Freelance Police
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  1. Ryufire

    Oh you Peanut! lol

    • huntersunday

      yes peanut for the win

      • JokkePokke

        There are no words to describe the epicness of this strip!

        • Mettlebird

          It is so epic I actually started crying I laughed so hard.

        • Grip

          Then we shall invent words that convey its epicness!! Megasuperawesome!!!!!

          • Scorch

            *Awesome nod* ftw

          • JokkePokke

            Imagine playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with a fully loaded shotgun! That’s how epic it is!

  2. kimo

    hahaah videogames

    • Corn

      It seems his eyes… isn’t focused on the video game itself ^^

      • Blaze

        Actually, it seems like the TV is hanging from the ceiling, like at a hospital or something

      • Grip

        Hmmm… maybe the shadowy figure is watching him on hidden cameras, and Peanut is actually pretending to be focused on the game (which for Peanut, would require an incredible amount of willpower to actually IGNORE a video game), and is actually focused on an air vent or something similar, waiting for the right time to make his move. Or, most likely, the tv is mounted to the ceiling, and peanut is playing his heart out.

        • Corn

          Never saw that blank thing there hahaha

        • Grip

          What blank thing?

          • kimo

            i believe he meant black

          • Grip

            I thought he might have, but I wasn’t sure.

      • Foxstar

        It’s mounted up high and focused downwards at a angle. Yes he is playing the game.

      • zeroslash

        He could be using a wireless controller and is playing on a console game — doesn’t have to be a handheld.

    • neonsky

      I always lift my left leg while shooting bad guys on games. >_>

  3. rtlstien


    • rtlstien

      Well crap I thought he was shaking dice, not playing a video game
      I jumped the gun on this one
      Go for the high score Peanut!

      • Asuterisuku

        I wouldn’t say that; Yahtzee’s a pretty funny guy for someone who reviews video games.

        • rtlstien

          I did not know that

        • Mr. Random

          Oh right, Zero Punctuation? Love those :P

      • Jinxed

        For some reason, you aren’t the ONLY one who thought “dice” when they saw the last panel.
        Even though dice OBVIOUSLY don’t go “pew pew”.

  4. Draven


  5. Dissension

    Oh, Peanut, you’re so adorable. *giggles*

    Also, Grape would seem to have one heck of a strong kick. x3

    • rtlstien

      And Zach has an awesome nod

    • Valerio

      Zach with a gun!
      Grape kicking door!
      Awesome nod!
      peanut cuteness!
      *hugs today’s comic*

    • SilverZeo

      Cats are good jumpers you know, place she did death-stomp on a revolutionary mouse

  6. Daggy

    He sure is having a good time. Determined face!

  7. Yehoshua

    A very good time!

  8. Elwood Blutarsky

    Told you he was off doing something innoncent…of course the whole “actually kidnapped by the anonymous mastermind” thing was unexpected. Minor details get me every time.

  9. Draven

    Is he in the library, I wish my library had game consoles

    • Grip

      Maybe he is in the best library ever… the library… OF VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!

      • The Diet Poison


        I would like to go to that library. =(

        Though… I wouldn’t… give away books for anything. =)

        … A library with books and Video Games!!!
        …the best library EVER… with an imposibility to pay the electicity bill and allways packed with thousands of peole waiting in line to play!!!
        The bright side is: …
        …you can read while waiting in line. =D

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          All that’s left, of course, is a moving conveyor belt, or floating chairs for when you’re in line. Then you don’t have to put up with impatient people shoving you forward because you don’t notice the line is moving…
          Actually, even electric wheelchairs affixed in a train formation would work.

        • Peanut

          The Diet Poison
          July 20, 2011 at 12:51 am | Permalink | Reply
          Gasp! 0_0
          It all meakes sence now!

          THAT YERK!!!

          oh………………gawd also srry 4 replying so late and at my libary u can sign out video games and now u can sign out ipads 4 an hour and they have comps cool huh

          • Grip

            I already have an iPad. And let me just say that it is very hard to use when your hands are completely covered by fur… 8)

  10. IceKitsune

    hmmm I’m going with Rockstar Hawk (or one of the Cubs anyway) or one of the Ferrets. lol at Peanut playing Videogames.

    • IceKitsune

      I could also see Fox or maybe King (but I would need a really good explanation as to why he would do this) Or for a final shocking twist it could be Joey (but I highly doubt that one.)

      • kurowolfe

        Whoever he/she might be, he/she sure has quite the villainous laugh!
        We’ll know soon enough XD

        • chino doll

          i think is one of the ferrets…NO, IM SURE, IS SASHA

          • SecretAgent000


          • darastrixen

            I’m still holding out hope that it’s Mrs. Sandwich, just because she’s the one everyone suspects least.

      • Draven

        Your probably right, especially since you just listed almost every character.

        • IceKitsune

          actually I’m only really guessing two of them seriously one of the Cubs or the Ferrets.

      • Ryufire

        Sasha or the chicken XD

      • GM

        i’m gonna put my money on Sabrina, as she’s the other actual cat with a dog boyfriend.

      • anon_omis

        My money is on Squeek or whatever joeys mouse girlfriends name is

        • The Diet Poison

          I’ll put my money in the bank…
          …because i don’t like betting…
          …and would rather spend it on clothes.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Not video games? Or books??

          • The Diet Poison

            I borrow books from the library
            and I have a friend with thousands of video-games.

          • Grip

            Could you please introduce me to your friend?! *Makes puppy dog eyes* oh great! Now I feel like a scoundrel! I’m such a naughty wolf. 8) 8) 8)

          • The Diet Poison

            I love puppy eyes….
            …you’re a wolf?!?! =/

          • Grip

            Well, yeah. I’m a wolf. Wolves are cool. 8)

          • The Diet Poison

            … 0_o
            …oh, goodness!

            I like wolfs…
            …But, …

            Foxes are cuter! ^_^

            …Right? =/

          • Grip

            That would be the case. Wolves are too busy being awesome to worry about trivial matters such as cuteness.

          • The Diet Poison

            Oh, come on!!!

            You know foxes are cuter.
            Admit it.

            …ADMIT IT!!!

            Besides, Miles is a wolf and he doesn’t have to worry about trival matters anymore.

          • The Diet Poison

            sorry, I meant Miles is still awesome and cute at the same time.

            got confounded.

          • Grip

            Gaaahhhh! Calm down! I already said that foxes were cuter! However, Kitsunes are cuter.

          • chinodoll

            this conversation dont lead me anywhere, wtv, i vote for foxes and cats¡¡¡¡nya -w-

          • Grip

            Some wolves are just naturally cute like that.

          • The Diet Poison

            thanks, Grip!

            after all, I AM the Great Kitsune. ^_^
            (at least in the avatar… AT LEAST?)

          • Grip

            Yeah, I know what you mean. I wish I was my fursona in real life, too. :)

      • rakaydos

        The mouseover line, “Lahahaha” implies to me that the Shadowy Figure is female. The overdrama aspects and budget make me think Ferret.

        The ferrets are well placed to manipulate both sides, through arms shipments to the cats and direct access to Rockstar’s father.

    • Tides

      Clearly, it is Actor Dog. He’s upset that he was never given a normal name and this is his revenge!!!!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s not the chicken, we’ve already seen it.
      It’s not Sasha or King, they aren’t the diabolical laugh types.
      Fox is too serious.
      Most likely a cub or a ferret. Could be a mouse.

      But I’m going to make an unlikely prediction: Lucretia!

      • Pooldawg

        No no no. You have it all wrong. The true mastermind that would really be a shocking twist is…..DAISY!!!!! No one would ever suspect her at pulling something like this off. THAT would be a twist.

        • The Diet Poison

          You are totaly right!

          Daisy could be evil!!!… and noboy would suspect of it.

          • The Diet Poison

            It could also be …

            …Mr. Bigglesworth.

            10+ evil minds think evily better than 1.

          • Grip

            Preferably with a bald person nearby. That way the bald person could say, “You’re making me angry. When I get angry, the all of the Mr. Bigglesworths get upset. And when all of the Mr. Bigglesworths get upset, people DIE!!!” *pushes a button, but it doesn’t do anything* “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that!”

          • chino doll

            nope, is sasha, she is totally a actress

    • Valerio

      since it’s becomic a guess by statistics, I stay with King being the conspiracy’s head.
      he’s the one with enough a grudge to all pets to start a war to put them against each other.

  11. Jaxon Night

    He’s GOTTA be king, it would make sense cause he hasnt shown up yet, either him, tarot, pete, or fox

    • Snowmon

      King? Seriously? If it IS King then I’ll eat my own hat. Heck, that be the shocking twist of the century.

      • IceKitsune

        It would also as I said above need a serious explanation as it really would make very little sense.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        King’s not smart enough to pull this off. Sure he’s got a human mind but he was never exactly that smart of a human which is why he would up a corgi. He also hasn’t done much in the villainy department since spending six months in jail for dognapping.

        • Corn

          But still he still have a motive….. He sure don’t like bino…. thats for sure

          • Zarvain

            That motive fits most of the cast, for one reason or another.
            Not all (I think) but most.

  12. Torey

    i smell ferrets behind this

    • Draven

      Eeeeeeewwwwwww, I wouldn’t wanna smell ferrets, especial soon-to-be-wet ferrets

      • Zarvain

        I’m more worried about the smell of the wet ones than the ones still dry myself…just saying.

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          What about chocolate mousse-covered ferrets? Wonder how that would smell…

          • Grip

            Oh god! My brain! Somebody get me a barrel of brain bleach(tm)!!!

          • Grip

            You are an evil person! My nose has suffered like never before!

  13. kurowolfe

    I love Zach’s and Grape’s expression in the first panel.

    And Peanut’s so adorable! First-class POW treatment =3

    • SilverZeo

      Yeah, they had Die Hard-Lock-N-Load Synergy there.

      I bet he’s playing the new StarFox64 3DS game… or better yet, an advance copy of Mario Mii on the Wii U!

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        Tat would be cool :3 (^_−)−☆

        • Corn

          But still he still have a motive….. He sure don’t like bino…. thats for sure

          • Corn

            ops wrong space O.=.o

          • SilverZeo

            Can you name some one who DOES like Bino?

          • Grip

            Sasha? Although you really have to question if she actually does…

  14. spiritkitsune

    Red walls? 0_0
    I hope this isn’t Tarots room.
    She is just to cute to start a war, isn’t she?

    • SilverZeo

      Dot from Animanics is cute, but she could start a war if a World Leader called her “Dotty”…

      I don’t think it’s Tarot, I don’t think she has a business desk like that.

      • anon_omis

        Though it world explain Peanuts treatment

      • SilverZeo

        Wait… maybe it’s Shasha

    • GM

      level of cuteness is directly proportional to the level of evil after all

  15. Snowmon

    Like I said… Zach and Grape join forces to find Mr. Bones (aka Peanut) playing the game.
    Although I figured it would have been chess, not Gradius IV.

    Join us next time for Indiana Bones: and The Water Balloon Conspiracy where we just might, JUST MIGHT find out the person behind all this… followed by our regularly scheduled programing.

  16. SilverZeo


    …. I call Dolphins, if not Chicken, or a mouse…

    • SilverZeo

      Or Mr. Sandwhich, he would be the kind of guy who would pack water under a desk..

    • Elwood Blutarsky


      • SilverZeo

        Maybe, how panels has she been in?

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          He…and just one or two.

  17. gagi

    peanut is awesome !!!

    and i loled at “…certainly having a good time” :) what a mind game

  18. GameCobra

    Totally Sabrina.

    • SilverZeo

      Sabrina has a business room in a strip mall outside of Babylon Gardens?

    • Dissension

      I consider this a plausibility.

      • Mr. Random

        That it may be, there’s no denying that Rick will manage to surprise us

        Being a great problem solver, the cats got their hands on some relatively expensive watergun gear (though a handheld minigun is more expensive) so if it IS the person who deals the cats the water…er, ARTILLERY… then it’s probably one of the rich ferrets.

        Of course, since Joey isn’t allowed in the dogs’ club, it’s probably him as a revenge act for fun…

        Last theory: King or Tarot. The 2 most unexpected characters to be this shady leader

    • IceKitsune

      I would need a good explanation as to why but it could be possible.

  19. MKarrow

    What sort of sick game is this???

    • WingedWolfGirl

      This is no game, this is war!

    • Grip

      It’s a shooting game… Metroid: Other M perhaps?

      • The Diet Poison

        I think peanut is playing Smash Bros. Brawl.

        It’s not a sick game, as descrived by MKarrow, but you get to beat your friends; sick enough for me.

        • Grip

          Unless you happen to be playing as Gannondork. Then, be prepared to get your tail handed to you on a platter.

          • The Diet Poison

            I never play as Gannordork…
            …he’s too slow and his moves are not awesome.
            … I would rather play as Fox McClowd…
            Besides being a Furry… and cute… he’s got fast, awesome moves.
            Would also play as Ness or Lucas…
            Anyways, I think we got off topic.

          • Grip

            In order to appease the wrath of the mods and Rick, I will say that “Do what we say, or prepare to become damp!” Is an epic line. Please accept my humble offering

          • The Diet Poison

            Don’t worry!
            I just say that… before anyone else said it to us.

            But… It IS an epic line…
            …not as epic as:
            “…or prepare to be hit with a frying pan,”
            but I like it.

          • Grip

            Hmmm… a dark office… chair facing away from you preventing you from seeing who is sitting in it… gun under their desk… OH MY GOD!!!! IT’S THE MAFIA!!! Diet Poison, put down the frying pan NOW!!!!

  20. BlueAnubis

    Awesome Nod is, by far, the best sound effect in the history of ever.

    • anon_omis

      Even more than asplode?

      • Draven

        Or even Kabloosh

        • The Diet Poison

          More AWESOME than even…

          … facepalm.

  21. Luffy

    Well, at least he’s having a good time.

    • Ryufire

      In the midst of war he certainly is :P

  22. Elwood Blutarsky

    Daisy? Res? Boris? Jasper?

  23. TheCrimsonFox

    lol, I guess he really is having a good time x3 Also… it’s either Daisy or Sasha… or Joey… it’s always the ones you least expect! Then again, that’d mean it’d be max (totally trying to keep peanut away so he have Grape all to himself)

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Or it’s a zoo animal that would be a twist

      • domino

        what a twist *robot chicken refresnce*

      • Argent Stonecutter


      • TheCrimsonFox

        what if it turned out to be Grape? o.o now THAT’d be a twist worthy of… I dunno, something famous with twists

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Ok that would be impossible. (T ^ T) *sad face*

          • TheCrimsonFox

            nah… it’d just require some mirrors and very clever cat-like planning… in fact, now it sounds like a more likely possibility than anyone else x3

  24. Jaxon Night

    Now that i think…daisy would be better, to think she would just be acting like a total moron, only to be a total guiness, cause shes the only one we dont know crap would make perfect sense

  25. Russiarules1

    Will it be that wolf? Maybe Bino, Sasha, Max or King? Or… DAISY! Nah…
    We will find out next time on Housepets! AAAAWWW YEEEAAAHHH

    I wonder if Peanut is playing Space Invaders?

    • Tech

      it can’t be Bino he’s chained up already

    • Russiarules1

      You never know, but I am expecting a nice shocking scene in the future strip.

  26. sillypants

    I think it might be jinx

  27. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Ok this is just messed up now!
    Are you serious!
    This just ruined my mood. (T ^ T)
    I’m only 1/4 kidding

    • The Diet Poison

      Get some sleep.
      That way you will be in a better mood.

      I get grumpy when I stay verry late watching this commic.
      If you want a medical explanation…
      …wait… I’m not a doctor.
      … at least, it works with me.

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        I can’t tell wether your helpful, or hurtful?

        • The Diet Poison

          put it this way.
          I’t a well known fact that sleeping well is good.
          I know it’s vacation time…
          …but… humm… just try it.

  28. something over there -->

    Now i think it’s starting to be something of a 007/cold war theme.

  29. Torey


    • Tech

      can’t be Bino he’s chained to a wall

  30. leaffly

    When he ment peanut is having a good time he ment it.

  31. Firewolf

    Ooooh you know, I told him to go home and watch some TV.

  32. Tech

    I think it’s going to be Tarot seeing as Peanut is not tide up or anything and being treated well

    • IceKitsune

      That could equally point to Sabrina (or even the fact that this isn’t being taken that seriously) and why in the world would Tarot start the war anyway? Or why would Sabrina for that matter? Either would need serious explanation.

      • IceKitsune

        I’m not saying its impossible for it to be either of them just that I can’t think up a reason (a likely one anyway) for why they would do it.

        • Tech

          well when it comes to this comic anything is posible

  33. anon_omis

    Ok was this this arcs pulp fiction reference?

  34. malinik

    ha nice “a GOOD time”

    • Grip

      If he wants to complete that game in record time, he needs to have an EXTREMELY AWESOME time! Oh, wait, you meant good time as in fun? My bad.

  35. Roadrunner

    Always he makes no matter

  36. Alechsa

    Free Internets to the persons who called that Peanut is just playing videogames rather than participating in this godawful water war….

  37. Jix

    I can’t put into words how much I want this evil master-mind to be Max and have grape just hit ‘em.

    • IceKitsune

      heh there’s almost no way it can be Max I highly doubt he could have gotten to the Mall before Grape and Zach. Also I think Grape would have recognized his voice right away. (unless a voice changer is involved) Though I still wonder why she didn’t tell him about this or if she did he isn’t helping her rescue Peanut.

  38. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Ok what’s up with the “Awesome nod”! is it needed?!
    ( ̄(工) ̄)

    • anon_omis

      *awesome nods*

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania


        • anon_omis

          Oh come on you have to admit you left yourself open for that

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I’ll admit it, I was sorta asking for it.
            you are a fun guy. ( ̄▽ ̄)

          • anon_omis


      • The Diet Poison


        “Awesome nods,” the funniest way to reply at someone who dislikes them.

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Did not say I didn’t like it >:(

          • The Diet Poison

            you didn’t seem happy about it. =/

            sorry if I mistook, anyways. =(

            However, it was the only funny thing that fitted to complete the phrase I had already started.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Its okay (^-^)/

  39. LegendaryHero

    I’m almost leaning towards new character.

  40. FenixWong951

    If the diabolical shadow is a cat, may be a good laugh wouold be “Nya ha ha ha” or “meaw haw haw haw”

  41. Asteri

    that’s one awesome awesome nod by Zach :D

  42. gaboris

    I hate it when they say “having a good time” in movies, but with that last pic… HEH I laughed my head off. XD

    WHAT?!?! A different diabolicle laught? BLASFEMY! >:U “Bwa ha ha”(Or in Hungarian it’s “Mu ha ha”) is a MUST! It must not be changed!
    So don’ worry Rick you’re doing fine. :D

  43. Rayne

    Ones a Rabbit who’s afraid of everything and little will to live.
    The others a feisty cat with a brother to protect.

    • The Diet Poison

      They fight crime!!!
      They make Justice!!!
      They have frying-pans!!!
      They… have nothing better to do!!!
      They are…

      …the Housepets!!!
      Don’t miss the epic action,
      Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
      Here… on Rick Chanel!
      *awesome face*

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        This would be the intro
        Now imagine them as housepets

      • Draven

        I am not that lucky, I have to be up at 1 am to catch new episodes. Curse my time zone

        • The Diet Poison

          … I never specified at what time zone that was. =/

          … I was actualy expecting every one to asume that it was at 9:00 at every time zone.

          … =D
          … generalizations are the best way to please everyone. =D

          • Draven

            Fair enough

  44. Salenstormwing

    Okay, Zack can sub for Max, but Grape isn’t much of a substitute for Sam when she’s a cat and he’s a dog. Someone get Peanut a hat!

    • CaptainPea

      Only so far as looks. Zach and Max have more than a couple behavioral differences.

      • Salenstormwing

        Hey, looks count for a lot. Especially when you’re talking about gun-wielding rabbits.

      • CaptainPea

        Yeah, but Zach’s gun isn’t even taller than he is, that won’t do!

  45. tlarn

    Peanut’s gameface is actually pretty familiar. I think I used to move around and tense up just like that as a kid while playing a game I’m getting into.

  46. WingedWolfGirl

    …He certainly is having a good time.

    I’m going to guess the shadow figure is Pete, he’s the only character no one else has guessed and it’ because everyone assumes he’s locked up in heaven jail.

    • The Diet Poison

      Dog-Heaven-Jail, by the way.

      And you’re right.
      We never saw that he was definetly jailed up.
      Though…… The Great Kitsune did say that they had strict rules about smash-and-grab.

      … I’m not sure of what to belive, but I guess that we will not see Pete for a few weeks.

  47. Argent Stonecutter

    I don’t think it will be him, but wouldn’t it be incredible if it were Res?

    • The Diet Poison

      It is highly unprobable…
      …But I’m, actualy, waiting for him to apear again.

      Res is SO CUTE!!! ^_^

      • The Diet Poison

        Res should move into Babylon Gardens.

        He would be the most interesting character of all! =D

        …just saying my insignificant opinion. =/

        But, I would REALY want to see more of him. ^_^

  48. AuvaAkita

    I believe the person behind the desk is Spo!!!

    • CaptainPea

      It’s Res with cybernetic implants and a pirate hat

    • The Diet Poison

      *the chair turns around*
      Zach: there’s no one here!
      SPO: I’m down here, you big ears!!!
      Grape: wow! I wasnt expecting an enemy easy to defeat.
      SPO: (sarcasticaly) Oh! Am I?
      *takes out a jumbo-sized basuca*
      SPO: But before eliminating you, I must give a logical explanation to all the readers…

      • Grip

        Grape and Zach: Spo, no! Don’t break the fourth wall!
        Spo: Oh come on! What’s the worst that could hap- *BOOOOOOOOOM!!!

  49. Grip

    I wonder what game peanut is playing. Is it a metroid game? Cos I love the metroid games!

  50. Grip

    I actually have two guesses about who the shadowy figure might be. I think it might be one of the ferrets, since they could easily afford a business room. My second guess would be King, since it is possible he would be able to afford it. All he would have to do is make an online payment directly out of his bank account from when he was human… but if he did that, then the cops might trace the transaction back to him… so unless he had a separate bank account under an anonymous name, he would have had to make the transaction from a public computer (like a library), and then have the money secretly sent to the owner of the strip mall. This makes King an extremely unlikely candidate for the shadowy figure, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • AuvaAkita

      I doubt it’s King also. Why would he participate in a silly game right after his fate was almost destroyed? My guess is that he’s taking a break from everyone, just thinkng about his options.

      • Grip

        It is a distinct possibility that he is simply laughing his minuscule tail off at the crazy antics of all the pets. Or maybe he is a shady missionary! No wait! Come back I meant mercenary! MERCENARY!!! (If you can figure out the reference, I will give you an imaginary cold one)

        • AuvaAkita

          Beats me, I’ll pass.

        • Draven

          Id love a nice cold orange soda, but I have no idea

        • Grip

          It’s from a series of flash based animated cartoons on The reference is for one of the strong bad emails, but I forgot which one.

        • Grip

          But since you wanted one, I’ll give you an orange soda anyway, Draven. *pops open an orange soda for Draven, and gets another for himself, while yelling “yeeeaaaaahhhh! Let’s party!!!”*

          • Draven

            Sweet *glug glug* Thaaaankkkssshhh *hic*

          • Grip

            *Begins to drink directly out of a keg of orange soda, finishing off the whole keg in ten seconds* hey, mishter elephant man! Get another soda keg from the rainbow room! *Passes out on the ground*

          • Draven

            Pretty pixies are dancing on the ceiling, HAHAHAHahaha *cough* *cough* *cough*

  51. Argent Stonecutter

    No, it’s not Mr Sandwich, he’s too tall.

    • CaptainPea

      It’s obviously Uncle Reuben

      • Draven

        It’s obviously his Barn Cats, who else can completely control Peanut like that. Grape can but it clearly isn’t her.

        • The Diet Poison

          Is it???…
          … =D

          • Grip

            Dun dun dun goes here, right?

          • The Diet Poison

            Totaly right.

            …Does it???
            *Dun dun dun* =D

            anyways, I would like to see that grape has an evil-twin-sister…
            …without even knowing it herself!!!

          • Grip

            Yeah, and her name could be… Princess Magenta!

          • The Diet Poison

            Total lol


          • Grip

            And she could be exactly identical to grape, so you don’t know which is which! This could lead to a scene on the rooftop where Max has to figure out which is the evil twin. He throws a water balloon near the evil twin’s feet, causing her to slip and fall to her doom. And speaking of doom…

          • Draven

            He only figures out which is which when he kisses both, and the real Grape punches him. Oh jeez… This sounds alot like a reference to a bad tv show which is a total accident.

          • Grip

            Actually, I was waiting for somebody to figure out that I was ripping off some cheesy action movie. 8)

  52. KSR

    Oh.. God how adorable is he….

  53. Theolis Wolfpaw

    I’m gonna throw my hat in and say it’s one of the ferrets.

    • Salenstormwing

      Most likely Rock or one of the other Milton ferrets bought a watergun company and so they decided to have the most epic of epic water fights ever.

      Or it’s Sasha. Or Pete. But those last two are just random “What a twist!” guesses.

  54. CaptainPea

    War! What is it good for? It’s good for you, it’s good for me!
    War! What is it good for? It’s brings hydration bod-i-ly!
    It shows the world we’ve got balloons
    and terriers with brawny goons!
    Oh war, what is it good for? It’s good for you, it’s good for me!

  55. Valerio

    yes, I placed my bets on King as the evil mastermind, BUT…
    WHO had all the time to infiltrate both parties without being noticed yet being in plain sight?
    WHO could do that and being underestimated as spy?
    WHO could arrange shady, unnamed contacts to smuggle weapons?

    Hi, I’m Daisy!
    The shoking revelation of Year 4!

  56. pet_panda

    it’s tarot, she too him out of the war to keep him from getting hurt, flooded the dogs club to punish them for kicking him out, and framed the cats becaus of peanuts cat fetish/crush.

  57. Z24


    • Grip

      You are an evil person!!! You just made me lose the game!!!! …I like your style.

      • nukedude51

        Now you must go all over the internet and anounce you just lost the game…Now i have to to….

        • Grip

          Wait, false alarm, I forgot that I had already won the game. Thanks to this:
          With this, you too can win the game and be free of its evil.

          • nukedude51

            There is no winning to the game….

          • Grip

            And you just lost.
            But if you had looked at that link, you would be free!

  58. nukedude51

    Literal much?

  59. Grip

    Oh, I just had a funny idea!
    *Grape and Zach arrive to rescue peanut*
    Grape: Peanut! We came to rescue you!
    Peanut: Uh, yeah, that’s great. I think I’ll stay here.
    Grape: Oh no! Zach, they brainwashed him! Quick, you grab his arms, and I’ll get his legs!
    *Zach and Grape proceed to carry Peanut to the Sandwich Household*
    Peanut: Nooooooooo! I was five seconds away from destroying the Metroid Queen!

    • Draven

      “I wanna keep playing Starfox, Crystal is so pretty!! Noooo.”

      • Jaxon Night

        and then grape procedes to kill him for thinking another cat is hotter than her….*drinks orange soda and takes off my collar*everyone get naked!!!*falls on the ground*i love references mr. hippo, care to join me and the unicorn in some D&D???

        • Grip

          Orange soda?! Hah, I drink Coca-Cola! *Drinks twenty four bottles of cola, and pulls a sombrero, shades, and maracas out of hammerspace, and wears the shades and sombrero, whilst shaking the maracas* AAAARRRRIIIIBBBBAAAAAAAA!!!!!

          • Draven

            MTN. DEW !!! *ties bottle rockets to roller skates* Are you ready to PARTY!?

          • Jaxon Night

            *ties 50 bottle rockets to my legs*first one to alaska wins!*lights them*

          • Grip

            Great idea! This party wouldn’t be complete without fireworks. I may be drunk, but I’m not drunk enough to strap more than four solid fuel rockets to any part of my body.

          • Draven

            My stupid ideas have nothing to do with how much I’ve had to drink, but I’ll do stupid stuff FOR a drink. Hehe

    • Foxstar

      Let’s cut this short here. If you want to play around with each other, use the fourms.

  60. LOLwut

    Grape And Max …. ups Zach :D

  61. Hawktalon15

    Im not suprised if Tarot is the Shadowy Figure.

  62. Avansis

    This arc is just getting better and better. Also, Zach really said that when they stormed through the door? That’ pretty cool.

  63. Argent Stonecutter

    Wait a second. Where did he get a Wii U? They haven’t been released yet!

    • zeroslash

      Wouldn’t the controller be much bigger then? Or have I missed some kind of amusing anecdote?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Well, he’s obviously using some kind of controller-with-screen. What else would it be?

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          You know you shouldn’t overthink these kinds of things.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No! Overthinking is what makes a trufan a trufan!

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Guess I’m not a trufan I just think it would be such a pain to overthink such stupid things like this. :/

        • zeroslash

          He doesn’t seem to be looking at the controller, but rather at the screen above him.

    • VOLK

      I thought it looked kinda tablet like, and he’s not looking at the screen… wiiu makes sense, or one of those streaming deals where you use an android or iOS device and a box connected to your TV to play games…

      Since it’s fiction, maybe he’s playing a dreamcast III.

  64. Grip

    He traveled through time!

    • Grip

      Whoops, I meant to reply to argent stonecutter’s post there. My bad.

  65. translego1

    I have a sneaking suspicion that king and/or Pete may be behind this for some reason.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Pete can probably be ruled out because of the divine beat down he got in the previous arc, he’s probably locked in a Heavenly jail.

      • VOLK

        So did Bino, yet he made a brief appearance… albeit imprisoned…

  66. Grip

    Mod Edit:You should know better.

    • Foxstar

      I noticed you made two other accepts at this tired meme which were filtered. Do -not- keep attempting to post something that is modded once.

  67. One-Who-Howls

    I’m Guessing From The Title, It’s One Of The Other Police Dogs. Fido And The Other Two Ones Are Fighting, So It Should Be One We Haven’t Seen In A While. I Don’t Know. I’m Just Guessing. And No One Is Going To Read This, Are They?

    • Grip

      Oh you better believe we will read this. We will all read it! ;) Actually, you do have a point there. Maybe it’s Bino, it is possible he could have escaped from Dogfort
      Nappa: Or was he ever even there to begin with…
      Me: Just shut up, Nappa.

      • One-Who-Howls

        Well, First Time I Commented On A Comic Site. And I’m Always Thinking About The Many Possibilities. It’s How I Survived. And Doesn’t Tiger Or That Other Animal Zack Lives With Hate Eachother? They Could Be Behind It Too. So Many Possibilities, So Little Time. XD

        • Grip

          Tiger doesn’t hate Marvin or Zach, however Zach is creeped out by Tiger. It probably isn’t Kevin, since he doesn’t seem like the sharpest tooth in the mouth, so that leaves Fido and Seargent Ralph. However, I think that it is Bino, one of the ferrets, or King. And welcome to the wonderful world of commenting 8) 8)8)8)8)

          • One-Who-Howls

            Still, Something Pulls At My Tail. There’s Someone We’re Forgetting Somewhere……

          • Draven

            Limerick Guy?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Could it be the nameless English Spaniel officer?

      • One-Who-Howls

        Could Be. You Have A Good Point There.

      • Grip

        Wait, which one?

        • One-Who-Howls

          It Could Be Anyone In The Force!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *Faints From Panic*

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          The brown-and-white one who stood silently while Joel got arrested. he returned, an had one line, in “All the King’s Men.”


    Please turn this into a Scarface pardy, I’d love to see whoever is behind the chair make his last stand with a huge water gun, yelling “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND”

  69. Kitch

    My money’s on either a ferret, King (not so improbable–the leader IS one of the pups), or Daryl.

  70. Anthony_frost

    I love this comic and i want peanut and grape together sooo bad

  71. Grip

    *Gasp* Peanut is doomed to play video games for the rest of his life! I want to be captured by the shadowy figure, too! I wanna be “doomed” to play video games for the rest of my life!
    Speaking of doom, here is GIR with the doom song:

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Then he does the gummy bear song
      You know 30000 people actually likes this :/

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        Sorry that was off topic
        Anyway this comic has actually started to get more interesting

      • Grip


        • The Diet Poison

          nine thousand?
          this is madness!
          THIS IS SPARTA!!!
          *epic kick into the hole*

          • Grip

            Sparta? THIS IS BABYLON GARDENS!!!!!!
            *epic rimshot*

          • The Diet Poison

            You’re right!!!


  72. Spirit Studios 2011'

    I feel compelled to inform that you could have simply ‘borrowed’ Blackbeard’s laugh from One Piece.

    Zeh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Spirit Studios 2011'

      I would also like to point out that I think Tarot is going to be the voice behind the chair. That, or another of the wolf pups. After that I think King or Sasha.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I still think King is dumb, and oblivious, to be the mastermind. Another one of the wolf pups does seem plausible though…or Joey (wouldn’t that be a twist).

  73. Elwood Blutarsky

    That second panel is awesome. If Grape and Zachary kicked down my door I’d surrender…although that has more to do with shock of actual 3-foot sentient animals kicking down my door.

  74. Grip

    If we have to wait until Wednesday for the update, it will be the end of all of us!!!!!!!!

  75. Elwood Blutarsky

    Anyone accuse Lester yet? That wiener dog is crazy enough to have an evil laugh and play a stereotypical bad guy.

  76. Jackson-5

    Peanut~ What in your hands~lol

  77. Arinot

    this makes Zach james bond…
    and Grape a bond girl
    think it over

    • IceKitsune

      But the title implies they are Sam and Max from the Sam and Max games/comics/TV show.

  78. Draven

    Dravens list of possible suspects (most likely to least)

    1. Sabrina (this just makes sense to me, I don’t know why)
    2. King (he seems spiteful enough to start a war)
    3. One of the ferrets (I don’t know which one)
    4. Another wolf cub (not Rockstar Hawk)
    5. Tarot (so she could capture him and keep him away from the war)
    6. Res (epicly announcing that he’s back in town)
    7. The bigglesworths

    • Draven

      Dang, I wasn’t finished

      • Draven

        Ignore this

        • Draven

          Seriously, the full thing is down further

  79. Ryufire

    Peanut sure is having the greatest time of his puppy dog life :P

  80. Draven

    Dravens list of possible suspects (most likely to least), and further thoughts

    1. Sabrina (this just makes sense to me, I don’t know why)
    2. King (he seems spiteful enough to start a war)
    3. One of the ferrets (I don’t know which one)
    4. Another wolf cub (not Rockstar Hawk)
    5. Tarot (so she could capture him and keep him away from the war)
    6. Res (epicly announcing that he’s back in town)
    7. The Bigglesworths (all of them)
    8. Sasha (just to chain up Bino for regifting her)
    9. Peanut (covering his tracks with a voice thing activated by the door opening)
    10. Barn Cats (because there was no wet fur contest since we saw them long, long, long ago)

    • Draven

      11. Joey (started this war hoping the peace would lead to less cat lover hatred)

      • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS

        12. Tony Montana’s Cat LOL

  81. falcon01

    I think its cool that vach is actually getting into it, working with Grape like that is kinda a big step for him.

    • falcon01

      Zach even
      arf me

  82. Rocket Knight boy

    ‘Awsome nod’

  83. Grip

    That is exactly what I look like when I get into the zone. I completely tune out everything except my game, which has resulted in me getting into trouble.
    Mom: Go clean your room!
    Me: Yeah, ok.
    *cue fifteen minutes later, I have not moved from my spot*
    Mom: I thought I told you to clean your room!
    Me: What? No you didn’t!

  84. Alabaster

    I’m placing my bets that King is the conspirator behind it all.

  85. Omnomnom

    Daisy…. Its Daisy.

  86. Grip

    Go for the high score, Peanut!

  87. Grip

    I just realized that Max looks sort of like basement cat.

  88. Grip


    • Foxstar

      Settle down.

      • Grip

        I am programmed to obey any and all orders given by mods or Rick Griffin.
        Command input from Foxstar accepted. Initiating settle_down.exe
        Woah, where did all that come from? 8)

  89. wolfsangel

    prediction: its a ferret

  90. deathcloak

    oh i didn’t get the last box, penut is playing a game :P

  91. Frank

    Too… many… theories!

  92. Draven

    Somebody is gonna be very happy, because every single character has been made suspect. At this point, nomatter who our mystery guest is, someone has called it.

  93. Alechsa

    For my ‘its obviously someone there’s no way it could actually be….’ guess:


    That is all.

  94. xhunterko

    Oh please, Anyone else gussing Spo?

  95. dsadsad

    Unless it is a new character or Daisy or Sabrina or Great kitsune and all the other characters.

  96. dsadsad

    Unless it is a new character if not then Daisy or Sabrina or Great kitsune and all the other characters that the people mention and for some reason I feel like Rick is reading the comics then he will pick the shadowy figure to someone who hasnt been said yet and also what about that old man Grape and Peanut encountered it could be the figure?

  97. dsadsad

    or spot and stripe.(Im making every character a suspect. Im not taking any chances.)

  98. dsadsad

    spot or stripe

  99. dsadsad

    Rex,joey’s friends,the owners of the pets,Joel,woodland critters,bill,Jeff,Kevin,Zoo animals,Ryan,Spo,Spo’s Relatives and parents and siblings,Marvin,Tiger,Daryl,Rufus,Miles cubs,Spirit dragon,Squeak and Jasper.

  100. dsadsad

    thats the whole cast no one mention befored and those are guesses and I thinks it is also one of the characters I did not mention.

  101. dsadsad

    So i named all characters it could possibly be!BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA!

  102. dsadsad

    and the musical cats.

  103. dsadsad

    or its a shadowy figure?

  104. dsadsad

    or a robot

  105. dsadsad

    or max or Ms.Peanut or Mr.Peanut

  106. Alechsa

    My serious guess: It’s the owner of a toy store… where they are BUIYING all of those supersoakers.

    • Alechsa

      Remember: They went to a STRIPMALL.

    • IceKitsune

      hmmmm actually that is a really good idea. However I still like the Ferrets or Wolf Cubs (actually after hearing that guess I’m leaning more towards the Ferrets more now then ever) They could own the Mall and are doing it for the same reason you said the toy store owner would be.

  107. dsadsad

    or its someones guess?

  108. dsadsad

    someone else guess

  109. TheHedgehog

    lol, Of course.

  110. stfuhoorah

    i know who the “shadowy figure” is! atleast, i have a guess

  111. Mr. Random

    The first 2 panels reminds me of a mission in Black Ops where you’re searching a house for the Russian dictator Castro (is it Russia…?)

    It’s a point in the mission that looks exactly like panel 1

    • Draven

      Cuba, storming Fidel Castros house in Cuba. Castro is the leader of Cuba.

  112. LupisLight

    Freelance Police, huh?
    lol at the “awesome nod”.

    “You crack me up, little buddy…”

  113. Mr. Random

    One last comment from me…

    Hmm, wireless controller… Any ideas as to what system? Id think it’s XBOX 360

  114. Jitters

    its gotta be the ferrets.

  115. CaptainPea

    I found a coloring error, yay
    Grape’s collar, panel 1

  116. Bicycle Repairman

    Sweet mother of Francis Scott Key Doing the crabwalk sideways through the Kremlin! I just saw the comic name.