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  1. Dissension

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    • Kaleb

      I don’t think anyone would ever try to question you you scare them to much for them to do so(in other words, your cool).

      • Kaleb

        I did not check my spelling. I do that next time.

      • Frank

        Wait, are you saying Dissension is Chuck Norris?

        • dragonbreath007

          No Chuck Norris is scared by him!

          • Draven

            Chuck Norris is immortal, Dissension is omnipotent.

      • 78uh

        He has the avatar of a mouse (?) With Cyclopes head-gear. Dont mess with this guy. He’ll Ban hammer you the second he sees something is up.

  2. IceKitsune

    lol Tarot and Dragon are fighting. I bet this happens a lot.

    • gaboris

      I guess she didn’ say “For the last time” without a reason. XD

    • rtlstien

      It’s times like this that makes me forget about the Peanut x Grape pairing that I want and just say “You can have her, Max”

    • JokkePokke

      For some reason, I really like green-eyed Tarot, she’s so… Spiritual, I guess

  3. GameCobra

    Rick, i love you. <3

    Seriously, that was funny as hell XD

  4. Dissension

    Poor, poor Peanut. x3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Poor, poor Tarot.

      • Alphonse

        Poor, poor Bino.

        • Z24

          Rich, rich Miltons

          • Big Fan

            Okay, THAT was punny! Hey, what are doing with that brick…?

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          Poor, Poor, muscular Fido

          • Viath

            RIP SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent
            cause of death: e-strangling.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            oh, wow, those angels are buff.

          • Hera Ledro

            Actually, I thought the bone was buffer than Fido. Jus’ sayin’ ;D

          • LordWorpeltinger

            I’m thinking Tarot is looking shapely in this one, must been working on her fur more to fluff it up more.

        • netherwolf

          Poor, poor..uh … nvm ..

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Poor, poor dragon.

          • Error

            Poor, poor strangled Brent D:

    • GameCobra

      Weirded out by Tarot for the first time <3

  5. LegendaryHero

    Tarot is adorable.

    • megaman64

      Isn’t she always?

      • LegendaryHero

        Just like Fido’s musculature, Tarot’s adorableness must be mentioned at every opportunity.

        • huntersunday

          yep but I don’t think Rick minds talking about the adorableness

          • Frank

            Until someone says “I adore adorable the adorableness of that adorably adorable adoration!”

  6. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    nice work drawing from your life experience, Rick. also, finally providing a clearer instance of Tarot and Spirit being separate.

    • IceKitsune

      It also show that every time her eyes are green its Dragon talking.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I think it’s more Dragon talking = green eyes than it is green eyes = dragon talking. it’s more that anytime dragon’s talking, Tarot is using her powers, so her eyes are green. but her eyes go green at other times.

        • IceKitsune

          Ok if that is true (which I’m still not sure it is but it might be) I have to admit IMO it kind of makes it confusing, because it becomes really hard to tell who’s talking in situations where her eyes are green; which could be either Tarot or Dragon. Especially when (like this one) the Dragon tag doesn’t show up in the Tag section.

          • Mettlebird

            Meh, but I think it’s dragon talking there.

          • Zarvain

            Hmm, then perhaps it wasn’t dragon at all; just Tarot trying to make sure Peanut would be freaked out by any further advances of Spirit dragon’s.
            That or Rick was tired and just forgot to add the tag, one or the other. =P

          • IceKitsune

            I know its Dragon talking in this comic guys. I’m just saying if Brent is right (that its not always Dragon when Tarot eyes are green) that it might be a good Idea to tag it as Dragon when it is her talking/doing something so its not confusing.

          • Leitrean

            I think breant meant that green eyes mean that dragon is being used not just when dragon is talking

            personally i think when she uses the dragons powers she is still there but the dragon can at times when it sees fit, speak through her.

    • GameCobra

      books about Dragons these days seem to mostly be children books and about mythological stuff.

      Just wait though! *shakes fist at Libraries everywhere*

      • The Wolf Kin

        I don’t know, the books I tend to find with ‘Dragon’ in it all tend to be about dragons. I personally recommend Margaret Weis’ Dragonvarld Trilogy.

      • Koran

        You should try the Inheritance saga (starts with the book “Erragon”) by Christopher Paolini. Great Dragon book set, tho the books are lengthy.

        • darkgloomie

          Meh, the first ones of that saga are kinda… not good, imho. I heard it gets better, but I stopped after reading the second one. I already filled my quota of doorstoppers after reading LOTR and a couple of lengthy fanfics. None involving dragons, though.

          There’s a serious lacking of dragons in my reading… I’ll have to find a way to correct that. TO THE BIBLIOMOBILE!

        • GameCobra

          Forgot to mention that the best books about dragons are any written by Richard A. Knaak so far, mainly the World of warcraft books “Day of the Dragon” and “Night of the Dragon”, but i would like to get my hands on Dragonlance as well =)

        • Draven

          Seconded, I like the books but people say the story in them sorta dies at the third. I still say great series

      • The_Rippy_One

        Try out the Temeraire series, too (book 1: His Majesties Dragon). Massive amounts of humor, philosophy, and dragon to dragon combat between Britain and Napoleon France.

        • rakaydos

          Love that one! Plenty of Jane Austin influence- If you like Horatio Hornblower or Master and Commander, it reads like that… but with moar dragons.

          Also EE Knight’s Age of Fire (first book: Dragon champion), a typical high fantasy world from the perspective of three hatchling dragonets.

      • valrejn

        Being a dragon fanatic myself, I sympathize with you completely. I used to frequent the bookstores and libraries, grabbing every book with a dragon on the cover or in the title. I never counted for statistics, but too many of them had nothing to do with dragons at all and some weren’t even fantasy. Of those that were left, a good percentage had the dragon appear for a couple pages in some chapter in the book and that’s it. Then there’s the books were the dragons are just mindless monsters. Only a small percentage of the books I have read had the dragons as thinking characters, even less as central characters.

        I could name off dozens of good books Peanut, but my top recommendations are:

        “Make Way for Dragons!” by Thorarinn Gunnarsson
        “Dragoncharm” by Graham Edwards
        “Dragons Can Only Rust” and “Dragon Reforged” by Chrys Cymri

      • Weasel

        I was looking for the mention of anything relating to Anne McCaffrey books, seeing none I feel compelled to make them known. Check out the Dragonriders of Pern. Its an astoundingly good series of books (and there are quite a lot of them).

        • Nikola

          Those are my favorite dragon books. Anne mccaffrey is a great writer.

    • Daggy

      Precisely what I thought. I remembered reading this on his Twitter.

      Tarot mad, Spirit Dragon jealous.

      • Eagle0600

        Tarot is jealous. Dragon is envious.

        • megaman64

          woot! I sense a love triangle.

          • megaman64

            Another love triangle.

          • Hera Ledro

            So…would there be a love square thing going on, then? Peanut-Tarot-Dragon-Grape? Nah, Grape’s been cut out of the square… erm…

            As you were, people!

          • Chip Uni

            It can’t be just a triangle: EVERYONE loves Peanut!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Non-euclidean love pentacle.

          • Hera Ledro

            Oh dear, now we’re bringing non-Euclidean geometry in it? Are we -trying- to give the non-math geeks headaches?

            Because I am ;D I much prefer the tesseract image; love shan’t be limited to only 3 dimensions!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Lobachevskian geometry … the universe shaped like the hole in a donut.

        • Whitekitsune

          Would you say that Dragon is…. green with envy?

          • darkgloomie

            Dragon is the green ey’d monster! *LEGASP*

  7. Zander

    Daww tarot!

  8. Lilaeris

    Oh the problems of sharing with a divine dragon~
    To be honest, I think green eyes look better on her. :3

  9. Yehoshua

    So dragon loves peanut, yes or no?

    • Indagare

      I’d say that’s a yes.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Dragon’s in love with a lower being!

        • xhunterko

          Shut up! She is not!

          • Lance

            XD purfect reply. X3

    • IceKitsune

      Yes she is and you know I kind of wonder how that will end up playing out later on. Since this argument has happened a few times between Tarot and Dragon (as show by Tarot saying “For the last time”) I wonder if this could start causing some problems between the two of them, perhaps a fight that causes Dragon something important in the game.

    • Chip Uni

      Yep, yep, yep!

  10. Viath

    This is so funny!
    also: finally some concrete proof that Tarot and Dragon are separate people. It’s been kinda ambiguous before now, (at least it seemed that way to me)

  11. Indagare

    Alt: As far as I’m concerned, if your main metaphor evokes something cooler than your actual story, you’re doing something wrong.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Or very very right.

      • The_Rippy_One

        Potentially excessively right. But it has to become a running metaphor then, at which point it risks becoming a theme. And then the English teachers assault some forlorn outpost of humanity.

  12. Corodan

    This needs to happen.

  13. Atheren

    I hate it when that happens.

    • Maxmice

      Don’t we all.

  14. GameCobra

    “Don’t worry, Peanut. i’m not crazy. Remember the time i nearly dropped you in the Lava?”

    • megaman64

      you know that isn’t really a point in her favor right?

      • GameCobra

        You’re missing the humor behind it </3

  15. Varaleo

    Let the battle over Peanut begin……. Round 1: Tarot Vs Dragon Spirit

    • Nikola

      While they aren’t the same person, aren’t they still kind of the same person. Like how Pete took over king so he could legally use king as his avatar, couldn’t dragon do something like that to win.

      • Varaleo

        True, but Pete uses that human form to be Kings owner. So have the Dragon Spirit and Tarot go to an arena where both can be independent of each other and for all fairness have the Great Kitsune ref the fight so that the Dragon Spirit can’t overshadow Tarot. The winner gets first crack at Peanut’s heart. That is if this whole thing doesn’t freak him out and make him want to avoid them both.

        • Nikola

          Hmm, i see your point. In that case… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

          • Draven

            3… 2… 1… FIGHT

        • Pogiforce

          He seemed to be fine watching the spirit dragon fight the ice giant, and it was explained to him then that Tarot and the dragon are different persons. I don’t think seeing them fight each other would freak him out.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            would you want to be in the room while a celestial being argues with your girlfriend over your love?

          • Leitrean

            that would be so awesome i might wet myself

    • netherwolf

      that’ll be one heck of an epic battle xD

      • Rayne

        or a really short one.

        • huntersunday

          yeah dragon is an almighty spirit while Tarot is a dog so I will agree it wouldn’t last long at all cause Zach would win XD

    • Avansis

      Arc material, we need to see this!

      • Zarvain

        I second this.

        Not that it likely TO happen, but second wanting to see. =)

        • Draven


  16. xhunterko

    Okay, all I have to say is lol. Poor Peanut.

  17. Argent Stonecutter

    Here, Peanut, try “The Dragon and the George”. I’d love to read your world’s version of it.

  18. Vladimir Zharkov

    What is it now? A love octagon?

    Max likes grape, peanut likes grape, tarot likes peanut, peanut likes tarot back grape likes max, dragon likes peanut. Gosh.

    • T-Squared

      Naw, it’s a love tesseract. :D

      • Vladimir Zharkov

        Haha, I love this comic!

        • Grim-one

          Yeah*highfives Vladimir Zharkov*

      • Hera Ledro

        Four (five including time) dimensions of love. Dear lord that’s awesome!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          actually, time is the 4th dimension. there are only three we can see(length, width, height) and then time.

          • Leitrean

            the 5th dimension is comedy

          • Draven

            Wait wait wait, love is a dimension all in it’s own, making it the sixth dimension of reality

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      more like a family tree of love. starts at Grape, splits into max and peanut, peanut splits into Dragon and Tarot, with a second connection between max and grape, a different second connection between grape and Peanut(because she loves him in a different way than she loves Max or Peanut loves her), a second connection between Tarot and peanut, and Dragon all lonely because Peanut doesn’t love her.

      wall of text.

    • Espemon333

      Love Dodecahedron would be the “easier to pothole to TV Tropes” version. But basically.

  19. ZV

    Ah Spirit Dragon getting her hopes up. :P

  20. Alphonse

    Too true. I cannot begin on the list of disappointing titles and covers of books.

  21. Thoth

    Well, that does dispose of the “Tarot is only hanging around because of the Spirit Dragon’s interest in Peanut” line of reasoning Pete introduced. Accurate conclusion, bad reasoning – and also somewhat revealing of Pete’s attitude; it looks like he doesn’t even consider the avatar’s motivations when drawing conclusions.

    • Indagare

      That’s really not very surprising. Pete’s like one of those munchkin players who only find a game fun by ‘winning’ it. It doesn’t matter that ‘winning’ may not be the point.

  22. Cruzor

    So cute…Each time I read the last two panels I just crack up…Wow if videogame players got yelled at by there “Avatars” like this, I would believe that many may in fact just give up…However, that would be just completely hilarious if that happened to me…cts (chuckles to self)…

    • Alphonse

      Hiya, fourth wall. Th’names sledgehammer.

      • Cruzor

        I see what you did there…cts (chuckles to self)…

    • Viath

      if your video game avatar started talking back to you, it would either make the game very frustrating or very entertaining.

      • Cruzor

        Maybe both…Some people like challenging content…

        • Deadpool

          hey how come my comments keep getting removed?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            are they above the rating of the comic or not about the strip? because those are grounds for removal of comments.

      • Tendo

        Id love to play a game like that personally, I find 4th wall breaking in videogames funny.

        Closest I have seen that wasn’t some minor and short indie game was Baten Kaitos, where all the characters talk directly to the player by looking at the screen and referring to him/her by name.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Second Life – it’s all about the fourth wall.

      • The_Rippy_One

        I’ve actually written two. Can’t program worth a darn, so neither is available, but I wrote the story lines.

        A big hurdle is that they do become less fun as the PCs grow to hate you (if you are being a jerk. The bonuses for admiration can be fun). You also have issues with placating the PC versus permanent emotional damage as a balance issue.

      • Chip Uni

        The game Black and White had two characters constantly breaking the fourth wall to talk to you…

        • Aerion

          Eh, Black and White was less 4th wall breaking, and more two guys sitting on the wall and talking to you about what’s on the other side x3

    • SupSatire

      What’s the point of writing “cts” after your messages if you’re just going to follow it up with (chuckles to self) anyway?

      • Cruzor

        Not everyone would know what cts means…As far as I understand there probably isn’t any list of acronyms that would contain the definition of cts…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s an RS232 signal, isn’t it? Clear to Send?

        • Nikola

          You could put *chuckles to self*, so you wouldn’t have to put cts at the beginning. The *’s denote an action.

          • Cruzor

            Thanks for the tip…I’ll attempt to use it from now on…

  23. Nikola

    You know, my last girlfriend and i had to split up because of her divine overlord’s jealousy of me. Those spiritual relationships never work out. Good luck to peanut though.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Could have been worse.

      • Nikola

        How could that possibly get worse?

        • Alphonse

          Your sombrero could have fallen off, and you could have dropped your taco.

          • Nikola

            Oh, sorry, i thought it was assumed that msfoaidmt. So now tell me, how could it get worse?

  24. Daggy

    Yay for more Tarot!

    • huntersunday

      Yay for more Peanut and Tarot!

      • The_Rippy_One

        Yay for Dragon and Peanut!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          Yay for Tarot and Dragon!

          • dragonbreath007

            Yay for everybody!!

    • huntersunday

      yay more Housepets!

  25. Sonic Fox

    This answered a lot for me, and was hilariously cute.

  26. Lance

    oh wow. who knew Peanut would have women pinning after him? X3

    • dragonbreath007

      He realy made it! :-D

  27. Volk

    So… Tarot has one head but problems with multiple personalities because of the whole D&D thing… but Cerberus has three heads that work together just fine because not working together is too cliché.

    I typically don’t like speculation because it turns out dead wrong most of the time… but on the topic of King/Joel and Pete… I wonder if King’s decision could have any bearing on Pete’s ability to use King as an avatar… then again, “implied consent” didn’t work for Pete the first time, so that train of thought gets shot down pretty quick… then again, in the strip where they’re discussing implied consent, it seems that Pete implies that Joel consenting to be a dog would give him the ability to control King…

  28. Hoheh

    SD has an obvious crush on Peanut. So cute!

    • Grim-one

      For me, Its Grape

  29. netherwolf

    they’re fighting over Peanit, nice x3

  30. Rayne

    So he’s technically dating to girls………NICE!

    • Viath

      weeeeelllll, he’s dating Tarot but Tarot is Spirit Dragon’s avatar. Technically he is, technically he isn’t.
      wait a second, didn’t someone make a song called “do you want to date my avatar”?

      • Viath

        and a quick jaunt over to youtube confirms it. That song is even more funny when you think of the lyrics in Housepets context. :D

        • Rayne

          Yes that’s funny, but if you think of it he’s dating tarot the dragon (who seriosuly needs an actuall name) is inside Tarot. So he’s dating two.

  31. Firewolf

    Totally Agree, I hate buying books called “Wolf Quest” or stuff and find that it has nothing to do with wolves >_< BTW, having a girlfriend 150,000 times bigger then you might be fascinating, but not such a good idea XP

    • Tendo

      Not everyone would be opposed to something like that :P

      • Firewolf

        Logically not a good idea ;P

        • Frank

          I thought they could change size at will?

          • Firewolf

            Hmmm, well, I guess, I now do remember Pete being able to fit in Joel’s cell, and Tarot was not to big in the forest, but has any of them shrunk to Housepet’s size? I don’t mean an Avatar, cause, well, complications as seen above :P

        • Volk

          Umm… could the dragon not make Peanut bigger?

          • Tendo

            The last thing we need to add to this celestial mess is a titanic Peanut…

          • Volk

            A titanic Peanut would, however, make for a good comic.

          • Draven

            A titanic Peanut would make for a very confused Grape

        • Maxmice

          In a world of talking animals, I don’t think logic applies here.

  32. Grim-one

    hello people…:)

  33. Grim-one

    how’s it goin’?

    • Foxstar

      If you wish to chat with other comic fans, I would point you towards the fourms, which is a more active and better place.

  34. Tendo

    Relationship Status: “It’s complicated”

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow there was a “Both my girlfriend and the god-like spirit thats sharing her body are competing over me” option…

    Scooting away was pretty much the only acceptable response to that XD

  35. megaman64

    arguing with yourself is a good way to freak out those around you. Peanut and Tarot are examples of this.

  36. Grim-one

    bad impression??sorry:(

  37. Grim-one

    geez… poor peanut tarot’s gone coocoo x3

  38. Fred

    What, no comment on the dragon on the cover? It’s quite… consummate.

    • Viath

      psh, that arm is not nearly beefy enough. and I see only one wing. how is that dragon supposed to fly? so much for a wingaling dragon.
      yep, absolutely no majesty here.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        wait, one arm? if it works out, it could be… TROGDOOOOOORRRRRR!!!

        • megaman64

          the burninator?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            indeed. And the Trogdor comes in the night.

        • Vladimir Zharkov


          • Grim-one


  39. Parry

    O.O …alter-ego much?!

  40. Grim-one

    love housepets this comic is freaking epic!!!!!!!!!!woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. leaffly

    Aw Peanut XD
    You now got girls fighting over your.

  42. Draegwolf

    Because arguing with yourself isn’t creepy at all.

    I always thought Tarot and the dragon were the same person.

    • Dissension

      No, Tarot is The Spirit Dragon’s avatar, in the same way that Pete wanted Grape, then King, to represent him on the playing field. As said in a previous strip, Tarot and Spirit Dragon just work together toward common goals.

      • Nikola

        Pete wanted grape as his avatar?

        • darkgloomie

          Yea, he sent Grape a dream about him and how to free him, along with leaving her with a feather of his to ensure the “was it a dream or not?” effect that’s standard celestial policy.

          Unfortunatly, Grape got warned by Tarot that Pete is a bad guy so he couldn’t gain her trust back and had to “settle”

          • Nikola

            Oh, i thought she was just dreaming. Thank you.

    • Foxstar

      Nope. Rick has explained a few times that Tarot is her avatar, but they are not the same person.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Shouldn’t Spirit Dragon be in the tags?

        • Volk

          The dragon is acting through Tarot though…

        • Alphonse

          Got chewed out for something like that once.

    • Dena

      Wait, if SD is always there, does that mean Tarot and Peanut will never have any time to themselves?

      Talk about a chaperone you can’t ditch.

      • GameCobra

        Possibly, but i doubt it works like that. seems to be an invoked kind of feeling.

  43. Grim-one

    I’d kill to see peanut get grape(sighs)

    • Avansis

      While not impossible, it’s still slim chance and probably not going to happen anytime soon so please don’t kill anyone and keep your hopes up. ;)

    • Frank


      Now the guy I need killed lives at…

      • Grim-one

        Perhaps not kill… I’d just luv 2 see it happen…

        • Grim-one

          [nervous laugh]

        • Viath

          and that, my friend, is what is known as “grapenut shipping”. Don’t worry, I do it too a little bit. :)

          • Grim-one

            but it’s just so-o sad…:{

    • IceKitsune

      Don’t worry its not dead yet just an So it still could happen depending on what Rick wants to do.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I prefer them with Maxwell and Tarot instead of each other, but then again I think of them as brother and sister.

  44. Grim-one

    well they are but yet they aren’t the same character(mumbles on)

  45. Elwood Blutarsky

    Aw, Tarot really does love him.

  46. Grim-one

    killer love[horror music plays]

  47. Grim-one

    oh… now I’ve got it:]

  48. gaboris

    Hmmm a mortal being scolding a powerful demigod that is who knows how many times her size? Heh I LIKE that. :D
    BTW the alt-text reminded me of Spoony’s The Dungeonmaster review. EXACTLY fits that bill. XD

    • Foxstar

      Demigod typically means the product of a god and a mortal. Spirit Dragon is very likely not a half-breed.

      • gaboris

        Hmmm… okay bad interpretation of the demigod word, I always took at as lover level gods or such… SO… What is the Dragon, Pete and that Kitsu thing then? O_o”

    • IceKitsune

      I always saw The Cosmic Nerds as sort of like The Beyonder and similar Cosmic Beings (Elders of the Universe,Ion,Parallax,ect.) from DC and Marvel.

      • gaboris

        Okay in that order: The who? like who? (who?, who?, who?) Oh two things even I know yaaay. :D
        PS: Okay I googled them all so I know who they are… no I don’t since I never read their comics, but still by The Cosmic Nerds you meant Dragon and the others? :)

        • IceKitsune

          Oh yes The Cosmic Nerds are Dragon and the others. Its what I (and some others use) to refer to them collectively. It just makes it easier to do so.

          • gaboris

            Good point. Thx for the info I may use it myself from now on. :D

  49. Chaosmasterdelta

    I think this is the first time we saw tarot angry

    • dragonbreath007


    • huntersunday

      no she was angry at Pete when she discovered King was a human

      • dragonbreath007

        But she had green eyes, so the Dragon had control.

      • Grim-one

        Man now that was really something:o

  50. dragonmith

    I can so identify with Peanut on this one…

    • Draven

      You dated a girl who was the physical embodiment of a celestial being, total score.

  51. Lastingimage24

    Well that was cute.

  52. The Wolf Kin

    The little ’scoot’ effect made the last panel work.

    Poor, poor Peanut, having to deal with a girlfriend that has a DRagon in her head, always watching.

    • dragonbreath007

      But “he” asked for a Dragon.

      • Maxmice

        and he got one, sort of

  53. E

    Quick Peanut run it a love triangle

  54. Somebody

    House Dragon lolz :P

    • Somebody

      I see what you did thar!

    • Nikola

      I was looking at the title and couldn’t figure out the second word. It seems obvious now

  55. WingedWolfGirl

    Ooh, flirty Spirit Dragon. :D

  56. El Legendario

    Lovin’ this comic!
    Tarot FTW !

    • $pike

      whoooo high five *high fives EL Lagendario*

  57. $pike

    whats going to happen to king?????????

  58. huntersunday

    SCOOT !!!

    sorry but it made me laugh

    • Grim-one


      • Grim-one

        You know what they say different strokes for different folks XD

  59. kurowolfe

    …and the love tree gets even more complicated.
    I’m new around here, and I’ve just spent 6 hours grinding through the whole series in one seating. That’s how much I love Housepets!
    Looking forward for Monday (here is UTC+8, so I get to read fresh ones on Monday 1pm, local time =P)

    • Grim-one

      What time does housepets post their new strips at??:-

      • zeroslash

        New comics are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00 CST/CDT.

        • Grim-one

          thanks, zeroslash:>

        • kurowolfe

          Just realized that I have class on Monday, 1pm

          Nway, changed my avvie coz someone’s already used the previous one, and I like headphones.

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    • Indagare

      No need to apologize, most folks here seem to have a favorite species – particularly when it comes to one of the Housepets! characters.

      • Grim-one

        How do you get an avatar???:l

        • dragonbreath007

          Got mine last week, just go to the “get an avatar” link below.
          The rest is illustrated. ;-)

      • Nikola

        Agreed. It seems that no 2 animals are alike, or the same species, and I honestly think that the species of a character determines how much someone likes them.

        • Frank

          Supposing that by “species” you meant “breeds”, we do have about half a dozen wolfs who, because they’re all related to each other, are the same breed

          • Nikola

            Yes, thank you. Breeds is a more appropriate word.

  62. Dragongal

    Rick, this is awesome! Everyone is suggesting so many different outcomes! ……which is right?

    • Volk

      Whatever he wants XD

      Seeing as this is a one-off, I doubt there will be more about the tarot/dragon/peanut relationship…

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    • Grim-one


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    • Grim-one

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  72. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

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  73. JohntheTvman

    Poor Tarot.Funny thing,this happens EVERY TIME I debit with my friends to the point I’m staring at a spot next to me yelling “BUT YOUR WRONG!” and my friend has to cut in to stop me from looking stupid yelling AT THIN AIR.Maybe that’s I like her so much.Plus,DRAGONS!

    • Grim-one

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      • JohntheTvman

        “true that.” for what?

        • Grim-one

          yoo know…

  74. deathcloak

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  75. Bob

    Um, I always thought Tarot and Dragon were one in the same… That Tarot was Dragon’s “mortal” form… Guess I was off…

    • Dissension

      Tarot is the Spirit Dragon’s avatar; they’re not the same person.

  76. Pogiforce

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    Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon. Huh…

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  78. Dogs Rule27

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    • Dissension

      That’s a rather major part of the joke. As can be seen, Tarot’s eyes glow when the Spirit Dragon is acting through her.

      • dragonbreath007

        Oh please, don’t bring up that green eyes yellow eyes discussion
        SYSTEM OVERLOAD!!!!_______REBOOT________bad headache!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I gotta admit, someone who came into this comic for the first time with this strip is going to be completely confused.

      • dragonbreath007

        Sure thing, but do you start a good book from the last page?

        • Leitrean

          so i’ve been doing it wrong this whole time? dang

          • Dissension

            Only if you don’t start from the last page…

  79. Rider098

    Ah, one of those “Never Judge a Book by its Cover” moments. That’s why its always good to read the synopsis and reviews, leads to far less disappointments!

    Well at least Tarot has some control over her life compared to being an avatar to magical superbeings like Pete or who knows what. Then again, we don’t see enough of them both to tell, so who knows.

  80. I Am...

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  82. DJ Nightfire

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    • Pogiforce


      Itty bitty living space…

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  84. Quin the Husky

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  85. Severedevil

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  86. anon_omis

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    -Robin Williams

    • Frank

      Yes, we all know this has nothing to do with Schizophrenia, but how can you oppose such a great quote?

    • Sansash

      May I have another?

      “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m schizophrenic, and so am I. No, you’re not! He is, you know. Oh, shut up, you two and let him speak!”

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    • Foxstar

      Oh, aren’t we demanding.

      This is called a one-off. Read up and learn what that means before posting again.

    • Tech

      I didn’t mean it in that why, I find it really funny and like the way he does it, it’s also why I injoy reading it

  94. Reconstruction

    So wait, Tarot and the Spirit Dragon are separate? I thought being the dragon’s avatar meant that the Dragon just transformed into Tarot…

    • Hoheh

      See? This is why I was confirming MONTHS ago. And getting trouble for it.

  95. james9588

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  96. Mr. Random

    Anyone else notice that when Dissension posts the ToS it’s always at 12:00 AM? sorry to change the subject but I was curious

    • zeroslash

      He has the power to change the time of the post, making it seem he posts it exactly at 12:00 AM.

      That, or he’s really fast.

      • Dissension

        I can change the post time so it’s always the first comment.

        I’m also a cylon.

        Up to you whether that makes a difference.

        • Nikola

          So that explains the whole eye laser thing. Bg FTW.

  97. Snowmon

    I know how Peanut feels. i can’t find a decent werewolf book without vampires, lame metaphors, or a very inaccurate “how to guide” (

    • Volk

      As if there is such a thing as an accurate how to guide on that topic…

      I have to admit though, vampires being in the same books as werewolves has become a bit too cliché… in fact, vampires in any sort of book has become too cliché… :|
      The film adaptation of Interview with the Vampire was decent, but there are just too many vampire things out there… Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, and so on and so forth ad infinitum… even if they never started sparkling I’d want to stick a stake through their chests… they’re pests… (ok, so one could say that about wolves too… but at least they’re not glorified corpses that want to suck your blood.)

      • Snowmon

        Not really, see… (Warning: Rant in progress.)

        Most of the movie werewolves might as well be zombies. “Ah, I’ve been bitten.” “I’m going to turn on you.” “Shoot/kill me before it’s too late” Blah, blah, blah. The only difference is that it happens over and over again.

        When in all the old myths and legends the whole “bitten & cursed” thing is almost never the cause. That’s the influence of both hollywood and vampire stories. There are more ways to become a werewolf than there are cliché vampire stories. (Not including drinking “wolfsbane tea”. A single touch is poison for both man and beast.) Then after that, there’s also the types of werewolves the “cures”, the ways that they transform (not just a full moon).

        Plus the guides all depict all of the bad qualities of “wolves” as if they’re fact when, in truth, wolves are much less “savage” than we are led to believe. (sure you wont want to keep one as a pet. They are wild animals, but still.) The wolves in this comic are closer to the truth than Hollywood.

        Wolves really are not pests. Vampires suck. (no pun intended.)

        • The almighty 404

          Yeah, many of the problem we associate with wolves come in fact from wild dogs. Wolves tend to kill far less sheeps than the wild dogs do, yet when a sheep goes missing we accuse the wolves first.

  98. ~Dark-Leo~

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  99. Slash the Kitsune

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  101. Leitrean

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  102. Draven

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    • Dissension

      Is it really necessary to constantly talk about the Barn Cats? They were in a handful of strips and likely are not coming back. They are not related to the current strip at all. Per the discussion guidelines, “your comments should be relevant to the current comic.”

    • Draven

      The revelancy to the strip is my disappointment over the lack of Barn Cats in the strip and my hopes of a reoccurrence of said Barn Cats in future strips, not an entire story arc about them per say, simply a one off to help remind people that creatures so adorable can be more than just throw away characters thatonly appear in one frame of one comic. I know my hopes are quite unimportant to the story line and will have little, if any, effect, I am simply voicing my opinions just as others are and just as you have in regards to my comment. Good day sir.

  103. Sonariofan

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    (That said, any reason Dragon’s speech balloon isn’t green and stuff to signify it’s Dragon apart from laziness/forgetfulness?)