Meddle Gear
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  1. Ryufire

    Haha oh Max! lol

  2. Vladimir Zharkov

    Max is the greatest. :D

    • huntersunday

      I agree joey does not use sunlight for food or does he?

      • Vladimir Zharkov

        Haha yhea, I forgot that max gets energy from grinding on nerves. When I read that I actually did laugh out loud.

  3. rtlstien

    A third party must have started this. The list includes the ferrets, the woodland animals, mice, zoo animals (I’m looking at you, dolphins!)

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      actually, Karishad is the more likely suspect, though I guess the dolphins are fishy.
      (I know dolphins are mammals, but they like fish, so shut up.)

    • Tides

      I still hope it’s Peanut, by accident, of course… I just think that would be humorous.

      • kurowolfe

        I’ve been rooting on the same idea for some time now =3

    • Frank

      I’m innocent! I swear!

      • Yehoshua

        Yes I am.

  4. GameCobra

    Well duh, Joey’s a cat.

    • The Moon Howler

      Or is he?

      • Daggy

        Definitely a plant.

        • Tides

          Well, based on the complexity of Joey’s D&D rules, I suspect that he could comprehend photosynthesis well enough. Maybe he is a plant after all…

          • Clairvoyant Legacy

            The ability to comprehend photosynthesis does not make one a plant, sir. That would make almost everyone above Year 8 in school a plant.

          • Yehoshua

            Omagawd! I’m a plant!!!

          • Tides

            I simply meant Joey would have a good start for role-playing as a plant by understanding a crucial plant function.

    • Frank

      Specifically, he is “cat”!

      • darkgloomie

        He’s Cat, Copy Cat!

        *Cue 007 music on background*

        • Grip

          I think that you mean the “Cat 22″ music. I am well aware that Joey is like an exact opposite of Cat 22, but I still think it would be a more appropriate choice for this occasion.

  5. LegendaryHero

    Oh dear Max is a genius

    Also, where’s Boris’s tag?

    • Hera Ledro

      Hidden beneath his pecs ;D

  6. Tides

    No no, I’m pretty sure plant-role-play is only in the month of April, he’s definitely not a plant…
    Haha, this arc is so epic, I love it!

  7. IceKitsune

    lol ok exactly how good is Joeys costume suppose to be? Also Max should learn to listen to his Girlfriend not doing so may result in being hit with things and then being ignored for a while. Also why does Grape just pull the costume off of Joey?

    • IceKitsune

      *why doesn’t Grape just pull the costume off of Joey

      • The Diet Poison

        My best guess is that it would not be that funny to do it right now.

        I mean, maybe Rick has a better plot planned.

  8. lightwolf21

    >_> I wonder if the title of this comic was influenced by this:

    • Clairvoyant Legacy

      I’m fairly certain it’s a reference to Metal Gear.

    • D.Z.

      The title of the comic?!

      • lightwolf21

        “Meddle Gear” …of course I probably should have called it the title of the strip.

      • D.Z.

        I know… I was doing the famed MGS “parrot exposition.” :-)

  9. NickCrotser

    Angry Grape!
    also, I would like to see King & Fox all camo’d up.

    • Tides

      Agreed, but to be honest I really want to see all the characters in this war, though that isn’t the most practical. Maybe if Rick did a comic where there was one of those quadruple wide frames and in it could be an epic battle scene or something. At least that way a lot of the characters could make a cameo appearance if nothing else.

      • Nikola

        Agreed. That would be amazing.

      • The Diet Poison

        Yeah, I would love to see all of them in action.

        I hope Rick does, but I bet its hard because he has to keep everithing in Zachs point of view. =/

        • Tides

          Yeah, I’m sure whatever he does will be cool. Either way, I’m not complaining.
          This arc has been full of surprises so far, so I just want to see where the plot goes.

  10. Luffy

    They know he’s there, why don’t they throw him out already!?

    • LegendaryHero

      Makes me question what name Joey uses for his cat persona.
      Joey the Cat.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        May as well, they are cats so they won’t see through it.

  11. Dissension

    I like the dogs’ insertion method. ;3

  12. The Wolf Kin

    Poor Zach. All he wanted to do was stay in bed.

    Also, suspicions. A dog in a cat suit isn’t exactly subtle, though, is it?

    Then again. . .

    • The Wolf Kin

      But, wait, Joey said that all the cats know him in the cat suit here:

      Maybe Max is the plant.

      • Dissension

        They know him as the cat, but he went as himself because he’d be incognito. ;3 Presumably, none of the cats (save Grape and Maxwell) know Joey the dog and Joey the cat are the same individual.

        • The Wolf Kin

          That. . . oddly enough makes perfect sense. I really should have thought of that. Thanks.

        • IceKitsune

          Though if Max does know Joey the Cat and Joey the Dog are the same person it doesn’t explain why exactly Max doesn’t think Joey is a Plant. If he did know and was just feeding him false info why not just tell Grape that, why let her get mad a him?

          So I have to assume that Max doesn’t think Joey is a plant as said in the comic (as lying to Grape about this is really dumb on his part) but since Joey joined as Joey the Cat (as was implied in the arc two comics ago) and not Joey the Dog (unless I missed something here) Max is kind of being really stupid, because its then very, very obvious that Joey is a plant.

          • The Diet Poison

            I think that Max is trusting in that joey wants to be a cat.

            He must think that Joey is truly on their side of the war.

          • darkgloomie

            Well, plants aren’t sentient, don’t walk on their back legs and don’t speak, which Joey does, so clearly he isn’t a plant.


      • Argent Stonecutter

        They have Tiger on their side, so they are willing to accept cat-sympathizing dogs, so even if they know he’s a dog under the cat suit that doesn’t mean they won’t take him at face value as a fellow combatant.

        • IceKitsune

          The problem is he is hiding his Identity as a dog in the first place when he has absolutely no reason too. Which is the only reason for Grape to think he’s doing something wrong in the first place and does not accept him like she does Tiger.

          That is my problem with it. Its only not stupid if either 1: Grape (and now Zach) are the only ones that know he is a Dog and not a Cat or 2: He’s a triple agent for the Cats.

          • IceKitsune

            ok thought of maybe two more ways this could work with out being dumb 3: Joey is not the plant and that one panel that showed him was a red herring and it is Tiger 4: or Rockstar Hawk lied to Zach and there is no plant at all.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            He’s hiding his identity as a dog because he wants to be a cat.

          • IceKitsune

            even if that was true (which its not as far as I remember, he just likes to role play as a cat) why would he work for the Dogs at all then? Again that just points to him being a Triple Agent for the Cats.

  13. netherwolf

    Zach’s starting to look like Sherlock Holmes

  14. kurowolfe

    I agree with the alt-text, bunnies are quite rare round here, Rick should draw him more XD

    • maxmice

      I agree

  15. zeroslash

    Marvin’s looking buff; has he been working out?

    I’m beginning to believe Grape has super-cat vision, because it’s clear that none of the other cats see Joey’s a dog. Unless they’re cool with fursuiters.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or maybe they know he’s a dog but think he’s playing as one of the cats anyway.

    • IceKitsune

      Grape knows Joey is a dog in a Cat suit Peanut told her a long time ago.

  16. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Arrrgh, I’m racking my brain for a Housepets! character who could qualify to be a Chessmaster character.

    Ah, It’s a long shot, but the raccoons orchestrated this to distract the pets and allow them to get into pet’s houses and rummage through their trash.

    • Hera Ledro

      It strikes me that Keene would make a good Chessmaster; as far as I’m aware, he’s the one who has been handling the business end of his late father’s legacy (with some help, of course), and it takes a smart ferret to do that. Another good one would be Rockstar/Laser or one of his brothers/sisters; the pups may not be the brightest bulbs in the batch, but they are hyperactive and conniving. And of course, there’s Fox, easily the most intelligent of the dogs.

      • Hera Ledro

        Woops, hit that too soon.

        There’s a lot of Chessmaster potentials; it just depends how you look at them.

    • Indagare

      Peanut would work.

      • The Diet Poison

        I agree, Peanut could win without even knowing. Would be funny.

        Yet, Fox is suposed to be the smartest.

        It would be epic if both would battle and neither would win. Like, both remain with the kings only. =D

        Wait a second, King has his name because of a chess piece…

        No, wait, he isn’t that smart. Yet, he’s still verry cute. ^_^

    • Frank
      • The Diet Poison

        You are right!

        It seems that grape is the best chessmaster… EVER!!!!!!

  17. Asteri

    Zach? ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH!!!! Dun-dun- duhduhdun- DUNDUNDUN!!!

    • Ilovehousepets

      No, you’re doing it wrong. It goes like this:

      Zach? ZACH? Sake


      • Ilovehousepets

        Dang, learning how to use the strike feature is hard. :/

  18. Roadrunner

    Marvin with water gun is cute
    I want to see all character’s camo’d up face!

    • Peanut

      nice avatar where did u get also who’s it by?

  19. Hoheh

    A plant? An operative planted within enemy forces? Am I doing it wrong?

  20. spiritkitsune

    Grape looks as if she wants to balance Max’s ears again. :3

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      I agree. But Max has never really been known to be the brightest of cats in the neighborhood, either.

      And do you have a page I could view more of your art at?

      • spiritkitsune

        Oh, do you think max is realy that naive?

        And sorry, I have no page. Pretty new in this stuff. :3

        • Spirit Studios 2010

          Hmmm… yep. I do.

          And you really need to get an FA or something. I would definitely give you a +watch.

          • spiritkitsune

            ……..thank you.

          • SHIRINUI

            Max is smart enough though

            I have DA

  21. Shady Kitsune

    Joey’s not a tree, Grapey!

    • Frank

      let’s not beat it around the bush

      • darkgloomie

        Quick, Joey! Leaf while you’re ahead!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          the cats need to get to the root of this problem.

          • Ilovehousepets

            The cat’s efforts are fruitless.

          • darkgloomie

            Nothing good will stem from this…

          • Legion

            To think the dogs have agents seeded within the cats

          • Draven

            Joey’s all bark

          • maxmice

            Perhaps Joey’s made of dogwood.

  22. gaboris

    Well I guess with such an attitude it’s no wonder Max looks like a double agent… or WAIT! It wasn’t just Joey in that pic… maybe GRAPE’s the tree… I mean plant… Just get what I mean! >:p

  23. Snowmon

    Knowing Rick… well, more specifically Joey, I doubt that he’s an actual spy. He is pretending to be a cat, but not because he’s a double agent. He’s doing it because *bludgeoned with a frying pan*…………


    • The Diet Poison

      acualy, I agree. I think Joey is too cute to be a spy. Yet, Zach is another cute character… =/

      Maybe Joey was treathened, like Zach, to be a spy… Maybe, Joey is going though what Zach is going through.

      But, who knows if Joey would end up being a true spy? =/
      Wait, the ansuer is: Rick does. =D

  24. SilverZeo

    Again, Boris is shown shoving and toss other people around who are small and weaker than him again, same goes for Yeltsin. Are they just going to be the goons/bullies of the comic…. third to Pete… second to Bino? Will they ever have a cute/quirky personal traits? It would make sense if they were rescued dogs and they serious demeanor, but still…

    • The Diet Poison

      I think that Boris is just one of those unimportant characters that execute the actions that the other characters can’t do.
      Think about it, Rick has so many cute characters that he needs others to do the dirty work. So he came up with Boris and that other one.

      I guess, making comics works this way, you start creating characters out of nowhere to fit the needs of the plot.

      You know what I mean, making a plot in a comic is difficult, sience your limited to make every single strip end up with something commical. Though, Rick is wonderful at this. It’s actualy one of the things I like the most about this web-comic. =D

      • SilverZeo

        I can accpet that role for the 2 Russian dogs, but name one other minor character that doesn’t have a personality trait? Rex has been pretty obscure, but he likes to bake cookies!

        • Snowmon

          Barn animals…
          the what chicken…
          Other forest animals…
          Many of the zoo animals…
          Need I say more to complete…
          this strange stairway that I made…

          • SilverZeo

            Daisy is Daisy
            Thieves who are scared of brooms
            WHat goes on the farm, STAYS at the farm…
            The Chicken makes things awkward for pets to make expressions using animals.
            They follow Zach around just because he pushed a button
            That boss beaver, that crazy fox, the Roos acted like Tourists at the Suburbs, and that one tiger whose is annoyed by that sign next to him…
            What about Joey’s D&D gang?
            Yeah, that was weird.

          • Snowmon

            Pardon me, Daisy is the flattest reoccurring character that Rick has. Her personality is limited to her only line, “Hi, I’m Daisy.” Which is something that she has that the “russian dogs” don’t. She also just shows up. At least the “Russians’” personalities involve lifting, throwing and dominating small furry (simi)main characters while being in submission to canines with shiny objects with Napoleon/Leadership complexes.

            Ps. I highly doubt that they really are Russian. I mean clearly they are of Norse decent.

          • The Diet Poison

            you’re missing the point, guys!

            The point is that these characters are pointless….

    • Frank

      “So, Boris, what are you best at?”
      “I pick up heavy people, carry them, then throw them back down”

      • spiritkitsune

        “Ok, Boris, what else can you do?”

        • darkgloomie

          *cue one-off comic showing Boris and Yeltsin discussing the merits of Maria Callas’ reprisal of Violetta’s role in “La Traviata”*

          It’d be fun if Rick did something like this.

          • SilverZeo

            If it was me, they would return back home (if they shared the same home) to take care of a baby puppy/kitty with a disability, like they don’t have front or hind legs that keeps him/her from going outside… something to balance out the muscle nuclear-super-pet thing they got going on. I would say a human baby, but that seems more of Rex’s style (in secret)… or something Grape and Peanut to liven their lives a little.

      • SilverZeo

        “And by heavy people, you mean King the Corgi and Zach the Rabbit?”

      • Hera Ledro

        Do you think he eats sandviches in spare time?

        • SilverZeo

          Maybe Bino pays them with those…

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      they’re the Crabbe and Goyle to Bino’s Draco Malfoy.

      • SilverZeo

        But, oh SPOILERS! Didn’t they turned on him in by the last book?

      • SilverZeo

        Then what does that make Rex and a lesser extent Fox?

  25. KSR

    Well~ Go and find Joey…
    He is pure hearted…
    However where is Fedo and Peanut?
    frankly they look more like brothers than Bino and Fido….
    (am I the only one who thinks this way?)

  26. Argent Stonecutter

    That’s Boris? It doesn’t look like Boris.

    • darkgloomie

      He looks pretty buff to me.

      But seriously and on topic, his scar is hidden by the perspective, and the ears are covered by the narration, so other than buffness and fur colour it’s not that easy to tell.

      Though, admittedly, since Rick put in the tag for Boris, that means that’s Boris.

      Unless… there’s a little Boris in every one of us?

  27. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    I think I might have an idea who the agent is

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • SilverZeo

        I was going to say the chicken….

        • darkgloomie

          that can’t be. Chickens are agents of chaos, Pure Evil Undiluted (TM)

          They don’t work for anybody but themselves!

          • Snowmon

            I can vouch for that… Chickens are evil!

          • Ilovehousepets

            Chicken’s may be evil, but at KFC…

          • darkgloomie


            Evil Tastes Good.

            Everybody knows that.

          • dragonbreath007

            They end at KFC cause they are so “EVIL”!!

        • LegendaryHero

          What chicken?

        • SilverZeo

          Who else will try to spark a war between cats and dogs on Fido’s watch? Once the dogs and cats are wait, the chicken will have them and MOVE IN!!

      • Hera Ledro

        Grape is Spy!

        • Hera Ledro

          Also, to anybody who might misinterpret that…I’m not actually saying she’s the spy. It’s a reference to a game ;D

  28. Kamike

    Meddle Gear..Rex!?!

  29. xhunterko

    Wait, I thought Marvin was… Oh yeah. Tiger’s the dog. Ooops.

  30. Yehoshua

    Boris is lookins especially ripped in this one.

  31. LupisLight

    You know what’d be hilarious? If it turned out the cats were being somehow secretly led by another wolf pup – One big conspiracy with the pups running the whole thing behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that were the case. Those wolf pups have “beware the cute ones” written ALL over them. XP

  32. Alphonse

    Undercover Cop goes undercover.
    Revealing the cold hard facts.
    S’my cup’a tea.

  33. Legion

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say in the first panel Boris looks like he’s taking Zach to be turned into his lunch.

  34. Peanut

    wow read thw whole series in one day… i really like all the kings horses king is my fav haracter you need him in more comics they r intersting

    • Foxstar

      King was just in a large arc.

      • Peanut

        well still its getting intersting…. oh listen 2 me…… its like reading reading a new fighting manga manga is a japnese comic….

        • Foxstar

          I know what manga is.

          • Peanut

            ok then but u gotta say he is an awsome character he should hangout with ppl other than miles and fox like peanut or max

  35. Peanut

    no but seriously king is awsome!

    • The Diet Poison


      If king is your favorite character… then why do you call yourself peanut?

      I don’t mean to be rude. Just wondering… :)

      Oh, and by the way, I also think that king should be hanging out with more characters already.

      I mean, why hasn’t King met Peanut already. I belive that it would be a verry cute encounter. :D

  36. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    I think I got the reference (metal gear solid)

  37. Hi

    Hey, I love this story. I started reading it and instantly got hooked. I read the very first one up to this one in less then 24 hours because I loved it so much. So, I pretty much started reading it yesterday. Yay for it being so good. ^_^

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      He..he…beat my record D:

    • Peanut

      started rerading it yesterday and read it all too

    • The Diet Poison

      Wow, you surely have nothing else to do all day.

      Sorry, if it sounds rude… I just cant imagine myself all day on the computer.

  38. Misharu

    Love the plot line, and the title name made me smile, “Meddle Gear” :3

  39. Bamith

    Yes, I don’t believe Joey has any relation to The End…

  40. Lycanthrope

    She meant Joey has the mental presence of a plant.

  41. Draven

    Is Zach working for the dogs now, or is he still too clueless to claim allegiance to any one side?

  42. Draven

    I bet Fiddler and Keys would have the perfect music for this war