Talking Points

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  1. Ryufire

    Spo is BACK!!! :)

  2. Dissension

    *giggles* So many people are like this!

    Well done, sir; well done.

  3. IceKitsune

    Yay Spo! Its nice to see him again :D

    • YuanWolf

      And up close even.

  4. Wolfswift

    So he’s intolerant of intolerance AND tolerance? I think he just wants to sound big.

    • anon_omis

      He’s compensating

      • Valerio

        no, he’s grumpy because someone in that talk radio spoke about cheese

        • Keldor

          But he’s never listened to that show! How would he know?

          • Alabaster

            Didn’t he make an entire thesis on everything anyone has ever said means ‘I like cheese’?

  5. Valerio

    it’s SPO in full size!!!!
    And at his best, as usual! Kudos, Rick!

  6. Draven

    I like how he covers all the bases, his argument is valid for any basic situation.

    • The Diet Poison

      I second that. =)

  7. rtlstien

    Spo looks so cute when he seems to be the same size as everyone else

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I was going to say, he looks huggable.

      • Draven

        He looks so cute I just might eat him.

        • Koran

          but then no one else would see his adorableness!

        • Valerio

          let’s see…did i get everything? Keys, money lunch, cell, adorable pocket mouse…

          • MKarrow

            ……….you eat money for lunch?

        • Draven

          I think I said that wrong.

          • Draven

            He wouldn’t even make a good meal, maybe a snack.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Naw. Rub him between the ears. My rat seems to like that.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            but this is a mouse. totally different.

          • 1boredcanadian

            BUT both don’t want to be eaten. I think, hmmm. But I could be wrong. meh

    • Frank

      So… giant cell phone?

      • xhunterko

        No. TV shrink magic.

      • rtlstien

        I meant proportional to the size of the comic

  8. Wolfswift

    Just noticed, this is evidently the first starring of the character “radio show host”, think we’ll see them again?

    • Sansash

      Hey that’s my icon, give it back

      @Spo: Hey that’s my cellphone, give that back too

      • Wolfswift

        I had this icon since the day the comic it came from was out. I just don’t comment much anymore.

    • Tendo

      Its also listed as an “one-off” though

  9. VOLK

    And THAT is why you should screen callers…

  10. Sonic Fox

    It’s time to act…what were we doing?

  11. Russiarules1

    Spo will be the next leader of the mice.

  12. Exulen

    Thus the entirety of politics is summed up. Sad isn’t it?

    • The Diet Poison

      lol =D
      I second that.

  13. Kohaku Nightfang

    Oh noes. It’s another one of those people who just listen to how much other people hate something and hate them as well. I thought you were better than this Spo :P

    • Wolfswift

      No no, he hates those who hate others… As well as those who do not hate others. He hates everyone equally.

      • The Diet Poison

        Haters gonna hate. =D

  14. Valerio

    also, this was very, VERY Italian of you, Spo :P

    • Foldo

      And it was very, VERY French too! :p

    • darkgloomie

      I’d resent that, but I don’t know if I agree or not with you, Valerio.

      • Valerio

        welcome to the Pizza side!

    • anon_omis

      Can you run that buy me again? *is uncultured*

    • 1boredcanadian

      I don’t know about that but that’s something that the Irish don’t do. We act first and then talk, mostly incoherently.

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Especially if we are drunk.

        • Draven

          Or excessively angry.

        • 1boredcanadian

          HEY! We’re never drunk…exept for days ending with Y. Derp!

    • The Diet Poison

      SPO: Pardon my Italian.

  15. 1boredcanadian

    I completely agree and disagree with the point of this strip wholeheartedly!

  16. AuvaAkita

    Yay!! A close up of Spo!! :D

    Also, it helps a LOT if you actually LISTEN to the program XD

    • Chip Uni

      But… It’s a LOT easier to disagree with someone if you don’t know what they actually think.

  17. SilverZeo

    Dragon help us all if he discovers vlogs or video reviews….

  18. Firewolf

    LOL! XD that’s so great X3 I laugh and laugh

  19. cesarinthewhitedragon

    spo would do better being a politician with such retorics..

    • Valerio

      why offend the li’l mouse, sir?

      • Frank

        Hey, I’ll have you know rats make great politicians!


  20. Valerio

    Spot wins as the cutest character when angry :D

    • xhunterko


  21. rallyjr

    the nothing fight

    • The Diet Poison

      If you think about it, people tend to fight over nothing quite often…
      …specialy in politics. =D

  22. Fuzzypaws

    There definitely needs to be more Spo ^.^

  23. xhunterko

    I love those callers.

  24. kuisbright

    Wow, this is the first time we see SPO this closed up. He’s very cute.

  25. gaboris

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that this got put into the “The interview” arc after it was over?If that’s a bug you may want to fix it Rick. ;)

    BTW I don’ really get what’s Spo’s problem. Okay they ask something in the radio if the people agree or disagree with it, but… what’s the prob with that again?

  26. KEYS

    This is exactly how I act about anything: pointing out the hypocrits and insulting the stupid people. Surprisingly, enough, they aren’t always the same group.

  27. WingedWolfGirl

    We got a close-up of Spo, Yay!

    • T-Squared

      No Kidding! It’s hard to see him so small when we saw him previously!

  28. 1boredcanadian

    I was half expecting the radio show host to respond to Spo’s rant with “Ha, what a funny story Mark!” Oh well, YOU ARE TEARING ME APART HOUSEPETS!

    • Tendo

      I did not get that reference, ah did nooooooot, oh hi Mark.

  29. Grip the Wolf

    Spo would make a great lawyer.

    NB: I do not actually think that ALL lawyers are corrupt. One of my sisters is a lawyer, and she is the very opposite of corrupt. However, she does find most lawyer jokes extremely funny. I just want to make it clear that I DO NOT agree with the lawyer stereotype. I am saying this because I am trying to AVOID starting a flame war.

    • Indagare

      Anything you say online can and will be held against you.

      • The Diet Poison

        …unless, it’s irrelevant to the accusation. =P

    • Chip Uni

      Those lawyers are such hypocrites, “approving” of some things and “disapproving” of others!

    • Matthew


  30. deathcloak

    i must say i love the close up of spo

  31. Roadrunner

    OMG Full size Spo!!

  32. Tendo

    Wow, Spo looks quite different up-close like that, although I disagree with the others who have said that he looks taller, if anything having a cellphone larger to him right in front of him like that makes him look smaller.

    Personally I find this whole situation rather hilarious all things considered with Spo being such a tiny mouse and yelling into a cellphone like that.

    I guess in this world we have “On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”, in the housepets world we have “on talkshows, nobody knows you are a mouse” :P

    • The Diet Poison

      Right, he doesn’t look taller…
      …he looks cutely slim. ^-^

  33. SamBlob

    Thanks for telling us it was Spo (or is that SPO, since his little brother is SPP?). I first thought it was Squeak. Peanut isn’t alone in not being able to tell the difference between males and females of other species…

  34. Kitch

    Spo probably knows more than the idiots who bicker on political talk shows and comment sites. On either side.

  35. loomCAT

    Spo is so adorable when we actually get to see him up close. I can barely focus on the actual joke. ^_^;;

  36. Foxclock

    I have a new life goal.

  37. Matthew

    So why question at all?

  38. Profesor Rod


  39. Frank

    You know, I think we’re just now getting to know the real Spo

    and I’m quite liking him!

    • The Diet Poison

      *lol* =D
      Except you’re brown and he’s gray. =P

      • Frank

        I am?

        • The Diet Poison

          Thou art? lol =D

  40. Kurra

    Dear goodness this is all forms of media today. D:

  41. I'll Eat Yourself

    lol wut? I barely understood what he said! XD SPO I mean, not one of you other reviewers.

  42. Hera Ledro

    Methinks Spo has taken his studies a bit too seriously. He’s becoming wrapped up in hypocrisies via hypocrisy.

    …I’m…gonna stop before I get into deep philosophy.

    Love the Sposeup. Much more detail was given here than before, and I have to say it looks good. Any chance of seeing Spp or Spn in the future?

  43. Matthew

    I love the close up of spo

    • Rick Griffin

      Don’t try to post using my name again, please

      • Matthew

        How do you know it was me?

        • zeroslash

          IP addresses can reveal a lot.

  44. Aenbr

    You know, just the other day, I was looking through the old comics and wondered “whatever happend to that tiny mouse that always rode on Fido’s head?”. We haven’t seen Spo that much recently, apart from that one time in Arc 42.

    I wonder how his little brother Spp is doing….

  45. Lycanthrope

    Does not matter, this is pretty much all talk radio shows distilled into one-off.

  46. Lenn

    so man people are like this…including most of the people saying that so many people are like this.

  47. meh.aloe

    I like how this comic itself can be used to mock any group that agrees or disagrees with anything! :D

  48. Matthew

    Im sorry thats plagerism i shouldnt have done that.

  49. TheRen

    Ha, Spo looks adorable in this one. Maybe the next arc should have something to do with him. :)

  50. FantasticMrWolf

    Why hello again Spo! XD

  51. falcon01

    He is so darn cute it hurts! :P

  52. Quin the husky

    Yay! Spo!

  53. The Diet Poison

    Ha! Desagreeable disagreeance. =P
    Todays lesson: SPO simply disagrees with everyone. =D

    …However, his comment fits quite well into politics. o_0

  54. Draven

    Any argument or conversation can be boiled down to a point where Spo’s reasoning is universally accurate.

  55. Tensa Zangetsu

    His argument gives me a head ache @.@