Fox Can’t Let You Do That

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  1. Dissension

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  2. Ryufire

    Wow poor King its only a matter of time now!

    • AvanWolf

      Hehe, his brain isn’t helping matters either

      Its probably going to come out one way or another sometime down the line…

      Also lol @ the starfox refs (especially fitting since my transcendence forum signature is (shipOrder gPlayership ‘barrelRoll)

      Alt: DO A BARREL ROLL now shut up

    • Ryufire

      I love King’s imagination :P

      I don’t even want to know what happens if that watch ran out of juice or hit zero! Time’s up and poof King is back to Joel! Or his life force is up *Super Mario dies theme*

      King you your mission is to retrieve that watch from Fox without detection and report back to Sabrina before its to late! – Colonel Roy Campbell

      • Dissension

        I believe you may mean from Bino, since he’s currently in possession of said watch.

        • Ryufire

          Oh yeah oops I thought Bino gave it back to Fox! But in any case King’s life is hanging in the balance!

      • Frank

        The watch is digital and displays the current time, complete with the “am/pm” monkier, so I think that’s not likely to happen

        • Argent Stonecutter

          On the other hand, what happens if you change the time on it?

          Bino: Whoops, I was setting the time, and I got the year wrong!
          King (very old with cane): Set it back now, you darned whipper-snapper!

  3. Daggy


  4. Dissension

    Yeah, I was pretty sure King wouldn’t be telling Fox who he used to be.

    • Leitrean

      it’s possible! even if only by a minuscule percentile….

      • Rahiros

        More likely it will be revealed by a third party member, more than likely a certain griffin…

        … not Rick Griffin, the other one.

        • Dissension

          Pete cannot enter the arena till he gains a proper avatar.

  5. BluFox

    … I’ve heard the barrel roll joke before, but I have no clue what it has to do with this…

    • Shadeol

      “Fox can’t let you do that.”

    • Nohbody

      Both are memes from Star Fox dialog.

      “Do a barrel roll” is one of the sound clips of advice Slippy gives the player, and “I can’t let you do that” is from Wolf O’Donnel speaking to McCloud.

      • FinalSilence

        You mean Peppy gives the advice… Slippy just annoys you by constantly getting into trouble.

        • Nohbody

          I haven’t played any of the games since the original, and that years ago, I was going off of a memory that can at times give black holes pointers on how to suck. :P

  6. T-Squared

    SAY IT KING! >.<

  7. Cwitt

    Alt text made me laugh. Loudly.

    • Asteri

      “I see what you did thar”

  8. Tha Housedog

    “Can’t let you do that, Star King.”

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      “Open the pod bay doors Fox”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Oh, we’re doing crossover’s now?

        “Joel’s not here.”

        • Alphonse

          C-c-c-combo breaker…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          And before anyone else says it:

          My brain: “You idiot, that’s not how you use an apostrophe!”
          Me: “Oh, Thanks for THAT, brain!”

      • xhunterko

        Red: What’s the password?

  9. Kyderra

    Operation S.T.E.A.L is go!

    • Ryufire

      *Mission Impossible theme*

    • Frank


      • nightarix

        don’t think he thought it through if it was a knd reference

  10. Nick Crotser

    Not exactly where I thought this was going, can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Nick Crotser

      Also, Ive been playing SF64 just a few hours ago, AND we just mentioned Star Fox in HP!R, both those combined with the Alt-Text made me laugh.

  11. Elwood Blutarsky

    I’d just wait until he sleeps or offer Bino a belly rug then jack it while he’s on a level of euphoria we don’t understand.

    • lucamaster

      they need to give KING a belly rub, then hn would know what it means to be a dog

      • Ninja522

        Now this I must see!

        • TigerStryk

          Wow, epic comic, also Ninja, your avi matches what you are saying.

  12. IceKitsune

    Hmmm I wonder how hes going to get it back now. I suspect either he will get Fido (by way of Sabrina) to help him get it or He will attempt to steal it. I think the second one would be more interesting to the story but either are possible. Plus there will always be some other ways people and my self will come up with later.

    Also D’awwww the Kings Imagination is cute.

    • The Moon Howler

      the second option is more possible

      • IceKitsune

        Yes I do agree it does seem the more possible of the two

    • Frank

      I still think the fact that Fido is a cop is a problem

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Yep. Tell Fido, and there will be human cops running around telling people to be paranoid before you can say Jack… I mean Joel Zechariah Robinson.

  13. Asteri

    wow, I don’t think I’ve seen Fox scared like in panel 1 o.0

    • TigerStryk

      I don’t beleive Fox has ever been scared like that before.

  14. Asteri

    also, these new inking methods are starting to look more and more natural! :D :D:D yay!

    • lucamaster

      i know right!

  15. LegendaryHero

    King has such a vivid imagination.

    • Frank

      Too bad he can’t “draw” that well!

    • LegendaryHero

      Oh God, I just thought about what if Tarot did the holodeck thing with using King’s imagination?

  16. TheLaw

    Poor King… Trapped in a corner and the only way out is to either tell his best friend that
    a) He is Joel and risk losing one of the only friends he had or
    b) Not tell Fox and try to use other means to get the watch back
    Either way there is one word to describe what is going to happen next: DRAMA!

  17. Corodan

    Guess King is royally screwed.

    • TheLaw

      Geez… this joke again? I will warn you, the mods frown upon the overuse of this joke. Otherwise, yes King is completely and ultimately screwed

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Is he, he usually gets something good at the end of these things. This comic isn’t that dark.

        • Ninja522

          Great Kitsune: “Like any good game there’s plenty of rewards after you earn them”

    • Private Elliot

      Wow that’s old.

      • Corodan

        Yeah, I kinda regret making it. Wish we bad a delete-post function. I won’t be doing that again.

        On a different note, what use could Bino have with it anyway?

        • Corodan

          *had, goshdangit, that only proves my point.

          I bet Fox is gonna be seeing some revelations as well.

  18. lucamaster

    i love this one! he needs to lie though. he should say somthing like “he was my mother’s owner and he gave me the watch” or somthing like that

    • JustSome1

      But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

      • lucamaster

        i’m just trying to add logic (thats what i get for being a T.A.G. student >Talanted And Gifted<) to this amazing but embairasing-to-my-favorite-character comic

        • Nohbody

          “Rule of Funny” trumps logic in most comics, and HP is no exception.

          (Mind you, I find somewhat limited humor in people taking the idiot option in most situations, but YMMV and all that.)

          • lucamaster

            shut up, Nohbody likes you!
            (sorry, that was a bit rude, but if you ever contridict me again, i’ll hunt you down like i do in assasin’s creed)
            (I HAVE THE EQUIPMENT!!!)
            thank you! :P

          • Dissension

            Remember that purposely antagonizing other posters is frowned on and posting ability is not guaranteed.

          • Nohbody

            Dissension, even if it singularly fails to achieve the apparent goal? :P

            (My handle predates Y2K, so if it’s in AC [never played, no interest] it’s purely coincidental.)

          • lucamaster

            … what? i didn’t fully understand that

        • lucamaster

          sorry, spent too much aganizing time with my little cousins and DEMON SISTER!

        • lucamaster

          oh yah, and i’m also a middle schooler taking high school grade end of cource exams this week, so i’m REALY sorry if i get a bit snapish

          • Dissension

            We do not make exceptions based on the level of school exams a poster takes. If you are unable to abide by the comment rules (posted above), please refrain from posting till you can.

        • lucamaster

          but i still want to see king getting a belly rub!

  19. lucamaster

    any agreement or flaws there?

  20. Snowmon

    Yeah, I know your pain King.
    Not the watch thing, my brain and I have that kind of relationship.

    • Snowmon

      Also Fox looks so cute when he’s scared to death. But don’t dogs tend to tuck their tails when they are surprised or frightened?

      • Frank

        I think it’s more a thing of shame. Surprize is, by definition, sudden and fleeting, so I don’t think the tail can express it

        • Snowmon

          Every dog that I’ve seen that was surprised(by fear) ducks and tucks. I’m not arguing, but I’ve never seen it happen before.

          Really it doesn’t matter, Fox is still adorable.
          BARREL ROLL!!!!

    • lucamaster

      u too?

  21. Bicycle Repairman

    Panel 6 and 7 illustration brought to you by peanut.

    • huntersunday

      yes to this^ weres spot to help calm down Fox that would help

    • Salenstormwing

      Nah, can’t be Peanut. It’s not on lined paper.

      • Leitrean

        he decided to branch out

        • Salenstormwing

          Well then, he must have turned over…

          …a new leaf.

          Gawd my jokes are bad.

          • Critter Rhode

            If we get to the root of where these bad jokes come from, Then we might be able to grow to something new.

  22. KnightPuppy

    Fox begins to walk off when kings says “Wait! I need to talk to you, but somewhere private. Nobody else needs to hear this.” The corgi says.

    Just a little fanfiction commentary, hope you all like.

    • Dissension

      I find this chain of events highly improbable.

    • Asteri

      more like “King: wound’t it be silly if I was some how related to Joel?”
      *watch Fox’s reaction*

    • huntersunday

      “he was my first Dad, there I said it”
      That would be my way out of this

      • Gabu

        BRILLIANT! So many good lies. Poor little King…

  23. KnightPuppy

    I really think that my commentary works out well. Anyone else have anything to say?

  24. Aita

    Hmmm even if he steals it( which I’m sure he will somehow) the second Fox catches him with the watch in his possession sparks will really begin to fly.

  25. natranr

    Fox seems rather masculine here.

  26. huntersunday

    Okay I have to point out one thing if you got rid of fox’s scarf in the first panel and changed his fangs into buck teeth he would look like Zach

    also love King angry face

    • TigerStryk

      That makes so much sense.

    • Ninja522

      Now why didn’t I see that?

  27. Brownie

    Wow, you know the reference coincidences from HP!R are getting frequent,would it be too far to suspect Rick is following HP!R? Love the “imaginate” character tags. haha

    • Brownie

      “imagine” *

    • TheLaw

      Just out if curiosity what is HP!R? I have heard it mentioned a few times but I have no clue what it is.

      • Dissension

        It’s an unofficial fan podcast.

      • Nick Crotser

        HP!R is the unofficial (but working to gain the title of “official”) podcast for Housepets! It’s thread on the forums can be found at:

        and the show itself can be found at:

        • gaboris

          Okay next question is from me ooon… What the heck is a podcast?
          I hear it all the time, but I have no idea what it is… maybe I just don’ know what it means in english, but still. :p

          • FreakazoidVocaloid

            I’m not sure how the term came about, but it’s basically a radio broadcast that’s done online. People who do podcasts sometimes let site visitors listen to the show as it’s being recorded, in “live studio audience fashion”; others only release the podcast once it’s finished. Either way, they can be downloaded like music files and listened to later.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            listened to later on an iPod or other audio device, which is where the pod part comes from.

    • Dissension

      I think it’s probably just because Rick likes Starfox. *shrugs*

      • Brownie

        Well we’ve always assumed it was just common interest, but Nick and I agree (of course I can always be FAR from right) that this one might be a little too coincidental. we won’t know for sure until Rick actually says it but we like to think we help (even if we are completely wrong).

        • Rick Griffin

          I have considered, from time to time, how an expanded AU novelization of Starfox would go down

          • Frank


          • SilverZeo

            Wow, really?

          • darkgloomie

            @Frank: AU means Alternate Universe, often overlaps with the tag AR (Alternate Reality) in fanfictions, basically any setting which differs from the canon counterpart by as little as ignoring some details (in this case, for example, let’s say Starfox dissolving) or speculation on what could have happened as result of different choices, or even a change of setting in some cases (for example, Fox and Wolf… as GLADIATORS!) and… well, there’s lot of ways, but basically it’s just a take on a canon universe, but with minor or not so much differences.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      – Love the “imagine” character tags. haha –

      Me too! Me too too!

  28. RegularBird

    What a cute imagination x3

    Also, there’s more than one Joel in the world Fox :U

  29. Gabu

    Fox will love you for who you are, King! He just doesn’t understand yet!

    • jacruz666

      But until then, he’ll hate you xD

  30. FIrewolf

    Scooot FTW! XD

  31. Thoth

    I don’t quite see why who it previously belonging to Joel would make Fox think that Bino should have it. Why not at least bring it to the attention of Fido or the police? Even Bino might go for that without an argument; after all, Fox is one of his friends (and he doesn’t have many), so an indication that Fox might be in danger might well get concern even him.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      In which case it would end up in an evidence locker, and be even harder to retrieve.

      • Frank

        All Dogs Go To Heaven 2?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          NOT All Dogs 2, you mean? Or is that something that happens in ADGTH2? I’ve only seen the original.

      • Thoth

        Oh yes. But that’s a problem for King, not a reason for Fox to want the watch left in Bino’s possession.

  32. Asteri

    Wait, the name Joel should scare Fox, but could King say that it’s another person happened to be name Joel?

    • Dissension

      It’s got his full name on there, not just “Joel.” I imagine Fox knows a lot about Joel. xD

      • Asteri

        oh that’s right. It had his full name.
        and yeah, I believe Fox prolly heard a lot from Fido and his dad o.0
        forgot about that XD

  33. A

    This is just one bad situation for King

  34. SilverZeo

    You think Fox would be more upset with fat-boy…

    • Dissension

      We don’t know that he’s not, but I imagine you’d feel pretty negatively about anyone who kidnapped you, not just the one who tried to smother you in his own fat. (Of course, you’d dislike that person more.)

      • SilverZeo

        Whatever happen to that guy? Did he made bail or something? It’s kinda annoying to think while King getting shots on bis butt, fattie is enjoying an ice cream sundae.

        Funny how “kidnapping” is a relative terms for Joel/King and Fox

        • Thoth

          Not much evidence. Given that what we have on Joel was the comic title “And the sentence was going to be time served too”, it might not be very much. It’s possible that Fatties attempt to kill Fox counted for something – but such a charge would normally be directed at Joel as well, since they were working as a team.

          On that basis, I have to agree that it does seem rather unfair that the fellow who actually tried to kill Fox is likely out and making more trouble, while Joel (who apparently meant well, even if he was confused and easily led) gets the short end of things. After all, he’s been kidnapped by Pete, transformed into a dog (apparently with the consequent loss of civil rights, lifespan, resources, and contact with any friends or relatives he might have), and emotionally abused. As a free bonus, since – as far as the authorities know – he escaped rather than being kidnapped – he has additional legal problems.

          Thus the fairly common hope that Joel / King “catches a break” at some point and that this all works out well for him in the end. There’s not a lot of justice in the real world, so its nice to at least see it in fiction.

          • darkgloomie

            The big thing is, fatty one was arrested, right? So it’s not that Fox doesn’t mind fatty as much as he minds Joel, it’s just that between the kidnapper on the run and the kidnapper in jail, you tend to worry about the one on the run.

            That is, unless fatso was able to bail out, but attempted murder (even of a pet), with kidnapping and possibly other crimes under his belt I doubt he’s been allowed to.

          • SilverZeo

            I can just hope karma is better in this world rather than Evil Dead or Drag Me to Hell

          • Thoth

            Darkgloomie – they were both arrested – and when you have a criminal conspiracy, everyone involved is generally liable to the same charges (thus, for example, if three people team up to rob a bank, and one of them shoots a guard, they can all be charged with the death). Thus the reasoning that, if Joel’s sentence was likely to be “time served” (per the comic title), then Fatty was reasonably likely to get the same thing.

            Which is, of course primarily related to Silverzeo’s comment – “Whatever happen to that guy? Did he made bail or something? It’s kinda annoying to think while King getting shots on bis butt, fattie is enjoying an ice cream sundae”

  35. A.T.

    King’s past has come back to haunt him…

  36. Hunter

    King should just act like Joel is his old owner or something.

    • Frank

      With that makes it two people that have guessed that so, probably not going to happen (Unless Rick wants to surprize us again by making the expected be unexpected!)

      • lucamaster

        three, i’ve been thinking about it for a while, but it doesn’t make any make sence, since joel said he hated pets since HIS pets kidnaped him as a kid

    • Foxstar


      -Joel looks nothing like King’s old owner.

      -Even if he did, he would have to explain to a clearly upset Fox why he was owned by someone like Joel.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        - I think they mean his owner before Pete.
        - You can’t choose your owner.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “No, my _first_ old owner. When he lost his job he dumped me in the wild, said he was ’setting me free’. It was really scary. I don’t want to talk about it.”

  37. RaymanX11

    I just saw “All dogs go to Heaven” just to understand the thing of the watch :D

    • Clairvoyant Legacy

      Le gasp! You hadn’t seen it before?!

      • Ilovehousepets

        I only saw All Dogs go to Heaven 2, but I looked up the original on Wikipedia and it looks like a very good film. Dark, but good.

        • Ninja522

          Le gasp again! You’ve seen the second but not the first?!?

          • Hera Ledro

            That is a criminal offence! Somebody must take him into custody and hold his eyelids open while we play ADGtH!

    • Frank

      Ibidem here. God I hate those guys at my local TV station

  38. Treobearn

    Is it just me or does the last panel with out the speech bubbles looks like King is a president and Fox is his advisor? I dunno… that’s what I saw when I first looked at it

    • Frank

      Well, to me the whole sequence looks like Fox is the dad and King is the son

      • Ninja522

        I see where both of you are coming from and agree with both of these views.

  39. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Well, King is the woobie of the series.

  40. tbird000666

    poor king

  41. anon_omis

    I no see the starfox ref

    • Kohaku Wolflover

      If you hold your mouse over the comic itself a little line of text appears on each comic. This one has a Starfox reference and a couple comics ago was an All Dogs Go to Heaven reference

      • Dissension

        anon_omis accesses the comic from a mobile device and does not get to see the alt-text.

        anon_omis, the alt-text is contained in one of the first comments on the comic. (DO A BARREL ROLL now shut up) Additionally, the title of this strip is a Starfox reference.

        • anon_omis

          Thanks, I knew that. I thought there was a reference in the strip itself that I was missing

  42. Kohaku Wolflover

    I really hope King can tell Fox about who he is soon and Fox forgives him. King really needs someone to understand him. If Fox can forgive him for all he did maybe he can truly learn that being a dog isn’t all that bad and maybe it’s a good thing… Wow did that sound corny or what :P

    • Dissension

      I don’t really see this happening.

      • Blaze

        I don’t know :3 stranger things have happened! (jk) I think fox would kill king or at least try too. Or at least should kidnap/dognap king.

        • Ninja522

          If your dognaping suggestion happens, that will be one of these ’stranger things’ happening.

    • Foxstar

      That’s so cheesy it’s vomit inducing.

  43. Nia

    Well King ya know…You can always punch Bino in the face and take the watch when no one is looking, just saying it would have solved allot of problems

  44. Shuma Jindivi

    I have to say it again, there are millions of people named Joel……

  45. Roadrunner23

    oh, It’s embarrassing situation…
    by the way Fox in first panel is so cute!!! lol XD

  46. Stickmanwww

    Why doesn’t King just try to convince them that somebody else such as Sabrina or Tarot have been looking for the watch desperately and then retrieve it through them?

  47. The Wolf Kin

    Such a perfect page for more Fox and King avatars.

    Fox has good logic here, I think. I really want to see how King gets the watch back, and what comes of him doing so.

    King, I love your imagination doodles.

  48. Vlad the Cat

    i’ve found a new favorite character, imagination king.

  49. gaboris

    Heh fun Starfox reference, but I don’ get it what point did it have… Just for fun? :)

    I can TOTALLY understand how King feels in the last three panels. My brain does that to me ALL the time. XD

    • Frank

      When the alt text was introduced, it was defined as “an additional joke or stupid thought / reference”

      • gaboris

        AHH! … Too bad I was too lazy to read ALL the authors comments from the begining. XD
        Thx for the info Frank. :)

  50. WingedWolfGirl

    *Does a barell roll.*

  51. Dusty
  52. Shake

    Rick, why must you torture King so?

    • Rick Griffin

      Because that’s how stories work!

      • lucamaster

        before you hurt king more, please make us feel better about itby showing what punishment Pete got (after the current one you might be working on, if your not including it) as much as i love king (more than anyone i know personaly)
        p.s. please do not forget to make a second “all the king’s men” or at least show me were the OTHER stories are

        • Dissension

          As stated previously, there was a contest in which fans could submit their own continuations of the story. For more information, see [this thread on the forums], where you’ll also find the entries. A winner has yet to be announced.

    • Argent Stonecutter
    • SilverZeo

      WOuld you care as much when he was a human?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Nah, that was before he was a woobie.

        • SilverZeo

          You felt sorry for Scrooge as soon as he seen his Christmas past. being alone at school while everyone got to go home with their families…

      • Thoth

        I started to feel sorry for him somewhere around here or the next strip:

        At which point we’d been informed that Joel wanted to help animals, had no idea what PETA was all about, and was so socially isolated that he didn’t regard Fatties observed tendency to talk to himself as anything too abnormal or as a reason not to trust in and follow his directions.

        How lonely do you have to be to make that seem reasonable?

  53. JennifertheDark

    I feel for ya, King…

  54. Frank

    Such perfect use of camera angles

  55. anon_omis

    Wait, does fox wear military dog tags under his bandana?

  56. Argent Stonecutter

    OK, so we have King stealing the watch back from Bino, they end up wrestling for it, falling out a second story window, and both break their legs, and they end up in hospital in adjacent beds, secretly whacking each other with sporting goods (where do they get them? I don’t know, it’s a comic strip!) when nobody’s looking. Then Sasha shows up as a candy-striper…

  57. Pogiforce

    It’s probably also ironic that with his gray fur Fox looks similar to Wolf O’Donnell, and King bears at least a remote resemblance to Fox McCloud, but I find it interesting how Joel/King has essentially regressed mentally. He was a jaded adult man just trying to get by in life before, now he’s a pup who gets drunk on orange juice, has a BFF, behaves like most of the other dogs (who are ‘kids’ in their own ways) and best of all, his imagination looks like a color rough draft for the next Spot(Superdog) comic.

    • Ninja522

      I personally like this mental regression.

  58. TechnoFTW

    if i am remembering correctly, a ‘candy-striper’ is like a junior nurse, they dont do anything with medicine around the hospital, they do things like bring the patients food and water.

  59. microbuss

    good grief King TELL him already who you is LOL

  60. SilverZeo

    How ironic, Joel hates his pets for “kidnapping” him and King hates Joel for the same reason…

    • Foxstar


      Joel does not hate his pets for ‘kidnapping’ him. Go re-read though that arc again.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        He kind of implies that he’s got bad feelings about animals when he blows up at Bino and the rest at the Christmas party thing.

        • Thoth

          And yet keeps trying to work for pets rights despite having had some notably bad experiences with them.

          So what’s driving him? Why did he seems so concerned with pets not having legal rights back in his original arc? What happened to his own pets who’d “kidnapped” him.

          On that last – given that the Housepets universe includes the casual shooting of coyotes, and implies the equally casual shooting of wolves, the fates of pets that are supposed to have kidnapped a human child are unlikely to be good.

          That would explain things neatly; as a child his pets may have been going feral, and may have started mistreating him – but seeing the police shoot them to “rescue him” (or taking them away to be put down) would leave some emotional scars – and probably enough to account for a lot of other oddities.

          There are lots of other scenarios of course, but that one does fit most of the information on Joel / King in the strip so far.

  61. Dizzy B Fox

    wow im hooked on kings storyline hes now a fav charecter i hop that fox can forgiv him after all the stuf theyv dun together ((pleas parden my tarebl spelling its not my strong suit))

    my bf got me hookt on this comic sent me a link a long time ago and i just started reading them about 4 days ago lol

  62. Leitrean

    somehow he’s going to get out of this ok….right?

  63. That Guy

    Plausible excuses that can be used here.

    - Its to impress a girl.
    - He used to be my owner before he got all nutty and I ran away.

    That’s just two off the top of my head. Seriously its easy for him to get out of this. o.o;

    • Ninja522

      For the girl impress idea, this brings up what Fox says. “I’ll BUY you a watch if you really want one.”

      The second idea has been brought up by several people in one form or another. It’s the most logical idea I’ve seen anyone come up with so far but we will have to see what Rick does.

  64. blackwaltz7

    i was FROZEN today!

    • FenixWong951

      Im not a chicken , you are a turkey

  65. Z24

    Weird. I was thinking Fox was the type of K9 Police and conspiracy theories…

    • Foxstar

      No, Fox is the most bookish and level headed of the neighborhood dogs. The only three neighborhood dogs on the force are Ralph, Kevin and Fido.

      • Z24

        Well yeah, but what I meant was that I thought Fox was going to overreact, Police would be called and theories would be made, even if level-headed

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Except he’s in awe of how fast Peanut can read.

  66. Confuzzled

    Did they ever know Joels last name before? If not he could just say its someone with the same name

  67. sonic id furreh!!!

    hehe… is kings thought bubble really like that X3?
    also ai can’t stop laughin at his lil thought movie thingy… even if it’s sad X3

  68. Faokryn

    *does a barrel roll*

    This is getting intense. Will this be the arc in which King’s identity is finally revealed to his “friends”? Probably not!

  69. xhunterko

    Oh come on! King, your 17 years older than them with a college education! Come on, you can do better then that!

  70. FenixWong951

    Well , if fox cant help…just give bino a ”pawnch” to the face and stole the watch…that would be awesome X3

    • FenixWong951

      BTW: Why king dont have a tail in his imagination?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        because he barely has one in real life.

  71. Blade The Protector

    I just realized Pete the grifin is a reference to Peter Grifin from family guy.

    • Foxstar

      No it’s not.

      • lenn

        Darn cool coincidence, then.

  72. Shaex

    I was waiting for something like this to happen! Possibly, this will turn into one of those things were someone lets out the truth, and then the madness starts with Fox getting back at King.

    • Shuma Jindivi

      I like your avatar.

  73. LilFluff

    I wish to file a complaint. I click on the Next button and it’s not taking me to the next page yet. Still just today’s. Surely I don’t have to wait until Wednesday. I’m not sure I can handle the withdrawal after having scarfed the archives in a massive binge. Surely it doesn’t stop just because I’ve reached the present day…

    Poor King. Been starting to get better only to discover that he’s not in a ‘for your own good’ scenario.

  74. theblackcateyes

    Sabrina and Tarot to the rescue!! maybe against Bino..

  75. E

    It funny because Fox is trying to protect King from himself.

  76. nukedude51

    king needs to work on his messy thought bubble drawings XD

    • Ninja522

      Nah! It’s not like anyone else will ever see them…maybe >.>

  77. Dogs Rule27

    Hehehehe. I like video game references.
    But to bad it’s just getting worse and worse for King. This will not end well.

  78. klaykid117 look rick you’ve been noticed enough for this page

    • Dissension

      That has been around for a long while now. : )

  79. CuteyFox

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  80. CuteyFox

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  81. Occoris

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  82. megaman64

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    • megaman64

      I just remembered that Fox’s dad also said that phrase in Starfox 64.

  83. Z24

    “Why do you want it?”

    “Because… I can… lead… you… to…him?”

    *Police, theories, chaos, mystical scare*

    • tbird000666

      “Can you?”


  84. Hoheh

    Unlike that PETA jerk, Joel wasn’t actually out to force pets into his way of thinking. Sadly, Fox hates him already.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      It was a kidnapping. Fox isn’t the type for Stockholm Syndrome anyway.

  85. anthroguy101

    I really hope this isn’t the arc where King turns back into Joel.

    • Thoth

      That seems unlikely to happen until the Universes and Unrealities game is over – at least from what the Great Kitsune has said on the topic – and it doesn’t really look like that’s going to have an abrupt ending.

      Personally, I’m hoping for finding out something about why Pete wants to have Joel / King as an avatar (presumably there’s something in it for him), or what kind of “rewards” might be involved later (I can think of quite a few – especially since weird time stuff is not allowed for the players in the game; hence it must be possible – and no one said ANYTHING about after the game or by the game master), or… well, the list goes on.

  86. Seriously

    All right I been reading this a long time and I really have to say :

    I know it’s a comic and all..and it’s cute whatever..we all like how funny adorable this is. But if you were in this position..and for least all intensive purposes you wanted to become human again..

    I would like it if he went back to being human.You’re keeping him in a form he dosen’t like, a plaything for some cosmic jerk like Gryphon..and you guys cheer for him wanting to be stuck as he is? I don’t think you’d be half as happy if that was your poor situation.

    He should cut his loses, get his watch back and become human. Granted his human life wasen’t good but still being forced in a body you don’t want, and someone’s DnD figure..I mean..seems callous to me to those who wanna keep him that way, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Dissension

      I’d like to see Joel returned to his human self again, but it’d drive certain segments of the fanbase nuts.

      Okay, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. xD

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        simple explanation. Human Joel = prison time, dog King = some semblance of freedom, which is probably better than prison. not to mention that it didn’t seem as though Joel had any close family or friends for whom he would want to be human.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I’d personally like to see him stay King. He’s ripe for story ideas that way plus it allows him to somewhat serve as “the atoner” in the group.

    • Hera Ledro

      This does, of course, assume that the watch has something to do with King/Joel’s humanity. I believe, however, that a few strips back, Sabrina explicitly stated that the watch itself had nothing to do with Joel’s physical form. Getting the watch back would not necessarily instigate a transformation, nor would it necessarily bind him to his canine form. It is unlinked.

  87. Ninja522

    I think there are too many people who would be upset by this change because Joel would likely become a very minor character when changed back and it would mean the end of King.

    I just got an interesting thought though. King could get the chance to change into Joel and then choose not to because he likes his life as King better then his life as Joel would be. Another version of this would be if he got turned into Joel and then finds a way to turn back. We’ll just have to wait and see what Rick does.

    On another note I wonder if my secondary Gravatar works and looks good. (By the fact that this is my 4th time trying to post this I’ll take it as a big no towards the working end)

    • Ninja522

      Gerr, that was suppose to be a reply to Dissension’s post. My computer is being evil right now.

      • Seriously

        Well even if they were upset…just from a wide arching story line analysis..and reading way into everything..I just put myself in that position. I mean if you were stuck like that, you’d want to be back..well some wouldn’t but I’m going by a decent assumption.

        I would like him to be a doggie too for the cuteness..he is a good character. But he’s a character forced into a situation..and in the end..that kinds of cancels it out. He’s trapped in that form..and while he may accept it one day..what about his family and friends? And then it gives people like the Gryphon more ammo to change others

        “Oh look that human liked it” and then force it on another and another depending on whims.

        Just the whole things sets me off.Thats pretty much Divine Slavery..and the other beings are like

        “We’ll help..but not in the way ya want” and that just…

        I overanaylis too much reading stories but meh

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          I don’t think Joel had any friends, and judging by his story of his past, he probably wasn’t that close with his family. I don’t think there’s anyone to miss him.

          • Thoth

            That certainly does seem possible.

        • Thoth

          I really don’t think that Pete needs any “ammo”. After all, he’s supposed to have the ability to create entire low-order universes.

          Outside of the context of the U&U game, there doesn’t actually seem to be much to restrain him – save for there being only one of him, and an infinite number of low-order universes.

          Now, if you’re worried about the implied mistreatment of characters and are inclined to over-analysis, you might want to look at the intelligent food animals, the recognizable breeds that imply the application of selective breeding to the pets, their lack of legal rights, and the treatment of ferals.

          I’d like to see this work out well for Joel / King in the end – in his own bumbling and cranky way, he seems to mean well and he certainly tries to make a difference (such as in the Christmas arc) – but you aren’t going to see “respect for rights” as a general principle in a universe with intelligent animals and an active food chain. Yes, Pete transforming someone against their will is unfair. A mouse being killed and eaten by Grape would probably have much worse things than “unfair” to say about the experience if they weren’t dead.

  88. Tails41347

    Aw poor King. He is cute. I almost can feel that King will cry soon, maybe.

  89. Lumnous

    Lol i just thought about something that may happen, as you saw there were two buttons on the watch, one turns king into a dog, the other human. So there may be the fact that people may be pushing buttons randomly and kings got to try run and hide whilst also being out at times with friends.

    • T-Squared

      Oooh, I never thought of that!

    • Dogs Rule27

      Two buttons? U mean the little black quarter circles under the time? So if those make him human or a dog then what does the little knob on the top do?

  90. Hera Ledro

    Due to the complex nature of this arc, I think I’ll be withholding main comments until it concludes. Suffice to say, however, that I am immensely intrigued. This arc has done an excellent job of capturing and maintaining my interest, stemming mainly (I think) from its philosophical nature and the metaphysics of the HP! universe.

  91. Kaptin P


  92. Elwood Blutarsky

    Before this thread gets locked I thought I’d make one last comment about how cool the perspective in Panel 4 and Panel 5 are. It really sells King’s side vs. Fox’s side. I love that Panel 5 view that shows just how much smaller King is compared to Fox, really sells that he’s in an uphill battle here.

  93. Ezhno Pallaton

    Ya know… King looks really Cute when he’s lost in thought

  94. Dogs Rule27

    From when Fox and King met and had a “Fight” over a chew toy Fox was about to say what he would do to Joel if he ever saw him again (Censored by King’s interruption). So I think king’s idea of what would happen if Fox found out King was Joel is severely wrong or the best-case scenario.