Undercover Rover




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  1. Dissension

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  2. Ryufire

    I love the last panel lol!

    • huntersunday

      me to love grapes face

      • rallyjr

        i wounder what Grape will do about this

        • Ryufire

          I’d rather not know! Its a scary thought! ._.

        • spiritkitsune

          Remember what she did to the raccoons?

    • Vlad the Cat

      i like the “cat” label on Joey’s suite x3

      • dragonbreath007

        Doesn’t that beat all? “still laughing about it”

    • LordWorpeltinger

      I like it too. and as the Alt Text says “This is significantly less clever than it looks.”

    • JokkePokke

      Aaahaha, I KNEW it!
      Also, I love Grape’s expression in the last panel!
      Hmm, but wouldn’t they know by his way too long nose?

  3. Zander

    Omg Joey in cat uniform!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      With a new tag that say “CAT” no less.

    • Tides

      sneaky sneaky…
      *tip toes into secret cat meeting*

    • Zarvain

      Subtle, yeah…=P

  4. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    It was predicted a few comics back.

  5. Dogs Rule27

    Oh k. this has been a really funny and surprising and strange arc but i’m gettin bored.

    • Frank

      We need more waterballoons!

  6. GameCobra

    Cannon waterballoons!

  7. IceKitsune

    lol Wait didn’t Joey say that the cats already knew about the disguise? (ignoring that Peanut told Grape about it which I think Joey doesn’t know about) Why in the world would he do this, is he stupid or just not even care? Also why hasn’t Grape just kicked him out already?

    • Kamron

      Because maybe she believes he legitimately wants to be on the cat team?

      • Draven

        i dont think so, look at the way she is staring at him

      • IceKitsune

        except since Tiger joined there is no need for the Cat suit. Plus its the way she is looking at him she clearly doesn’t trust him. The only thing I can think of is he is a Triple Agent for the Cats.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Or else she just finds him disturbing.

          • Pogiforce

            “disturbing’ seems much more plausible.

      • IceKitsune

        Ok after thinking about this for a bit it all comes down to if he joined the Cats as Joey; (which would make sense for him being a double agent, though I question why he is wearing the suit its the middle of summer) or if he is trying to pass him self off as a “Cat” (which I believe is what the comic is indicating that he did) which would be really stupid for the reasons I stated above.

    • Rayne

      They no him in the cat suit. They don’t know HE’s the person in the catsuit. Basicly they know his cat persona but they don’t know him. Well grape should know anyway.

      • Dissension

        This is exactly what I was going to say. Joey wasn’t wearing the cat suit at the Pridelands release event because he didn’t want word to get back to Squeak that he’d attended a cat social without her; as a dog, he was incognito.

        • darkgloomie

          Grape, however, knows Joey has a catsuit because Peanuts told her (in The Yarn Ball arc Max is introducing cats to Grape and she says, in regards to cat!Joey “We’ve already met” and nothing more)

          • Dissension

            I know. ;3

            I was speaking only of the other cats’ knowledge or perceptions. Knowing Joey has the cat suit may be why Grape appears dubious of that “CAT” character.

      • IceKitsune

        Oh I read that wrong then never mind anything I’ve said

    • Valerio

      that’s too foreseeable!
      Joey’s not the real double agent!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That’s why he’s a double agent. If he was just a spy, that wouldn’t work, because the cats know about it, so the cats think he’s spying on the dogs for them but he’s really working for the dogs.

    • CaptainPea

      She doesn’t recognize him because she never saw his disguise in the current drawing style

  8. SilverZeo

    Well, at least Joey is proving his worth in this… now as for Bino…

  9. Dissension

    Methinks Grape be dubious o’ that one cat. You know… “Cat.”

    • Hugh Mann

      But his name is Cat, how can you not trust someone with a name the same as their species.

      • SilverZeo

        So is stated in Zap Bargain’s “Big Book of War. Copy-mark 3000″

      • LegendaryHero

        “Now that’s a name I can trust!”

        Also, totally just noticed your username. ^5

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Nice new avatar!

  10. Draven

    *overly complacent voice* All of my questions have been answered, I am now at peace.

  11. Spirit Studios 2010

    To quote YGOTAS….


    Of course I would also like to applaud you, Rick. It seems that I am not the only one who likes shiny round objects about my neck or the necks of my characters.

  12. Legion

    Hehe, Rockstar Leadership Hawk

  13. Daggy

    ahahahaha. Joey.

    How does a triple agent work?

    • Rick Griffin

      He pretends to be a double agent for the other side

      • Daggy

        Ah. Ok. Bound to cause all sorts of shenanigans.

      • SilverZeo

        Thought it was a joke from that old Walter Melon cartoon show…

      • roxiexaxel

        lol confusing

    • malinik

      yes but the concept of double agent really works for hi:3

  14. Nikola

    Just wondering, is a triple agent actually working for the team that he is spying on? And if so, does he give the team that thinks he is a double agent false information. And if someone asks someone to be a triple agent, does that mean that he will pretend to be a double agent for the other team, but give them false information? X_X I’m confused.

    • Legion

      A triple agent is a personified double negative. Essentially they spy for the team they originally work for, only it’s overly complicated and a little silly.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        triple agent is the same as re-double agent according to wikipedia. it means feeding the team that thinks they’re a double agent false information.

        • Nikola


          • darkgloomie

            In short, a triple agent works for his original team by faking working for the opposition.

            It’s the kind of deal that only works if people expect you to be cheating, tbh.

          • Dak

            Basically. You’re working for the cats. You are an agent. They send you to work for the dogs as a double agent. If the dogs send you to work for the cats as a double agent you are now a triple agent.

            You are working for the team you originally were except now the opposition (dogs in this case) thinks you’re on their side.

          • Legion

            Exactly as I said, overcomplicated and silly

    • Indagare

      Basically the brown-eyed wolf is asking Zach to spy on the dog team for the cats.

  15. Luffy

    He didn’t fool the ferrets, he’s definitely not foolin’ the cats.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      The cat suit is more convincing. It’s apparently much more convincing than it looks according to Peanut and Maxwell.

      • malinik

        *shhh* dont tell anyone but… i think grape is a spy

  16. malinik

    grape knows…

    • Draven

      Only because Peanut told her, after Joey told Peanut

      • malinik

        yeas and because she has common sense

  17. Snowmon

    Obviously “Subtly” is not his middle name.

    I hope no one thought about saying that yet.

  18. Pokeblue

    Just curious, is Grape like the only cat in the neighborhood that is aware that Joey cosplays as a cat? I’m sorry if this has been asked before.

    Aside from that, very cute and funny.

    • IceKitsune

      No at the Pridelands book release (the first one we saw) Joey was there and him and Peanut talked and Peanut asked why he wasn’t in the suit and Joey said that all the cats knew it was him. http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/03/25/and-now-you-can-never-unsee-it/

      • IceKitsune

        Ignore this. I read that wrong for the longest time I thought the cats knew it was Joey in the suit but they don’t Grape is the only one who knows.

        • anon_omis

          And also that’s the wrong link

  19. Z24

    As Grape said: WE’VE MET!

  20. anon_omis

    How did I NOT see this coming?

    • rallyjr

      probably because of all the other big unexpected things that have already happen

      • anon_omis

        No. Probably because I forgot about Joey

  21. GM


  22. Nikola

    …while max has no idea.

  23. Rayne

    Spy sappin mah balloons!

    • Shady Kitsune

      You know, electricity and waterballoons is a bad combination. =/
      Better use that poking instrument instead.

  24. Vladimir Zharkov

    It just shows grape hold up her water gun to Joey’s head.

  25. AuvaAkita

    At least he can put his cat suit to use other than for rp!! XDDD

  26. gaboris

    Oh my Joey how could you? D:
    (????: Easy they put Bino in prison.
    … Good point…
    Oh MY! They got Bino locked up! D:
    ????: Grow up you hypocrite…)

  27. Shady Kitsune

    I bet Joey is actually pretending to be on the dog’s side and is really working for the cats.
    … Unless they want to eat his girlfriend.

  28. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Obviously, the plan is infallible.

  29. Avansis


  30. Shake

    I’m sure they’re just feeding him bad info anyway.

  31. KSR

    OMG how on earth that cats get deceived by an obvious disguise…
    and I thought the double agent was Tiger all the way…

    • Frank

      Aw, come on! Haven’t you ever seen Team Rocket’s disguieses?

      • maxmice

        Not to mention Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          what about Superman? he just puts on glasses.

          • Legion

            I think the Incredible Hulk has the best disguise, he blends in perfectly until someone spills his milkshake

  32. malinik

    grape agona git im

  33. Jennifer The Dark

    I’m glad to see some more of Joey, but is he any good at being a double agent?

  34. Salenstormwing

    This must be a Bring Your Own Double Agent Costume water balloon fight.

    And… his middle name is Leadership? Oy Vey.

  35. stghost

    Now that I looked at Joey, I don’t know if enyone else noticed that, bou his cat costume looks like Stripe from Adventures of Spot, only the collar doesn’t mach. ;)

  36. Argent Stonecutter

    Who’s Spo working for?

    • Draven

      He’s a scout for the dog team

  37. Roadrunner

    OH, JOEY!!!! LOL
    I didn’t think him

  38. Steve

    I had the urge to pronounce undercover to really rhyme with rover.

  39. Dragongal

    Doesn’t a triple agent mean your “spying on the cats”, but your really spying on the dogs or something? Also, the tag “Mile’s cubs” isn’t right it should be “mile’s pups”, I do not mean to offend the great Rick Griffin, I just study wolves, so I feel the urge to point it out.

  40. Mr. Random

    There’s nothing suspicious about a “cat” with mismatched face fur and a STRIKING resemblance to Joey, is there? Grape seems to think so

    • maxmice

      I know, right?

  41. spiritkitsune

    Look at Grapes face, she knows it!

  42. Elwood Blutarsky

    Are they plotting troop movements with Little Tykes “Little People” ? Clever.

    And holy cow, they have a cannon.

    • Frank

      I guess that explains how they launched the “bigger” water balloon

  43. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    …wow I was not expecting this at all and why is there a cat label on his suit ???

    • Nikola

      Because that’s rockstar’s way of being subtle.

  44. The Diet Poison

    I think it’s verry cute ^_^

    I’m actualy not surprised about joey…

    But i have more complicated questions to understand the whole thing
    I mean… how did all this water-baloon-fight start?
    Is everyone in the neighborhood involved?
    what about all of our other favorite characters, such as penut, king, etc…?
    will there be an intrvention from tarot?
    And even more importantly… what’s Zach going to do to finish this water-baloon-fight?

    just wondering… =(

    • spiritkitsune

      You just have to be patient, I am sure Rick will answer all your
      questions in the next few updates.

      just smile :-D

  45. dragonbreath007

    Does triple agent mean he is 000Joey ?

  46. The Diet Poison

    I think he is agent: 000″so not a dog”


    acualy, the lavel on his suit should have said: “so not a dog”

    • dragonbreath007

      Oh Yes, no one would ever have known. “lol”

  47. MrMutt

    This comic is really funny. For some reason, I didn’t expect Joel would be the double agent.

  48. Zenaku

    Grape wants to expose Joey I can feel it>

  49. Syther Kitsune

    I love how nonchalant Joey is being whilst looking over the cats plans.

  50. Hoheh

    But… Double agent AND triple agent? Something seems off about the implementation of this plan.

  51. Leitrean

    so is the book that came out a comic book or a written novel?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      it’s the paper collection of the comics. it’s what we’ve read online in a physical form.

  52. kimo

    time to purchase what i already get for free…

  53. http://gravatar.com/roxiexaxel

    like no one will know :p

  54. FenixWong951

    Hum, i think tha the Double or Triple agent title is not name for the number of agents you have, is for the number of teams you work whit…

    • Hoheh

      A double agent pretends to work for the enemy. A triple agent is a double agent who WAS working for the enemy. I…think.

      • Legion

        A triple agent is a double agent who pretends to work for and feeds false information to Team B to help Team A, who they are working for in the long run

        • FenixWong951

          Yea, but dont you thinbk tha zach should be the double agetn and joey the triple agent

  55. JokkePokke

    Aaaw, I would really like that book, but I think my friends, and especially parents, will get the wrong idea when they see it… Not to complain or anything of course, but my friends aren’t exactly very big fans of so called “furries”.

    • Draven

      I find it to be an unsettling topic when being addressed for the first time, especially when family and close friends are involved.

      • Draven

        Although I did manage to sway my brother when he came across the contents of my iPod.

        • JokkePokke

          My mom recently found out that I’m reading this. She asked me if there was something wrong, if I needed to get out more, hang out with friends… I have a lot if friends, I like being outside, play football and such, I hang with my friends all the time, there’s nothing wrong with me just because I’m reading a comic about house pets, or other comics like TwoKinds! I mean, I used to read Donald Duck a few years ago, when I was 8-9, but who didn’t, right? Basically the same thing. I guess it’s just because it’s new and different that people think it’s weird. And that’s just stupid, it’s a great comic, and if only more people got to know about it, I bet they would love it as much as I do :D

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            let’s keep long discussions not having to do with the current comic in the forums, please.

          • JokkePokke

            Sorry :(

  56. SilverZeo

    Would it be considered creepy if Joey can actually tell girl and boy cats apart? EVen the Bigglesworth and Max failed at that.

  57. Zetman

    They look so cute X3

  58. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Could have sworn I posted this earlier but why is there a CAT tag on the costume it’s just to obvious so why Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

  59. Fiendishclub

    This arc is by far the most ironic yet confusing things I have seen from this webcomic, though I do like how you are putting opposites together and doing double negitives like the tripple agent lol

  60. Sansash

    -So what are you, a triple agent?

    -Nah, I just lied about being a double.