Nice Job Being Stealthy Guys
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  1. Daggy

    Cats versus Dogs. Yeeee.

    • rtlstien

      I wonder if cats hate water in this comic… has that ever been addressed!?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        well Grape hates taking baths.

        • JokkePokke

          What… Oh my God, Grape is actually PLAYING? Who would have guessed?

          • Volk

            Uhh… did Grape not play with Peanut and later with both Peanut and Tarot earlier strips?

          • JokkePokke

            Well, yeah, but that was PLAY playing. She’s always been somewhat of a serious perso- cat, I mean. Grape getting seriously involved in a “war”? You can’t say that’s not weird

          • JokkePokke

            Tho I have to admit, it looks really funny to me too :3

          • Foxstar

            Don’t read so much into things. Grape plays, just like any of the pets.

          • Some Guy

            I think the fact that it’s war counteracts the notion of “play” for Grape. She’s the type that would jump at the chance to pelt someone with water balloons.

            On another note, this could all just be an elaborate scheme by the Sandwich family to get Grape to take a bath. You know – get her wet, toss a few shampoo balloons, and then a Super Soaker rinse.

      • Draven

        breifly in the car ride in the way to the vet

      • rtlstien

        I also found that Grape didn’t mind getting wet at the theme park last year

      • AflacMan13

        I just noticed… Maxx even camoflauged his bell… he seems like the uber-serious type when it comes to these “wars”.

    • LegendaryHero

      Waiting for the inevitable Grape vs. Peanut, Fido vs. Sabrina.

      • Daggy

        That would actually be quite amusing.

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        Epic battle of the year :3

      • JokkePokke

        But in the midst of battle, Grape suddenly stops throwing at Peanut, and he the same, and at that exact moment, they both look each other in the eyes and realize that they were actually meant for each other… The Bino throws a balloon at Peanut and spoils the moment. Jerk…

        • gaboris

          Gaboris throws water based A-bomb at shipper.
          It’s super effective. XD

        • darkgloomie

          I think it’s more likely they both stop in the middle of the fight t bombard Bino, but meh.

          That’s pretty much what anybody would do, isn’t it?

      • JokkePokke

        The dogs have got quite a valuable advantage tho. Tarot!
        I mean, she CAN look into the future and communicate with the spirits at free will, so she can just see what the dogs should do to win the war!
        It would be cheating tho, but there’s no need to tell the cats *wink wink*…

        • spiritkitsune

          The spirits would hate it!

        • Vatra

          Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Peanut on the cat team (for Grape) and Tarot also (for Peanut, and that one cat who wears the ankh, I forget her name right now.)

    • Draven

      appearently cats+1 dog Vs dogs with a rabbit thrown somewhere in the mix and the potential for spirit dragon awsomness

      • Legion

        What about the ferrets, don’t they count

        • Draven


        • gaboris

          You’d think the ferrets would take the time to join such a ch… *sigh* Oh who am I kidding? I bet they’re about to buy a water based A-bomb or something… -_-”

          • Alphonse

            Hydrogen bomb.

          • Ninja522

            I’m thinking a tank that shoots giant water balloons.

          • Nanoth

            @ Alphonse
            You mean Di-hydrogen Monoxide Bomb…

          • gaboris

            @Alp: I’m hungarian so believe me I know the H-bomb. I said water based cuz it’s like a water-pistol… BTW it has nothing to do with water itself it’s just about hydrogen fusion… or I’m just not a scientist. XD

          • Jinxed

            No! I was going to make that joke..

  2. netherwolf

    aren’t they cute in camouflage mode x3

    • huntersunday

      yes I love the buckets to

      • netherwolf

        isn’t that a broken fruit cup on Tiger’s head?

        • Gohon7

          Mhm owo XD *wak-ie talk-ie* we have just run out of supplies, TIME TO IMPROVISE

        • Critter Rhode

          Looks to me like one of those tupperware jello molds. My mom had one that looked like the one on Tiger’s head. You could change the center part to give it a star, heart, or some other shapes that we lost.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That swoosh under Max’s eye has to be cardboard taped onto the fur.

    • dragonbreath007

      Yes, even Max’s bell is camouflage. lol

  3. T-Squared

    Revenge against BIno?

    Am I missing something here?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      he hates Bino because he makes fun of him for being named after a large cat to the point of developing many psychoses.

      • JokkePokke

        I never really got why he takes it as an insult, he should be proud of his name, it implies that he’s big and heroic, unlike “certain” others in the comic *wink wink Bino*

        • gaboris

          Nah it doesn’t work like that ya know, if someone is saying something AS an insult or WANTS to bug the person with it then it’s hard to just shrug it off.
          … Maybe that’s why I like Tiger so much cuz I’m always the target as well, but I keep my killing instincts in bay since I almost bit a piece out of my cuzin, but Tideg doesn’t hold so he’s cool in my POV. XD

        • Hera Ledro

          There’s also the fact that, in dog society, it is a “social H-bomb” to be named after a cat. And when you’ve been mocked for something your entire life – heroic or not, as Gaboris points out – it becomes hard to see the good side of it. After all, the only thing that’s been effectively drilled into your head is the bad side.

      • gaboris

        Oh yeah that’s one of my favorite strips… that I can remember anyways. XD

      • Frank
        • gaboris

          Yeah that was fun too, but there’s Pete so it’s down by a few places. :D

  4. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    This isn’t going to help Tiger’s reputation with the other dogs.

    • Draven

      not in the least

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      A darn shame for him

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I was just thinking the same thing. Can’t argue with his reasoning though…

    • huntersunday

      I dont think he cares anymore he still has his teddy

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Oderint dum metuant – Let them hate, so long as they fear.

  5. Draven

    Epic grease paint

    • kurowolfe

      Yeah, even Max’s bell is smeared green.
      Now that’s effort.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        but wait, wouldn’t it ring and give his position to the dogs who have good hearing?

        • LegendaryHero
          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            I thought there was something like that but I had already submitted the comment. THE BELL IS A LIE!

          • Jinxed

            To be accurate, it’s the clapped that’s a lie.
            But yeah.

        • netherwolf

          maby he held the bell tightly or stuffed it with paper or something so it wouldn’t ring and give their position away!

          • Daggy

            Probably the bell just doesn’t have anything inside it to make it ring.

  6. Alechsa

    Bunnies do not like to be wet… seriously… they’ll apparently get heart attacks if left in the rain… tame rabbits are total pansies. Darn you, domestication.

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Ost domestic animals get pathetic over years of living with humans and lose their sense of nature

      • huntersunday

        not really my cat still as crazy as ever and he is !8 in human years he still catches animals like they were small fries and takes on bigger animals then himself I worry about him sometimes

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Ohh I was proven wrong by a kitty ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    • Mira

      My bunny Eli is fine taking showers so long as I take it with him. His rational is “if I have to suffer through it, so do you.” My bunny before him had the same reaction. Try bathing your bunny in a shower with you.

      • Legion

        my bunny tic tac is almost the same, he doesnt like getting wet, but once he is he’s fine

  7. Vladimir Zharkov

    Max is right, haha this is an awesome strip, good to see the old(er) characters again! :D

    • Sg.t $pike

      *max grabs zachary* we have captured the objective.

      • Vladimir Zharkov

        Cats are gunna win even though they’re seemingly outnumbered. :)

        • Sg.t $pike

          im on the dogs side *peanut on the radio* capture the objective

  8. rtlstien

    This is War!
    I still think Bino threw the first balloon.

    • Ryufire

      Of course you know, this means war!!!

      • rallyjr

        I don’t think its a real war till the ferrets get involved

        • Ryufire

          I’m pretty sure the Ferrets will pay Nerf big bucks for state of the art super soakers, water grenades, etc. :-)

  9. Kondog

    Awesome update! and Camo- Tiger! double awesome!

  10. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ yaayyy for the Crazyness to come ( ̄▽ ̄)

  11. Russiarules1

    This arc is going to be great.
    One of my favorite strips so far.

  12. Roadrunner

    Really nice camouflage :D

  13. Ryufire

    Call of Duty: Pet Wars!

    • Draven


    • kurowolfe

      Agreed. *nods sagely*

    • huntersunday

      I would so play that online FOREVER

    • Alphonse

      When’s the new map pack come out?

      • Sg.t $pike

        *joey on the radio* capture the objective

  14. AuvaAkita

    I don’t need a team, i go solo…..


    • netherwolf

      Teamwork is important in war,you can’t take an entire army all by yourself ;3

      • Legion

        Rambo can

        • dragonbreath007

          Adriaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!! XD

      • AuvaAkita

        That’s what the camouflage is for :p

        Sneak past your enemies so you can reach your intended target, and in this case, it’s Bino. And i’d probably be able to do it too, i was a pro at hide-n-seek when i was a kid ^^

        • netherwolf

          so was i ;p

          but since your target is Bino i will not get in the way, perhaps i’ll even help x3

          • Sg.t $pike

            good job boys *bino died in the final kill cam*

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Unless you’re Spot (superhero).

      • Critter Rhode

        Simo Hayha
        Alvin York
        Audie Murphy

  15. Elwood Blutarsky

    Watch Jasper or some cat enlisted with the dogs just to balance out Tiger.

  16. Draven

    wait, what team is joey on?

  17. rallyjr

    Something is just not right with Tiger but then again he is out to get Bino so its all good

    • Daggy

      He IS quite psychotic. That happens when you’re made fun of for having the name of a large cat when you’re a dog.

  18. Qieth

    Revenge is a dish best thrown …. cold. *Pun*

    • Sg.t $pike

      HA lol good one

  19. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    This reminds me of bleach when captains go against’s aizen’s espadas ( to some degree :3)

  20. GameCobra

    Once you step into the field of battle, son… anything goes. You best choose your side fast before it gets ugly. *shades*

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      (; ̄ェ ̄)war is sad but it’s mandatory in life

      • Draven

        war is just an excuse to break the dullness of peace

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Peace keeps people alive ( ̄▽ ̄)

          • GameCobra

            Indeed. If we kept war on our minds everyday, it would be like Rick doing a cross-over comic invasion. And i don’t want character deaths @_@

          • Frank

            So, let them have war, just don’t make me think about it?

            Actually that worked pretty well for the people of the 18th century

          • Lelouch Vi Brittania

            Agreeing with each other is what peace defines ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  21. Kondog

    An army of Mr. Bigglesworth’s might be something to really contend with, this is looking to be good. the real question is what side will peanut be on?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Dogs, he’s got no issues competing against Grape.

    • Alphonse

      vs. The K9 Unit.

  22. LegendaryHero

    Is Max’s black eye paint thing supposed to resemble the Nike logo?

    • Gidget

      Max has descended into product placement.

  23. Legion

    Close enough to a wet fur contest for me

    • Draven

      WAIT, wet fur…. Dare i say it. BRING IN THE BARN CATS

      • Daggy

        Slow motion water balloon fight.

  24. D.Z.

    On the battlefield, there’s no such thing as “species.” Yesterday’s dog is tomorrow’s cat. Species fluctuate with the times… You can only be truly loyal to the battlefield and to your mission.

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      (To Naruto) “We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be justice. But when we call our vengeance justice, it only breeds more revenge… forging the first link in the chains of hatred.”
      (To Naruto) “Out of love, sacrifice is born… Hate is born… and we are able to know pain!”

  25. Draven

    I think Zach’s look of innocence is only magnified with his big, green eyes

  26. dragonbreath007

    I think Bino will be very lonly on this warfield. XD

    • Legion


    • netherwolf

      The odds are against him (as usual).

      • Kondog

        I dono about that, Bino has some real pull in the GODC as well as a pretty good gang of dogs that will follow him. IE Fox, Rex and maybe even Yeltsin and Boris. those are some pretty good odds.

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania


        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          Japanese for bino will lose this war

  27. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    Sensō wa kyōki no jikandes

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Sorry meant to say 戦争はとても悲しいです

  28. Reima

    Alt Text: “How is it that I have TWO rabbit’s feet and I keep getting pulled into these things?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Bugs Bunny: Now wait a minute, Doc. Let’s not be hasty. Rabbit’s feet ain’t lucky.
      Steve Brody: No?
      Bugs Bunny: No, look at the life rabbits lead. Dogs, hunters, hasenpfeffer… these rabbit’s feet never brought me any luck.

      – Bowery Bugs 1949

    • WingedWolfGirl

      I was going to say: because they’re both left feet; but Argent’s comment works too.

  29. ben

    cats will win, unless the wolves get involved.

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      I know dogs will win the war

      • $pike

        yes another joins one the dogs (capture the objective)

        • Lelouch Vi Brittania

          ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ someone agrees with me :3

          • Sg.t $pike

            *me on the radio* napalm strike inbound watch your self

          • Legion

            Easy there Sg.t $pike, this is a water war, try getting a rescue chopper to dump water like putting out a wildfire instead of going Napalm, one house was already burned down during the easter egg hunt, we don’t need another

  30. Maximus

    Ahh, the smell of wet dog in the morning.

    • darkgloomie

      It smells like… victory.

      And wet fur.

      • natranr

        lol, Reference to the Microwave show.

        • Avansis

          I’d say Apocalypse now instead

  31. Parry

    LoL Tiger still gets picked on just because his owners were stupid enough to name him “Tiger”

  32. Ezhno Pallaton

    This is almost exactly how all of my Water Balloon/ Super Soaker Fights end up… War… Glorious War.

    • GM

      make no mistake…. war is coming. in all its glory, and all its horror…..

  33. IceKitsune

    lol I love how Maxes Bell is green. Grape and Tiger should have done that too.

  34. JokkePokke

    Hmm… Breaking a fourth wall again? The diary, I mean, it’s almost as if it’s written to… “Us”?

    • Alphonse

      Have you never kept a diary for your future self?

      • Frank

        Is there any other kind?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I’d be more interested in making one for my past self.

          • dragonbreath007

            4. dimension headache!

          • Frank

            “Marty, you need to think fourth-dimensionally!”
            “Yeah, Doc, I have a real problem with that”

          • dragonbreath007

            “passing over sports almanac”

  35. JokkePokke

    Ok, so I know it says not to ask in the cast, but why in God’s name is Max missing a piece of his ear? I’M SO CURIOUS!

    • $pike

      same here i think i was bino who bit his ear off

      • zeroslash

        Bino doesn’t seem to be that kind of violent; he’s aggressive, but not willing to scar another.

    • Foxstar

      It says not to ask.

      • JokkePokke

        Freedom of speech?

        Besides, I get the impression that it’s Max who says not to ask, not the “rules”.

        • zeroslash

          Dude, not to be rude or anything, but I wouldn’t be snarky here. Trust me on this one.

        • Foxstar

          I was -joking- your snark is not needed.

    • Frank

      This is one of the oldest mysteries of this comic. There is some speculation here: but that’s as far as we’ve gotten

      • Sg.t $pike

        thank you frank *gives salute*

  36. Hoheh

    Silly Tiger. Bino will remember this. You’ve widened the rift. Good thing they’re only water balloons.

    • netherwolf

      well maby if the war get’s more serious.. who knows ;3

      • Hoheh

        Yes. Who knows? D:

  37. Nikola

    I think the sides will end up being bino vs. Everyone. Like the time in laser tag, where it was me vs. Everyone. But I hope bino does worse than me, if he can even play with all his injuries.

  38. Alphonse

    What a MEDLEY of characters this time around, Rick. Nice job.

  39. tbird000666


  40. Atheren

    Quick, Tarot use your illusionary reality warping to make everyone confused and sneak attack them!

    • Frank

      Actually, I think Tarot would support whatever side Peanut’s on, and use her abilities to… let’s call it giving them an unfair advantage

  41. Tommyrazor

    And here I thought peanut would be there to help Grape.

    • $pike

      yeah me two

  42. YuMin28


  43. $pike

    rick if your reading this can you please tell me what happened to maxes ear

  44. Sg.t $pike

    war…..war never changes *dramatic fallout 3 music*

    • Tommyrazor

      lol if it did it wouldn’t really be war now would it?

    • GameCobra

      War has changed. It’s no longer about species, ideologies or ethnicity. It’s an endless series of water balloon battles, fought by dogs and cats. War, and its consumption of H20, has become a well-oiled machine.

      War has changed. collared pets carry collared weapons, use collar tagged gear. their instincts enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

      War has changed. The age of water hoses has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from water balloons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield, controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control, war… becomes routine.

      • Lelouch Vi Brittania

        “But someday I’ll break the curse. If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it! Faith is better than any plan-nagato

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      “We’re both of the same breed, after all … motives for war are of no concern. Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war.”-Deva path pain

  45. The Wolf Kin

    I’m surprised it isn’t “All vs. Bino” rather than “Cats vs. Dogs”.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      It might end up that way by the end.

  46. LOLwut

    saving the private Rex!!!!!!

  47. Salenstormwing

    I love the smell of water balloons in the morning. *sniff* Smells like… victory. And wet dog fur.

  48. WingedWolfGirl

    Nice. Didn’t expect war paint, I wonder if its waterproof. :D

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      Probably not

      • Draven

        its grease paint, it is water proof, sweat proof, and really hard to wash out of fur

  49. SilverZeo

    Is it really a good idea to have a rabbit with a massive following of forest animals to take part in a pretend war?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      No but we’re going to do it anyway.

      • Z24


        • SilverZeo

          But what if they don’t know it’s just a game and take it seriously?

  50. Tech

    But War, War never changes

    • Sg.t $pike

      *ink spots i dont want to set the world on fire*

  51. Shyannethefox

    its great to see Zach again ^^ Missed him.

    • Frank

      Hey, nice avatar. Did you make it?

  52. Frank

    It’s like when we did Boys Vs Girls in school: both teams had to have the same number of players and there was never an equal number of boys and girls.

  53. Tom Flapwell

    I’m guessing King won’t join unless Fox strong-arms him into it.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      With his incredible bad luck and moody “why does the universe keep screwing with me” attitude of late maybe that’s a good thing.

      Still would be funny to see him take one to the face wouldn’t it?

  54. gaboris

    Okay there’s taking a game seriously and then there’s THIS… Camo face-paint, really? Heh it’ll be fun if you don’ get wet till the end and you have to wash up anyways. XD

    • Avansis

      You have to take things a bit too seriously sometimes to produce something awesome. The glorious battle witnessed today shall go down in the history books. Generations to come will remember this day as the war that changed all wars! …. Or something like that, it would be ordinary and dull if it was just an another water balloon fight.

      • gaboris

        *GASP* You are RIGHT! D:
        … You DO know that I was joking myself right? XD


    Yes! This comic needed more bunny!


      Stupid Chrome autofill, making me look like a troll.

  56. GM

    *waits to see joey in catsuit*

    • Draven

      Which is exactly why I have no idea what team he will be on, I’m sure we will learn when he shows up in comic.

  57. P

    Lemme put a bit of brown paint on my face- look, I’m a tree! Can’t see me!
    Now lemme just put a bit of green on my nose … aaaaand I’m a frog in a tree! Frog in a tree!

  58. dragonbreath007

    The opening of this arc makes me want to see more.
    Just great work as usual. “Bow to Rick”


  59. Dragongal

    You would think that the bell max has would make noise, even though it’s painted :P

  60. Z24

    Wow, Zach’s luck really stinks…

    Does this mean he needs Odor-Eaters?

  61. dragonbreath007
    You can’t hear it, now you can’t see it.
    Watch it, it’s a stealth bell !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  62. Slash the Kitsune

    War is no game? Tell that to Treyarch and InfinityWard…

    • Maxwell

      and Bethesda, LucasArts, Bungie, DICE, Valve, E.A., etc.

  63. Shady Kitsune

    Lol, camo bell? I don’t think a paint job would make it any less noisy.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Stupid old e-mail adress saved on the site instead of new one…

  64. dragonbreath007

    ????? explanation ?????

  65. spiritkitsune

    Do the right thing Zach. ;-)

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • spiritkitsune

        I could tell you, but i don’t want to ruin the surprise.

        PS: The spirits would hate it too. ;-)

  66. Argent Stonecutter

    I hope this turns into a mega-arc with everyone involved, King & Fox, Peanut, Tarot & Sabrina, Fiddler & Keys, the woodland creatures, the ferrets, the zoo animals, the Bigglesworths, Spo and Squeak, …

  67. Bob

    Fido: Ack! Sabrina…!
    Sabrina: Sorry “honey”, all’s fair in love and war…!
    Fido: In that case…
    He grabs her and kisses her, once she starts to relax into it he dumps out his squirtgun bottle on her
    Sabrina: Aah!
    Fido: *laughing and running*
    Sabrina: Come back here!!!

  68. FenixWong951

    i think that a probably joke would be:

    (tarot get splashed by peanut)
    T: I actually knew that you will hit me, i just wanted to be kind
    P: this is not funny anymore

    • FenixWong951

      BTW: I wonder if ALL the Mr. Bigglesworth are in the cat side, that would be a very awesome army

  69. Z24

    Wow, Zach’s luck really stinks…

    Does this mean he needs foot deodorant?

  70. Shaex

    PAN HELMET w00t!!! i would break out my MC helmet.

  71. 78uh


  72. knux

    Y’know, I’ve been reading this comic since….I think the middle of the farm arc and I’ve been meaning to ask one thing: How the heck is Bino’s name pronounced?

  73. JokkePokke

    Is there some kind of chat here people can join?

    • Dissension

      You can check out the forums if you’re into that. There’s also a semi-official IRC channel. (More info is available on the boards.)

  74. JokkePokke

    And talk about HP, etc.

  75. Dogs Rule27

    OK, so since Grape and Max aren’t holding water balloons I think it was probably Tiger but it doesn’t mean Max or Grape used one.

    • GameCobra

      Actually, Grape is holding one. See her right hand. just hard to notice. i honestly thought it was finger paint at first. >.>

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Plus Tiger’s obviously serving as the ammo cart.

      • Dogs Rule27

        Good point. But could he have put it down momentarily.

  76. Dragongal

    What does tiger want revenge for? i faintly remember bino making fun of tiger’s name ….tiger said “I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!”…

    • Sg.t $pike

      for real???……..thanks now I remember

  77. Lastingimage24

    Well, simple. If you have two rabbit feet the luck of one cancels out the other :P

  78. Draven

    i dont know how max can be so cute in the second and third frames with such a serious expression, it boggles my mind

  79. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* and soo ends another comment session

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      See ya Friday ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  80. Hera Ledro

    I’m kinda curious…how does Grape’s camouflage work? I mean, sure parts of it work, but the rest of her is purple. She couldn’t stand out more if she had a big red bull’s eye on her posterior screaming to the high heavens “HIT HERE WITH WATER BALLOON!”

    • Draven

      There could also be a comically large arrow with flashing lights and changing colors

    • Kitch

      They’re hiding behind the bushes. Only their faces need to be camoflauged when they look to aim.

  81. Leitrean

    Lock n’ Load Marines!

    • Sg.t $pike

      dogs or cats????? witch side you on?

  82. ~Dark-Leo~

    Yay Grape’s back!

    …That is all ^^ Commence with the war.

  83. THE CAKE

    1. dont mess with the ferrets
    2. tarot will own them due to her awesome powers
    3. king will get hit by bino(even tho there on same team)
    4.penut will get past the forces and go talk to grape
    5.daisy will be given balloon but she wont throw it cuz shes stupid.
    post if u have more

    • Draven

      6. Tarot will not get hit kuz she already saw where you would throw your balloon and moved to not there

    • Legion

      7. Dogs that pelt Bino will not be penalized for friendly fire

  84. DJ Nightfire

    Ahh the smell of water balloons in the morning.. smell like victory! Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to witness a war, that no video game can recreate. A battle so awesome, so heroic that the only victim this day will dry fur and clothing. No road is safe as once you set your paw outside the house, you are now on the battlefield of Honor! those of weak heart may want to avert their eyes to the truth that is.. Water wars!

  85. Argent Stonecutter

    “War is not healthy for children and other living things”

    I mean, seagulls might eat the busted balloons!

    That brings up a meta-Housepets question: what impact does litter have on the wildlife when the wildlife is smart enough not to eat it?

    • Z24

      Animal Janitors might go on a strike.

  86. Kitch

    Silly rabbit. They have to be severed in order to be lucky. *grabs a hacksaw*

    • spiritkitsune

      That’s just cruel Kitch.
      If you want to reach Zach, you first have to pass me! “Breathing in ready to spit fire”

      • Sg.t $pike

        *jumps in the way for kitch* ahhhh

        • Legion

          D’awwww, puppy love

          • spiritkitsune

            Would you love a puppy with a hacksaw in his paws?

          • Sg.t $pike

            yes I would love a puppy with a hacksaw in his paws…..actually im going to go get one right now

  87. Javier

    War…. war never changes XD

  88. Zen

    I do not know if anyone else thought this but I imagine that the Ferrets will just go and buy a B-29 Super Fortress or something like that load it with Water balloons rather than high explosives and pass over the town bombing it with Water Balloons.

    • dragonbreath007

      Why? They are awsome rich, they could buy a C5 Galaxy.
      Imagine how many Water balloons would fit in this birdy! lol

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Sikorsky CH54A or Chinook would have a faster turnaround. Or just go with a firefighting aircraft?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Evergreen Supertanker – converted 747 with multiple high pressure drop ports, minimum altitude 400 feet (and it’s over 200 feet long!).

  89. dragonbreath007
    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s not that much bigger than an evergreen supertanker, and doesn’t have high pressure water drop ports for firefighting. And it’s way less awesome than the Spruce Goose.

      • dragonbreath007

        I have to admit that old planes have much more style.
        And the sound!! “drolling”

  90. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    It will end like the third great shinobi war

    • Lelouch Vi Brittania

      With everyone agreeing to disagree

  91. Tendo

    Quite interesting to see Grape in commando garb…. but I think seeing Zach in it would be even more of an interesting sight.

  92. Dogs Rule27

    BTW the alt text thing about having two rabbit feet I think is like a double negative like, saying um… “I’m not not bored” or “I’m not not going to do something” or whatever.

  93. A random person

    Wonder what’s gonna happen next