Abura O Uru
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  1. Griff the wolf

    Itsuki is adorable!!

    • rtlstien

      I want to take him home with me, but keep him away from my car.

      Who am I kidding? With that face I’d let him play with my car

    • NickCrotser

      Griff Ricken

      • Griff the wolf

        Erm… wut?

        • rallyjr

          looks like he played with “Rick Griffin” so it would match your name

          • Griff the wolf

            Ooooooooohhhh. Naow I get it

          • NickCrotser

            Actually, it’s a quote from HP!R, Griff the wolf’s name reminded me of it.

      • Jinxed

        Is that a cyberman?

        • NickCrotser


        • JokkePokke


          • Kohaku Nightfang

            Yay! You will be assimilated (for some reason the borg are now cybermen) :P

  2. Lance

    XD did he even get it right?

    • The Moon Howler

      seems so, but he have to be more careful and less messy

    • xhunterko

      I’m going to say yes. Which, is why he needs to work on technique.

  3. NickCrotser


    I’m liking Itsuki so far…

    • NickCrotser

      Also, for some reason this strip makes me think of (the original) Speed Racer.

    • Griff the Wolf

      I just noticed that your avatar is a cyberman! Delete!

  4. E

    It’s take him about an 1 minute to do all that stuff.

  5. The Wolf Kin

    That’s ALMOST how I looked after doing an oil change, once. I’m quite liking Itsuki.

  6. Russiarules1


    I think Mr. Sandwich will have a good time with his new employee.

    • Griff the wolf


    • Not a Cross-Counter

      Would anyone like some pound cake?

  7. SamBlob

    What does “Abura O Uru” mean?

    • rallyjr

      roadside oil merchants in Japan (they’re extincted now)

      • T-Squared

        Actually, the title translates to “Fooling Around”.

        • rallyjr

          abura o uru -
          lit: sell oil
          slang: goof off when you should be working

          • rallyjr

            it was roadside oil merchants but that made barely any money so it changed into a metaphor for “low-value-added activity” like fooling around

  8. KleptoKat

    Still looks cleaner than me after work.

    • spiritkitsune

      Lol!! I have learned car mechanic.
      I looked just the same after my first oilchange. XD

  9. Griff the wolf

    Also, I like how he says “HAI!” Ninjas are here!

  10. 1boredcanadian

    the words your doing it wrong have never had a better home

    • 1boredcanadian

      and to answer Itsuki’s question something but not everything

  11. rallyjr

    i like how the some of the sounds carries across panels

  12. GameCobra

    Hai! *insert Kung Fu Fighting here*

    • Griff the wolf

      KAME… HAME… HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *blue energy comes out of paws*

      • rallyjr

        *car completely destroyed* “your technique needs a lighter touch”

        • 1boredcanadian

          that the exact result of my driving

        • Griff the wolf


          • rallyjr

            but what to destroy, what to destroy?

    • darkgloomie

      “And Itsuki was Car-Fu Fighting!
      Those tires were fast as lightning
      In fact it was a little bit frightning
      But he fixed it with expert timing…”

      • anon_omis

        +50 internets

        • darkgloomie

          Meh, I think I could’ve done better, but then again, hindsight is 20/20, and also a charming young lady

          • anon_omis


          • Kohaku Nightfang

            Captain Hindsight says you should have had a backup valve for that backup valve :P

          • darkgloomie

            @anon: hindsight is 20/20 because you always see what’s wrong after you’ve finished it, never before, and is a “charming young lady” (see King for explanation of what it means) because it always appears to mock you.

            made myself clear now? I was just musing I could’ve done better but I had already posted.

          • anon_omis


    • Draven


  13. the mechanic

    well you kinda just hit the oil out instead of replace

  14. SilverZeo

    …. well he is s step up from Peanut using a computer…

  15. Colt45ws

    I have seen a couple coworkers like this. Newbs always like to be looking at the drain plug so the oil ends up going towards them. Usually one shower is enough to get them to remove it while they are behind it so it is shooting away from them.

  16. AuvaAkita

    I want Itsuki to be My mechanic next time!!!!

  17. xhunterko

    Well, you sort of have a bit of oil all over your face. And the rest of the immediate work area. But we’ll work on that.

    • Griff the wolf

      You’ve got red- I mean black on you.

      • Noodle Mei-Lee

        Shaun of the Dead reference :P

        • Griff the wolf

          Yay! Somebody gets the reference! *howls happily and wags tail*

  18. VOLK


    • Argent Stonecutter

      “Why do we even have that lever?”

      • AuvaAkita

        *pulls the lever and falls into a hole* So THAT’S what it does!!

  19. gaboris

    Heh just like how I do my works except that I’m the complete opposite by taking my time and not even getting DUST on my white shirt. XD

  20. IceKitsune

    Well at least hes fast and can get the job done. The rest can be worked on.

  21. Robin Bobcat

    Speaking as someone who MIGHT be able to change the oil in his car if you held a gun to my head… Yeah, not bad, li’l guy.

  22. WingedWolfGirl

    I thought speed was key to getting a job done, so I’m guessing the entire shop is a mess now. XD

    • Dena

      Speed and cleanliness.

      You don’t want spent oil all over the floor (namely, in the pan for later disposal), nor do you want it on yourself (takes forever to get off). And you REALLY don’t want it on the customer’s car.

      • Draven

        Fast, Clean, and a Good Job. You can only pick two.

  23. T-Squared

    HA! That title totally works! :D (I translated it. Anyone who wants to know what the title says, just reply to me.)

    • Whitekitsune

      *replies to you* So what’s it say? o.o

      • T-Squared

        it says “Fooling around” :D (油を売る)

  24. Kitch

    This would’ve been more awesome if Itsuki had said “Ryōkai” (了解, “roger that”). :P

    • Griff the Wolf

      Roger roger!

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Roger Dodger?

        • Kitch

          No no no!

          We have clearance, Clarence.
          Roger, Roger.
          What’s our vector, Victor?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            Blossom, Roger… I mean Roger, Blossom.

          • 1boredcanadian

            no I’m not joking and don’t call me shirley

  25. Willmax

    Lol, I first thought he fell down the stairs on panel 2 and 3.

  26. Luffy

    Well, he definitely knows how to hustle.

  27. silverfang16

    Ah yes, stereotypes are so fun. :3

  28. Argent Stonecutter

    I recommend “Mane and Tail” brand shampoo and conditioner. It’s what I use.

    • Yehoshua

      You use shampoo? I barely shower! I hate wet fur.

    • tanglestalker909

      I used to love using that brand!

  29. Yehoshua

    Beepydebeepy ftw.
    Yes I read all of that.

    • Yehoshua

      OMG I meant beepybedeepy, I am ashamed. :*(

  30. Dragonking

    Kinda surprised there hasn’t been a “Cute, but WRONG!” joke yet.

    Cookies if you get the reference.

    • rallyjr

      two stupid dogs

    • spiritkitsune

      BALL!!!! FOOD!!!

  31. Slash0mega

    my guess is he used his fur as a washcloth/oilpan combanation, because it is highly unlikely that he could get his fur oily like that and not notace

    • Dena

      He probably noticed he got coated with oil; he just doesn’t see what’s wrong with it. After all, he got the job done, quickly and correctly.

  32. Matthew

    AHAHA what? I would love to see this guy more dont get rid of him.

  33. Zaehlas

    LOL… this reminds me of the old Mad Magazine days with the artist that did such wonderful worded sound effects… I know he moved to cracked for a while.. never kept up with him after that.

  34. chubbvoulez

    Nice character.

    I really enjoy the way Rick Griffin surprise his public.

  35. Draven

    So many epic sound effects. So much cuteness. How can it all fit in four frames? How?

    • Griff the Wolf

      I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Kill you sooner, that is.

  36. Chip Uni

    What I want to know is… how did Itsuki keep his mawashi (is that the right word?) clean while the rest of him got dirty?

    • Foxstar

      Remember, it’s a comic. Rule of Funny is almost always in effect.

  37. jjkronos

    I love this new character, it´s chubby and huggable!

  38. Peanut

    yea!!!! got one of the new avatars

  39. Ziggy

    My favorite part is how Earl is just very calmly writing on his pad the whole time the ruckus goes on.

  40. Snowmon

    Well, if this job doesn’t work out, he could tryout for the mascot. It would really pull in customers and publicity. Especially publicity.

  41. Whitekitsune

    Why it seems that Mr. Sandwich is left-handed! You learn something new every day~

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      good catch

      • Snowmon

        yeah, but also notice that the clipboard is blank. (^_^)

        • Kitch

          He’s holding a pen in his left hand. Rick was probably too lazy to put scribbling on the clipboard.

          • rallyjr

            maby it was too fast to write anything down

  42. WonderMan

    I just thought of something. If Itsuki is a tanuki, then does that mean he has magical powers?

  43. Gabi

    I’m almost surprized that “shama lama ding dong” wasn’t included.

  44. Frank

    Whatever gets the job done, I guess

  45. Firewolf

    Yay For classics! XD

  46. Fennec

    so – is Itsuki wearing a fundoshi ?

  47. the mechanic

    he is fast for a starter

  48. Aerroxosity

    Itsuki is the cutest racoon thingy EVER!!!

  49. Matthew

    I just realized thats peanuts and grapes dad.

  50. Draven

    I wonder if Grape will broom his face when she first meets him.

  51. Alucai Vivorvel

    Hah! (Un)intentionally not reading the comic for a week or so is a great way to get more Housepets! in your life!
    Except for when you go to comment on a page, then realize there’s more. :/

  52. Authur

    Um…I just checked btw and it really is “konnichiwa.” Nevermind. Some other guy must’ve spelt it with two i’s together. :P