Rabbit (Duck) Season
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  1. Dissension

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  2. Daggy

    A WATER BALLOON WAR?! This will be great!

    • huntersunday

      yes get the water pistils

      • Draven

        I shall prepare the heavy artillery. I wonder how the ferrets will react to this, team of highly trained Navy SEALS armed with water weapons?

        • netherwolf

          or maby they’ll hire an elite team of beavers that throw water balloons (extra big sized) with their tails. x3

          • Draven

            A single ENORMOUS, water ballon filled with all the water on earth and launched from SPACE at the neighborhood, completely flooding everything.

          • Legion

            I think I see what you did there. Invader Zim?

          • Draven

            You sir/ma’am, get a gold star. Congratulations. ;)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Yes! Navy seals!

          • Frank

            With real seals!

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            officially five teams of seals, but they’ll keep seal team 6 a secret.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Of course real seals, or maybe sea lions.

          • Alphonse

            No, I think I got you there.

        • A random person

          Or cars with giant water guns attached to the top. That would be awsome

          • Nikola

            You mean firetrucks?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You got the stamen-a for that?

        • Daggy

          *facepalm* wooooowwww, hahaha.

    • rtlstien

      Odds are Bino started it

      • Volk

        Odds are, Bino is in too much pain to have started it.

        • deathcloak

          hehehe i can see it now everyong aimming for him

          • rtlstien

            Deathcloak’s comment made me think of a short story.
            It’s a little long…

            Fox: Naughty dog is walking through the park right now. Commence operation “1 vs 100″ when WatchDog gives the signal.

            Bino walks thorugh the park trying to find his next victim. A bag of waterbags hanged over his shoulder. He smirked. “This is the best idea I’ve had since last year’s Easter Egg hunt… to bad they were banned after that.”

            Bino’s thoughts were soon interrupted when he noticed King standing on the path in front of him. Bino’s eyes focused on the blue ballon filled with water that King was slowly tossing in his right paw.

            “Perfect…” Bino smiled as he reached into his bag. “I’m glad I ran into you.” He could feel the cold water through the thin plastic of the balloon.

            “I am too” king smirked. King tossed the balloon high into the air. Bino watched as the balloon burst only a few feet from King.

            Bino couldn’t stop laughing. “Looks like you wasted your only shot.” Bino held a water balloon in both of his hands. “Luckily I have plenty.”

            “So do we.” Fox said as he appeared from behind a tree and approached King with two water balloons in hand.

            “Two’s nothing against an enitre bag full” Bino smirked momentarily before more and more dogs started to appear. Some had been hiding behind the trees, others jumped down from the trees, and others had managed to sneak up behind Bino.

            Bino’s eyes were wide as more and more dogs started to encircle him, each of them holding at least one water balloon. He could see all of the members of the Good ol’ Dog Club, both his brothers; Fido even got the entire K-9 unit to come as well. He could see Peanut, Tarot, Max, and Grape holding a frying pan.

            Peanut: We’re using water balloons today, Grape.

            Grape: Fine…

            Grape tossed the pan behind her back.

            “Isn’t this a bit extreme?” Bino asked.

            “It certainly is…” Fox said as he handed one of his water balloons to King. “Would you like the honor, King?”

            “Yes I would…” King raised his arm and threw the balloon into Bino’s chest, splattering him with later. Bino gasped when everyone started throwing their balloons.

            Bino groaned in a puddle of water as everyone was starting to leave after getting their shot at him. “Well at least i got one person today…” Bino looked up and noticed Zach standing over him, his fur still a bit damp from the water ballon he had thrown at him earlier.

            Without saying anything Zach picked up Bino’s bag and turned it upside down. Bino’s enitre stock came pouring down on him. Once empty, Zack dropped the bag and started walking home. He had just got an idea for his novel.

            “At least it can’t get any worse…” Bino said as he got onto his feet.

            “The Opener of Ways has shown us what we must do!”

            Bino turned around to see a bunch of woodland animals holding water balloons.

          • Zarvain

            LOL love it, if I had any, I’d give you a cookie for that one. =3
            But, sadly, kiddies all ate ‘em.

          • Draven

            I’m out of cookies but you can have a gold star sticker *hands out the sticker*

          • Frank

            cue “I’ve got a gold star sticker” to the tune of that Willy Wonka song

            As for the story, I can totally see that happening

          • JokkePokke

            I give you a 5 of 5! loved the story!

        • Daggy


        • Frank

          You underestimate Bino’s masterminding capabilities

        • LordWorpeltinger

          very true, and like the Alt text says
          “Though really, that’s most days”

  3. Ryufire

    Aw the summer begins!!! :)

  4. IceKitsune

    Oh lol this should be a ton of fun

  5. kimo

    i like where this is going

  6. LegendaryHero

    Pow! Right in the kisser!

    Sounds like an awesome arc

    • huntersunday

      well he isn’t thirsty any more XD

      • netherwolf

        and he doesn’t need a shower anymore. x3

    • Rocket Knight boy

      darn you beat me to it! this strip made me chuckle this looks to be a fun arc

  7. GameCobra

    If my memory is correct, this gives Rick alot of opportunities to test out his wet cat/dog scenes back at the theme park world arc.

    But most importantly, alot of wet pets =D

    • kurowolfe

      I’m also looking forward to see more of the wet fur effect, especially when there’s potentially plenty of those to see in this arc.
      I pity Zach though, being a sacrificial offering to an upcoming epic war.

      • Zarvain

        I’m just glad no one has invented smell-o-vision yet.

  8. AvanWolf

    I smell chaos brewing X3


    • huntersunday

      I smell wet fur a brewing

      • Slash the Kitsune


      • silverfang16

        Not delicious… -_-

        • WingedWolfGirl

          It is if the characters have a…dare I say it? …muscular appearance. :3

    • Whitekitsune

      At least with water balloons they can’t burn any houses down like that easter egg hunt last year..

      • darkgloomie

        Or Can They?

        You’re forgetting that probably the Miltons will be involved too. If there’s something impossible to do, they’ll laugh at its face and bribe it to look the other way.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          they’d probably use lemons to start the fire instead.

          • Zarvain

            Aperture Science brand lemonade filled balloons.

          • Asuterisuku

            You, sir, have just won. Forever.

        • Frank

          Flaming water balloons! We must have flaming water balloons!

          (completely possible in theory, but I won’t go into the details)

        • Alphonse

          Can never be absolutely sure, but you prolly just foiled Rick’s plot for this arc.

          • Dissension

            I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Rick’s pretty unpredictable!

  9. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    haven’t seen Zach since December.

    also, Bloosh.

    • Whitekitsune

      Before i read the BLOOSH, i thought a giant ameoba pounced his face XD darn phone makes everything so easy to misinterpret.

    • Dissension

      I primarily like this comic for its convincing sound effects. Rick has the foley every volume needs!

      • Leitrean

        that’s a lot of water for just one ballon..

        • silverfang16

          Maybe it’s a super big one. That is something the ferrets would do right?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            is it so big they named it fat daddy? (reference that few people will get.)

          • Frank

            Look at the size of the pieces! It has to be at least 9 inches in diameter!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It’s also kind of glutinous. Maybe even squamous.

  10. xhunterko

    I sense epicness.

  11. Whitekitsune

    Oh, THIS is an arc i’d love to see! Poor zach, as usual. And is it me, or does the pun never end?

    • huntersunday

      what pun?

      • Whitekitsune

        The title of today’s page. Reference to looney toons and he really should have ducked.

        • huntersunday

          (slaps face) Ha I didnt notice it tell now thanks

          • Whitekitsune

            Heheh, no problem

      • Alphonse

        I was reeeally hoping that was sarcasm. Would have made my day.
        But alas.

  12. Russiarules1

    I hate Summer, but, since the weather where I live is screwed up, I like it.
    I also love the Loony Toons reference :D

  13. TheLaw

    Yay water balloons! I do that all the time and then the good ol’ Michigan weather turns a great day into thunderstorms -_-. Bring your magic umbrella Sabrina

  14. Draven

    BOOM, headshot

    • Riolu

      Thank you! Someone FINALLY said “BOOM headshot!”

  15. Whitekitsune

    Boy, that house sure looks buff today!

    • Leitrean

      it’s a very nice house

      • netherwolf

        quite a big one too

    • huntersunday

      so does the bush it is very buff

    • Zarvain

      The balloon was very buff I’m sure, just look at what it did!

  16. Spirit Studios 2010

    So will we see King using his “human” ingenuity to build the ultimate water balloon slinging contraption?

    • silverfang16

      Nah, he is too busy contemplating his fate right now. The ferrets may have one of those though!

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • kurowolfe

          I highly doubt that. The ferrets, on the other hand……

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Jeeves is the ultimate water-balloon slinging contraption.

            I want to see a wet Jeeves.

          • Frank

            “Jeeves! Next load is ready! Throw those water balloons!”
            “But suh, I have already been fired upon one hundred and twenty-three times today!”
            “Then make it a hundred and twenty-four!”
            “…yes suh.”

  17. Tech

    I feel for him, I know those days all to well

  18. CheshireDCat

    This will be epic…hopefully it wont be as bad as easter though.

  19. DJ Nightfire

    ahh I remember the good old days of water wars, back in double ot 96. *grabs cane* The times where kids would gather their water balloons and water gun, and the kids who had wealthy parents got supersoakers WITH the backpack. We would separate into teams and draw lines of territory, and the war will go down. We would have days that range from all out water shootouts to calling up the teenager to had a driver’s permit and a minivan and we pile in with our balloons and guns and hit the other team with a raid attack from the van and drive off! Oh the good days….

    • Dissension

      …0096? *peers*

      • DJ Nightfire

        I’m old!!! I kids.. in my younger days (1993 to be exact) we had some epic water wars sadly I wasn’t one of the kids with the supersoaker. but I was the kid that plan the raid attacks.

        • Frank

          Water balloons and super soakers? Back in my day, we had to use buckets and hoses!

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            in my day, we had to use coconuts and rain water.

          • Frank

            Heh. Clever. I was wondering how people would get around the fact that buckets have been around at least as long as barrels have.

            (Pst, Argent, that’s your cue)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            In my day all we had was Hydrogen! We had to bash giant stars together to get enough Oxygen to make water!

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            well played, sir. well played.

    • Tech

      those good old water war days were a lot funner then the rock ones, though a good time to hit the kid you don’t like it always wound up ending with a kid getting hit in the face

    • silverfang16

      Yea… I was actually the broke one who used the hose…..fun times though!

      • Tech

        the ones that lived close enough to the battle field and had hoses were always hard to get close to

        • DJ Nightfire

          that when you pelt the kid was ton of water balloons. but you always have whose innocent bystanders that come into the fray unprepared of the war going on before them.

  20. Nikola

    A perfect start to summer. This is going to be a great arc.

  21. Cerveny

    A arc about zach… SQUEE

    • silverfang16

      I know! We haven’t had one for him since…..was it when Pete got released? Sheesh.

    • Foxstar

      Well, to be fair, we don’t know the arc is about him yet. He’s just the first pet to get hit with a water balloon.

      • Frank

        But the way he’s introduced the arc, there’s likely to be at least one more strip featuring him where he finds out what’s going on! And admit it, you also want to know if Bino’s behind this ;) (especially since that would probably mean Fox and the others weren’t able to catch him)

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        in the forums, I implied it would be a brief appearance by Zach and Rick acted as if the=at were not the case. unless he meant that an entire comic doesn’t equal brief.

        • Alphonse

          Rick cannot let us on to future arc ideas.
          I think that is like, illegal, or something.

  22. Leitrean

    a nice lighthearted arc after a very serious a bleak arc, it’s a nice refresher :)

    • Koran

      Very thirst quenching too *ba-dum-tish*!

  23. Tha Housefox

    Of course, a great water balloon arc would be the most amazing yet.

    • netherwolf

      well water balloon wars is one of the most popular and fun game of the summer

  24. netherwolf

    mhm..I don’t get it how one simple water balloon can make ya wish you were still in bed.. It just doesn’t make sense. Maby if Zach fell in to a mud hole or something worse it would be more likely to make him wish he’d be still in bed. But still ,yay a Zach arc.

    • Tech

      everyone feels different, I for one would also hate waking up to a water balloon to the face and would wise I had just stayed in bed, but I would shoot whoever throw it with my pelitgun first before I went back inside

      • netherwolf

        that maybe so.. but with a water balloon in the face, it’s like washing you’re face when you wake up. Still, if that happens to me i’d fill a balloon with paint and punish the one that etc.

        • Tech

          funny I never thought of using paint

          • dragonbreath007

            NEVER!! I’m serious NEVER use paint!!
            7 houres cleaning up the red backyard and 1 week house arrest in ‘89. “Sigh”
            But my enemies were red too. “MUHAHAHA!!!”

    • Frank

      Because… he’s covered in fur?

    • Alphonse

      Zach is not the most happy fellow…

  25. YuMin28

    Fire in the hall !!

  26. Tendo

    Well, I bet that Zach is happy he got out of bed now! After all, he would have missed that awesome waterballoon fight if he hadn’t!

  27. cesarinthewhitedragon

    Zach along King seem to have very bad luck in therms of life in general XD

  28. Dakota Lesmercy

    rofl… poor Zach… D:


  29. Asteri

    Perfect. The weather here was getting too hot. This arc should be refreshing XD

  30. Roadrunner

    Ooooooh It’s just fantastic!

  31. gaboris

    Oh boy. Can’t poor Zach have at least ONE normal day? :D

    • Tha Housefox

      Normal is overrated. X3

      • Frank

        said the hopelessly soaked dog!

      • dragonbreath007

        “Passing a towel”

      • Alphonse

        You could only call it irony.

  32. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    It’s gonna end badly for someone

    • $pike

      MOD EDIT-Watch your language.

      • Zarvain

        I second this,
        well if he’s not still in bandages, even I have some limits.
        Otherwise, herd him towards the pet with the hose!

      • Foxstar

        Watch what you post, Spike.

  33. Lelouch Vi Brittania

    The first shot has been fired!!! THIS MEANS WAR

  34. The Wolf Kin

    Interesting, a water war, eh? Let the balloons of water fly!

    I look forward to the water-based PG violence. I seriously can’t wait to see how each character reacts to being hit. I imagine some, like Zach, will be quite funny.

  35. Falcon01

    Ah this brings back memories! Water ballons flying everywhere in my ol hood! Fight the good fight Zach!

  36. Argent Stonecutter

    As he’s a rabbit, he shoulda stood in bed.

    “Bugs Bunny: I am getting looney tuney, touched in the head / This whole thing is gooney, I should have stood in bed.”

  37. Yehoshua

    I wanna join!!!

  38. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Most days indeed.

  39. WingedWolfGirl

    Rabbit season no, Duck season.

    • megaman64

      Duck, Where?!

    • kurowolfe

      *Bloosh!* Too late!

  40. Indagare

    Am I the only one to notice that Zach’s working on a novel? Maybe it’s Watership Down-esque

    Alt text: Though really, that’s most days.

    • IceKitsune

      I did too. I wonder what its about? Though I doubt we ever will find out about that.

    • Frank

      NaNoWriMo reference?

  41. Tom Flapwell

    Oh, I thought that was a blob.

  42. Frank

    You know, I’ve just found the perfect ending for this water balloon war. Just replace the book with Zach’s novel

  43. Dragongal

    ewwwww, zach’s mouth was open! i wonder how water balloon plastic tastes?

  44. dragonbreath007

    Awwww poor Zach. He realy has to change his mind.
    I want to see him dressed up like Rambo, armed with waterballoons and waterpistols stepping out of the house ready to revenge saying.
    “I have to do what a Rabbit has to do.” !!BLOOSH!! “stepping back in the house” SIGH!

  45. E

    He who throw the first water balloon has no sin

  46. sonic id furreh!!!

    awww poor Zach ;3

  47. Pea, Captain

    The neighborhood should get that lilac tap water checked out

  48. dragonbreath007

    Well the water balloon was red, maybe the color in the rubber discolored the water.
    One bad quality of a water balloon.

  49. FenixWong951

    FIRE!!! (i think its water) ¬¬ i hate you brain (X3)

  50. Shady Kitsune

    That’s one way to have your morning shower.

  51. oscarMIKE

    I wubs Zack

  52. FerreTrip

    That’s ONE way to tell someone they have bad breath. (Just hope he didn’t swallow too much of the rubber.)

  53. zeroslash

    I think it’s safe to say, “BOOM HEADSHOT!” I’d like to see where this will head.

  54. Reconstruction

    I just haz to say one thing…PWNED **** DOMINATED! Incidentaly my name is Zach…

    This comment has been edited by a moderator.

    • Foxstar

      Hello Zach. Watch what you post or you won’t be posting in the future.

    • Dissension

      Hi, Zach. You have my attention. : )

      • Frank

        And, uh, that’s a good thing?

  55. Draven

    I forsee a war of epic proportions that may very well redefine all we know about Zach, my cookies are on him growing some masculinity in the face of danger and completely dominating this war.

  56. Alphonse

    Had to think of the most generic thing I could say. Took a lot of though, here is the result:

    “And so it has begun.”

    Basically 65% of my posts.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Aha, you’re the secret identity of Generic Hero Person!

      • Frank

        Aha! You’re the secret identity of generic villager person!
        er, villainous person
        never mind

  57. Hunter

    BOOM! Headshot!

  58. Ninetailsgun

    Zach needs more facetime around here.

  59. AuvaAkita

    ~prepares for a giant water baloon fight that will make the entire town of Babylon Gardens smell like wet dog~

  60. rallyjr

    just testing this avatar thing out, and on the other hand poor Zach

  61. Dogs Rule27

    I imagine that either Tiger or Bino threw the water balloon but only Rick could know the true answer.

  62. inaki