind everyone.

    • Nick Crotser

      I wonder if there was a faint “Vwoorp Vwoorp” noise

      • Tynach

        That would require a working chameleon circuit… Otherwise we’d be seeing a blue box!

        The Master?!

      • Grip the Wolf

        That would only happen if the brakes were on.

    • gaboris

      Maybe he fainted? :D

    • Jinxed

      Maybe ???? has a psychic filter?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Spo’s probably looking at the symbol too.

      • ShadowclawFC

        actually, I think he’s looking at the spirit aztec god(dess) apparition…thing. But is either too perplexed, interested, or uncaring to say anything. That, and the director (writer) told him not to.

    • Frank

      Or he’s too freaked out to say anything!

    • Draven

      He ignoring ???, because if you just ignore it it will eventually go away. Works every time.

  5. rtlstien

    Turn Around! You know you want to!

  6. Lyooon

    Hahaha First comic that made me laugh uncontrollably for a while.

  7. IceKitsune

    Yay! A Ghost! So I guess It was the ghost directing someone or doing it him self depending on how much he can interact with the world. Also lol at the Turnaround stuff XD

  8. Zenaku

    Should I even ask about that creepy spirit behind them?
    P.S where did Fido get a cell phone?

    • Nick Crotser

      From within his collar that’s been imported from Gallifrey .

    • rallyjr

      to your first question; no you shouldn’t ask, just accept

  9. Filiocht

    Am I the only one thinking Tezcatlipoca? :P

  10. coyoteBR

    Let’s try to say it other way… Sergeant Ralph, you’re ABOUT to have a weird look on your FACE. Very funny update, well done

  11. leaffly

    So… A new player to the game? Or just a ghost that has a request in order to rest in peace?

    • FlynnDawg

      No matter how many players join the game, one thing is certain…

      You have…. a nice avatar :D

  12. Elwood Blutarsky

    So if this ghost stole the gold how are they going to arrest him?

    • IceKitsune

      If hes doing it directly there is most likely nothing that can be done, unless Dragon can do something I guess. That’s why I think its likely he was directing or maybe possessing someone to do it for him and they arrest that person.

    • Keldor

      I’m thinking it might be more a matter of the gold being stolen from the ghost in the first place.

    • I know!

      They’ll read him his last rights!!


    • LittlePuppy

      Ooooor it could be some sort of illusion created by the culprit. But then that would only leave Sabrina’s ‘friend’ who is adept at creating ghosts, or the Milton ferrets with their special effects budget. Neither of which would really have any motive to steal Aztec treasure. Then again thats never really stopped the ferrets before…

      Either that or I’ve been watching too much Scooby-Doo. Probably this…. >///> *slinks off shamefully into the shadows BEHIND YOU*

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Arresting a god is kind of tricky…

  13. IceKitsune

    Depending on how much longer is actually figured out about this case we might find out how well known magic is in this world among Pets and Humans since its most likely (I don’t want to say for sure but I’m like 95% sure it is right now) the ghost (either directing some one or doing it himself) stealing the gold.

  14. GameCobra

    Attack of the Pridelands! *bricked*

    • SilverZeo

      Grape: WRONG! That is crealy a South American Leopard! They are not part of the Savannah Pridelands!

      • Keldor

        I think the word you’re looking for is “Jaguar”. ;-D

    • Rererak

      Yeah I thought I saw Pridelands resemblance. Maybe this is where Res got inspiration.

      • Frank

        That’s… actually quite a scary thought

  15. SilverZeo

    Kevin is not much of a musclehead as he thought of… though I do wonder how he would react to someone who is bigger then him… as well as being a cat… anyone want to wager he can tackle a ghost?

    • AuvaAkita

      I bet he’ll try and borrow the “Ghost Busters” equipment lol :p

      • SilverZeo

        Kevin with a nuclear proton accelerator pack?

  16. SilverZeo

    Wait… Fido has a iPhone too?

    • Frank

      ‘guess police dogs must be pretty well paid after all

      • Dena

        Or it’s department issue.

        • Draven

          I’d believe that. After all, they are issuing smart phones to the U.S. Military.

          • Dena

            You should see the local PDs and SO. It seems like everyone rank Sgt and above’s been issued an iPhone, and the Majors and above are also married to their iPads.

  17. VOLK

    Confused ghost is confused?

    • IceKitsune

      His eye is twitching because of the Turn Around joke in the comic

      • Keldor

        Which one? Turn Around and look again – there’s more than one of them…

        • IceKitsune

          All of them

      • VOLK

        I’m not sure any of the characters are quite aware of anything being a joke…

  18. Valerio

    so we get a place called babylon gardens that hosted an ancient accadic portal and an aztec jaguar spirit. *gets aspirin*

    • Keldor

      It’s simple, really – these names actually predate the Tower of Babel, and thus were all part on the same universal tongue. When the tower was cast down, the words of that language were randomly distributed among the new languages of the world, so while they appear to be vastly different, they really mean pretty much the same thing, like “crag” and “peak” do.

  19. Elwood Blutarsky

    ‘I found a thing’ Why do I have a feeling if dogs actually could talk they’d say something like that.

    • MrMutt

      I would have to agree with you on that.

      • Dena

        There was an episode of Dexter’s Lab that did that.

        … it was a Golden.

  20. Shuma Jindivi

    …whoever the ??? is, I like his expression……

  21. Foxstar

    Ah, I remember this character from last year’s Housepets Nano story. Wonder if Sabrina knows they are about.

  22. Napu

    Can you say OBLIVIOUS?

    • 1boredcanadian

      No and I can’t spell it either. :)

      • Napu

        well i guess that statement got TURNED AROUND

  23. FlintFang

    Ack! theres a scary Mayan leop- and you missed it.

  24. FlintFang

    Ghost: ô.ō

  25. Napu

    Hahaha wow, i get it now. Its from the song Eclipse of the Heart.
    “TURN AROUND bright eyes” These lyrics never made sense to me.

  26. rallyjr

    silly ghost whether your transparent or not, your still invisible to the world

  27. gaboris

    Oh how I love these scenes in shows. But I still can’t stop banging my head on my table whenever I see one of these. XD

  28. Roadrunner

    Oh… what’s that?! O_o

    • AuvaAkita

      It’s a genie i think

      • Azlanfox

        It looks Aztec. but I could be wrong.

  29. YoyoDude


    • FlynnDawg

      I see what ya did thar

  30. T-Squared


  31. T-Squared

    Oh, and I know who that is! That’s Ghostwriter!

    Oh wait, if it was Ghostwriter, then it’d be just a speck of light.

  32. Sonic Fox

    XD The spirit looks pretty disappointed. “The Fffffff”

  33. Tom Flapwell

    I thought this was leading into a “Total Eclipse of the Heart” gag.

    • Dena

      No, because then it would have to be a stag.

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    This is such a Scooby Doo scene…

    • Mkarrow

      I’m sure they’ll all stop the chase to play their favorite beatles-like song any time now…. I’m calling ‘???’ on drums.

  35. Salenstormwing

    In Wednesday’s comic, the K9 unit announces loudly to themselves how they might fine clues to the missing gold, only to not have to after all.

  36. John SJ

    “Every now and then I fall apart!”

    Nah I’m just kidding, anyway… Ooh, ancient spirit.

    • Dena

      But not Of Evil…

  37. AuvaAkita

    This investigation just keeps getting better and better!

  38. tahrey

    This reminds me of the final scene of Katan for some reason…
    (look it up on youtube :)

  39. silverfang16


  40. Draven

    Aztec jaguar spirit is clearly not pleased by their lack of rotation.

  41. xhunterko

    Well well. This is going to be fun.

  42. uvok

    These are police dogs, but don’t notice a bright glowing feline ghost? :D
    This is going to be interesting

  43. FrozenBottle

    #…burning like fire!#

  44. Devilsnare35

    I don’t get it. Why are those words bolded?

    • AuvaAkita

      Because the ghost (or whatever it is) is BEHIND them.

  45. uvok

    I wonder if this works.

    • Devilsnare35

      No it doesn’t :/ awkward… How do you delete comments?

      • AuvaAkita

        You can’t! Your words are now forever stuck in digital space lol

        • Napu

          All the more reason to Watch what you say

          • Grip the Wolf

            And what you post on YouTube *Is referring to the video of the fat kid singing “Bad Romance” into a banana*

          • Frank

            Oh no! That poor banana!

  46. Spirit Studios 2010

    And so, yet another god(dess) has joined the game of cosmic D&D.

    • Dissension

      Not necessarily!

    • FlynnDawg

      God(dess) or not! All players lose… time while playing said activity! :D

    • Grip the Wolf

      ??? Has joined the battle!

  47. anonomus

    dont phone signals kill ghosts like in aqua teen hunger force?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Tezcatlipoca is not a ghost.

      • IceKitsune

        But we don’t know that’s who it is

        • Argent Stonecutter

          There you go with your so-called facts again!

          • IceKitsune

            But I like facts, facts are good things. :P

  48. JB

    You must believe me, it is just a holographic image using the power of math.

  49. Tattorack

    That ghost is a warrior O_o , he’s got an Aztec sword!
    (only the smooth bumpy edge should be hammered in bit
    of sharp square obsidian:

    • Dragongal

      Wow! you’re right! Perhaps it is just a sheath though?

      • Frank

        There’s such a thing as an Aztec sheath?

        • Tattorack

          Nope, they never had sheathes, so we’ll have to presume thats a fancy sword.
          (this could mean that he’s from high stature, or,
          I’m thinking too realistically)

  50. Dragongal

    The lymerick! ” From the lip of shade” Shade could also sometimes mean ghost. And “Of a long unpaid debt.” The Aztec gold was probably owed to the ghost by someone, and he wanted it so bad he waited and continued waiting after death.

    • Dragongal

      Or the gold was there for the ghost to guard, and he pledged his life and afterlife to guard it, but was stolen, and the gold was owed to someone for a debt, but if they got the gold, something VERY bad would happen or somethin.

  51. Draven

    I have the same “don’t turn around” policy when I need to go anywhere and it’s really dark.

  52. Anounymos

    Just how did Ralph’s tail REALLY shrink from panel 1?

    • Yehoshua

      Maybe ??? did it.

    • Frank

      Trick of the light?

  53. D.Z.

    SWEET, a jaguar. JAGGA.

  54. Draven

    What are they looking at?

    • Dena

      the symbol on the wall.

      • Draven

        Oh, that makes sense.

  55. Tara

    Who else thinks it might just be related to the “Magical Superbeings’” Dungeons and Dragons thing? :D

    • malinik

      probably is… considering if you look at the story it COULD match up i hope it does :3

  56. FlynnDawg

    I know what Ralph means, but instead of avoiding to turn around, I avoid facing forward…. it’s very stressful

    • malinik

      id try that sometime but i get talked to alot so i cant stand to not face forward

  57. Grip the Wolf

    It’s a ghost! Somebody call the ghost busters! *gets a call on his phone* Oh, that’s just great! The ghost busters are not available. That means that we have to call ghost Nappa! *facepaw* I hate my life right now.

  58. Grip the Wolf

    This reminds me of the Doctor Who episode “partners in crime”, where Donna and The Doctor keep narrowly missing each other at the beginning. At one point, Donna parks her car outside a building, and when she walks inside, the TARDIS materializes right next to her car. The Doctor pokes his head out of a cubicle multiple times, and Donna is poking hers out of another, and when The Doctor pokes his out, Donna has got hers inside the cubicle. When Donna pokes hers out, The Doctor has his inside the cubicle. It just reminds me of it because they keep saying that they may need to turn around, which would cause them to notice the ghost, but they end up not needing to because they get a phone signal. Why yes, I am a nerd. How did you know?!

  59. Grip the Wolf

    The alt text needs some sunglasses…

  60. Pogiforce

    I just got the name of the comic and I lolled.

    “Turn around, briiiiiiight eeeeeeyes!”

  61. Pogiforce

    the cellphone rules of horror stories broken. YOu never get a signal when you need it. I guess K9 dogs are immune.

  62. Firewolf

    I knew it was coming to this, Aztec, leopards, and feathers X3

  63. C.S.

    All we need now is babylon gardens being built on a native american burial ground and the ensuing curse

  64. Sansash

    Nice cape… it billows

  65. Solario the Visored

    I hope I’m not the only one who thought this strip, upon reading the title, might be a Watership Down reference. :)

    • Frank

      Really? I thought it was a Planet of the Apes reference

    • Sansash

      Yes I did too