No Reason
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  1. Dissension

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  2. T-Squared

    Uh, It’s Blank… (When I refreshed AT 12:00 XD)

    • jacruz666

      same here

      • Z-Zman

        what’s happening!!!

      • Faved

        Meh It will come up in a sec I bet.

    • The Wolf Kin

      It is indeed, although you can see the title and read the alt-text.

    • Rick Griffin

      Sorry about that; I apparently messed something up when I changed the date tag from an incorrect one a few minutes ago

      • Alphonse

        Dunno Rick, thought the first one was decent enough to be a comic in its own.

  3. IJustWantLove

    Me too :P

  4. Daggy

    OH NO

  5. The Wolf Kin

    Well, we know that Sabrina and Sasha make an appearance, alongside King, Fox, and Bino, but that’s about it so far.

  6. The Wolf Kin

    King, in panel one, you make me feel so sad for you!

  7. IceKitsune

    There we go hmmm I should have seen this one coming actually. Very Smart of King to pull the Sasha card on Bino.

  8. Dissension

    Poor King, having to call in a favor…

    • TheLaw

      Especially from Sasha! This could be very interesting, very interesting indeed

      • Frank

        “Hey Sasha, I have to ask you to– Sasha, are you listening?”
        “Huh? Sorry, I was just thinking about those aliens again.”

        • Chip Uni

          “Hey Sasha, I have to ask you to– Sasha, are you listening?”
          “Huh? Sorry, I was just pondering whether the fractal nature of reality could be approximated by a rational number of dimensions — oooops! I meant Justin Bieber! Tee hee!”

          • Espemon333

            I would pay to see her say that.

          • Frank

            Actually that could totally happen

  9. Alphonse

    Classic Sasha.
    Fox and King have the same coloured eyes. Is it weird that I just noticed that?

    • netherwolf

      Actually King’s eyes are more light blue,i mean that Fox’s eyes are also light blue but King’s are lighter (i think ?!)

      • Alphonse

        Hmm, well, I must be…

        Ha, set up my own joke.
        Thank you for playing along.

      • tangletalker909

        Fox’s eyes are actually light lavender while King’s is a light blue

        • tuctchone

          Oh my god that was a bad pun and you know it

  10. Daggy

    oh there it is. Intriguing…A Sasha favor?

  11. Elwood Blutarsky

    Oh boy, what did Kingy do offpanel since we last saw him?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Why do you assume he did anything more than all the cool stuff he’s already done for Sasha?

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Touché Argent

  12. SilverZeo

    We’re going to die! Where’s the rubber band!?!

  13. JustSome1

    Well… Atleast it isn’t daisy…

    • silverfang16

      Daisy would get it back….she would find a way…

      • huntersunday

        Hi am Daisy” which was repeated for the fifteenth time
        “Oh my god here take the dang watch if it will stop you from saying that”
        Bino throws watch at daisy then stomps off

  14. T-Squared

    “Come, Jeeves”
    “Yes, Sir.”

    Seriously, that’s what it sounds like to me. XD

  15. xhunterko

    But I don’t have a key!

    • netherwolf

      Sasha: I can’t find it King,come inside and help me look for it x3

      • The Wolf Kin

        That’s something she would say.

      • GameCobra

        hats off to you XD

        another possibility:

        Sasha: Don’t be silly! You’re a cat!

  16. TylerMadeaPerry

    ALT- Sabrina “I already looked forward to it”

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      Alt-King: “Then why’d you ask if you already knew?”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The spirits don’t like it if you don’t ask questions you already saw yourself asking.

        • FreakazoidVocaloid

          Oh, right, I forgot about that. Sorry, spirits! -offers cookies of appeasement-

  17. Ryufire

    We love you Sasha! :P

  18. TheLaw

    This will either end really well and Sasha will persuade the watch off of Bino or … this all goes horribly wrong and King/Joel’s fate is in the hands of a slightly cynical Bino.

    • Frank

      Now, now. She was able to ensure Bino never regifts her again

      • darkgloomie

        Yeah, which means that Bino will be more wary of giving her stuff that isn’t new…

      • silverfang16

        Is the watch technically new though?

        • FuRrY321

          I’d imagine it’s as old as Joel is. The reason I say Joel is, well, it says Joel on it, not King. Plus, it’s still his “fate orb”, just in the shape of a watch.
          So, the watch is new, its true form, not so much.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      She’s smarter than she looks…I think.

      • Zarvain

        At the very least she has her moments.
        Now to see if one of said moments is due to happen, or if the next few comics are of poor King banging his head against a wall from dealing with her. =P

        • Leitrean

          i prefer the latter

  19. netherwolf

    I’m guessing that King will come inside thru the window ;3

    • Kamon

      a very good possibility

    • Koran

      And then sasha will ask why he didn’t use the door *facepalm*

  20. The Moon Howler

    King looks very determined in Panel 2

  21. Hoheh

    D’AWWWWW! She’s so silly!

    • silverfang16

      Sadly I think she is serious…. -_-’

      • Dissension

        That makes it no less silly. x3

      • FreakazoidVocaloid

        As much as I agree with that statement, I have to take King’s side here. In the same position, I’d be pretty reluctant to ask Sasha for a favor. She’s so… bubbly… OwO

  22. Ezhno Pallaton

    King is byfar my character,
    I feel like he has Developed more and more with each appearance. I’ve also felt very sorry for him, and not just because he’s actually human.

    A very very intresting character And I cant wait to see more of Him.

  23. A.T.

    Fox looks suspicious…

    • silverfang16

      He won’t figure it out! Being around Bino and Rex periodically kills off his brain cells.

      • Dissension

        I’m… not sure intelligence works like that.

        • silverfang16

          Sure it does, it limits his capacity to analyze problems and make connections.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          You’ve never thought to yourself “Oh god I’m losing brain cells just listening to this conversation”?

          • Keldor

            Funny – I was just thinking that…

            J/K :-P

      • AvanWolf

        Isn’t it more like Bino being Bino kills of his own braincells? (I mean, considering all the injuries he’d gone through)

        • Leitrean

          i think you’re thinking of brain damage

  24. Levi

    why would this be a problem.

    no reason

  25. huntersunday

    Then unlock it LOL

  26. silverfang16

    Oh well, if Sasha can memorize the plan well enough I’m sure she will be willing to help King.

    • netherwolf

      and so,we have to cross our fingers and hope for a miracle ;3

      • Leitrean

        or allow a benny hill chase scene for the watch.

  27. Gabu

    Wow. What a jerk Fox is these days. King needs a new friend.

    • tbird000666

      well if i were fox id do the same

    • silverfang16

      In reality he really isn’t. I know it kind of looks like it, but he is just trying to keep King from getting in trouble through the watch. In reality he is showing he cares more for King than Bino.

  28. gaboris

    Ho boy. Sasha’s back… This’ll be SO much fun. Can’t wait to see. X3
    Good thing for the alt text, I’m not good at these things. :D

  29. Shake

    King, you might wanna come up with a Plan B. I’m just saying.

  30. Roadrunner23

    hehehe, Sasha’s comment is so funny :D

  31. Grrxyn

    Sasha = Blonde

    • Frank

      Anyone want to help me with a counterargument?

      • Zarvain

        I would but seeing as her fur color could be compared to blonde, I’d have to know what context you want to argue first.

      • megaman64

        I don’t think that there is a counterargument to that statement. sorry.

      • xhunterko

        Not all blondes…

      • Hera Ledro

        Counter-argument: Sasha has too many savant tendencies to be blonde. Also there is no psychological ‘blonde’ stereotype anymore; as high school kids become increasingly self-absorbed and decreasingly aware of their surroundings the blond stereotype is moving from a stereotype to a reality. So Sasha isn’t blonde; she’s simply adhering to the norm of high school children from the Western world.

        *nods and smiles* Yes.

    • Foxstar

      Enough with the stereotypes.

      • Frank

        Wow, best help I could’ve asked for!

  32. Argent Stonecutter

    The title reminds me of a horrible shaggy dog story I once read, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet I don’t have to dredge it up from memory I can just give you a link to

  33. Salenstormwing

    Oh Sasha, you’re so random.

  34. WingedWolfGirl

    I can see how this could go…
    -King tells Sasha some made up story about Joel being his previous owner (or his mother’s owner, whatever),
    -Sasha persuades Bino to give her the watch,
    -When Bino carelessly asks for a reason (he won’t really care cuz it’s Sasha), she then unknowingly blurts out that King used to be Joel.
    Now, having guessed that, it probably won’t happen.

    • Katgeek

      wish it would, thogh

    • Tom Flapwell

      I was just thinking that he could claim to have been owned by Joel — only I pictured him saying so to the stink-eyed Fox rather than Sasha. Sure, Joel tried to “liberate” Fox, but King could say that that happened only after Joel ditched King somewhere. He could then claim that because Joel was once “Dad” to him, he still can’t hate the man as much as he’s hated Pete.

  35. Corodan

    Didn’t Pete remark that she was protected, in some way?

    Could this also mean Sasha has other purposes? Maybe this is it, in some way. I guess.

    • Leitrean

      I think people were taking that way too far…
      pete put a sleeping spell on her so she wouldnt wake up while they were talking thats why she was “protected”….

    • Frank

      I think that was just because she was a “third party” to the game

    • Katgeek

      when was this?

    • Zarvain

      I think he just ment she wouldn’t freeze to death on the sidewalk.

    • Foxstar

      No, it just means she wouldn’t suffer harm or such.

  36. Leitrean

    The story unfolds!

    • Frank

      Quick! Fold it back! You’ll lose the origami!

      • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS

        Once you fold something, it’s never quite the same. I can tell you from my pop’s college diploma.

  37. WolfLongFellow

    sasha: com in!
    King: Sasha the door is locked.
    Sasha: then unlock it silly!
    King: *Face paw*

    poor guy :)

  38. WolfLongFellow

    i mean :(

  39. Katgeek

    nekomata this is complacated. :-)

  40. Hera Ledro

    Ooo, I wonder what sort of ‘payment’ Sasha’s going to ask for in return ;D

    PG payment, of course.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      She’s a dog, just give her a Milkbone and call her a “good girl.” Or two if you’re feeling generous.

      • Hera Ledro

        She can be conniving though (due to the Rule of Funny), so I wouldn’t be surprised if she scored three or four.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She owes him favors for the house he built her.

      • silverfang16

        Wasn’t that a gift though?

      • Hera Ledro

        This is Sasha we’re talking about, though; savant she may be, but I can’t see her remembering that unless it was for the Rule of Funny (which tends to define the placement of her other savant moments). Besides, King is going to her house with her father; he’d probably blackmail King into finding him some women.

        …And now I am faced with the depressing suspicion that we’ll be seeing Sasha’s ‘daddy’. Assuming he’s home and not, you know, wasted at a bar.

        • Hera Ledro

          Hurray! My suspicions have been rendered unwarranted. In this case, this makes me happy!

  41. Deezy

    Thats one STERN Fox look, you cant help but wonder what he is thinking.

    • silverfang16

      “And I am answering his call BECAUSE….?”

    • Koran

      He’s probably VERY curious as to why King wants the watch so badly, and is probably thinking along the lines of “I must look into this later…”

  42. Z24

    Two reason to ask for her:
    1. Put Bino jealous
    2…. She’s psycho

  43. Shaex

    Oh Sasha, what will you not say?

  44. WolfLongFellow

    it all worcks out :D

  45. Cameron

    This will be silly but how long has king been a dog? Or at the most how long is it implied?

    • Frank

      at least two Christmases ago

      • Cameron

        so 2 years give or take a few months. Thanks :D

      • Ezhno Pallaton

        Are you sure? I think Last Christmas was his first night as a Dog, It was when Bino gave him the exploding gift. Actually, it might have only been a few months because now its rolling into summer *Checks the previous issues to prove or disprove himself*

        • Ezhno Pallaton

          Yeah… Two… sorry for the pointless post *Goes back to his corner*

  46. nukedude51

    i thought i already comented n this… oh well anyway man fox is peeved

  47. RegularBird

    This is gonna get good.

  48. MikeyTheFox

    When I think of the words “No reason” I think of the words “No raisin”
    Anyone get the joke?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      futurama. floating brains. Fry’s book.

  49. FenixWong951

    ……………………………i dont get it……………………..

  50. Russiarules1

    Ok, lets look at the options!
    a) King will ask Sasha to convince Bino to give the watch to King or get rid of the watch.
    b) Sasha won’t let King in for any random reason.
    c) King will be having problems with opening the door.
    d) The next strip will be related to the blue griffin? (That’s the name of the animal, right? I also don’t remember his name.
    e)King will go inside Sasha’s place through the window.

    Well, these are the options that we will possibly see in the next strip… or maybe not? Meh, it’s up to Rick, I just read and comment for fun.

  51. JokkePokke

    Hmm, how come Sabrina and Tarot doesn’t know about the “real” King? Or if they do know, why are they helping him?

    • zeroslash

      That’s actually rather interesting. It’s possible that Tarot is aware considering the fact that the Spirit Dragon seems to give her some information regarding the spirit world, but we don’t know if Sabrina knows King is Joel. In any case, I think they would help King regardless; he seems to have felt guilty about what he did. Plus, I can’t see Tarot nor Sabrina the type to be cruel toward anyone.

      That’s just my 1/50-of-a-dollar.

      • Thoth

        Well, as per the last few strips…

        Sabrina definitely knows both about the game and that Joel / King used to be human.

        It’s possible that she doesn’t know his human name, but seems unlikely. Even if it wasn’t mentioned in talking about him, or in explaining why she had to take an urgent message about the watch, or in telling her what to look for, she might have simply picked it up. She is, after all, a psychic-in-training, with fairly formidable precognitive and spiritual powers (including ready access to various spiritual realms).

        Telepathy may or may not be included in the package, but – at least judging by it’s universal use by Dolphins and the lack of mention of their having any other psychic abilities – may be one of the more common aspects of being psychic.

        In any case, it kind of looks like she was nearby when Joel / King tried to get the watch from Bino, and so may have just overheard his name directly anyway.

    • Foxstar

      Uh, both Tarot and Sabrina know King was a human.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I believe the question is asking if they know exactly which human he was.

    • Thoth

      As far as Tarot and Sabrina being willing to help Joel goes, perhaps it’s simply because they think he’s a decent person underneath the grumpiness (and his tendency to be easily led).

      For an evaluation, I’d suggest this particular strip –

      And these two sets of comments if you don’t want to read all of them.

  52. Dogs Rule27

    What arc strip # is this? Like, 5. Man this is gonna be a long arc.

  53. tuctchone

    whats the pun!!!!!!!!

    • Rick Griffin

      Why is King not looking forward to calling in a favor from Sasha? “No reason”

      • tuctchone

        Ooohhhhh i get it now thanks rick

  54. Hopper200456


  55. Thoth

    Hm. For a wildly unlikely twist theory, how about…

    Pete, on moving in in his “Gaspar” identity, actually told Fox that “Hey, I saw you in the paper! I’ve just moved in and my dog is actually one of the guys who kidnapped you! Why don’t you go harass him?” – and pointed down the block to King.

    Fox went down to say hello to the unfortunate dog with the bad luck to belong to a human who made such lousy jokes.

    Since then, however, a teasing familiarity of scent, and various other clues (not least being the disappearance of “Gaspar’s” HOUSE), have led him to believe that King actually is Joel – but have also led him to remember that Joel was the reluctant, protesting, one. Yes, he followed Fatty into a nasty scheme – but Fox has followed Bino into a lot of messes as well, and King has shown himself to be a good friend and a decent fellow.

    Thus, at the moment he’s getting the little bit of “revenge” he still feels a need for (or is amused by) by seeing how long it will take to push King into admitting that he’s Joel – just so that he can punch him on the arm and say “Oh, that’s been obvious all along! What, did you think it was a secret?”

    So. Who else has a wildly unlikely theory?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      lots of people in the forums’ “wild mass guessing” thread. I suggest you try there.

      • Thoth

        It’s less amusing there; the Forums get far fewer visits.

        • Dissension

          As someone who’s active on the forums, I can tell you there is no lack of visitors there.

  56. SilverZeo

    Okay, taking all bets: Will this plan work or fail?