Everyone’s Old Favorite

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  1. Ryufire

    The crazy old fart is back! :D

    • Frank


      • Aenbr

        Well, he does stink..

    • silverfang16

      Heck yes.

    • Tynach

      Why do I get the feeling that Spo is going to use some form of magic and time travel later in the series, and BECOME the old man? He’d know the future, so it’d explain why he’s able to predict where they’d need help and whatnot.

      • kuisbright

        ฺBecause you have the blue box?

      • Grip the Wolf

        *Gasp* Then he would be like Captian Jack Harkness and The Face of Boe! Well, except for the fact that he isn’t flirtatious and *ahem* a flexible dancer *ahem* but you get the point!

    • Aenbr

      And he’s back with a very interesting page title. This page is called “Everyone’s Old Favorite” and if you go back to when Brent was first introduced, the page title was called “Everyone’s New Favorite” Here, why don’t I just show you: http://www.housepetscomic.com/tag/crazy-old-man-who-only-speaks-in-limericks/

    • rtlstien

      Does that mean Pete is somehow involved in this?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Don’t know what the relationship between the Old Guy and Pete is. He could be associated with the temple. Or just psychic.

  2. IceKitsune

    Lol I love Kevin in the first panel. Also hes clearly talking about Sabrina looks like Foxstar might be right.

  3. Snowmon

    The only question now is: who’s unpaid debt?

    • Frank

      Why, the debt that all men pay, of course!

      • darkgloomie

        … Mortgage?

        • SecretAgent000


          • Tynach

            … For food?

          • darkgloomie

            … Hush money so I won’t tell of their plan for world domination?

            Oh wait, only penguins pay that.

        • Grip the Wolf

          Penguins are more evil than Gannondork! And they are more successful in their plans.

  4. Zenaku

    The crazy old guy is back yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  5. Dissension

    A mouse can dream, Spo; a mouse can dream.

    • I'll Eat Yourself

      Oh WOW I keep forgetting Spo is there. I was thinking Fido had said that! XD NOW I GET IT!! I think… why does Spo want to be him anyway?

  6. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    I think I’ve found a new avatar. about time I changed it.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      just seeing if it changed or if it’s taking a while.

      also, I love this character. he should pop up way more often.

      • rallyjr

        only in the most random of times or places

      • Frank

        But he never leaves his house shack!

        • I'll Eat Yourself

          lol. how’d you cross out “house” like that?

          • Frank

            <strike>stricken-through text</strike> produces stricken-through text!
            (&lt; and &gt; produce < and > respectively)

    • T-Squared

      I was going to say “Oh great, we have Brent here in the comic again. :D

    • T-Squared

      Buuuut, Brent beat me to it. :D

  7. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai wish ai could talk like that…

    • Snowmon

      Tis easy if u think like a bat…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        But not like a dog…

        • Squib

          For to use such dialog…

          • Frank

            would require a new kind of thinking hat!

          • Aenbr

            You guys are epic.

  8. 1boredcanadian

    I already am that guy but my riddles don’t rhyme.

  9. Firewolf

    YES! Me and meh pals all pretty much wanna be like that! XD an old poetic dude who just weirds people out :D

  10. Mystic Wolf

    It’s actually the first time I see Ralph’s tail owo

    • Roadrunner

      O_O that’s right

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      it’s also the first time he’s tagged as “Ralph” instead of “Sergeant Ralph”

      • Zenaku

        yeah i just noticed that to

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      and also: http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/05/18/cool-clean-and-refreshing/

      Ralph’s first appearance, you see his tail.

      • gaboris

        That tail looks PRETTY small compared to this one. :D

    • Valerio

      an awesome tail at that!

    • Ezhno Pallaton

      Thats cause Ralph dont turn his back to nobody (Usually)

  11. Russiarules1

    I just want that beard of awesomity.
    I made up a word :D

  12. xhunterko

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw the connection when I saw the arc’s title. I mean it’s kinda obvious. Right? Right?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I didn’t, what is it?

    • gaboris

      You mean connection with the old guy or with someone else? Cuz I didn’t see any of that. XD

    • Frank

      You mean case curse of the Aztec gold?

    • Big Fan

      I’m thinking… the first “Pirates of the Carribean” movie… right?

    • xhunterko

      To Self: Oh wee. You think your very smart and clever for figuring something out about an old strip arc. Here’s a bozo pin and let me stick in too far. There. Happy now that you’ve confused everyone?

      • IceKitsune

        wait what did you figure out exactly?

        • xhunterko

          Notice the sarcasm. Apparently, nothing at all.

  13. VOLK

    Just as I predicted… they’ll talk to the bats, and Spo will be 6 feet tall.

  14. Valerio

    Ralph in 3rd panel = PUPPY! *glomps*

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Does that count as assaulting an officer?

      • rallyjr

        Maybe hindering an investigation

    • Frank

      Maybe that thing where an officer gives you an order… and you refuse to follow it… the name escapes me right now… okay, I’ll shut up

  15. American_Otter

    this is cool, the old man is back and let me guess the guy vanishes as soon as they look back to the shack.

    • Grip the Wolf

      Or maybe it’s Jacob’s Cabin… and the second that they look away, the WHOLE CABIN vanishes… *sigh* I loved LOST.

  16. Elwood Blutarsky

    Is it possible the old man is a harbringer of doom, an eerie warning our K9 cops are about to face something or someone supernatural? Last time he showed up Pete turned out to be real.

    • IceKitsune

      Its possible I don’t see how anything other then something supernatural could steal stuff from the middle of the highway with no one noticing. (unless what Spo said was right and its just for the insurance and there was nothing in there to begin with or something like that) I’m just kind of wondering if the man himself is supernatural in some way. (He most likely is given this comic)

      • Frank

        Isn’t that what they said of The First Grest Train Robbery?

        • IceKitsune

          Except IIRC they didn’t get away with out being seen doing it. Also I’m pretty sure they stopped the train first and robbed it that way.

          • Frank

            No, it was done while in motion, and no one saw them. People found out about it because they caught them when they were coming out of the station.

            In the real-life incident the movie was based on, the police investigated for five months before arresting the culprit

          • IceKitsune

            Well technically no one saw them because they paid everyone on the train off in the first place that’s not what appears to have happened here as far as we know. Quite frankly we need more clues then what we are getting so far.

          • IceKitsune

            I’m sorry let me clarify that a bit, they paid off the guard that was looking after the gold and he was the one that made the switch. That’s why they weren’t seen, but still that doesn’t appear to be what happened here at all.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            The trucker was paid off maybe?

          • Frank
  17. SamBlob

    This is looking more like the work of Pete every minute…

  18. malinik

    the limric guy is back!

    • I'll Eat Yourself

      I see you also read TwoKinds. Good comic. Just saying. BTW, I like the avatar. THAT GUY IS SO FUNNY SOMETIMES!! He kinda reminds me of…someone from this comic…WOW I can’t even firgure out who!

      • I'll Eat Yourself

        Oh wait DUH! It’s Fido he reminds me of!

        • malinik

          i read ALL sorts of web comics and vote for them twokinds is one of my favourites along with “dreamkeepers”, “betterdays” “original life”
          but among all of my favorites it has to be housepets as my all time favourite i just think zen is really funy in that scene

  19. Hoheh

    Spo knows his awesome. He’s wishing for a great thing.

    • Hoheh

      AABBA and meaningful! Nice!

    • Frank

      Oh, wait, that’s Spo? I thought it was Fido talking!

  20. Gamerkitty

    YAY limerick speaking old man is back! Shame i see no fist shaped boulder.

    • xhunterko


  21. C.S.

    Alt text, please

    • darkgloomie

      “He decided his getup needed a bit more lunatic flair”

      Can’t say I don’t agree.

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    Last sentence would scan better if you replaced “knowledge” with “news”.

  23. gaboris

    Hmmm… Could Spo BE that guy to begin with? Who knows, Pete turned a man into a dog I wouldn’t argue if he could do the reverse with a mouse AND do a timeloop as well. :D

  24. QuoteRules

    un-paid debt? hmmmm… could be referring to fido defending king? or something else i don’t recall?

  25. Tardy

    Dude kinda looks like Brian from KoDT… if he was older and a hermit.

  26. Argent Stonecutter

    So… let’s see… this guy is near the old Akkadian temple.

    I guess it’s got bats in its belfry.

    Did Mr. Milton import an Aztec pyramid as well?

    • Frank

      Except that Aztec temple parts are probably incompatible with Akkadian temples

  27. Draven

    Why is limerick guy’s text bubble squared while the others are rounded?

  28. WingedWolfGirl

    Yes, Spo.
    Someday you shall be a crazy old limerick man, and I shall be a tree.

    • Grip the Wolf

      And I shall be a furry… wait a minute… I AM a furry!

  29. Grip the Wolf

    Ralph: Hey, Old Guy! We need to get your name for our witness statement log! Oh my gosh, the cabin is GONE! Or was it ever even there to begin with? *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!

    • Grip the Wolf

      Ralph: Oh, wait, never-mind. I was looking the wrong way. There it is. *Points to a cabin*
      Me: *From inside cabin* Hey, somebody help! I got caught in a trap in the woods, and this old guy came and locked me in his closet! Please h- *crashing sounds*
      Fido: Ummm… shouldn’t we help him, Ralph?
      Spo: On second thought, Ralph should just say that his name is “Crazy Old Man Who Only Speaks in Limericks.”

      • rallyjr

        glad to see you got away

  30. Dragongal

    if you click the tag for the crazy guy, and compare the two comics, everyone’s in the EXACT same positions.

  31. Ezhno Pallaton

    Ya’know, Rick. I think you should have a great peronise(sp) in the comic, Just sayin. Also a border collie

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Well Rufus looks like a collie to me

  32. T-Squared

    In fact, I think that crazy old guy should be named “Brent”. ;)

    • Aenbr


  33. Lux

    Why is it the first thing I thought of was that the mysterious guy hadn’t paid rent and the landlord a ferret was waiting in the shadows.

  34. leaffly

    I have a feeling this is going to lead some where interesting…

    • Grip the Wolf

      I got a feelin’ *woohoo* that tonight’s gonna be a good night *woohoo*

  35. Draven

    Fido looks buff in panel four. Even more so in panel one.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      What about the old man?

      • Draven

        Under his ratty old clothes I’m sure he’s ripped.

  36. I'll Eat Yourself

    YAY! HE’S BACK!! And I gotta admit, I thought i was good at coming up with poetry on the spot (though that’s somewhat diminished ever since I started writing actual stories). This guy comes up with AMAZING limericks and they still make sense! HOLY COW!! Then again, I was never good at making up limericks…

  37. Aenbr

    Hey, looks like Fido’s the new host for pete!

    Also, from now on, I’m going to call this guy Brent– just because. And Brent, you have inspired me to speak in limericks for as long as possible. I just might be able to do it, if I don’t talk that much.

    • Koran

      I was thinking it’s more likely to be Ralph rather than Fido (since he’s the one that the riddle was spoken to). I certainly hope it’s not Fido, that might complicate things between him and Sabrina (and by extension, Tarot)

      • IceKitsune

        Its not going to be Fido since he would have to agree to be his avatar which Fido would never do, I’m sure he knows about the Game and stuff from Sabrina so he would know to stay away from Pete. I’m still going with it being either Max or Bino (leaning towards Max more due to Pete being able to get more out of Max then Bino, with him being close to Tarot (and therefore Dragon) and his original target of Grape, ect.)

        Also the riddle has nothing to do with Pete, Foxstar said already that it most likely has to do with Sabrina and some one she met before meeting Tarot or Moving to BG with her. That was only in the Novel that Rick is working on so he (and a select few others) have more info then we do.

  38. SilverZeo

    Spo wants to be a creepy loner with fleas for company and so far 2 appearance throughout this universe… well actually smelling like cheese?