Getting To Know Your Employee
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  1. Daggy

    Hehehe. Even animals from Asia get the sterotype! x3

  2. rtlstien

    I would be one of the students trying to hug you!

    • zeroslash

      Alas, so would I. : /

    • IceKitsune

      Same here :D but only at first.

    • Sansash

      …for being Asian :P

    • Snowmon

      Well, Itsuki does have the body of a god… Budda.
      I’d hug him, pet him, rub his belly… wow, I’m weird.
      On the other hand, I do that to my brother too.

    • silverfang16

      I would after I got to know him….but only because I would know it bothers him. :3

    • kuisbright

      I went Awwww on that alt txt

    • Valerio

      poor fella, he’s cursed with adorableness! :)

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      I would only hug him if he said it was okay and after I got to know him a little. Although I think he is completely adorable and would want to hug him… maybe surprise attack hug after getting to know him and he says no?

    • Draven

      If he wasn’t so hugably fluffy it might be different. No it wouldn’t I’d still want to hug him.

  3. Ryufire

    Itsuki looks so adorable! ^^

  4. IceKitsune

    Wow even animals go to universities in Japan and they can go in America as well. I wonder how common that is.

    • IceKitsune

      Or I wonder if he can go only because he is considered a Japanese Citizen?

      • silverfang16

        So if I brought my dog to another country he could get into school because he is a US citizen right?

        • darkgloomie

          Not unless the law about citizienship in the US was changed, I’m afraid.

  5. SilverZeo

    Wait… oh smack! What if Itsuki inherited a fortune like the Miltons!?!? How else can he do all of that? But he is actually… discrete and responsible with his money?

    • Dena

      He did say tanuki were citizens. That probably means they have the same rights as humans. Loans, contracts, etc.

      Also, it’s his family that’s probably fronting a bit of the money. They want the business, and he’s one of the family…

  6. xhunterko

    You know, life is sometimes graded on a curve.
    (otherwise known as a bad shclock mercenary reference)

  7. rallyjr

    i going to enjoy watching this guy

  8. IceKitsune

    I wonder if we consider Bald Eagles (or any type of animals at all if not them) to be American citizens for that matter?

  9. MKarrow

    Breaking News! It has been irrefutably declared by officials worldwide, that every citizen has deemed Itsuki Kitamura to be of the highest caliber of cuteness.

    • Indagare

      So what happens if he, King, and Zach are in the same room?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


        or just adorableness.

      • rallyjr

        i would think nothing, at least until fans find out where

        • Frank

          Wait, are you saying it depends on the room?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            no. he’s saying something once the fans can witness the three of them in a room.

      • silverfang16

        Shhh, you’ll give everyone heart attacks!

      • Valerio

        *reality explosion*

    • MKarrow

      I HAPPEN!

      ….to be standing in the door frame…
      having a cuteness-induced heart attack.

  10. Thoth

    Ah, information! So the civil rights of animals varies drastically from country to country. There must be limits (or it may only apply to “mascot species”) – but I suspect we can bet on Pandas being citizens of China. Kangaroos (unless a specific subspecies is chosen) are probably a bit too common for Australia – but there must be other good possibilities.

    • Rick Griffin

      As I have it figured out for now, full citizenship is not terribly common, but it does happen in a few countries. I think I settled on four countries that have it legalized for select species (one not compulsory), while most countries limit citizenship to individual cases.

      Protected species are different; they’re not exactly citizens but they DO have legal rights.

      The deal is that, traditionally, most wild animals were just not interested in civilizing.

      • silverfang16

        I’d imagine not, although if you look at Miles it does seem to happen.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        What about foxes in Japan?

      • Kitch

        Considering tanuki are revered in Japan, they probably make tanuki citizens so as to not tick them off.

      • Thoth

        Oh, I was just betting on Pandas in China because they’re rare enough that it would cost China’s government little or nothing to grant them citizenship – while paying off in the public-relations-with-the-rest-of-the-world department.

  11. AuvaAkita

    I like Itsuki already! This is going to be interesting lol

  12. Snowmon

    Tanukis being/becoming Japanese citizens. Hm… Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah I remember. It was a japanese movie that couldn’t pass the american censorship. I’d offer a link, but it doesn’t pass my censorship either. I guess that would make sense as to why he’s not a pet.

    I’m certain that being Japanese isn’t the reason, but the 70% GPA is. However, them expecting him to get those grades just because he’s Japanese might be racist… If most Americans weren’t dumb donkeys.

    • Rick Griffin

      But . . . Pom Poko was released uncut by Disney.

      • Snowmon

        It was… I had to go on Youtube for it.
        Wow, I was right then? :D

        • Vire000

          umm…..whats Pom Poko? Never heard of it

          • IceKitsune

            The basic summary is its a movie about a bunch of tanuki (the yokai/magic version not the real life version) trying to save there forest from being destroyed.

            Its a pretty good movie IMO

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          • Vire000

            hmm interesting and very odd too….

          • silverfang16

            Eh, it’s Japanese culture. It’s not like there isn’t worse than that in the world.

      • silverfang16

        Disney movies are a LOT more graphic outside regular censorship. Incidentally I don’t know if Tanukis are ever kept as pets.

      • Dissension

        And it’s a good movie, too. I strongly encourage people to watch it, if you have the time and inclination.

        • gaboris

          It was aired once on tv in Hungary, but I didn’t get to see it from start till end so I guess now I’ll look it up. :D

        • MKarrow

          Yes, I liked it a lot, once I got past the strangeness.
          Ha, whenever I call it “strange,” I just think of a Japanese guy saying “silly Americans.”

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Omg I remember that movie :D I watched it last year at the club I’m in. I liked it. It was very strange though :P

      • SnowFox102

        The footage was uncut, but the dialog was changed. What are obviously the male tanuki’s….uhm, well, I don’t know all the rules for commenting here, so I won’t go further…the male tanuki in Japanese folklore (and in real life, actually) has a particular feature that can be shown in child-friendly settings in Japan due to the cultural significance, but can’t in the West. So said feature is referred to in the dub as a “pouch.” I think there are other examples, but I never saw the dub.

        • yehoshua

          I thought the same.

  13. Firewolf

    LOL I don’t get it, but I LOL all the same! XD

  14. The Wolf Kin

    He is so adorable. Tanuki really don’t get enough exposure.

    Also, the whole citizenship thing is really interesting. I look forward to more info on the storyline, it looks to be a good one.

  15. TheCrimsonFox

    Awww! It must suck to be a tanuki in a country that doesn’t have them x3 meanwhile, i’d probably hug him at least x3

  16. deathcloak

    i just have to wonder do the animals make as much as humans or when they do jobs they have like slave wages?

  17. Gavinfoxx

    So there’s probably a pretty distinct Glass Ceiling for wages and such on animals, right?

  18. gaboris

    Okay since I’m hungarian I’m a bit lost here. So what does the last thing Itsuki said mean again?
    70% as in a grade? Cuz in that case I can understand no matter where you are in the world most of the students are too lazy to put in actual work into learning. :D

    • Robin Bobcat

      Yeah, pretty much 70% as a grade. This is usually a ‘C’, or ‘Average’ (not to be confused with a ‘C Average’ which is all your classes)

      However, some classes/teachers grade on what’s known as a ‘curve’, where you are judged against the rest of the *class*. In these, typically half the class recieves an average C score, with the higher and lower grades falling on either side. So if everyone is getting 70%, then the person who gets 75% will receive an ‘A’. Slackers love these classes.

      The problem comes when you have one or two smart people who ‘blow the curve’, by actually getting doing the work, getting high scores on tests, etc. As a result, what would have been an easily-aquired ‘C’ now becomes a ‘D-minus’, or even a fail.

      • gaboris

        Ahhh! Sounds interesting… and a bit confusing after our PLAIN grading system… specially that I still need time to get used to talking with letters not numbers about grades. :D

        • Dena

          Yeah, a few American classes are on a sliding scale of mediocrity.

      • WingedWolfGirl

        Okay, Thank you!
        Now I get it, Itsuki ruined the grade for his fellow class mates. Ha Ha!

  19. LittlePuppy

    This guys so cute. I think I’m going to enjoy him being a recurring character :D

  20. Draven

    Alas, I am one of those students who aim for 70%. Mostly because all I need tomdo is pass until I graduate high school. It would be amazing to have Itsuki for a study partner.

  21. Draven

    Itsuki is cute kuz he’s chubby, which is a nice break from the otherwise muscular dogs.

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    So does Itsuki live in Babylon Gardens or is he commuting?

    • Valerio

      on a temporary permit, yes.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        He’s in the USA on a student visa. That doesn’t mean he lives in Babylon Gardens. When I was in the US on a student visa I was commuting to college from another city.

        • Valerio

          Well, Babylon garden is a suburban community, and Itsuki just applied for a temp job at a local mechanic in a pet-friendly community. Would make just sense if he lived in BG as well, rather than commute or being taken to work.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            He’s already going to college, so he probably lives close to campus… and I think if there was a university in BG it would have come up by now.

  23. WingedWolfGirl

    So, animals are citizens in Japan. …Hm….

    • SnowFox102

      Only the raccoon dogs, from what Rick has told us. Raccoon dogs are revered creatures in Japan. I guess you could compare them to giant pandas in China, and bald eagles in America.

  24. Griff the Wolf

    Awww! Poor Itsuki! I can see that you spent a while coming up with Itsuki’s appearance and character Rick. I always get up thirty minutes earlier on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays just so I have extra time to read the newest Housepets! comic. I have never regretted doing it, since this webcomic is SO FUNNY! Have a nice Friday and enjoy your weekend Rick! You deserve it.

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  25. RyckuOtter

    Of course it’s annoying to hug you Itsuki but how can anyone resist!

  26. Valerio

    I have this sudden feeling…
    That Itsuki is the guy come to collect King’s ‘watch’…and have some fun in the meantime.

    • Foxstar

      That’s a bit of a stretch Val. Why would Itsuki seek out Mr Sandwich first and look to get a job with him if he was the person sent to collect King’s watch?

      • MKarrow

        To start getting closer to King’s friends… making him closer to King…. so he can finally STRIKE!
        Nah, it’s kind of a stretch. I also hate trying to predict the next part. I’d rather be surprised :)

      • Valerio

        Well, Fox, I find it an odd coincidence that of all foreigners who could be introduced in BG, you get one who’s got a strong bond to Japan’s myth folklore. Tanuki are also considered magical, shapeshifting creatures, so this *could* be a disguise.
        Just a coin toss, mind me.

  27. anon_omis

    I dont. I just always give my all

  28. Nanoth

    Pom Poko Tanuki song –
    Loose Translation…
    “Mr Raccoon, Mr Raccoon, won’t you come and play with me somehow!”
    “No I can’t, I’m eating dinner now.”
    “What’s for dinner I want some.”
    “I am eating pickled plum.”
    “Can I have a little crumb?”
    “No you can’t you greedy bum, get your own.”

    • Nanoth

      Oh wait, Can I add links… Crud if not, forgot. Going to go re read comment posting rules…

  29. cesarinthewhitedragon

    I would be a dangerous student for him, I would keep hugging him :(

    • Valerio

      who wouldn’t?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        me. I respect personal boundaries.

        • The Diet Poison

          hugs make the world go round… =(

          *embrace* ^-^

          • Valerio

            a-men to that!

  30. Lockewolfe

    Lol stereotype :P

    So okay tanuki are the only animal to be citizens of japan? I hope not! Japanese otters would be way more cuddly then Tanuki’s XP

    • Foxstar

      Nowhere has Rick said that Tanuki are the only animals to be Japanese citizens.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I suspect foxes (kitsune) are too.

      • Lockewolfe

        gotcha! now the next question! where would he keep his wallet? :)

        • Frank

          Well, he is wearing… whatever that’s called

  31. One-Who-Howls

    What’s A Tanuki?

    • Indagare

      It’s a type of carnivore related to canines but looking a bit like a raccoon or badger. You can find more information here:

    • Aerion

      It’s also a being of Japanese folk-lore.
      But then, the foxes are too, so I guess they’re just used to having one supernatural and one natural version of several animals.
      Come to think of it, both kitsune-spirits and the magical tanukis are shapeshifters.

  32. kimo

    i did not realize it was Mr. Sandwich until i read the tag

  33. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai dun get it ._. ………..

  34. Kohaku Nightfang

    Lol to Itsuki being a smarty-pants. More stereotypes weeee. Haha anyway I hope we get to see a lot more of Itsuki and I really hope Miles gets to meet him. Then they can both discuss being citizens. I would find that to be a very interesting discussion.

  35. Peanut

    guys guys and gals of course calm down i mean b4 all of this we hav 2 know is he goin 2 be an offical character first rick dont ruin this

  36. Pandabear_25



    Mr. Sandwhich? If he hiring animals, then maybe he should train his pets to sow wallets or something.


    • rallyjr

      Grape would just go to sleep and fall behind while Peanut couldn’t pay attention long enough

  38. The Diet Poison

    He is so cute. I love him. ^-^

    I can’t wait to see him in uniform and a tie! ^-^

  39. Some Guy

    I just KNEW he was a tanuki, though most people think of tanuki as raccoon-dogs. They’re supposed to have comically large… erm…

    On another note, I have one of those things he’s wearing (I forget what it’s called) and a vest thing to go with it from when I went to Japan. Since I don’t remember the names of the garments, I just collectively call them a “happy”.

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Really? Did you have to go there? Pom Poko told me a few too many things I didn’t want to know :P

    • SnowFox102

      Raccoon dog IS the English name for tanuki. Though sometimes tanuki can mean the fictional variant, much like saying kitsune instead of fox. Or if you just don’t know the English word. ;P Granted, the term is very misleading. But so are a lot of things in English.

  40. Matthew

    I like how hes asian what was your inspiration for this character?

  41. Ben

    C is for continue

    • Draven

      C is for close enough.

    • VOLK

      C is for calculus?

    • Matthew


      • Kohaku Nightfang

        C is for CUTE!

    • The Diet Poison

      C is for catastophe.

      or celebration if you prefer

      • Griff the Wolf

        C is for C-C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!!!

        • Foxstar

          The joke has played itself out. That’s enough.

          • Griff the Wolf

            Yeah, don’t worry. I wasn’t planning on randomly saying COMBOBREAKER to any comment I saw. That would be tedious. Instead, I shall write a program to do it FOR me! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Joking wolf is joking* now where did I leave that ominous lightning button…

          • rallyjr

            Have u checked by the CD of dramatic music

          • Griff the wolf

            Oh there it is! *pushes button to create eerie lightning* MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!

        • 1boredcanadian

          this chain of comments has been C-C-C-Cancelled due to lack of interest

  42. FenixWong951

    I love tha constant face expresion change, dont know why

  43. DJ NIghtfire

    wow.. I have to say I think everyone expressed on how cute Itsuki is.. and I have to admit they are right he is really really adorable and I would hug him if I see him. but better yet I like his personality his look and his clothing and this build make me suspect that…. he may have been or is currently a sumo wrestler, just a feeling.

  44. Moofers

    Itsuki is so adorable, absolutely love how you’ve drawn him =D