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  1. Dissension

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  2. Dissension

    You know what fate is?


    • Cathleen

      It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of suhnnsie.

  3. Draven

    Hey look, Grape DOES have a second part.

    • Frank

      Grape: The sequel!

      • Doomwolf

        Grape 2: Electric Boogaloo

        • toyocoyote

          Lol Dr.Steel Reference

  4. rtlstien

    “We’re all out of Gold Stars so I’ll put a smiley face instead”


    • Tides

      I really wish this is how it had been in the play, this was hilarious! The stars and smiley faces are anachronisms, okay yeah sure, but still, it’s funny!

      • Frank

        Of course, people have been drawing pentagrams (stylized stars) ever since there’s been things to draw them with

      • darkgloomie

        pfft, everybody knows Shakespeare isn’t the same without an anachronism or two! It’s practically canon!

        Actually, it IS canon. He’d add all sort of convenient stuff (a clock striking twelve in Julius Caesar? Why not!) or references to (his) modern times to keep the audience interested.

        So yeah, Rick is following the Bard’s rule at heart, in my opinion

  5. Luffy

    That last panel takes the cake.

    • Frank

      And it’s a grape cake, naturally!

      • Jinxed

        I’ve never had grape cake before, may I try some?

      • Justme

        That actually sounds awesome!

  6. Elwood Blutarsky

    Grape naturally goes for the most violent solution.

    • Grip

      Violence tends to solve ALL of my problems…

      • Draven

        Duct tape solves all of my problems.

        • Jinxed

          Duct tape, followed by violence, solves my problems.

        • Grip

          Oh, yeah! How could I forget the solution to ALL home repairs?

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          It’s the handyman’s secret weapon.

          Wait, why use duct tape to tie up King Duncan?

    • Hoheh

      “”Any problem can be solved with the correct application of pressure to a stupid person’s face.”

      She’s used to solving things that way.

      • Zarvain

        People who say violence never solved anything, don’t understand violence, or why it gets used so often.

      • Trefoiler

        Which is exactly why, when I fantasize the Housepets singing my music, it’s either her or Bino on the drums.

        … I mean that’s where everbody else sees her, right?

        I can’t be the only one.


        • Draven

          Grape on drums, Peanut on lead guitar and vocal, Zach on bass, Keys on keyboard (obviously), and Rex on tambourine.

          • Trefoiler

            I just never heard a voice (or other instrument) that’s right for Grape, only Sheryl Crowe if she really girled it up, if you know what I mean.

            So far, Peanut only gets lead vocals during The Postal Service (Ben Gibbard) and maybe Hoobastank, but otherwise he’s on wind: harmonica, trumpet… saxophone… think about it ^^

            I have to admit, King usually gets bass (and some AAR vocals), but I can see Zach there. In fact, I can see Zach just about anywhere because picturing him playing anything is absolutely ADORABLE.

            Keys is on keys all the time every time, but to me, he’s also Daniel Powter-as-a-cat.

            And I seem to reserve the tamborine for Sasha (she can probably work a crowd), whereas Rex gets some of ICP’s vocals. Although I can’t imagine why Rex wou-

            …oh i see what you did there

  7. Purple

    Macbeth is probably the first “whipped” man in history. While Lady Macbeth is probably the first independent women in history. Well fictional history.

    • VOLK

      I dunno how well this joke will be received, but… ADAM AND EVE.

      • anon_omis

        I saw what you did there. +1

  8. kimo

    grape always wears the pants in the relationship

    • VOLK


      • Draven


  9. igoawaynow

    WE HAVE TO KILL HIM!!! brings back good memory’s from high school

  10. Draven

    If Grape were a queen, there would be no more wars. She would convince all others to assimilate.

    • darkgloomie

      “Hey hon, there’s a delegation from the territory we’ve recently conquered. What do we do?”

      ” KILL THEM! How are we supposed to rule an empire if the rightful heirs are still around?”

      … yeah, that’d be pretty much how it’d go.

  11. Jaxon Night

    this is how she would treat him if they DID get married

  12. IceKitsune

    lol Grapes in complete control here :P

  13. Tech

    see the female always rules the relationship no matter what time frame it is XD

    • Mewt

      indeed, that’s how it always happens every where ._.

      • anon_omis

        Well, every where in the western world

  14. Argent Stonecutter

    “Disguising yourself as birnam wood doesn’t seem to smart when we’re dogs”.

    • Tides

      okay, looking forward to that part now
      you’ve made me curious

  15. Tapewolf

    “Lady Macbeth persuades her husband to kill the king by attacking his manhood.”
    –From ‘Student Bloopers’, I think. Can’t quite remember.

  16. gaboris

    The funny part is that Grape DOES have a good point in the third panel. XD

  17. Matthew

    i love this when is the second book coming out?!

    • Matthew

      also i still cant get an avatar on my comment thingy someone help me?

      • Frank

        Did you register your e-mail, and your avatar, with gravatar? Did you associate the two? (I know you’ve done plenty of waiting, so I’m not going to ask that)

        • Matthew

          i registered but i dont know my email for this place

  18. Renkun

    that’s is a realy good question but i think we must waiting a time but the hope die at last^^
    (yes i know my english is bad^^)

    • Frank

      I think you’re looking for “wait until he finally dies” or “wait and hope he dies”

  19. Rayne

    So are all their parents watching?

  20. Grip

    Mrs sandwich: Grape, where are you going with that frying pan?
    Grape: I need it to kill peanut.
    Mrs. Sandwich: Okay, carry on then. Just be sure to clean off the blood afterwards!

    • Trefoiler

      And the dub shall say: “Just be sure not to put it away backwards!”

      Okay- seriously! When every other handle in the stack is facing out and is arranged largest to smallest (with the largest on the bottom duuhh) THERE IS NO EXCUSE.


  21. WingedWolfGirl

    Of corse Grape, Duncan can’t die if you don’t kill him.

  22. Salenstormwing

    Looks like the Alt-Text is confused between Macbeth and Hamlet as well. Glad I’m not alone.

    • Grip

      Sorry, but my iPad doesn’t show alt-text. Could somebody tell me what it is?

      • chexwarrior

        Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear . . . wait, are we sure this is the right play?

        • Grip

          Thank you, kind sir.

  23. AuvaAkita

    This is what we need to do when our in-laws come over for dinner! XD

    • Grip

      What? No way! I like my in laws! My sisters couldn’t have picked better people to marry!

      • AuvaAkita

        you are one of the lucky few then

        • Frank

          He’s just staying in the law

        • anon_omis

          Oh come on, if there are FEW good in laws, then that means that you yourself is a bad in law since so many people say they have bad ones

          • Grip the wolf

            Me: They all think that I’m crazy because I like my in laws, but they’re the crazy ones! *insane laugh* I’m the only sane one left! *whacked between the ears with a frying pan by Grape* Thank you, I needed that.
            Grape: Can I hit you again?
            Me: Uuuuuummmmm……. no.

          • Trefoiler

            And on your left, we have Grip with two concussions!

          • Grip the wolf

            TWO concussions? But I only got hit one ti- *gets hit with frying pan* Hey cut that out *bares his sharp canines*

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Cats have sharper canines than canines.

  24. SilverZeo

    Grape as Lady McB, suits her well.

  25. GameCobra

    Pretend Marriage! <3

  26. The Diet Poison

    I usualy don’t like violence… =(
    … but I want to see some FRYING-PAN ACTION!!! =D
    YEAH!!! =D

  27. Renkun

    Let’s hope that not going to the end we the last roleplaye i mean the prideland story^^

  28. Firewolf

    I am utterly confused now/

    • darkgloomie

      … by what, exactly? I think it’s pretty straightforward- Mrs. MacBeth strong-arms her husband into killing the king and his entourage so that he can become king himself. Nothing much to explain there.

      • Trefoiler

        Sometimes you have to take fate into your own hands!

        And of course I don’t mean take one of the fates into your hands.

        Well, discluding the one played by Grape. She’s your pretend wife now. So semi-pretend to take her into your hands because killing kings (even for pretend!) is nasty business.

        Now pretend you understand.

  29. JokkePokke

    Hmm, I never really imagined Max was the kind of person who’d love Imaginate, especially not such… Serious roles.

  30. the big step that needs to be taken

    sooooo do we have anymore gold stars left

    • Draven

      I haves gold stars, lots of stars *passes out stars to everyone* STICKERS YAY

      • Grip the wolf

        Stickers?! Yay! I want one! Wait… will these make my fur all sticky?

      • JokkePokke

        I’ll just stick around here for a while…

      • Wr3h

        Did someone say they have stickers?!

      • Yehoshua

        STICKEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!! *eagerly grab some and sticks them all to my face*
        Yehoshua is a good boy :3

  31. rtlstien

    Oh no! The comic was just here and now it’s showing the last one again!
    give it a few minutes…

  32. The Diet Poison

    This is so cool!

  33. Tommyrazor

    Awww so snuggely :3