Sailing Songs
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  1. Dissension

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  2. TheLaw

    I missed these guys and once again they are awesome!

    • Thomas

      You know what this reminds me a LOT of?

      “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” or “We’re Off To See The Wizard” in “The Wizard of Oz.
      I sounded it out and it works pretty well.

      • neonsky

        Thats interesting cause thats exactly how i sung it at first. I wonder why.

        • silverfang16

          I did too.

      • The_Rippy_One

        It reminded me of “Moving right along” From the Muppet Movie.

        • Draven

          i just made up a tune and fit it to the song, the meter is indeed very basic and just about anything can be manipulated to make it work

      • Zarvain

        1st song I though of was an old pirate song, guess cuz of the whole sailing thing. =P
        But after having a wizard and muppet version both go through my head…I forgot just which pirate song it was >_< XD

      • Robin Bobcat

        I was thinking it sounded like one of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth ditties.

        • Volk

          The Road goes ever on and on
          Down from the door where it began.
          Now far ahead the Road has gone,
          And I must follow, if I can,
          Pursuing it with eager feet,
          Until it joins some larger way
          Where many paths and errands meet.
          And whither then? I cannot say.

      • Mavros

        I sung it like the “Irish Drinking Song” from Whose Line is it Anyway. I think it fit pretty well, especially the second verse.

        • Nikola

          That’s exactly how i sang it

    • JokkePokke

      I LOVE Fiddler and Keys and their “crazy shenanigans”!

  3. IceKitsune

    Yay! Fiddler and Keys! I love it when they show up

  4. Daggy

    Well aren’t they cute. Your background looks pretty good!

    Need more Fiddler and Keys!

    • TheLaw

      I second this motion.

      • tbird000666

        i oppose

        • Draven

          your opposition has been overruled

      • Reima

        I third!

    • Asteri

      Housepets!: the Musical – feat. Fiddler and Keys

  5. Yehoshua

    Yay I love these two! :3

  6. Snowmon

    Where they got the raft wasn’t the first question that came to mind.
    Where they’re sailing it did.

    • Vlad the Cat

      I had both in mind.

    • netherwolf

      the first thing that came to my mind was how far’s the ocean x3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      First thing that came to my mind was “they’re going to ruin that violin!”

    • Thropian

      The first thing in my mind was “is that a tent or the sails?”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Second thing was “who puts a crows nest on a raft?”

        • Dissension

          Someone Awesome does, that’s who.

        • Frank

          No, crows! Don’t nest there! It’s a trap! It’s full of cats!

          (“full” meaning “up to its capacity of 2″)

        • Snowmon

          My second thought was, what happens when it crashes.

          • Zarvain

            Simple answer would be: we find out if those 2 can swim.

    • darkgloomie

      The first thing I thought, “Is this supposed to have to do with Huckleberry Finn?”

  7. Vlad the Cat

    Wow we did not see them in a while..

    Could someone type in the alt please ?

  8. Fuzzypaws


  9. Asteri

    alt-text: It’s just best not to ask where they got the raft

    ….or where they’re headed… *waterfall*

    • TheLaw

      Thanks. They would sail directly towards a waterfall. I can easily see why they cannot hear the crashing of the falls though.

    • gaboris

      Oh come ON why would we ask anything on how did they get that raft? XD

    • Keeshah

      Gilligan’s Island!

      • Magnalicous

        Because not all people a self-respecting citizens like us! (mugs someone)

    • huntersunday

      away from the comic forever I mean waterfall

  10. Viath

    is this an actual song? (or is there a melody that this is supposed to be sung to?)
    just curious, I’m a singer.

    • TheLaw

      It sounds like a familiar tune that I have heard but I have no clue what the song is. Argh!

    • LegendaryHero

      I’m basing it off Whose Line is it Anyway’s Irish Drinking Song tune. That’s what I have decided to call the tune.

    • Rick Griffin

      Most of it is in common meter so you could probably sing it to several things

      • Viath

        playing around a bit, I found it works pretty well with the “sailing, sailing, over the bounding main” song melody that I remember from a really old Disney sing-along video. definitely appropriate. :)

        • Frank

          Which kind of explains “we don’t know when we’ll be back”, as “sailing, sailing, over the bouding main” ends with ” ‘ere Jack comes home again”

      • Viath

        maybe tomorrow I’ll pull out my ukulele and record myself singing it :)

      • Gizensha

        It certainly sang to the first thing I sang it too which I have no idea if it’s an actual folk tune or just similar to one.

  11. Alphonse

    And life is good.

  12. LegendaryHero

    We need a Fiddler and Keys arc, actually. An arc focusing entirely on the minor characters.

    • netherwolf

      mhm,a Fiddler-Keys arc sounds nice.It could be about how they’re late for their consert and they’re going through countless obstacles to get to the stage.Actually it doesn’t sound bad.

    • Serub

      I second your motion. Yours to netherwolf.

    • Viath

      just look how much depth this last arc gave to King! An arc on Fiddler and Keys would give them a lot more depth because we’ve basically only ever seen them in one-offs like this. Either way, they’re still fun characters.

  13. Nemo

    Nothin’ I like more than to here a Song ’bout Saillin’, The Ocean, or the Navy. :)
    And from awesome Cats? Even Better!

  14. netherwolf

    nice rimes,they have to make an albume ;3

  15. Vladimir Zharkov

    Fiddler and keys are the best!

  16. Vladimir Zharkov

    Is this to the tune of an actual song, or do we need to make our own?

    • Rick Griffin

      I have a tune for it in my head but I have no idea if it actually sounds and good

      • ZV

        obviously needs sung and recorded for all housepets fans to have on their iPods :)

      • Vladimir Zharkov

        The lyrics are great so I’m betting the tune is just as good!

      • JB

        Will we be hearing a theme song too for Housepets any time soon? Wait, I think there’s already one shown in youtube. n__n

      • xhunterko

        For some reason, the tune to Gilligan’s island came to mind.

  17. leaffly

    I would like to see more about them one day :3
    Wouldn’t you guys agree?

    • netherwolf

      sure do ;3

    • JB

      Most definitely. Maybe Rick can note to make a story arc about them. I really want to know what kind of personality are they like beside being merry.

      • Frank

        Well, we know Fidler has issues with picking from a menu (2009/08/17) and that he doesn’t like her (his?) tail stepped on (2009/05/18)

        Keys, on the other hand, gets out quite a bit, seeing as he (she?) knew about Mr. Milton and didn’t think twice about talking to Fox (2009/07/22) and that he (she?) seems to enjoy “theme” music, just for the lulls (2008/12/31)

        • leaffly

          True. But we need more facts! For once I like to know which is a boy and which is a girl.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That question reminds me of Pratchett’s Koboldean Saga, and the romance of Bloodaxe and Ironhammer.

          • Jinxed

            Think of which one looks more like Grape and I think you will find the answer.

  18. YuMin28


  19. Hopper200456

    OKAY, This comic strip is full of the following:
    An Adorable Couple,
    And Colors. B-E-A-UTIFUL colors.

    • Frank

      Someone else thinks what I think!

  20. ben

    es·tu·ar·y Noun: The tidal mouth of a river, where the tide meets the stream. I had to look that one up. I like the poem.

    • Viath

      i had to look it up too. Also to figure out how to pronounce it :)

  21. Reima


  22. Leo Tsubasa

    Lul, I actually sung this interpreted song… It kinda worked but in certain areas, I don’t know how it’d go.

  23. tbird000666

    Where is Grape i want Grape NOW OR ELSE!!!!!!

    • Little Puppy

      Rude much? Rick isn’t here to pander to your individual will! He’s expressing his own artistic desires and if the fans like it well great bonus. Unless you want to pay Rick to commission him to do Grape-only strips (which would make the comic boring and one sided as much as I like Grape) which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take comissions, then I suggest you wait patiently like the rest of us and appreciate what you are given ¬_¬

    • Foxstar

      Chill out, now, or else your commenting rights go away. After each arc, there are one-offs, which feature various members of the Housepets cast. Grape may not even -be- in the next arc.

      Sit back and enjoy the comic, leave the entitled fan mindset at the door.

    • Frank

      Wait a second, “or else”? Could you possibly be claiming responsibility for the site’s downtime, opening yourself to 400,000 lawsuits?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        OK, I didn’t imagine that, it wasn’t just me.

      • tbird000666

        no i have adhd and im stupid

        • Dissension

          Lest anyone forget, one of the guidelines here is “Do not abuse or belittle other posters,” so keep that in mind if you plan to reply to the above post.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            my reply was intended to stress that the “ADHD” and “stupid” were two seperate ideas, otherwise it could have possibly been taken to mean that people with ADHD were stupid, which is far from the case. though I apologize if it was taken as belittling.

          • Dissension

            There were other, less diplomatic, replies.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            then I am glad I didn’t see them.

  24. Leitrean

    I gotta hand it to Rick he is really good at writing songs. Thanks for an awesome comic before I go on a trip for the weekend Rick :)

  25. JB

    Something what Huckleberry & Tom would have song with exception replacing “cat’s” with “person’s”.

  26. Andrey


  27. Roadrunner

    wow Fiddler and Keys again!
    I love them!

  28. gaboris

    These singing strips may not be my favorites, but they are still nice and I really like the settings. Nice job Rick. :D

  29. Reconstruction

    These randomly appearing characters always seem to brighten my day :D

  30. tbird000666

    i want grape

    • tbird000666


    • Hera Ledro

      Calm your tail, you’ll get Grape eventually. The comic’s not all about her.

      Owait. Troll.

      I lolled.

    • Frank

      Two times in less than 2½ hours? Dude, Google her or something

  31. Kohaku Wolflover

    I agree with the lesser character arcs. They definitely need more depth for a full on experience of epicness. I hope soon that Spo gets an arc personally as well as Fiddler and Keys. I wonder what will happen next in the Housepets universe. Tune in next week to find out (lol)

  32. cesarinthewhitedragon

    I wonder, are they just friends, mates? lovers? or what?
    they seem to appear always in pair.. and always when theres songs going on..

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      their relationship is the complicated relationship of a musician couple.

    • Shake

      I always figured they were siblings, myself.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        but in their character bio, it’s said that they’re a couple. if Rick says it, it’s true.

        • Shake

          Ah, okay. I haven’t been paying too much attention to that section.

  33. Shake

    Okay yes, this is one of the more awesome one-offs.

    And any chance we might see the end result of their little trip?

  34. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai liked dat song :3
    and ai made a tune tah go with it in mai head X3

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    Three cheers, it’s back!

  36. Naylorfan90

    I now want a Fiddler and Keys spin-off webcomic. WHO IS WITH ME?

  37. xhunterko

    No! Don’t go! Come back!

    • xhunterko

      Okay. I’ll ask where they got the magnifying glass (or whatever it’s called). The raft is self explanatory. Ever seen/read Huckleberry Fin?

  38. Hera Ledro

    Ah, I missed my poetic pair. I wonder, did Keys bring a mini-piano along? It would be well-protected by the tent =D

    …Or maybe not.

  39. The almighty 404

    Boy, Fido sure does look… Oh, man, even I am bored of that joke.

  40. Dogs Rule27

    No offense but i don’t really like these kinds of strips not because they’re boring but because i can never figure out what music it is they’re singing to.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      well the only other (non-guest) strip with them singing has a link to the music.

  41. Valerio

    epic duo again, yay!

  42. kimo

    yay! Fiddler and Keys!!!! but you know who i miss? Res, Res was cool… and i want to know what happened after Peanut sent Grapes fanfic to him

    • Valerio

      that’s fot after Grape has stuffed her notebook into Peanut’s throat.

    • Dogs Rule27

      Yeah id like to see Grape’s face when she sees her fan fiction in Res’s new book.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Many authors refuse to read fanfics just in case this happens accidentally.

        Others turn the fanfics into a paying series like the Grantville Gazette.

    • Viath

      I’d like to see Res again too… he was sweet.

  43. Magnalicous

    That’s a pretty nice tune you two, now give me a two minute, rapid singing, super duper visuals, and a baby sun while you’re at it

  44. Scorch


    This is the tale…of Captain Jack Sparrow….

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      pirates so brave, named Fiddler and Keys.

      • Draven

        off and away to sail on the seas

        • Reima

          To a world never witnessed, past the river so narrow!

          • Scorch

            Awesome guys! ^^

          • Nikola

            Now we’re back in the club

  45. Clairvoyant Legacy

    This reminds me of the beginning of Kingdom Hearts.

  46. Bob

    And you’ll always know your neighbor, you’ll always know your pal
    If you’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal

  47. Immortel Shadow

    OH MY GOSH!… (Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.)
    This reminds me so much when I was younger. You know dressing up like pirates and going on an adventure to find a lost treasure cove or island or something like that… I have thoroughly enjoyed this one-off… Nice work Rick.

    • Lenn

      My mother and father once had these red chairs that you could put together to make a sofa…about five of them. My sister and I used to make “boats” out them and pretend we were sailors just like this!

      • Immortel Shadow

        I remember that my dad and a cousin of mine made a small boat out of cardboard boxes and stuff like that for me so I would stop bugging them. It worked extremely well.

  48. Lenn

    Just got done listening to “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Nightwihs, and that tune fits this pretty well!

    • Lenn

      Nightwish. Sorry.

  49. Silver Reyes

    this reminds me of lord of the rings for some reason

  50. Blaze

    Sooo… where did the raft come from?


  51. Frank

    For the record, the site was down today between 3 AM and 2 PM. Comments during that time were made on the strip’s Deviant Art page:

  52. FlintFang

    i always love their strange little songs

  53. Draven

    i move that we see more of those beautiful barn cats, remeber them

    • Frank

      Fiddler and Keys traveling downstream to them? Interesting idea

      • Draven

        it has nothing to do with Fiddler and Keys, i just wanna see more barn cats

        • Draven

          My inner furson died a little when I read that comic, his heart stopped at the sight of those cats

  54. JokkePokke

    Mod Edit: This is the Housepets! comic discussion section. If you’re interested in discussing other comics, you might want to check out the [forums].

  55. Ninja lurker

    Haha I love these guys. As a fellow musician (saxaphonist in the marching band and learning the guitar), I just love how humerois they are without following steriotypes of the musician.

    …not that I know what the steriotypes are :v they are just a pair I wouldn’t be suprised to see IRL.

    And I …second? third? the Fiddler/Keys arc idea. I would like to see some character development in them, more than just them playing a song or being a cameo.

  56. KanashiPup LMAO this is all I could think about reading that

  57. Hoheh

    Musical kitty couple! YAY!

    • dragonbreath007

      Like Paul Siamon and Art Catfunkel huh?

  58. Kujiiro

    I read this in an Aristocats tune.

  59. GameCobra

    Now Link will never get across the ocean to the 5th Dungeon.

    Thanks alot, Fiddler and Keys.

    • Corrector



      • GameCobra

        Oh,right. the two-sided entrance :|

  60. Jinxed

    I hope the last line doesn’t mean housepets won’t be updating for a while.
    /Watch me jinx it for saying that
    /watch me not jinx it for recognizing what I said

  61. pup

    Goes very well with the irish drinking song.

  62. dragonbreath007

    What!! No updates for a while!?! Awwwwwww!

    • Foxstar

      Just not from Fiddler and Keys. The comic will still go on.

      • dragonbreath007

        Fiuu! ;3

  63. KanashiPup

    Sing it with the Turkey and the Strew song IT WORKS PERFECT!!!

  64. Robin Bobcat

    Not shown: That the raft is actually in a kiddie wading pool in someone’s back yard.

    • Jinxed

      Then that is one heck of a back yard.

      • megaman64

        it is probably the Otters’ backyard.

  65. Vladimir Zharkov

    I’ve found the “Nightwish: The islander” would fit almost perfectly for the lyrics, plus I can see fiddler and keys playing it.

  66. Shaex

    If someone makes up sheet music for that i will play on he violin. I WILL PLAY LIKE FIDDLER

    • Shaex

      and then post link to me playing

    • Frank

      Well, Viath suggested it could be sung to “Sailing, Sailing, over the bounding main,” Thomas to “We’re off to see the wizard,” and Magnalicous to “Bloody tears” so why not try those?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        And you can sing ANYTHING to Greensleeves.

        • Robin Bobcat

          Gilligan’s Island turns into a mournful sea ballad when sung to it.

          Jabberwocky works, but has an extra syllable you have to work around.

          Love Shack is one of the more surprising ones.

          • Nikola

            Wow. You just blew my mind with your awesomness. Love shack is purrfect for it.

      • Viath

        yeah, and I’m sure you could find some pretty cool violin arrangements for any of those songs.

  67. Draven

    House pets poem
    Pirates so brave, named Fiddler and Keys
    Off and away to sail on the seas.
    To a world never witnessed, past the river so narrow
    With cuddling and laughing and fun by the barrel.
    With the wind at their backs and salt in the air
    Where ever fate takes them, they don’t know where.
    The adventure of friends, of boyfriend and girl
    Who decided one day to just give it a whirl.
    But alas they return, to the homes from which they stem
    ‘Cause this comic would be boring, if it were not for them.

    • Draven

      Just something I thought of after a party, actualy a continuation of a sort of group poem from earlier in the comments. Reposted because of a c-c-c-combo breaker.

    • Vladimir Zharkov


  68. Z24

    Where did Key stick the piano?

  69. dragonbreath007

    Maybe the tent is just like that camping trailer in “loaded weapon” :-D

  70. $pike

    *BYW locker room reads this comic*

  71. JennifertheDark

    Finally, Fiddles and Keys are back! :)