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  1. FerretWithASpork

    OMGAWESOME! I am SO getting one! :D Congrats on the release Rick!

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Ordered :)

  3. Foxxian


  4. Blackgatomon

    Spanish version when? :3

    • Frank

      Probably when he gets around to making the site multilingual (and he has stated he wants to do this)

  5. IceKitsune

    YAY! will buy as soon as I am able!

    • malinik


    • IceKitsune

      And I have now bought both Argo and this! I hope you enjoy my money Rick!

  6. NickCrotser

    Will buy ASAP!
    HP!R is in FULL SUPPORT of everyone buying many multiple copies of this.

  7. rtlstien

    I will definitely order any other Housepets! books you release

  8. Frank

    Have you thought about selling it through Amazon as well?

    • Frank

      Never mind. Slip of the mind. Don’t mind me.

  9. Roadrunner

    I… I will tell it to everyone!

  10. rullex

    intrested indeed! but is anyone experienced with shiping from that site? and how much it will cost extra for international shipping, or shipping to Norway?

    • Frank

      CreateSpace is Amazon. Specifically, it’s the self-publishing arm of Amazon. You click “buy”, your copy starts being printed immediately, and is shipped through Amazon’s distribution

      • rullex

        okay thx, much appreciated!

  11. microbuss

    hehe funny title & I’ll get one via Amazon when I get some money

  12. Wolf Pup TK

    Anyone know how many total strips there are in the book? I see 44 pages, but I don’t know how many comics that is. Any plans to release future volumes?

    • Frank

      The pages are 8½ × 11, which means about 3 comics fit per page, so about 132 comics (which is about 10 months). “About” since this supposes there are no double strips, their speech bubbles don’t protrude too far from the panel outline, doesn’t take into account that during Christmas there has been more than 3 comics per week, and doesn’t consider the bonus pages Rick says he’s including.

      • Rick Griffin

        Four comics per page. 8.5 x 11 is the total size and doesn’t count margins, especially the middle margin which is like a good half inch.

  13. Tdbr

    Will it ever be available digitally? I’ve been trying to avoid physical books since I got an ereader..especially as I have too dead trees in my house already. XD

  14. Oh yeah

    How many arc will this book spans?

  15. Levi

    just for you to know I’m just waiting on the amazon release.

  16. So...

    Any chance of a huge fat graphic novel release? Not that I’m complaining, printed Housepets equals awesome in my book, but 44 pages is a bit… small. ^^;

    • Rick Griffin

      Probably will make a compilation when the comic is all done; the thing is for now that the text is small enough as is

  17. malinik

    i would prefer e books though

  18. Dr. Prower

    I WANT ONE!!! SQUEE!!!

  19. Sonariofan

    Awesome Work, just got mine in today. Can”t wait till the next issue

  20. lightwolf21

    X3 Just got my four an hour ago. I can’t wait to give and/or lend some of them to my friends. Hopefully my parents enjoy them, too.