Zoo Boo

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  1. NickCrotser


    • Brownie


    • deathcloak


    • huntersunday

      complete win with the pun ha

      • LordWorpeltinger

        I agree, and love the alt text
        “I apologize for doing puns twice in two weeks, but not for the fact that it is yet another roo pun. Deal WITH IT!” XD

    • AflacMan13

      Oi… -_-

      But yes… awesome sauce on your winning mini toast of pun-yness.

  2. Tahoe

    That fox and his roo puns!!!!!

  3. sonicrusher

    Got that on the first try.

  4. LegendaryHero

    Only Karishad…

  5. netherwolf

    hah,poor guy

  6. Daggy

    AHAHAHA. That was good.

  7. tanglestalker909

    Alt-text, please?

    • netherwolf

      I apologize for doing puns twice in two weeks, but not for the fact that it is yet another roo pun. DEAL WITH IT

  8. Kondog

    hahaha Karishad is awesome!

  9. Dissension

    Kari is the cutest dentist ever. *laughs*

    I’d trust that fox with my teeth! If you wouldn’t, you’re crazy.

    • netherwolf

      he’s a good dentist, but the way he’s holding that shovel i can imagine how’s he gonna fix his tooth x3

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I thought he gave that up after the incident with the elephant and the anteater.

      • Sansash

        Oddly enough I’m reading a book that features a rather foxy dentist named Mr. Croup right now.

    • Yehoshua

      I’m crazy.

  10. Indagare

    For those who will inevitably ask later, the alt text is: I apologize for doing puns twice in two weeks, but not for the fact that it is yet another roo pun. DEAL WITH IT.

    I sure hope that the dentist isn’t rood.

  11. Snowmon

    Almost as punny as the dog with the identity crisis.
    Remember Rooby Roo?

    • AuvaAkita

      Ah yes, i remember that! XD

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      what about the eroodite kangaroo?

  12. Coatl Ruu

    Wait, so he dug a massive trench just to make a lame pun?

    The guy’s dedicated, I’ll give ‘im that. :3

    • huntersunday

      As long as its funny comics will go the distance

    • Frank

      It’s an OverlyPreparedGag
      And its funny, who cares?

    • GM

      i’d be less worried that he did it for a lame pun and more that he dug it in under an hour.

  13. rtlstien

    Admit it Rick, you drew a strip with kangaroos because I mistook a deer for one a few strips ago didn’t you? ^-^

    • Snowmon

      What’s next a camel in a chimney?
      (a dozen cookies to anyone who gets that lame pun.)

      • zeroslash

        Isn’t that from Animal Crossing or something?

        • rtlstien

          I think he’s referring to Camel cigarettes.
          Smoking Camel in a chimney

          • Snowmon

            I owe ya a baker’s dozen.

          • Frank

            Here, take some of mine

  14. SilverZeo

    If that what they got for a “Roo Canal” from that guy, it sure bets if he actual HEARD them right…

  15. Hoheh

    Punishingly punny.

  16. AuvaAkita

    I love Karishad ^^

  17. Teh Brawler

    I really hope Karishad can stay ROOted long enough to endure the beating he’s about to get.

  18. IceKitsune

    lol yay! More Puns and more of the zoo animals I love it when they show up.

  19. neonsky

    Housepets: No longer revolves around houses, OR pets!

    • Frank

      So what would that make the ferrets?

      • Yehoshua

        Mansion owners.

  20. Valerio

    Karishad keeps being awesome!
    I want him as my dentist! :D

    • $pike


  21. Nikola

    Karishad is amazing. Always solving problems. Maybe he was in Wisconsin recently.

  22. Parry

    Root canal, Fox… ROOT CANAL…

    • Snowmon

      Karishad just needs to get his foxs straight.

  23. gaboris

    Heh np prob Rick as long as it’s funny you can do a whole arc with puns, roo puns in favour. X3 BTW I didn’ get this till I did a search for it, but still funny. :D
    BTW Come ON Karishad was just trying to help… right? XD

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      yes, I request an arc revolving around a series of extremely lame puns. it would make me happy.

  24. Someguy

    He did that in an hour? By himself? That canal has to be at least 6 feet deep!

    At least now the roos won’t have to worry about the Black Knight.

    • huntersunday

      but now there will be crocks !!!

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Don’t worry, they’re from the OZ. They’ll just wrestle the biters!

        Besides, a crock hurting one of the Roos would really mess up poker night.

    • Valerio

      behold the might of Karishad!

  25. $pike

    stone cold rick austin *hangs ricks picture in WWF hall of fame*

    • $pike

      or stone cold rick griffan witch one is best?????

  26. Argent Stonecutter

    That is the second most embarrassing joke I have seen today (the worst was the Dalai Lama interview).

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      but I actually liked that joke. both of these. I enjoy lame puns.

  27. Draven

    Lol, roo canal

    • $pike

      HA HA HA! bless your soul

      • Draven

        I’m… I’m not sure but… I think there is excessive sarcasm in there… I can’t tell though… I’m a little scared

        • $pike

          crazy by gnarls barkey its a good song.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            yes, but what does it have to do with this?

          • $pike

            i like blessing peoples souls

  28. dragonvcat


  29. Tendo

    There aren’t enough facepalms in the world…

  30. dragonbreath007

    I have to go to the dentist this week too,
    i hope he is NOT THAT FOX!!! AHHHH!!!

    • Nikola

      I’m going today, and i can’t wait for karishad to be my dentist.

      • Draven

        I hope my root canal goes better, btw how did the fox did that big trench in only one hour

        • dragonbreath007

          Be glad he used the shovel for the roo canal,
          not for your root canal! :-D

          • tbird000666

            both sound painful

    • Yehoshua

      My dentist screwed up last week and I have to go again tomorrow, I think he IS a fox.

  31. Quin the Husky

    Haha! XD

  32. Chochi

    Roo puns don’t count…don’t worry about it!

  33. Yoshi-Fue

    I love you for this one… :3

  34. Vassago

    I think I twisted my brain a little *sigh* I don’t get his puns *sob sob * I did a theatrical performance about puns. Really it was just a play on words. See u guys in the next strip :) !!!!

  35. FerreTrip

    *rimshot* Oh, Karishad! X3

  36. Frank

    So, the site’s working again?

    • Yehoshua


      • Frank

        Huh. Guess I should’ve remembered to wake up

  37. Frank

    Wait, the Kangaroos do speak with Australian accents? I mean, naturally?

  38. Roadrunner

    Karishad is my favorite role model!
    Oh… I mean lol model :P

  39. Firewolf

    “At First glance I saw a Kangaroo….You need more Roos in the comic =D I know you want to ;)
    Yay! More Roos! =D Woot woot!

  40. Shaex

    Wow that fox just won’t stop. Go Karishad! Although I haven’t found a website with him on it. (and his work)

  41. dragonbreath007

    Karishad just has to wash his ears (\_/)
    I think he is a good boy!

  42. xhunterko

    Aww, poor Roo.

  43. Argent Stonecutter

    At least they can jump over it easy enough.

  44. Shake

    Oh Karishad, what expensive damage *won’t* you cause?

    • Leitrean

      Dirt prices have taken a dive recently due to a high demand for grass so it’s not as expensive as you think XD

  45. dragonbreath007

    Yeah!! Reading a great comic while watchíng atotal luna eclipse…. just great!!

  46. Salenstormwing

    Something tells me his dentistry diploma might be a fake.

  47. dragonbreath007

    Huh….realy? Oh, oh my …..I have to cancel my appointment!

  48. $pike

    N.T australia yeeeeeaaaaaah

  49. Blaze

    Well, he IS a fox, and i think it’s safe to say that foxes only ever have 1 thing going on in their mind…

    • Shake

      *Projects Dissension signal onto the clouds*

  50. Draven

    My brother came to me today with questions about furries and a general distaste, I told him they are more socially accepted than he may think, just watch some TV. An hour later he came back and said, “Dude your right, they’re EVERYWHERE.”

    • dragonbreath007

      Of course they are!

  51. Toggle

    THis is super win

  52. D.Z.

    Next week: the kangaroos meet Joey, hilarious puns ensue.

  53. FenixWong951

    Maybe is cuz i talk spanish…but…i dont get it

    • dragonbreath007

      tratamiento de la raíz = root canal
      el canguro la cloaca = roo canal
      Huh, I think my spanish is inferior to my english. Sorry!

  54. Dogs Rule27

    *Face plam*

    • Dogs Rule27


      • Frank

        No, it’s good! “plam” is the sound your hand makes when you facepalm!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          actuually, that’s more of a “smack” sound.

  55. Alphonse

    All these characters I do not remember. Good job filling in the no-Arc space, Rick.

  56. Hopper200456

    “Can’t let you do that, Fox!”

  57. JokkePokke

    Thought they were just pretending to be Australian?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I’m Australian. We don’t all talk like Paul Hogan.

      • dragonbreath007

        Yust a cliche.
        I don’t wear lederhosen or eat sauerkraut all day too.
        By the way, I hate that stuff.

      • Dissension


        • dragonbreath007

          But i’m telling the truth!! “sitting in front of the monitor wearing lederhosen and eating sauerkraut” XD

      • Alphonse

        Just, y’know, a vast majority.

  58. Shuma Jindivi

    Roo puns will rule.

    • $pike

      now and forever

  59. $pike

    wait are they zoo animals or wild?

    • Draven

      The kangaroos are zoo animals, Karishad shows up where ever he is needed.

      • Valerio

        Then King needs some Karishad against Bino!

  60. the1truesushiboy

    *sigh*… No.

  61. veganpolice117

    Buh dum tshh

  62. Draven

    Oh and Rick, thanks for the link to Two Kinds, I was having trouble finding it the old fashioned way, google is just no help at all.

    • Frank

      I don’t think he has any control over what shows up in the ad box

      • Foxstar

        We don’t. If a unaaproved ad shows up, we can have it yanked.

  63. Nintendosagafan

    HAAAAAAAAniceone XP

  64. Zar

    Karishad is my hero. <3

    • Valerio


  65. Viath

    this begs the question: Did Karishad not understand or is he doing it on purpose?
    Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised either way :)

  66. Rocket Knight boy

    heh that one actually made me chuckle

  67. JokkePokke

    For some strange reason, I keep reading the kangaroo’s bubbles in Sniper’s (TF2) voice..
    Probably because he’s the only Australian I’ve ever heard in my life.