I Can Has Hubris?
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  1. Dissension

    Aha, finally, anticlimax!

    • Syther Kitsune

      Lol at last panel, Its funny how he slumps his shoulders and hangs his head =3

    • Aerion

      What, no rules on how we shouldn’t be jerks or pretend to be moderators?
      And here I thought you were an automatic response to new house-pet comics ;)

      This post has been edited by a moderator.

      • Dissension

        You also shouldn’t use profanity. ;3

        • The Diet Poison

          You can change people’s comments too?
          That’s so cool!!! =D

        • JokkePokke

          Can you change this too?
          *Writes comment filled with disturbing profanities and sick images*

          • Dissension

            It’s probably best if we don’t talk about things that are completely unrelated to the comic. Yes, moderators can edit and delete your posts, but that’s easily avoided by not breaking the rules.

  2. Ryufire

    Summer rain you can never predict them!! :p

    • Luffy

      No you can’t…Double D.

      • Ryufire

        Gravy, Butter Toast! xD

        • Luffy


    • Foxstar

      Let’s stop this here.

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        This place has been getting more and more off-topic lately ヽ(´o`;
        Just wanna point that out on topic it’s finally getting close to CURTAIN-CALL

      • Luffy

        Sorry about that

    • VOLK

      Sure you can. It happens whenever the weatherman says it won’t happen.

      • ShadowclawFC

        Like in ‘04 when it was 100% (or 0%, lol) true that whatever the rain % was, the truth was exactly opposite. 10% meant 90%, 40% meant 60%, 70% meant 30%, etc.

        • randomanon

          to much math *boom*

  3. TheCrimsonFox

    never underestimate the power of nature! mwahahahahaha! also, did he expect to jump out the window or something? lol

    • rallyjr

      the world has a way of knocking ya down when u get too full of your self, and i think Keene was just using the window to show off sort of like “I did this”

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Karma…Gets ya every time. ヽ(´o`;

      • Tommyrazor

        Yeah it does, in Mario Party 8 I tickled my friend so the game was evil and made me land on a bowser space. >.<

        • Dissension

          Let’s make our comments relevant to the current comic. : )

  4. Snowmon

    Talk about raining on someone’s victory parade. :D

    • anon_omis


      • FlynnDawg

        EPIC Rimshot

    • Chip Uni

      Pride comes before the fall of rain?

  5. LegendaryHero

    Oh no, water that’s not from a weapon! Everyone inside!

    • huntersunday

      your right I dont want to get WET

      • Grip

        Reminds me of my dad. “You cant go swimming in the rain! You might get wet!” But anyway, I think that Peanut will soon have to begin multiplayer mode, since everyone will probably be heading inside!

  6. Exulen

    oh well, lets all go inside for bacon and pancakes

    • Ryufire

      Oooh I’m in! :)

      • Draven

        You had me at bacon.

        • DarkKitsune

          Let’s get peanut. heh

          • neonsky

            I’m good on bacon AND pancakes.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Daisy’s good on bacon and pancakes?

    • kurowolfe

      me want pancakes! =3

      • Dissension

        If it’s not related to the comic, it’s best discussed on the [forums].

        • kurowolfe

          Er, ok, sorry bout that…

    • randomanon

      you had me at oh

  7. kimo

    and rain just means god hates you… but water gun fights in the rain are fun too

    • Snowmon

      Yeah, but how can you tell who’s winning? (-_^) .l,,,

      :( Oh, wait… the dogs are totally dominating the field now (even if they weren’t before).

      >:( SO please disregard that question.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        War’s over, I don’t think there was a winner. Bino certainly lost though.

        • SecretAgent000

          Yeah, but I don’t think anybody really cares about Bino unless he angers somebody.

          • The Diet Poison

            You’re right! 0_o

            I just realized… maybe that’s the reazon why he acts like a jerk.

            …aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww! ^_^
            Bino just needs attention.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I’ll give him attention! Even though it’s not needed.

  8. Tahoe

    I like the last panel A LOT =D

  9. IceKitsune

    [Nelson Voice]*Points at Keene* Ha-Haw [/Nelson Voice] Thats just Awesome so is the arc over or is there still more?

    • Rick Griffin

      I need to close some things so there’s a little bit more

      • IceKitsune

        Ok, I thought so, just making sure.

      • Tides

        Epilogue… sweet!!

        • Frank

          which will hopefully be an epic log

  10. Draven

    That’s what he gets for tempting fate, it’s like saying “what could possibly go wrong” or “I’m sure it will be o.k.”

  11. sonic id furreh!!!

    wut’s a hubris o.o?

    • Dusty

      Gross overconfidence. The word is Greek.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        oh okay, thanks :3

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          *The more you know*

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Hey, Lelouch, what’s up with those strange symbols you keep using?

          • The Diet Poison

            how do you make the star symbol? ^_^

            and, did you create your own language?
            just wondering. =)

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            They’re japanese emoticons.

  12. The Moon Howler

    And that’s one point for the Summer rain!

    • SilverZeo

      That’s a total of 2. The other point is for keeping forests catching on fire.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Keeping my newly planted lime trees from dying.

  13. GameCobra

    Summer rain. Everyone loses!

    …unless…! *watches the cats and dogs dance in the rain*

    • Tides

      Nonsense! Everyone wins!!!!

      “Can you… feel the… brand new day!!!! Can you… feel the… brand new day!!!!!!!!”

  14. SilverZeo

    This arc’s morale: “Money can’t pay off karma…”

    • SilverZeo

      Or poetic irony…

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Well that’s what the ferret gets for his brief flirtation with villainy.

    • Snowmon

      I thought the moral of the story is, “Even if you had all the cards, it’s pointless if no one wants to play.”

      • SilverZeo

        That, or “Never say ‘Nothing/Can’t stop me’ without those words to jinx it.”

        • FlynnDawg

          Give this dood a ribbon I thought NO ONE would figure it out!

          • LordWorpeltinger

            Rules to being an Evil Overlord
            I will never say “You can’t stop me”or “That’s impossible” because my defeat will be immediate.

  15. Cerveny

    I like going out in the rain =3 and uhhh.. i love this comic <3

  16. Kajex, Sorcerer Supreme


    I can totally hear a horn playing that now.

  17. Parry

    Somehow I expected this… Anyway… DENIED!!!

  18. Elwood Blutarsky

    So that’s how his shades stay on even when they don’t attach to his ears!

    • LegendaryHero

      Actually, if you look back at his other appearances, they fit like normal glasses (not around his head) despite the whole not attached to his ears thing.
      This is either some design flaw or Keene’s got some new shades.

      • Hera Ledro

        Based on the front design and how it differs from previous ones, I would say that these really are new shades.

  19. Russiarules1

    Well, that sucks for him! But I wonder who won?
    Will the battle continue? Tune in next Sunday!

  20. Jaxon Night

    so those arent shades!! they’re goggles!!! also, saw it coming…he tempted fate so tarot got back at him for capturing peanut

    • Jaxon Night

      or…maybe thats water that went into orbit after the mega water balloon went off

      • Jolton

        Epic Invader Zim reference FTW xD
        “The Wettening….”
        That was such an awesome water balloon *wants one*~

        But anyway, it took me a while to figure out the background was a view of the neighborhood and not some kind of map covered in oddly-shaped polygons

  21. anon_omis

    This reminds me of how the weather has been around here

  22. Profesor Rod

    And then God flipped you off.

  23. leaffly

    oooohhh what a sucker punch Xc

  24. Shiranai

    Mother nature wanted to join the war.

    • Shiranai

      Oh and also:
      It’s raining, cats and dogs!

      • Hera Ledro

        *facepalm* BADLY PUNNY xD

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania


          • Valerio

            Hope the ferret saved for a rainy day…

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            >:/ your not funny |:(

          • FlynnDawg

            This was a total CAT-astrophe! How anticlimactic. But good thing we brought those Zach feet eh?

            Not very funny, but just good enough to be a pun… LET THE JOKES CONTINUE!

          • Valerio

            the ferret can’t weasel his way out, now!

          • darkgloomie

            C’mon now, in a few strips it’s all gonna be water under the bridges…

        • leaffly

          why cat caught your tongue?

          • darkgloomie

            I think he’s having a cow right now.

            (sorry couldn’t think of any other animal related pun)

          • Valerio

            don’t be a chicken to try new puns.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            You guys are taking these puns too far! >:(

  25. Shamster

    Sorry to “rain” on your parade!

    (Somebody shoot me now)

    • gaboris

      *Insert one liner that has the word “rain” in it*… What. My brain can’t comprehend one liners by itself. :p

  26. Hoheh

    Silly ferret! Never forget rain.

  27. Trey

    you win this round mothernature

    • Hera Ledro

      The most terrifying evil of all, if Copernicus is to be believed. …Which he isn’t… since he has two fingers, a thumb, and an ego dwarfed by the gargantuanness of his idiocy.

  28. malinik

    sucks to be him…. hm i wonder where peanut is…still

    • IceKitsune

      Still playing videogames, most likely at the Miltons Mansion.

  29. Peanut

    SO THE ARCS ENDING NOW? also the diet poison if u see this i want 2 know what do u think of my avatar?

    • The Diet Poison

      I like it a lot! ^_^
      Verry original!

      However, you shouldn’t worry for my opinion. It’s your avatar and if that’s the one you like, I should be happy for you. =)

      Oh, and there’s still a few more strips to see!
      We all need to know the conclusion, so we might see how the other characters that we have already seen ended up.

      • The Diet Poison

        No reply? =(
        Where’d you go? =(

        …I think I’m gonna cry. =’(

  30. Draco_2k


  31. gaboris

    Oh charma, you’re so convienent. :D

  32. Nia

    An then Murphy laughed an made it rain, going “Hahahah! No summer for you boy!”

  33. Oh yeah

    Alt text please?

    • gaboris

      Alt-text: “THAT is anticlimax. Get it right, people”

  34. Ryufire

    Since mother nature struck without warning, the pet’s outside should settle their war into playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl or Uno :)

  35. Hera Ledro

    Mother Nature: “Oh dear, I’m sorry; did I rain on your parade?”

    …Yeah, really bad pun, I know.

    • FlynnDawg

      You’ve been forgiven because we’re still making those jokes in earlier posts… IN THE FUTURE!

  36. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Give me a I-R-O-N-Y
    What does that spell IRONY!!!
    Go Housepets!

  37. Valerio

    of COURSE it’s anticlimatic now! *opens up umbrella*

  38. Immoralepunk

    Awww, poor Keene such an anticlimatic thing to happen :P

  39. Lenox

    Did anyone else immediately think of Calvin and Hobbes?

    I greatly admire anyone who gets which strip I am referencing.

  40. Yehoshua

    That definitely is anticlimax. *starts singing trololololol*

    • The Diet Poison

      *lol, lol, lol*

      I wonder if a troll is behind this rain.
      Troll: Dear Mother Nature, if you don’t make it rain to ruin keene’s plan, I WILL NOT STOP SINGING!!!

  41. e

    The great kitsune is now laughing at you right now, Keene.

    • The Diet Poison

      Yes I am. Ha, ha, ha!!!

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        :/ I am the dark kitsune Lelouch Vi Brittania and I frown upon you ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
        ♪( ´▽`) ♪the great kitsune is a hack ♪ (JK)

        • The Diet Poison

          Whatever do you mean?
          … and if you whant to discuss this…
          …we should go to the forums, because this is off topic.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I Can’t get on the forums :( cause I don’t have a Email

          • The Diet Poison

            That’s fine! ^_^
            I can’t figure how to get in the forums anyways. =(

            However, I think we can be brother-Kitsunes! ^_^
            SWEET!!! =D

            …wait… you don’t have an e-mail? =/
            why not?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Because I don’t have a laptop and it’s impossible to do it on this iPod :(

  42. ~Xu-kitty

    Sorry, Keene, but you failed your Irony Save roll.

  43. FlynnDawg

    A clever man Rick must be. A clever man Rick has been. Tricking us into expecting an actual climactic situation. But he tricked me before this. He tricked me without Daisy being evil. Hats off to you Rick, you have the respect of a person you will probably never meet for making a web comic like this.

    Also… the joke may have already been made but…

    I guess it just rai- *shot*

    • Valerio

      Rick got degree at Coyote’s night school

  44. WingedWolfGirl

    Heh, and he was in the last few hours of the experiment? Sounds like the same prob a couple mice had when a certain planet got blown up (I’m not going to look up the details for it right now, too early, and I don’t want to sound like a geek …which I already do).

  45. katgeek

    They can’t, but the rain can

  46. spiritkitsune

    There you see one broken ferret.

  47. darkgloomie

    Raise your hand if, like me, you started singing “Rain On Your Parade” after this strip.

  48. One-Who-Howls

    Horray For Rain! *Starts Dancing* …………. My Scales Are Getting Soaked! XD

    • Draven

      That’s why I stay inside. When my scales get wet, people go blind.

      • One-Who-Howls

        Some Sort Of Acid On your Scales That Turns To A Vapor When Wet? It’s Just Obnoctious For Me. Expecially Since Water Gets In My Eyes Alot. However, I Wish It’s Rain. It’s Just All Humid Where I Am. It Gets Annoying The Tenth Day In A Row. XD

        • Dissension

          Yeah, this has lost its relevance to the comic. Back on topic, please.

          • One-Who-Howls

            ~Rain Rain, Go Away, You Just Foiled A Ferrets Plans.~

        • Draven

          They get shiny, and bright

  49. John SJ

    Ah yes, rain fixing everything. Doesn’t that sound familiar? It’s like that one anime/manga series I’m a fan of. Now what was it called? I think it involved pirates, sea travel and demonic fruit… Oh that’s right, Hetalia.

  50. Jaxon Night

    well, i guess this game got*puts on shades*rained out
    YEAH!!!!!!!!!*shot in the back for making a terrible reference*ow!

    • Foxstar

      Enough with the memes.

      • darkgloomie

        Party pooper.

        (i’m not gonna pun on this because they’ve used it already)

        • Dissension

          By all means, enjoy yourselves, but it’s not fun for anyone if the comment section degenerates into a collection of tired memes. Posting smart, relevant comments results in more interesting discussion and provides Rick feedback on the comic.

  51. The Diet Poison

    Has enybody wondered where grape is going? =/

    Maybe is just me, but…
    It seems like she is about to take off…… somewhere. =/

    • Luffy

      I was just thinking the same thing.

      • Draven

        She’s obviously looking for Peanut still, she couldn’t care less about Keene and his silly fail.

  52. SleepySandMan

    Is it just me or did anyone else think of “raining cats and dogs”?
    Poor Keene, but i should’ve expected RIck to pull something like this.

  53. Lux

    “Oh wait, this is a big screen TV with a vaguely weather-related movie on. The window’s over THERE.”

    • The Diet Poison

      I wish I had one of those TVs! =D

      Well, who wouldn’t?
      and who wouldn’t wish to be as rich as the ferrets, for that matter?

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        I wouldn’t. all that money would only be good for bail(Madea reference)
        ( *`ω´)

        • The Diet Poison

          Do you mean… like…
          …too much money gets people in trouble?

          welll… yeah… sort of…
          … everyone exept Kitsunes!!! =D

          … left a golden statue with “or is it?” writen on it at king’s, remember?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            No. haven’t you ever seen Madea goes to jail.
            It’s means all that money would only be good for getting out of jail.

          • The Diet Poison

            Sorry, not familiar with it.

            …but, to get out of jail, one must be in jail already…
            Anyways, King could use that much money…
            I hope he still remembers that he was about to be judged before becoming a dog.
            So, if he decides to turn back into a human, he’s gonna need some money.
            …he could sell the kitsune golden- statue.

  54. Jolton

    Agh, who doesn’t love a good dose of well-placed irony with a hint of karma? :3

  55. AuvaAkita

    The water from that giant water balloon evaporated into the sky and now it’s raining down on everybody!

  56. Parry

    *I’m siiiiingin’ in the rain, I’m siiiiingin’ in the rain!
    After after all that work and strain, I’m just singin’! In the rain.*

  57. Grip

    Keene obviously never heard of Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. In other news, the winner of the Babylon Gardens Water War is Mother Nature. Lets give her a round of applause before she kills all of us with lightning, huh?
    *Begins clapping his hands in order to appease Mother Nature*

    • The Diet Poison

      *clap, clap, clap*

      Hurray for Mother Nature!!!

    • FlynnDawg

      -claps in fear-
      Go… Nature ha….haha….

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        Why are you guys fearing a chick you can’t even see?
        I shall not clap :/

        • zeroslash

          That’s what makes her so intimidating.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I do not believe in most things I see.
            So why should I believe in a invisible force of nature.(JK)
            I fear what the person can do, not the person.

  58. Draven

    His office has a great view. Especially for one in a strip mall.

  59. Jinxed

    I find the ending rather epic.

    • The Diet Poison

      I was acualy thinking of…

      …EPIC FAIL!!!

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        I agree ( *`ω´)

  60. Z24

    Wait, his sunglasses now include a complete headband?

    • Indagare

      Honestly, I don’t see how they’d stay on his head otherwise…

      • Z24

        On past comics, they were normal glasses

        • Indagare

          True, but perhaps the cheek fur wasn’t cutting it with holding capabilities?

  61. Ryu Darragh

    Lesee: You’re a sentient animal living in a world (well, this neighborhood in the development) where higher order beings are playing a dorky cosmic version of D&D and you make a statement like that… what did you think was going to happen? “Game called because of rain.” :D

  62. Leitrean

    enter pinkie pie with the “wah wah waaaah” trombone

    why wub dis arc /)^3^(\

  63. Anthony_frost

    You should post a comic every 5 mins so i can get my fix of houspets all day long X3

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      Do you realize that would be the equivalent of one character/one panel every post (depending on how good Rick is and how fast he works)?

      • Anthony_frost

        Haha, i was kidding X3

  64. Tech

    it’s all fun and games till God gets involved

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      This is not God, but his daughter Mother nature.

  65. randomanon

    i wanna see grape and peanut MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Foxstar

      Settle down. Also, you need to be much more mindful of what you post, non PG stuff and silly memes is frowned on.

  66. randomanon

    bad joke time am losing in the rain

  67. Tamar

    I find it funny that I read this comic in the midst of a storm passing through.

  68. Chi-chan

    I’m glad that this particular scene will be ending soon. I like the Water War but I want to see main plot! And Peanut X] (also, I’m surprised at how often the Mod has to come here and put things back on track…jeez).

  69. Mr. Random

    Hoorah! My plan won’t be stopped at all!!!
    …*insert about 4 profanity words here that make sense*!!!!!!!

  70. jjkronos

    holy cow!!! can`t wait to see the nd of this arc, probably it ends with cake

  71. jjkronos

    or maybe grape and peanut kissing?……naw!!

    • AuvaAkita

      Ya know? I read this comment just before going to bed, and no joke, i dreamt that Peanut and Grape were KISSING in the next strip!!! Too bad i couldn’t read the words to figure out what was going on but aww well.

      • jjkronos

        That`s what you get for not videotaping your dreams (tisk tisk face)

        • randomanon

          i dont have dreams for some reason but when i do its always a nightmare *note to self STOP playing fear 1 ,2 and 3

  72. randomanon

    last panal ZOMBIE

  73. Tensa Zangetsu

    Well this will be ending soon 8-D