Again! Some of the art is taking a little longer than I anticipated; maybe 30 minutes

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  1. Senorpie7

    Hey, it’s all good. Like they say, quality over quantity!

  2. Keldor

    *Checks the time. 30 minutes have passed*. Oh noooo! Where could it be??? DX

    • Keldor

      Would have been more effective if I could have typed faster – it was 12:30 on the dot when I started… Darn iPad…>.>

  3. Napu

    Can you say OBLIVIOUS?

  4. I'll Eat Yourself

    Yay! I’m among the first few to comment! I must admit, that’s a lot of the same pun over and over again. Nice job. I probably couldn’t do that. As for the weird spirit thing, I LOVE how it’s all confused at the end because nobody noticed it. XD

  5. silverfang16

    Brilliant disguises! :D

  6. randomanon

    i thought they were bats