Guess What

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  1. Dissension

    What chicken?

    • xhunterko

      Which chicken? Whose chicken? Who’s chicken? Why chicken? Did you cross the road?
      (couldn’t resist)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Why did the bozo cross the road?

        • huntersunday

          to escape the water bomb

          • Kamon

            That particular water bomb maybe crossed three roads

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Where it’s going, we don’t need roads.

          • Anubis

            When that water balloon hits 88 MPH, you’re gonna see some serious…

            Yeah. Won’t go on and risk the wrath of the Mods. XD

          • xhunterko

            @Argent Stonecutter: Where it’s going, nobody knows.

    • Blaze


      • silverfang16

        Never! That chicken is a caring being!

        • Mettlebird

          Lol, your avatars work perfectly for this conversation xD

    • Legion

      Wow, color

  2. Ryufire

    The chicken is Back?!! Awesome ^^

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      And he’s locked and loaded too!

      • rallyjr

        but why is he on the cat team

        • silverfang16

          I guess he made a deal with them……or they are the lesser of two evils.

    • Cannon Fodder

      Does the chicken have a name?

      • LordWorpeltinger

        Bucky. short for “Buck-buck-buhkawww”

  3. Izander


  4. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Who the bird

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      And why???

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        u dun remember da chicken D:?

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          I’m still new to this

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            did u read da whole comic o 3o?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I havent read old strips started at
            “Were snowed in!”

          • Dogs Rule27

            Whaa!!! ju must read teh comic fron the very beginning i mean like from the very first strip!! like now!

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            The only reason I found this comic was I was searching for new webcomicsto read after I stopped reading Megatokyo

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Kay I will read in the morning

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Cause I can’t right now doin something important

          • malinik

            i remember the chicken…

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I can’t read it for a while because I’m watching episodes of witchblade then watching Naruto so I will be able to in about 2

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania


          • Argent Stonecutter

            Wait. You stopped reading Megatokyo?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            For a while but I’m reading it again

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Here are the webcomics I read Megatokyo housepets and what the fuzz, it’s a short list my friend cause I read manga more.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            *sigh* mines is a simple life of anime manga webcomics and bad sitcoms I don’t even like

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Okay now I can read them

          • JokkePokke

            Oh, did you not know? It had come to my attention that everyone knows…


          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Haha Family Guy that show is hilarious

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            I have retuned after broading my horizons and reading more webcomics other than Megatokyo, housepets, and what the fuzz. So far I’ve started to read three more

          • Dissension


            This area’s for talking about the current strip. If you wanna talk about other Web comics, you should check out the forums. [link]

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Forget I said anything

  5. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    I had forgotten about that chicken.

    • kurowolfe

      And he’s back with vengeance! XD

      • huntersunday

        why wouldn’t he be against Max?

    • anon_omis

      I forget about most if the characters

  6. Dusty

    That Chicken isn’t dead D:

  7. Tides

    Haha, I have to wonder if this is leading to Zach getting captured by the dogs. I kinda hope so, it’ll be fun.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai wonder if dis’s gonna turn into guerrilla warfare :3

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Not likely, I doubt the zoo animals got involved.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


          • anon_omis

            Imagine if that fox got involved

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          hehe… good 1 X3

        • FuRrY321

          But.. that’s goril-

  8. Dogs Rule27

    Max must have an account with ACME.

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Or got it from Wille.E.Coyote

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        who gets it from Acme.

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Who sent it to max

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            with his level of brand loyalty, I think Mr. Coyote probably gets money every time he gets someone else to establish an account with them. why would he give something to Max for free when he could get money if he buys it directly from the company?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            It was a idea

          • Dogs Rule27

            But if he gets money out of it then why does he chase the Road Runner (The cartoon bird i mean) when he could go buy food somewhere? oh… because he spends the money on ACME stuff to catch the Road Runner. *Facepalm

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            as was my suggestion.

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Actually now that ya thinks about it why would he be so generous in da first place (mama always told me aint nothing free in this world)

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            He could have traded something to him

          • anon_omis

            Why doesn’t he stop buying from ACME and just go to KFC?

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Because he can’t afford it with all the money he wasted on ACME

    • Ryufire

      Plus shipping and handling.

    • spiritkitsune

      This bomb could not be from ACME cause it worked.

      • silverfang16

        Hmm…true, ut that doesn’t explain where it came from then.

      • spiritkitsune

        Wellll…… perhaps ACME products work when they are broken.

  9. IceKitsune

    Hey the What Chicken is back! Yay! Zachs reaction faces in this arc have been awesome

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Who is what chicken

      • IceKitsune

        That random chicken that appeared in Scaredy Cats at the start of the Arc. in this strip

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I thought that chicken turned out to be a figment of Maxwell’s imagination…course I think that was only said in an alt text and if I’m taking those as anything other than an extra joke I’m doing it wrong.

  10. Yehoshua

    Wait a second, first I’m supposed to ponder on the origins of a giant balloon and now I have to guess something else that may or may not have to do with a chicken carrying a watter balloon bazooka? *mind blown*

    • huntersunday

      gets mop ready why is this happening more and more these days?

      • FuRrY321

        I blame Rick Griffin.
        His ways of storytelling are just too deep and awesome for the world today. Only a select few can keep their mind intact when reading one of his comics/stories. (Speaking of which, have your read his new short story, Argo? )

        • Frank

          I would if someone would loan me $1.29 (and I’m dead serious about that)

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            For what reason

          • Yehoshua

            If I had the artistic talent and the paypal account, I could do a 5$ comission on FA but since I lack both former and latter…

    • LordWorpeltinger

      Yeah they have a dogapult (the word catapult wasn’t something they liked) and launched a trashbag with water in it.

  11. sonic id furreh!!!

    this seems laike a rilly good idea 4 my neighborhood o 3o

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      the water war, ai mean >.>

      • FuRrY321

        What, not having a chicken carry around a water bazooka? The poor chicken, he is not getting any love.
        Guess that’s why (s)he’s carrying a bazooka around, then.
        (Yes, I know it’s for revenge.)
        (Also, the chicken is female, right?)

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          well da chicken doesn’t got eyelashes… so ai think it’s a guy ;3

  12. NickCrotser

    FIRE PHASERS and PHOTON TORPEDOES! Where is Picard when you need him!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      in space in the future.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Never bring a water balloon to a phaser duel.

  13. Dogs Rule27

    U know Zack should also have asked how they launched that balloon but since he’s on the side it was launched from he already knows.

    • Ryufire

      He might of had a catapult in his arsenal! That feline is smart! xD

    • Nikola

      I’m convinced the cat god made it and sent it down from the heavens, cuz there’s no way they could’ve done that. Speaking of doing impossible things, i’ve noticed
      that we haven’t seen the ferrets yet.

  14. Daggy

    Still wondering how one makes a balloon that large…

    • Dogs Rule27

      A lot of rubber. I mean a LOT of rubber.

    • LordWorpeltinger

      black Hefty forceflex trashbag?

  15. AuvaAkita

    Oh boy, now we got the chickens involved. This is going to get interesting.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Grab the chicken’s legs when you jump to go that extra distance, Link!

      • Nikola

        That’s how the cats will infiltrate. Climb up really high and float into the dogs place with the chickens. But if max makes fun of it more, a whole army of chickens will come and attack the cats.

      • Draven

        LoZ FTW

  16. Snowmon

    You just know that chicken’s going to get fired, right?
    Why you ask?
    Well, it’d be an insult if he was promoted to Colonel.

    • xhunterko

      Even more so if his last name was Sanders.

      • Snowmon

        At least he ain’t a french hen.
        They Fight twice as hard,
        but give up twice as fast.

        • Frank

          Does that mean we now need four calling birds?

          • Snowmon

            Only if you have two more french hens, two flying shelled reptiles, and a partridge in a pair baring plant.

            If not then this can’t be a running gag.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Turtle-doves aren’t turtles!


          • Snowmon

            :D *Gasp* Quick somebody needs to inform this to Super Mario, We’ve been had by nature!

            A joke is only as funny as the person who hears it.

          • Snowmon

            In fact, shame on you for being predigest to flying turtles named “Dove” everywhere.
            (*motions with pointer fingers)
            Shame, shame, shaaame…

  17. The Wolf Kin

    Heh, the What Chicken returns.

    It will be interesting to see how this war turns out.

  18. malinik


  19. xhunterko

    No, really, I didn’t -* pfft, gah! Gahhhhhhh! I SAID I REALLY DIDN’T -mmfff! MAN THAT’S COLD!

    • malinik

      me too man *starts drying off furr*

      • xhunterko

        I thought you learned to stay out of the bathroom last summer?

  20. Nohbody

    Is anyone else amused by the fact that Grape bothered with the camo paint on her face, but didn’t do a thing about the rest of her fur (or, for the insides of her ears, complete lack thereof)?

    And I can’t see what paint that has been put on is going to be anything other than a pain on the neck to wash out of fur…

    • AuvaAkita

      It’s just for show, just like the dark lines underneath their eyes. It’s also to show that they’re serious and mean business.

    • Frank

      Also, they expect the rest of their body to be hidden by the bushes

  21. YuMin28


    • huntersunday


  22. QuetzaDrake

    …Caddy Chicken??? :O

    • Foxstar

      What chicken?

  23. Vladimir Zharkov

    Looks like max is owning someone in panel one. >:D

    • malinik

      kinda does doesnt it…

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        It’s kinda like meh but it’s more like ehh

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    So, I guess Zach’s identifying with the cats.

    • Frank

      Or, he’s scared out of his mind that he’ll be captured for having been “on their side”!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Then why’s he yelling encouragement where the remaining dogs can hear him?

        No, it’s Bunny Stockholm Syndrome.

    • CaptainPea

      Tiger and Marvin are with the cats, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to

  25. chefcheiro

    well its the one of main problem if you were animal XD

  26. Hoheh

    HEY! The chicken came back! Now we just need the pets from Uncle Reuben to show up. Then, everyone will have popped up no less than twice!

    • dragonbreath007

      OK, I know i should not do this.

      “!!Barn cats!!”

    • Draven

      I made that argument a few comits back, the last one with tarot, after getting yelled at by Dissension. Aside from my perpetual love of the barn cats, I think they should return because it would be nice to know that they can be more than just throw away characters. All who agree, say yay.

      • Nikola

        “…yay” he said in a really small voice, afraid that the mods will attack at any moment.

      • Hera Ledro

        They’re not necessarily throw-away characters, Rick just hasn’t imagined another scenario where they would fit in yet. Though I agree, seeing Rufus again would be nice.

      • Legion

        I read that argument, and I completely agree. I proudly say YAY.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      but limerick guy was only shown once.

      • Hoheh

        Forgot one. Good catch.

      • Hoheh

        Jasper. Has he come back yet?

  27. Roadrunner

    lol it’s that chicken again!

  28. gaboris

    I LOST THE LINE PEOPLE! What chicken are we talkin aboot? O_o”
    Who was that? O_o”

    Oh THAT chicken…
    ???:What chicken.
    I already feel like hunting you down… -_-”)

    Anyways Zach is kinda right… kinda. Dogs don’ really have a prob with getting wet so how do the cats plan on winning? :D
    (???:Rhetorical questions are rhetorical.
    Get OUT of hiding you! >:U)

    • Snowmon

      Je ne sais pas Français!
      Je ne parle pas Français!
      Je ne suis même pas taper en Français!
      (Insert Twilight Zone theme song)

      • gaboris

        Hun:”Humoros gyerek vagy nem igaz?” XD

        (Eng:”You’re a humorous kid isn’t that right?” XD)

        • Snowmon

          I have my moments and the occasional chuckle.

          It makes my day every time. :)

          • gaboris

            Point there. :D

  29. iHavezMyBirdo

    Who’s the chicken?

  30. Squival

    Am curious as to what meat products the people and anthro’s of this world eat when rabbits and chickens show base level human awareness of themselves

  31. Hera Ledro

    Don’t start!

  32. KanashiPup

    hehe I’m thinking about cosplaying max or Peanut

  33. Kakurady

    A rabbit and a chicken. I think there’s a pun here somewhere.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      A rabbit, a chicken, and a priest walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “is this a joke?”

      • Hera Ledro

        The rabbit says “Why yes, yes it is.”

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          and the chicken doesn’t like the questioning, so he goes to the bar across the road called “the Other Side”

  34. CaptainPea

    What Chicken is back!?
    Okay, I love this strip. He needs an arc to himself.

    • Indagare

      But there’s only so many times the chicken can cross the road before it gets old.

  35. dragonbreath007

    Don’t call him chicken!

  36. KickahaOta

    No one has said “Chicken butt.” yet?

    No one?

    Wow, I feel old.

  37. anthony

    caddy chicken :3

  38. Zero300x

    i bet saying duck to a chicken would be redundent cuz they are both fowls?

  39. Dragongal

    don’t insult the chicken mor. It has a gun.

  40. Blaze

    Umm…pearls before swine reference much?!?

  41. Trefoiler

    Zach is so cute
    and pink. ^_^

    And I had an aweseome time catching up on three months of Housepets all morning- It never disappoints!

    Also a special thanks to Annie Lennox’ Walking on Broken Glass for providing a seamless soundtrack.

    All around a really great morning. And I couldn’t have done it without the Housepets at my local terminal. Thanks!

  42. Rick Astley

    i just imagined max and grape like LEEROOOYYY JENKINS!!!!!

  43. JokkePokke

    You gotta love Zach and his… Well, I don’t know what it’s called, but he definitely is special!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He has a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

      Which translates to “I don’t know what”.

  44. Destingun

    :D the chiken is back wonder if it will use egg bombs

  45. destingun

    wow i need to rememebr the right name for my gav

  46. destingun

    :D chicken in the war woot finaly they can see some action