Enters The Hero, Take II

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  1. Dissension

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    • Frank

      No, seriously. If I point out something is in another language, does it (in general) count as Grammar Nazism (as per rule 4)?

      • Rick Griffin

        I’m pretty sure people know if they’re speaking another language

        • Alphonse

          Dunno, Rick.
          That can get pretty confusing sometimes. I wonder about it a lot.
          Oh no… Am I speaking English right now?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            je suis parle Anglaise.

          • Clairvoyant Legacy

            I am speak English?

          • Erkhyan

            “Je suis parle Anglaise”

            … I am speak Englishwoman?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            Hey, it’s been 2 years since I took French, and I didn’t want to make the joke by saying “I am speaking French” I don’t care. if I got it wrong :P

    • JokkePokke

      Hi Dissession :)

      I was wondering why you banned my last account a few days ago? When I checked it out, it said that you had permanently banned my IP (I’m at my dad’s house now, that was at my mom’s), and the reason for ban only said “If you have to ask..”, but why did you do that? If I did or said anything wrong, I didn’t mean to, and hope this was all just a mistake :)

      Sincerely your biggest Housepets Fan (you’ve probably heard it before, but I’m serious, I LOVE the comic!)

      • JokkePokke


      • Foxstar

        I do the IP banning around here, next to Rick. If your showing up as banned, you’ll have to contact me and give me your IP information. Contact info is in my profile. I believe.

        • JokkePokke

          Umm, rather embarrassing to ask, but how do I find your profile?

          • Dissension

            Foxstar’s profile on the boards has his contact information, but you can only see it if you’re registered and logged in. [link]

            His profile for the comments is much less informative. [link]

          • JokkePokke

            Hey, thanks for removing the ban :) I dunno who did, it, I never had the chance to send an e-mail since there’s something wrong with my account, but I tried writing at my mom’s a few days ago, and it was gone.
            Thanks whoever did it :D I felt kinda naked without the commenting!

  2. Daggy




    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly.

    • Lupus

      That last expression on King’s face is just immense :3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Appropriate avatar.

    • LordWorpeltinger

      I love the Alt Text: Oh Bino, you’re such a tease.
      I feel that way with many of the characters at some point of time

  3. Fuzzypaws

    Fido looks particularly heroic in panel 4! Also I did not realize the dogs club actually had a whole theater to meet in. *giggles*

    • Daggy

      I thought that as well. Super buff.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      It’s probably Bino’s owner Jeff’s garage with a curtain up (would explain why Bino got a hammer so easily too).

    • silverfang16

      Super Fido! Righting the wrongs that Bino causes.

      • Valerio

        Superhypocrite, doing what his girlfriend forced him to do!

        • Mr Mutt

          I agree.

        • silverfang16

          That is not the way his origin story will go!

    • Vlad the Cat

      Oh hey Fido is so buffed ! *gets e-strangled by rick*

  4. Viath

    Nice job. Bino wouldn’t give up that easy.
    also, Sabrina “I’m going to make you never born.” love it!

    • Zarvain

      Yes, nothing quite like the threat of non-existence to inspire true heroism. XD

      • silverfang16

        Especially when your girlfriend actually has the power to do it.

  5. Dissension


  6. AuvaAkita

    O.O Again with the cliffhangers!!! I can’t take it any more!!!

    • yarrofox

      Agreed. I already died of suspense from the last one…

      • AuvaAkita

        I wonder if one of the other dogs are gonna catch it and this is just gonna become one big game of keep-a-way.

        Or Fox mysteriously appears and catches it, then starts asking King what’s going on, and then the truth finaly comes out.

  7. Rick Griffin

    Boy, Fido sure does look muscular, even moreso than usual

    • Viath

      I thought you said you would “e-strangle” the next person who said that :)

      • Erkhyan

        Auto-e-strangle? Now that’d be an interesting concept.

      • darkgloomie

        somebody already commented on Fido’s physique, so it’s somewhat moot (unless that comment doesn’t matter)

      • Daggy

        He wouldn’t strangle a thing!

      • Valerio

        that was to prevent a flood of useless comments about Fido’s appearance and to tease fanboys at the same time :)

        • LR

          Because, after all, you’re not one.

    • LegendaryHero

      You oughta make that an alt-text some day

      • Rick Griffin

        I ought to make that the alt-text several days in a row

        • Dissension

          Particularly on strips where Fido does not appear

        • LegendaryHero

          The alt-text for every future strip Fido appears in, ever.

        • gaboris

          Yeah just e-overdoes us won’t you. XD

    • sansash

      You would know that better than anyone, wouldn’t you?

    • Dissension

      You know who’s really muscular? Boris.

      • huntersunday

        I agree and Cerberus also this is now the biggest arch that Rick has made its sad I pay attention to these things

        • gaboris

          What you mean?
          In length with 16 strips so far? Hmmm…(I’m bad with remembering numbers so I don’ notice stuff like this. :D )
          Or did you mean it’s that cool? … Cuz that may be true. XD

          • huntersunday

            yeah the longest Rick has made before this was 15 this now has 16 plus it will get moar

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            Rick has said that it will be 18 strips. we have two more, probably both double strips.

          • gaboris

            Ah! Never realised this so far. :D
            “Only” 18? Awww and here I thought I’d get overdosed on my naivity rages. XD

    • silverfang16

      Saying it before others can…witty. Very witty.

    • Hera Ledro

      R.I.P. Rick Griffin: x-2011 – strangled by his own e.

      • Hera Ledro

        …That would be much more funny if I actually had a birth year to go with it xD

        • IceKitsune


          • Elwood Blutarsky


    • Z24

      Pure stage lighting…

    • Alphonse

      Has Spo always had those deltoids?

  8. Viath

    and now the question is: who catches the watch?
    Sabrina or Fido, probably

    • Kimba the White Lion


      • Kimba the White Lion

        Darn, wrong email. I hate it when my avi doesn’t show.

      • silverfang16

        That would figure. Now he has to make a moral choice.

    • Frank


      • Argent Stonecutter

        A very flat Spo crawling out from under the watch…

        • Cappytin Pei

          Spo is undervalued as a character

    • Alphonse

      You think they would make these things, *ahem* fate, a little bit more, oh, I do not know, indestructible?

    • Justice193

      King, Adrenaline, it may very well be his life on the line here… unless Joel and King are considered as two separate lives, in which case I see where Mr Evil was going when he tried to steal it.

  9. IceKitsune

    Yay! Go Fido! Also lol at Panel 3 that is just great.

    • Leitrean

      i didn’t think his eyes could get that big

  10. Chrismutt

    Its ok, the room is full of dogs and one is bound to know how to catch :p

    • Koran

      Preferrably with their paws tho, rather then teeth *crunch*

  11. Valerio

    So, Fido was getting along with this?! And it took his girlfriend to get him to his sense?
    Okay, Fido tops Bino as jerk of the day. Totally!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      he was just letting it play out. to him, the watch with the dognapper’s name held no importance to anyone.

      • Valerio

        Man, we’re talking about he closest thing to doggy captain America, here. He really should know better than this!

    • Kimba the White Lion

      How would Fido know the magnitude of what is happening. I would guess Fido knows a bit of what Sabrina does and would do what she says if it seems urgent. All Fido knows is that Bino is being Bino.

      • Valerio

        it’s not a question of mystica magnitudo.
        it’s a question of Mr. Fido the good-doer allowing his petty brother to be superbully with a smaller dog!

        • huntersunday

          all we really know about Fido is he is part of the K9 and likes a cat he really hasn’t been shown as a big hero or anything he just does his job.

        • GameCobra

          Fido can think of it the other way around though. He could be thinking that King is the bully and that Bino is doing justice instead though. You have to look at it that way too with Fido since he really doesn’t know King that well other than he’s on good terms with Fox, but compared to Bino… If the two got into a fight, no doubt he would take Bino’s case, even if he is the nicest guy on the block. Though to let him smash something that belongs to King is something even i find extreme for the likes of Fido, he’s probably been through this before.

          • Leinad

            but in this comic he clearly says the watch is King’s. so he probably doesn’t want to interfere because it’s Bino.
            and while that’s a little cowardly, it’s not necessarily out of character. they are stepbrothers (or something like that)

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            they’re blood brothers with different owners.

    • silverfang16

      I guess he doesn’t like to confront Bino….not that that excuses it.

  12. Erkhyan

    Girlfriends with access to celestial powers really have the best threats, don’t they?

    • Viath

      very much so. I think that that is my favorite Sabrina moment EVER

      • Valerio

        totally agree!

        • Yehoshua

          I second the above statement.

          • Leitrean

            I n-th the above statement. ha!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Tell Peanut not to ever tick off Tarot.

      • Zarvain

        I don’t think he’d ever get the chance, she would get onto him about it BEFORE he actually had the chance to do whatever dumb/silly thing would have gotten her mad at him. =P

        • megaman64

          So she would get mad at him for something before he did it.
          that is seriously messed up.

          • Leinad

            she wouldn’t get onto him, persay. just warn him.

            alternatively, she’d know it was going to happen, so she’d be cool with whatever he messes up, and possibly have a countermeasure ready.

          • Zarvain

            I agree, sorry didn’t mean “get onto him about it” as blowing up in his face. Something more on the lines of:
            “I know what you are about to say/do/ect, and as your girlfriend let me warn you; don’t. Just don’t.”

  13. theabsolutelyterriblewriter

    Alt: Oh, Bino, you’re such a tease!
    I slip my fingers in a throwing motion all the time.
    With bricks.

  14. Kimba the White Lion

    Anyone notice Spo screaming as Fido opens the door?

    • Zarvain

      Well, he was hanging onto the door’s window going on about smashing the thing…
      Maybe this well teach him to view from the windows instead, they don’t swing outward as often.

  15. Snowmon

    I’m slightly more disturbed by Sabrina’s statement than I am of King’s “fate”.
    Is that wrong of me?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      No, it’s not often one’s significant other (of another species no less) threatens to erase your existance.

      • Viath

        hey, my roomate’s girlfriend sends him a death threat for every major holiday! (all in good fun, of course)

  16. Thoth

    Well, the “Sabrina leans on Fido” moment has arrived. That did seem like a better option than trying to go through Sasha to begin with.

    • Frank

      Especially in a room of hitmen dogs

  17. Pontos

    Ugh, crappy early morning grammar >_<

    • Pontos

      I really wonder when Bino became such a jerk…

      The whole “I simply don’t want you to have it” and then trying to break the thing in front of others for amusement? I find this kinda out of character…

      This comment has been edited by a moderator.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        He’s got an ego to stroke and even his friends like Fox admit he crosses the line a lot.

        • PhycoKrusk

          The fact that he crosses the line a lot really makes you wonder why Fox and the others are friends with him in the first place.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            They wonder that aloud too (Fox especially)

          • FuRrY321

            I actually wonder that myself sometimes with a few of my “friends”. They’re complete and total jerks, yet, other people just see that as their personality, and just accept it.

      • Alphonse

        Somebody has got to do it!

      • Daggy

        Honestly, it’s perfectly in character. He doesn’t like King for the simple reason of his name is King. He gave him a catnip bomb the first time they met. Or one of the first. How is that any different?

        He’s a selfish, self-centered jerk. That’s how they roll, man.

        • Frank

          I think that was because he had the bomb ready, and no one to give it to, when King arrived

      • Nohbody

        I think it’s quite in character for Bino, actually. He’s always been a self-centered, egotistical jerkwad (not my first word choice, but it’s a printable one). It’s just that now we get a more thorough demonstration of the fact.

  18. Corodan

    I think Rick grasps what it means to be a jerk, I mean, jeez, the guy has no heart.

    • Frank

      His vet ought to know that! He might acidentally put one in on the next hospitalization!

  19. Alphonse

    How heartless can you get…
    Very, apparently!
    “I apologize, I did not see that window there!”

  20. Elwood Blutarsky

    What if the arc title isn’t about King at all but about Bino?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Maybe… Bino’s going to have a change of heart after King dies because of his shenanigans?

      • tanglestalker909

        If that happens, the fanboys will surely rage.

        • Valerio

          impossible due to rating and to the nature of the comic itself.
          Also, there is an ‘intrinsic benevolence’ rule in The Game, although it’s been stretched a LOT (Kitsune should have prevented Pete from going and steal a fragment of Joel’s soul).

          • IceKitsune

            Well Kitsune already knew (or at least I hope he did anyway) that Pete wouldn’t get out of Heaven with it (maybe he called Heaven ahead of time) But yeah Kitsune really should have stopped him his/her self.

          • Justice193

            This really depends, Right now Joel isn’t really a part of the game… King is.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            An intrinsic benevolence rule in the game doesn’t mean one of the players can’t screw up. It’s a rule, not a law of nature.

    • Frank

      Well, originally the whole comic was about Bino. If you consider that Peanut and Grape stole it away from him with the Imaginate! arc, it kind of explains why he’s so bitter

      • Viath

        correction: the idea for the whole comic was based off of a drawing of Bino. The comic itself starts with Grape and Peanut, they are the real stars. :)

  21. Valerio

    Oh, and Fido also allowed Joel to be VERY rudely kicked out of the Club!
    Double jerk!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


      • Viath

        Joey isn’t part of the club, though. He’s a cat-lover and he’s in a relationship with a mouse.

        • Valerio

          Truth be told, Joey’s been seen hanging out with Fido’s hardocre gang. being kin has its advantages… although I’m sure Bino is not exactly encouraging him to share his time with them

  22. Vladimir Zharkov

    I wonder what would even happen if king’s fate was smashed. Maybe he’d be able to make his own…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      So the terrible consequences would involve King getting phenomenal cosmic powers?

      • Viath

        … iity bitty living space?

        • Leinad

          ^ massive win right there, good sir.

          • FuRrY321

            I second this statement. I actually did laugh out loud.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Nice catch!

  23. xhunterko

    Yet more and more evidence of the arc’s title referencing to Bino. Bad dog!

  24. Valerio

    Fox gets watch.
    Fox gives a piece of his mind to King.
    Bino glees (gets possibly a serious case of the owchies)
    A friendship is, for now, broken?

    • silverfang16

      Possibly, although it is debatable how much it can stand. They haven’t been friends that long, but it is a strong friendship.

      • kingisawsome

        They’ve been friends for about a year now…but I guess it really depends on what long is to you.

        • silverfang16

          A year isn’t to me.

    • Frank

      You know, the first time I read it rather quickly and got

      Fox breaks watch
      Fox gives piece of his watch to King
      Fido grieves

      Of course, then I realized Fox is not even here yet, and re-read

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I thought there was an audience in the club, as seen in frame 5, but I guess not, they’re not tagged.

        • Alphonse

          And as we have all digressed, if they are not tagged, they are not there.

  25. huntersunday

    I called it last time Fido did do something about it also love third panel it was awesome

  26. Chaosmasterdelta

    I was hopeing for more comments about the non-existence part x3

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I made a few, but Sabrina made id so I didn’t make them.

  27. Random Person

    Wow that is some slip.

    • silverfang16

      And the watch just happened to slip out of his hand at the moment it created a giant arc.

  28. silverfang16

    Fido must be like a pacifist or something.

    • silverfang16

      On a separate note I see a lot of comments about Fido and Bino being jerks, but not one thing about Spo. He is the one yelling smash it!

      • huntersunday

        because that’s the way Spo is always so why comment about it?

        • silverfang16

          Because by that logic that is the way everyone is, so why comment about any of them?

          • Valerio

            Spo cares for action, he’s impartial about that. The bloodier, the merrier.
            Fido is being a jerk for letting Bino
            1) uberbullying over King
            2) kicking (literally) Joey out of the club
            Definitely very UN-Fidoish. And in this, he’s worse than Bino, who at least is doing what comes natural to him

          • Snowmon

            In Fido’s defense, 1)To anyone who doesn’t know what the watch is, the whole thing seems (as he put it) “petty and stupid”.
            2) He might have just arrived when Joey got thrown out.
            3) Bino’s got some Muscle. Though, I am curious, why are Boris and what’shisface taking orders from Bino (of all dogs)?

          • Jami

            Response to your #1. Regardless of what the “petty and stupid” fight is about, Bino is still trying to destroy someone’s property. Fido shouldn’t be allowing that.

          • Snowmon

            @Valerio + Jami
            Of which case, the entire Dog’s Club is full of jerks.

          • Dissension

            Bino is trying to destroy his own property, which King tried to steal. Remember, King disposed of the watch and Bino came to possess it.

          • Valerio

            wrong, Diss!
            Bino has publicly referred to the watch, in the previous comic, as ‘his stuff’ to smash!
            So Bino knows it’s King’s and he’s getting a knack on breaking it to prove a point

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Spo gets his comeuppance when Fido slams the door open.

        Instant karma.

  29. ZV

    Maybe the watch won’t be ‘caught’ by anyone and instead just hit a wall and smash. Then whatever-stuff-happens-to-your-physical-self-when-your-fate-is-broken happens to King.

    King is my favourite character. But I just can’t really be worried because I have a “Like You Would Really Do It” thought when it comes to Rick killing off King. So I can’t really feel scared about King’s fate. It kind of makes me wish Rick does call the bluff and actually have it break. Just so I can get this shock factor of it.

    • ZV

      Boy, my avatar sure does look muscular, even moreso than usual. Must be because Fido’s in it.

      • tuctchone

        E-STRANGLE lol

        • FuRrY321

          If only there was that pic of Sasha without the text…
          Then that would really work.

    • Nikola

      I agree wholeheartedly. With king being my favorite character, I really dont think anything will happen to him. Or at least he won’t disappear or die. And can someone PLEASE explain what alt text is.

      • tanglestalker909

        If you’re viewing via computer, move your mouse cursor over the comic. There will be some text that shows up. That is the alt-text

        • Viath

          and sometimes the text is a continuation of the joke, sometimes it is Rick being serious, and other times it is Rick messing with us :)

          • Nikola

            Ok thank you, but unfortunately, I’m not viewing from a computer.

  30. Bob

    Um Fido isn’t the jerk here… It’s Bino, Fido’s just doing what Sabrina says because she’s got him whipped… Remember Fido and Joey are the nice guys… Bino on the other hand got all the evil they were supposed to be born with…

    • Valerio

      If you want to use a better word, just say ‘accomplice’, then? Disappointment? Spineless?

      • Frank

        You lost me. Better word for what?

        • Valerio

          To define Fido

  31. gaboris

    The ONLY difference between Bino and Joey if that Joey had a nice lil smile while smashing the door in.(YES I say that was the only difference! >:P)
    BTW when Sasha says somethin like that you DO NOT question her. XD
    BTW BTW WHY Bino? D:

  32. Will

    Of all the reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered I think Bino is the biggest reason ever. Passing those genes along would only lead to tears.
    At least he didn’t smash it, but who knows what will happen to it now.

    • Leitrean

      someone’s gonna swallow it

  33. Bob

    Sorry for the double-post but I also think Bino could really use a full aft-kicking… Seriously, another trip to the vet could only benefit him…

    • Valerio

      No. It could benefit the others.

  34. gagi

    I just love panel 3. Sabrina make the best threats ever.

    • Leitrean

      she’s such a good motivator, she could be a public speaker

  35. James Sitka

    You know, this is one of the second closest time that Fido, Bino, and Joey have been together.

    Rick! If you read this you need to do a comic arc of the three brothers forced to spend a vacation with each other.

    • Valerio

      *nuclear warfare ensues*

      • Dissension

        I’m sure it’d be fine. They’re brothers. They may not always get along, but there’s still a bond.

        • Valerio

          Yes, you’re right on that.
          After all, Fido can get along with bino being a bully, he could do a nice trip with him in good spirit

          • Viath

            there would still be plenty of opportunity for comedy, though.

      • Frank

        Only if Boris comes along! He’s the one with the radioactive dog tag!

  36. BluFox

    “Fido, if you don’t go in there and stop this right now, I’m going to make you never born.”
    “D… don’t you mean ‘wish I was never–’”

  37. Shuma Jindivi

    1.Sabrina cannot really use a deadly magic like that……right?
    2.The watch fell from heaven to earth without being broken, I doubt it can ever be……at least by normal impacts.

    • Shuma Jindivi

      My guess for the next panel, however, is the watch breaks and some supernatural force appears to repair it……..or someone catches it.

  38. 2MK

    I predict the next comic that King and/or Sabrina will do this:

  39. Shuma Jindivi

    I think he’s the leader of local dogs……when Fido is absent.

    • 2MK

      He’s not a leader, he’s a pack leader.

  40. Valerio

    I believe they’re only loyal pack.
    The only one who claimed to be friend with him is Fox (although he still wonders why, from time to time)

  41. Shake

    Wow. Bino really needs to end up in the hospital again by the end of this arc.

  42. GameCobra

    Bah. I was hoping Fido would kick the door open.

  43. johnwolf

    bino should be pete’s AV. he fits him perfictly. though bino is more of an jerk. i realy want to say another word that also describs him.

    • Valerio

      nah, that woud be Fido,the no-good doer at most surprising moment

    • jmillart

      Maybe that’s why Pete doesn’t want Beno. He want’s to corrupt someone else.

  44. YuMin28

    Bino you too nasty~

    Go Fido ! Go !

  45. The Wolf Kin

    First: Sabrina, you are awesome!

    Second: Well, I guess we know which one Boris is now.

  46. Blu Girl

    I have a question: Are the animals supposed to be teenagers or adults…or a mix of both? I know Joey is a puppy…I’m not sure.

    • Viath

      basically all of the dogs and cats act with a maturity level somewhere around child/teenager. It’s just their nature.

    • Nikola

      My guess is that each has a relative age to each other, similar to humans. Using human years based on size and level of maturity, I think the wolves are around 30, fido is maybe 19, bino is 15. But I’d say the majority are teens.

      • Blu Girl

        Ah I see. Thank you.

  47. Indagare

    If there’s no weird time junk how is she going to make Fido never born?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Weird time junk is possible, the player characters (Dragon/Tarot and Pete) aren’t allowed to do it.

      • Indagare

        But in the comments someone wondered if the watch would let King travel in time and Rick said no because time travel was against the rules for *everyone*.

        I suppose it could be an idle threat, though.

        • Frank

          It was Foxstar who said it. Though his word is still pretty high up, it’s not Rick’s

          • Indagare
          • Argent Stonecutter

            If it’s not possible outside the game (I’m assuming ‘Heaven’ is not just a game construct), then why would Kitsune have to warn Pete against it?

          • Indagare

            I think Kitsune was warning Pete against breaking and entering into heaven and whatever Pete may have intended to do with Joel’s fate. This does not mean he intended to time travel (which Kitsune would not allow), but there could be other things Pete might be able to do, including hold the piece of soul hostage and threaten to break it unless King agreed to be his avatar. Pete could probably not actually break the piece of soul without violating Kitsune’s divine benevolence rule, but King wouldn’t know that.

            Also having King’s fate in his hands would probably give him a measure of control over King, though not in violation of the free will rule.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Not in this arc, in the original arc where he said he couldn’t use weird time junk, the implication seemed to be is that “weird time junk” was possible, but against Kitsune’s rules.

            The fact that Pete can’t deliberately do “weird time junk” in the rules of the game, doesn’t mean that some bumbling muggle fiddling with the watch couldn’t inadvertently cause “weird time junk” to happen – even if whatever nefarious plan Pete had for it didn’t involve any.

  48. Z24

    1. Sabrina catches it, even though she knows she can’t
    2. Oblivion (world)
    3. Oblivion (Bino)

    • Nikola

      Thats interesting. Maybe something happens to bino for trying to destroy someone elses fate

    • Frank

      4. Oblivion… Fido?

      • Z24

        I meant the oblivion everyone else are going to do on Bino…

        • Frank

          And I meant Sabrina actually fulfils her threat

  49. Salenstormwing

    All I can hear is Bino sounding like Lord Helmet, complete with “I can’t believe you fell for that!”

    • Cameron

      I agree and sasha’s threat makes me lol! And spaceballs refrence ftw! :3

  50. leaffly

    This really comes to hating Bino even more :s
    Oh how jealousy of power is crazy.

    Love Fido all the more!

    • SilverZeo

      He was willing to break the watch because he came close to “losing” to King. Thats shows how little a… dog he is…

      • leaffly

        Well yea but it really debatable because before he says that just because name is King doesn’t mean he is king and King knows that and Bino just wants to be the Alpha dogs and wants to bring down any dog that tries to top him.

  51. Dogs Rule27

    Hopefully it flies out a window and Sabrina’s cat like reflexes let her catch it just in time.

  52. Cap-ten P

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  53. Asuterisuku

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  54. Magnalicous

    Never going to make you born…. That says alot about how important the watch is.

    • SilverZeo

      And considering whose watch that is…. that kinda surprising she would go that far for human that was once a jerk.

      • Zarvain

        As has been pointed out, once a jerk by trying to better himself. Also recall why Spo is hanging out with Fido and not so out of character for her, I don’t believe she wants to see any undo suffering. Suffer as a result of bringing undo suffering onto others being more karma like; I think she’s ok with.

  55. Argent Stonecutter

    So, anyway, if he’s Lord Byron, does that make Sabrina Mary Shelley?

    • Valerio

      we have a Boris…where’s igor when you need him?

      • Indagare

        More like a Natasha. ;-)

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I feel stupid because I actually looked up Lord Byron and thought “what does this have to do with Fido?” then I followed a link to the cast page and realized “oh, Fido’s last name is Byron and Bino’s just calling him lord”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That white line across the top makes you look like a Mac desktop background. :)

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          I just failed in my use of paint.

  56. kingisawsome

    does anyone notice Bino’s B is missing in the 7th panel.

    • kingisawsome

      also Fido’s F in the 4th. although it is shown in the first where his tag is smaller.

      • leaffly

        But they are brothers right?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        you know, tags can get flipped around. we’re probably seeing the back o them.

    • Frank

      As it is from the 5th and 8th panel. Don’t work yourself up for it.

      If you want an explanation, assume the tags are shiny, and the glare of the light doesn’t let the letter be legible (wow, lots of “L”s)

  57. Roadrunner23

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    it’s so dynamic… XD

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    • Firewolf

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  59. jmillart

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    • Valerio

      welcome to the club.
      Joey is my new hero among the three brothers. Huzzah!

      • jmillart

        Yeah, Joey is awesome! Fido is cool too, but he needed encouragement before he would help.

        Personaly I think that Sabrina needs to call in ‘Theboomaster’ to give Bino “the works” based off of every time he’s been mean to others.

  60. Frank

    Never argue with a mystic

  61. Frank

    Although… what would happen if Fido had never been born?

    …Aside from Bino having no one to be jelous of, that is

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I was under the impression that all three brothers were from the same litter, so making Fido never born would also eliminate Bino and Joey.

      • Viath

        not necessarily, just one less in the litter.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          I guess, but I forgot to take into account that she could use magic instead of just stopping their parents from getting together

    • Argent Stonecutter

      If Fido had never been born, Clarence wouldn’t get his wings.

  62. Shaex

    I predicted that totally wrong. Hopefully i will get something right in the next comics, but it’s gonna be hard with rick writing this.

  63. T-Squared

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    • WingedWolfGirl

      This is actually plausible, stop-watches are more durable than pocket-watches. XD

  64. Dogs eat Gods

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    • Firewolf

      Oh gosh, by George I think he’s got it!

      • Nikola

        With all of these people saying that Fox will save King, i don’t think Rick will let it happen. I think he’ll get someone to do it that no one expected.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


  65. Z24

    I kinda realized that Fido, Bino and Joey don’t lose their irises when shocked like other characters…

  66. 8feet

    When she said “Never born” she really mean it!

    God Bless!!!

    • SilverZeo

      Why don’t she do that to Bino

      • Valerio

        because she ain’t Bino’s girlfriend ;)

        • SilverZeo

          But… no Bino! What’s not to like?… of course it may take whatever joy that Sasha has with him…

  67. SilverZeo

    It’s going to land on Tarot, won’t it?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I was just thinking “Tarot’s got to see this coming” but then remembered what Sabrina said earlier about how Tarot’s not allowed to touch it for being Spirit Dragon’s avatar or something so it kind of rules her out.

      • SilverZeo

        But wasn’t also said that neither Sabrina or Tarot can’t see the watch?

        • CatchMeKat

          I think by ‘can’t see it’ they meant that they can’t use their mystic powers to find it.
          But Tarot can’t catch it, I don’t think.

          • SilverZeo

            I’m not saying that she’ll catch it, I’m saying that it’s going to land on her and then she would technically mean that she “touched” it…

  68. Ninja lurker

    I think I can safely say “I called it” in regard to a psychic doing something important.

    Also, where’d the Fido hate come from? We don’t know how long he’s been there, for all we know he could only know what he said, that King and Bino are fighting. He could easily be staying neutral in order to prevent him from being dragged in and making things worse.
    Right up until a magic kitten comes into play, but still.

    As for predictions: I think either
    a. Fido/Sabrina will catch it, problem solved.
    b. Fox catches it, asks questions, problem formed.
    c. It goes missing. Again. Or
    d. Celestial being catches it with only King and Sabrina noticing.

    • Valerio

      if he was standing there for a while, it’d be much to his reputation’s detriment.
      If he had just come, it doesn’t change much. He described the situation to Sabrina, he knew and he had only to enter the scene as he had just did. but noo, it took Sabrina to make him, ops, notice something wasn’t exactly right!

    • SilverZeo

      I am hoping that Joel’s fate will end up ruining 2 jerks within the same day. Pete is Heaven Jail, Bino getting chewed out by his fellow dogs….

  69. Rahiros


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  70. WingedWolfGirl

    King’s fate is up in the air. >:3

    • Firewolf

      Hope this doesn’t leave him to broken :P

  71. Jami

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    • Firewolf

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  72. Dakota Lesmercy

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  73. Firewolf

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  74. shentino

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    • Firewolf

      I believe King’s fate will literally be destroyed.

      • AuvaAkita

        Then what happens? O.O

        I’m not sure if i want to know, King is my fave character!

        PLEASE DON’T DIE!!!!

  75. shentino

    Must be something serious for Sabrina to make such a nasty threat.

    • AuvaAkita

      King’s Fate…….Yep, i think that is some serious business right there.

  76. Cruzor

    Is it just me or did anyone-else notice that the watch is partially chancing color?…If I remember correctly the watch was originally gold, but now it looks half to three quarters green…almost like Bino’s collar…So maybe the fate is slowly changing….If that is the case, if anything happens to the watch (fate) then both King and Bino may be effected by the result….

    • AuvaAkita

      O.O Your Right! I didn’t notice that till now!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      it’s been green the whole time. look again.

      • AuvaAkita

        *looks again* oh…….your right ><

  77. JessieMew

    Something tells me Sabrina, panel 3 was a typo that Rick ran along with…

  78. Seriously

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    And thinking if King goes back to being human he adopts Sasha

  79. Lax

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  80. Hoheh

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  81. TheScout

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    • Pogiforce

      I agree. Time to bring the good ol’ dogs’ frying pan back out.

  82. Snoopy

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    • Snoopy

      And I totally answered my on Q by looking at the tags. Sorry about that…

  83. The Moon Howler

    Fido in panel four – Terminator

  84. Valerio

    An hypotesis that came to my mind in the forum:
    Fido is being hush hush because he’s afraid that, angering Bino one time too much, could lead Bino to seriously investigate over his Mary Sue of a brother to find some flaw…and discover a certain ‘illicit’ relationship.
    Fido prefers to turn a Blind eye and a deaf ear on his brother’s antics, at the cost of letting a hapless, smaller dog to suffer, because he can’t risk everything, his love life, his career, for meddling too much into his brother’s business.
    And I don’t think that makes him a sort of coward. He’s just being more threedimensional in his allowed selfishness. More interesting a character.
    If that’s the case, otherwise i stand my opinions as before this post.

  85. Alabaster

    This seems to be a pattern, what with the Easter Egg Hunt’s “SUDDEN DEATH” and now this ’slipping in a throwing motion’ bit. Bino seems to be the master of the Cheap Shot.

  86. Nohbody

    A thought occurred to me at work, last night.

    While some have commented on Sasha’s threat to Fido (which is perfectly fine, I snickered at it myself), no one mentioned anything about her comment in the first panel, about going where she wishes.

    Is she just showing the stubbornness characteristic to felines, or does she have a specific reason to not being bothered by being a cat in the presence of a bunch of dogs (most/all of whom probably wouldn’t think anything wrong with chasing a cat)?

    • Snowmon

      Panel 1 statement may have something to do with panel 3 statements, but I’m just guessing there. Shasha is simply not afraid. (On the other hand, she is sending her boyfriend in to get himself killed instead of going in herself, so…)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think it’s more that Fido is more likely to be listened to than Sabrina.

        (BTW: Sabrina is not Sasha :) )

        • Nohbody

          Argh… I don’t know how I got those two mixed up. :(

        • Snowmon

          Sorry, I should have caught that… Thank you for correcting that.

  87. Leitrean

    well fido can just jump in the air and catch it cuz his legs are so mus…*get’s e-strangled*

  88. Kipaji

    You know, if the watch survived the fall to earth from Heaven intact, it shouldn’t break just because Bino throws it across the room…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That wasn’t real falling, or else King’s head would have been caved in.

      • Leitrean

        i doubt a watch’s terminal velocity is that great…given it’s low mass and small size, a nasty goose egg definitely but i doubt a total cave in

  89. DJ Nightfire

    First off, nice threat… warriors are willing to fight when threaten with unmaking. :P second I expected this out of Bino, again Bino hates losing and this show have been expected. We assume that the watch will be caught, but I bet you that the watch will break and King will have to bear with the fact that that his fate is broken. The other theory is that, Bino expose King by tossing it to Fido, and Fido see the name on the watch either way this is a lose/lose situation for king and I expect King will not think it out and react like any human who is frustrated or angry and point blame to someone else, never admitting to his own flaws and we move on to the next arc.

    • Pogiforce

      Sabrina described the watch as essentially part of King’s soul, so it’s less likely that his fate would be broken, like “oh no now I don’t know where I’ll end up.” so much as just DYING. Which is terrifying. Also, why would Fido seeing the name expose King? Fox saw the name and Fox has more reason to be suspicious than anyone, but he didn’t suspect King.

  90. That Guy

    I thought Fido and Sabrina were a couple?

    Never seems it as of lately; especially now.

    With how much of a jerk Bino is I’m surprised the whole neighborhood didn’t just kick his butt by now.

    • Valerio

      Nah, they still are. Only, she remembered who’s boss.
      As for Bino, I’m no longer surprised that Jeff is so short-tempered with him. The best Dad would have problems keeping his sanity!

  91. Nintendosagafan

    boy o boy. cliffhanger after cliff hanger. if it keeps up im just gonna let go of the cliff XD

    • Leitrean

      or the cliff might let go of you ;)

      • Nikola

        In Soviet Russia, cliff lets go of you

      • Floyd 4 Life

        That made me lol real hard… These cliffhangers are starting to give me cliffhanger syndrome. Symptoms include laying awake in the middle of the night, DYING to know what’s going to happen next. Thanks Rick XD

        • nikola velox

          i wasn’t as thoughtful before i started reading housepets!. now the cliffhangers kill me. and hey look i got an avatar

  92. Reconstruction

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  93. Floyd 4 Life

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  94. FenixWong951

    I have been thinking about…and i dont know if someone hafe askid this before…but…why is bino is like the leather fo the group?…they voted?….him auto-elected himself?…just…why?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      he and Fido co-founded the club. they joined to follow Fido, but he’s usually not there so Bino takes over.

  95. Pogiforce

    Ya know, sometimes, I just really want to kill Bino…

  96. A.T.

    Panel 7 – The ‘B’ on Bino’s tag is missing…

    • Nikola

      Some of the other commenters have come to the conclusion that it got flipped around somehow. Fido’s is also missing on 4

      • AuvaAkita

        Or the light is hitting the tag at just the right angle so that it only looks as if nothing’s there.

  97. Hera Ledro

    …Two days late, but it suddenly clicked as to why the name Byron rang so many bells. I assume the connection to Lord Byron was intentional, or was it just Bino being a jerk.

  98. anon_omis

    I know how you feel Bino. My hand always slips in a throwing motion

  99. Kurra

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    • anon_omis

      Didn’t know those came in extra strength. I need to run out and get some then