Always The One You Least Suspect

EDIT: Yeah I edited the comic; only tightened up some of the dialogue and a bit of the punctuation

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  1. Ryufire

    Spo loves watching Cops! :D

    • rtlstien

      I’m more of a NCIS type of guy. 90% I can guess who committed the crime

      • 1boredcanadian

        That’s why I can’t watch CSI anymore. I went to watch a new episode and knew who it was ten minutes in. I came back forty minutes later and was disappointed because I was right.

        • rtlstien

          But with NCIS you can still be entertained by the actors. I never did like CSI.

          • Draven

            I only watch NCIS because of Abby.

          • gaboris

            I second Abby! BEST thing in the whole series. :D

          • Draven

            And every time you listen to Ducky you learn something interesting.

        • gaboris

          I just let myself get taken in by all the flashy effects of all the fancy programs that aren’t adding anything to their usability. XD
          Also I love all the smalltalk in them, it gives it some spice and all that. :D

          ALSO I learn how NOT to be caught! Like don’ let someone take a photo from a mile away of a guy who’s eyes just HAPPEN to be reflecting me cuz they’ll just hit the keyboard a few times and my whole ID will show on their screen. :p

        • Molento

          Just remember, I am one of the few people IN THIS WORLD that can kill you and leave NO forensic evidence.

      • MC_Hollis

        Miami :3

        • Jinxed

          That and NCIS. So much win ^^

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Bones is better :D

  2. Z24

    We got another lead! They didn’t wore Odor-Eaters!

  3. IceKitsune

    Spo is such a jerk XD

    • SilverZeo

      Better not tell Bino that his character role is now being usurped by a mouse now…

      • McFly

        I would, just to see the reaction

        • rallyjr

          better bring the frying pan when u do

    • silverfang16

      Yea apparently Sergeant Ralph doesn’t like him much…. :/

    • Argent Stonecutter

      But he’s a CUTE jerk!

      • IceKitsune

        Yep he is a very, very cute jerk.

  4. Exulen

    So, it wasn’t the wife?

    • silverfang16

      Could still be, how much time is left in this episode?

      • rallyjr

        at least 10080 min

      • gaboris

        NOPE! The BUTLER did it!
        You may hit me now. :D

        • Grip the Wolf

          Don’t mind if I do! *whacks you with a frying pan*

          • gaboris

            HEY! That is OUR weapon! Pick one of your own! XD

          • rallyjr

            may i recommend a broom

          • Draven

            Here, take this…
            it's a sword.

          • Grip the wolf

            A different weapon? If you say so… *pulls out his AK47 and grins evilly* Do you really want me to use a different weapon?

    • andrew N.

      I still think it was Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick in the library

      • silverfang16

        No! It was obviously the lead pipe.

  5. Z24

    It’s ALWAYS the Butler/Service People

    • Cerveny

      Your right its always the butler!

      • rallyjr

        what about the evil twin?

        • Z24

          Psh, that only happens on soap operas. This is a Police flic!

  6. Nick Crotser

    Way to spoil the ending Spo!

  7. The Wolf Kin

    Ah, Spo. Good as usual.

    My guess, as of right now, goes for the Trucker’s runaway, estranged child.

  8. rallyjr

    TV and reality are not the same Spo

    • anon_omis

      Is this comic reality?

      • rallyjr

        Now, now, we’ll have none of your mind games

        • anon_omis

          I LOST THE GAME!!!

  9. silverfang16

    The mystery is ruined….oh well, guess we’ll just have to arrest the guy ad go home… -_-

  10. Roadrunner

    Oh Spo you cute little mouse

    • Frank

      Is that an insult or a compliment?

  11. SilverZeo

    Kevin: (in his thoughts) Look at the word baloon, filled with those… WORDS! I hate those words… that bubble protects them from being tackle… but little do they know I learn how to tackle the 4th Wall and do all kinds of meta-s-
    Srgnt. Ralph: KEVIN, Would you at least TRY to pay attention?

    • anon_omis

      +5 internets. It would be more if it was funnier but it was creative.

      • SilverZeo

        It was either the word bubble or the black in the Background.

        • anon_omis

          Still. Props for the creativity good sir or madam.

  12. anon_omis

    Ralph has a weird collar. (had to repost because APPARENTLY the d word is too bad of a word for here -_-)

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      His tag is a whistle, the collar is just gray. When he and the other police dogs are on duty they have a radio attached to it, that’s the black thing.

      • anon_omis

        I see that now. Thanks.

  13. Snowmon

    I don’t blame Fido. Mice are capable of chewing their way through a steel door. You do not want a Mouse to chew anything of yours off.

    • anon_omis

      They can?!?!? O_o

    • Cerveny

      Holy fish paste O.O

    • Frank

      I think that’s rats. A mouse would need … hmm…. probably just more patience

  14. Elwood Blutarsky

    What Would McGarrett Do in this situation?

    • gaboris

      Ummm… ask the audience for help? Don’ know who that is. >.<"

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        The guy from Hawaii Five-O. Book’em Fido!

        • Draven

          I though you misspelled MacGyver

    • SamBlob

      Probably not the same thing McCloud would do…

  15. Firewolf

    I’m expecting something different somehow X3

  16. cesarinthewhitedragon

    poor ralph, having to deal with Kevin all the time, and now with spoo.

  17. xhunterko

    Spo! For the last time. This is real life! Not a Tv show!

    • darkgloomie

      … This is a crappy reality show?

      • Helix

        do you really want an answer to that because seriously no one here has anything better to do.

        • SilverZeo

          Don’t reality show stem from people have anything better to do being watched by people with nothing better to do?

  18. 1boredcanadian

    See everybody, people that are glued to the tv 90% of the time can be helpful.

    • Helix

      Oh yeah. I mean… HEY!!

  19. Frank

    Anyone got what the comic looked like before the change? Just out of curiosity

  20. Draven


  21. darkgloomie

    I wonder, did SPO litterally chew Fido’s ear, or metaphorically? You can never know with those types…

    • Helix

      He probably did. But knowing him… He probably just wanted to spoil the ending for everyone make it a one liner. Tie it up lets all go home now. X3

  22. T-Squared

    Well, arc’s over! :D Let’s see what Pete has going for him! ;)

    • Foxstar

      Where on earth did you get the impression that the arc has ended?

      • T-Squared

        I was JOKING. XD I got the idea from Spo’s comments.

  23. Matthew

    i agree with spo its always for insurance money.

  24. WingedWolfGirl

    Fido: No literally, he started nibbling on my ear till I said I’d let him come along.

    • Sonic Fox

      I was just thinking that myself. X3

  25. 1boredcanadian

    There is no way to lose something in transit and not notice the truck driver’s involved. Unless there was magic! Oo

    • SamBlob

      Maybe Pete did it?

  26. Whitekitsune

    Maybe it’s because he’s sitting next to Kevin, but Sargeant Ralph looks a bit on the scrawny side, heh. And Aztec artifacts may include shiny things, so I suspect the ferrets have something to do with this. I call shenanigans.

  27. leaffly

    Spo is going to cost Fido his job one day.

    • SilverZeo

      Not really, there is a loophole… Where does it says that a police dog can’t bring a smart-mouth mouse everywhere he goes? Nowwhere! So there no real trouble.

      • leaffly

        In a contract we never saw or read about.

    • silverfang16

      I think if Spo was going to cost him his job it would have happened a LONG time ago. :P

  28. Jaxon Night

    i say it was the driver

  29. gaboris

    Okay now really… I get that complaint AL the time that “At least TRY to pay attention.” when I AM… I’m just looking in another direction and doing something else. Just because I’m a guy it doesn’t mean I can’t multitask. :p
    (????: You can’t even hold two things in your hand at the same time while packing your room. :p)

  30. Grip the Wolf

    Me: Nuh-uh Spo! I stole the gold! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… yeah, I didn’t really steal the gold… please don’t tackle me Kevin… I have my AK-47 with me… I am not afraid to use it…

    • Frank

      But those never work on a Delorean!

      • Grip the wolf

        Ummmmmm… *TARDIS materializes around me* YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID *TARDIS dematerializes with me inside it*

  31. FantasticMrWolf

    Oh Spo XDD you silly little mouse you!

  32. darkgloomie

    Also, obligatory comment is obligatory, even when not true (;P)

    Fido (’s ear) looks very buff in this strip.

    • Grip the Wolf

      He’s so tough, his ears have muscles! His muscles have muscles! And those muscles have muscles! He’s even got muscles on his eyeballs!

      • Draven

        He’s so tough he ate a bowl of nails for breakfast.
        Without any milk.

        • Grip the wolf

          I was actually going to post that as well! I decided not to, though.

  33. ImdaBOOS

    ……no comment

  34. Dragongal

    I love the color of Sergeant Ralph’s eyes. Also, Silly Spo! you should know EVERYONE gets annoyed at mice!

    • Draven

      I second the likeability of Sargent Ralphs eyes.

  35. yehoshua

    Ralph is so scrawny compared to Kevin, wow.

  36. One-Who-Howls

    Ha! I Called On The Trucker In The First Place. XD

  37. Aenbr

    Meh, Fido should have threatened him with cheese….

  38. Wuri

    Speaking of chewed ears, I wonder if that’s what happened to Max’s ear…

  39. SamBlob

    All of them, including Spo, need to start watching Jonathan Creek Jonathan Creek, trick designer for stage and screen magician Adam Faust, usually figures out not only *who* committed the crime, but *how*, as the circumstances usually appear impossible.

    …like the one where the killer vanished after being trapped in a garage with a solid concrete floor and solid stone walls while the garage was completely surrounded by the police…

  40. Pogiforce

    It’s funny that I didn’t notice Spo was there the whole time until he spoke up.

  41. Argent Stonecutter

    “Reuben Truss” – obviously a pseudonym. It’s an anagram for “Bent Usurers”, and he’s a (crooked) banker!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      According to the US census, there are 10 people in the US with the name “Reuben Truss”.

  42. 1boredcanadian

    Why does everone blame the truck driver *reads comments* okay a few people. They’re not all evil. No, wait, I lied! :)

    • Draven

      Truck drivers have awesome jobs, my dad is a truck driver and has higher government clearence than most of the guards at the pentagon. He’s been to places most people don’t even know exist. He is also not evil.

      • 1boredcanadian

        Check a previous comment I made on the previous strip, I’m from a family of truck drivers but tell me the last movie you watched that a truck driver wasn’t doing something evil or illegal? Think about it.

  43. Grip the wolf

    Big Trouble In Little China… okay, sort of illegal, but it was for a just cause!

  44. Draven

    Over the Top with Sylvester Stalone.