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  1. Dissension

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    • JokkePokke

      Why have the recent “rules”, if I may call it that, been added btw? Just wondering, I’m a nosy person :P

      • Foxstar

        These aren’t recent. These have -always- been the rules.

      • brix

        i have a feeling that “neodissension” isn’t really affiliated with this comic, and just likes to act like a moderator. just ignore him. :D

        • Kohaku Wolflover

          Dissension is a moderator and is posting the rules here so that no one will disobey them and they are posted in the comments so no one will say well they were not clearly posted when they break them

          • werekitty13

            Actually, it seems to me that these rules are just common courtesy. Just be nice and do it.

        • Foxstar

          He’s a mod, same as me. Ignoring him would mean commenting rights go -away-. For good.

        • NightFox

          That’s the second time someone’s said something regarding him not being a moderator. Not sure what provokes it, but if someone just happens to have the first post on multiple comics, and posts what are most certainly legitimate rules, it should be automatic for him or her to be thought of as a moderator.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            especially considering they start lower and get moved to the top after they’ve already been posted.

          • NightFox

            If I knew that I wouldn’t have said it. I’m sorry that I don’t stay up until 12:00 to see the order of comments posted. What I said about the rules is perfectly valid, and the fact that his post was moved to the top would also suggest that he was a moderator.

        • Dissension

          This is interesting because none of my identifying information here is for “neodissension” unless you’ve been looking at [my profile], which presumably is sufficient evidence of my affiliation with the site.

          • Frank

            I think he’s talking about how you gave your avatar a 24½ century visor, thus entering a “neo” stage of your online persona

          • brix

            actually, i just took at look at your gravatar profile, where your username is pretty much the only thing available there

          • Sawducum

            If someone clicks your name, it says Neodissension as your AIM.

          • Dissension

            Yes, I know. That’s what I was talking about. : )

  2. Leitrean

    king is so awesome in this aec

    • Leitrean

      alt text: dun dun dun (dun)

    • JokkePokke

      I just LOVE King’s face in the first panel :D

      • Lupus

        Me too :O

    • AflacMan13

      Ooooo. It would seem the jig may soon be up for Mr. PETA Joel A.K.A. King the small Dog.

      For those of you who do not remember the story… Joel was the thin PETA idiot who got turned into King for the amusement of the ancients who all seem to be D&D geeks in the Housepets universe; and as punishment for being a PETA idiot.

      PETA is EVIL.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The PETA arc made it pretty clear that he had no bleeding clue what the real deal with Peta was until Fatty started monologuing in the car and he was all o_O.

      • Thoth

        For that matter the Housepets version of Peta – while apparently still quite imbecilic – does have a somewhat stronger point. Remember Grape taunting the cow? The notion of an intelligent, talking, food animal is more than a bit chilling.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Yah, you stop and think about Housepets too deeply, you end up with a serious case of fridge horror.

      • Lite

        It’s not D&D it’s U&U, I think Universes and Unrealities or something. Dunno.

  3. Ryufire

    This is gonna be a challenge for King!

    • cesarinthewhitedragon

      particularly now that Fox might finally puzzle everything together and know that KING is JOEL.

  4. Dissension

    And Fox has nightmares forever.

    I still like Bino, though. x3

    • Leitrean

      bino is one of my favorite characters :3

    • Z24

      He’s like bitter chocolate. Not sweet, but good nontheless XD

      • Argent Stonecutter

        More like Durian.

        • AvanWolf

          Lol – that does fit him

          though I’ve never actually eaten durian before – is it any good?

          • Radio Viewer

            They’re delicious. :]

          • Tom Flapwell

            Taste testers at Anthrocon 2003 thought it a disaster. Maybe it just hadn’t been kept well.

          • yarrofox

            Half the world loves them, the other half bans them from hotels. You have to taste it to experience it.

        • Z24

          That just reeks…

  5. Vlad the Cat

    Poor king

    • Vlad the Cat

      a lot of us predicted that bino is gonna find it x3 now this gets harder for king and more interesting for us

      • Thoth

        Well, Sabrina could probably get Fido to lean on Bino a bit. While Joel / King and most of the other pets are unaware of that avenue, it does seem likely that Joel / King would try consulting Sabrina about the situation.

        After all, it would be nice for him to know what Bino having the watch might mean to him, and he has no way of knowing what indirect methods of assistance Sabrina (or even Tarot and the Spirit Dragon if they’re not forbidden to interfere indirectly) might be willing to offer.

        • Frank

          Except that Fido is a cop and is likely to act on the name as one

          • Vlad the Cat

            I think he meant Fox instead of Fido

          • Thoth

            Yes – and somehow I suspect that Fido would find the notion that Bino was misbehaving pretty plausible.

          • darkgloomie

            Cop or not, he’d still want to know who Joel is- and looking at Fox’ reaction, King is in a world of problems as it is, let’s not add fuel to the fire shall we?

      • Ninja522

        That is probably why a lot of us predicted he would find it and also probably why Rick did have him find it.

    • Frank

      Especially since he can’t say that it’s him for reasons out of his control

  6. IceKitsune

    This is not going to end well at all.

  7. KnightPuppy


    • Tha Housedog

      Bino’s playing the standard “finders keepers” game that all kids play.

      That, and it’s a comic. Calm down.

      • Nia

        Doesn’t that game usually end with a broken nose or a black eye?

        • JustSome1

          Somehow when i’m attending the game, it always end in both.

        • AvanWolf

          Considering its Bino (and in an arc about king, no-less)… it could very well be more than just a broken nose and a black eye.
          (re: Arc 27)

  8. Kirihito

    Called it

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      People expected this…which is why I’m all the more shocked it actually happened.

  9. Snowmon

    Okay, looks like that awkward moment that was mentioned a couple strips ago is about to happen.

    (ps. I lost the bet.)

  10. Tahoe

    Fox….. Fox knows O_O

    • Vlad the Cat

      HE KNOWS
      ( Ref to ”All the Kings men” x3 )

      • Z24


    • Grrxyn

      Oh knows! D=

    • Salenstormwing

      Danger Will Robinson! DANGER! DANGER! *flails about*

    • silverfang16

      Now the horrifying truth comes out!

    • katgeek

      knows what?

    • SR

      I’m pretty sure he simply remembers the name of the guy who KIDNAPPED HIM

      • upcomingartist

        I’m with SR on this one that’s something one doesn’t soon forget. Like the first time you have a popcorn flavored jelly bean…… never again… never again.

        • Nacky

          Plus because the alt text is: “dun dun dun”, that must be referencing Fox’s reaction.
          Thanks for the tip on the popcorn btw.

  11. Profesor Rod


  12. Alphonse

    Oh BINO… you sly dog you.
    BSOD face = Fourth Frame?
    Wow, look at the time. Is it Monday already? Hmm, time for a new comic…

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I suppose that face counts as confirmation that Fox knew Joel’s name.

      • Alphonse

        Figured as much. Leaves for a good instance in which one hangs precariously off a cliffside. Whaddya gonna do now, Rick? Gonna step on my hand?

        • Argent Stonecutter


          • Alphonse

            I was… Was trying to speak in a way that everyone can relate to? Yeah, yeah, let us go with that.

      • MrMutt

        Isn’t Fox’s dad the cop that arrested Joel? He’d remember the name from the kidnapping and afterwards.

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          Fido was the arresting officer but Fox’s bike cop dad Bill is implied to never forgotten it.

    • Frank

      I could answer that, but Bino’s the one with a watch here

  13. gaboris

    Did I say “What’s the worst that could happen if a mortal had the watch?”… I take that back if Bino has it that means troubel… O_o”

  14. Thoth

    Well, now that Bino knows that someone wants it, it really is at serious risk. He can be exceptionally spiteful.

    Now, it does look like Fox has learned the name of at least one of his dognappers at some point – although why King suddenly wants the thing so badly will be a puzzle for him.

    On the other hand, he associates with Bino; he’s presumably used to strange and irrational behavior in his friends.

  15. Tobbi

    It looks like Fox recognizes that name in the last panel :3

    • Leitrean

      thats what i was thinking, he still looks feminine too XD

      • Frank

        Yes, we’ve been through this. If you ask me, he’s lost weight and that is all

    • silverfang16

      Now more importantly, why does King? XP

      • Z24

        He remembers, he’s just cursed into not saying it,

  16. Frank

    And despite them spending years saying “Nuh-uh, it doesn’t have your name on it,” this is probably the first thing they do it with something that does!

  17. SilverZeo

    From the hands of one jerk and into another… you think Bino would be ticked that his role as the “jerk character” has to be shared with bird/cat?

    But still… maybe this will lead to what the pets think of Joel since his arrest and little story…

    • Ninja522

      Initially I was going to mention my opinion on how I think Bino is more of an active Jerk then Pete but thinking about it for a moment caused me to have a moment of realization. Bino is in part a jerk because of how popular his older brother is by comparison to himself. What I realized is that I too have a much more popular older brother (to the point where I’m occasionally referred to as ___’s brother instead of my real name) and not only that but also a quiet younger brother. I’m surprised that I don’t act like Bino as a result of similar circumstances in my life. This realization will give me a new level of understanding and feel for Bino though, as I feel sorry for how he’s turned out as a jerk.

      sorry for carrying on like that…

      • SilverZeo

        Actually, that gives me segway to establish of what I think where Bino’s jerkiness and obsession of being a “real dog” (biting Mailman, ‘hatred’ of all thing cats, ect). I heard in tv and movies, namely the “The Ugly Dachshund”, that when a mother-dog can’t give enough milk to her litter, she would “reject” one of her pups… which I think it maybe Bino. So not only is Bino has a inferiority complex with brother, he also has abandonment and mother issues as well. That’s why he tries so hard trying to prove that he is top dog all of the time….

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That’s why Pete needs to have Bino as an avatar.

      • SilverZeo

        But then he has to deal with Bino 24/7…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Use his head in a newton’s cradle for 24 hours every 7 days?

          • SilverZeo

            Would that help? He can still talk…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Bino: Let *ouch* me *ouch* out *ouch* of *ouch* here…
            Pete: Say “please?”
            Bino: Puh… *ouch* please *ouch* …
            Pete: Say “I’m an idiot.”
            Bino: What? *ouch*
            Pete: …
            Bino: I’m *ouch* an *ouch* idiot *ouch*…
            Pete: Thank you.
            Bino: Will *ouch* you *ouch* please *ouch* let *ow ow ow*…
            Pete: I didn’t say I’d let you go, I just wanted you to say you’re an idiot.
            Bino: &#^@& *ouch* *&#(@ *ouch* …
            Pete: *smirk*

  18. Levi

    Will king reveal his secret identity?

    Will Rex ever forgive Peta?

    Will Bino ever be likable?

    Tine in next time for the next installment of “HOUSEPETS”

    • Ninja522

      Here are my thoughts on your questions:

      yes, in some way to someone though not necessarily everyone.

      I think you mean Fox and he will get over it after a long time, finding out King is Joel will either help him get over it faster or damage their friendship.

      I hope so but don’t anticipate any change in Bino any time soon. At earliest I would guess at least 10 more story arcs before he even has a chance of becoming more likable.

      • Dissension

        I like Bino…

        • SilverZeo

          Like how NC likes Daffy Duck because he is more “human” compared to Bugs plus seeing crack is hilarious, or do you actually like him as a character?

  19. Grrxyn

    I so knew Bino had it! XD

    • SilverZeo

      Same here, though I wonder if the ferrets would have a part to play… they do have everything but a human soul as a plaything..

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        but they already have Jeeves’s soul.

        • silverfang16

          and all the rest of the staff.

        • SilverZeo

          But Jeeves get paid ALOT for that… King on the other hand…

  20. Alex M.

    The “dun dun dun” adds a huge dramatic feel.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      you for got a (dun)

    • Slipdance

      Yeah, but it’s been dun dun dun before.

  21. RegularBird

    Smart one Bino, Smart one xD

  22. xhunterko

    *gets popcorn*

    • Ryufire

      *Gets Popcorn also and cherry Icee*

      • Espemon333

        *sneaks clam chowder into the theater*

        • Thropian

          *waits for it to play on tv*

  23. natranr

    Fox knows, and he still looks feminine, but not as much as the last 2 times we saw him.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I don’t see it. He looks like Fox to me. Drawn just as the artist intended.

    • Foxstar

      So what if he does look feminine? Why do you keep bringing this up?

      • natranr

        Idk, because it caught my attention is all.

        • Foxstar

          And you pointed it out last comic. You don’t need to point it out any more.

      • Hera Ledro

        So what if someone comments on it? Why do you get offended?

        • Hera Ledro

          Pardon, I misphrased. I meant to say: Why do you get defensive?

          • Frank

            Pre-emptive modding. Things like this are magnets for rule-breaking comments

    • natranr

      Compare what he looks like now to this

      and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Isn’t that a style change to the narrower muzzle that you’re seeing?

      • WingedWolfGirl

        No, he looks feminine in that too.
        You people do realize if Rick changed it and made him more muscular you’d be complaining about that too. Right?

        • huntersunday

          I agree with you why even bring it up even Rick complained about people always bringing up Fido’s muscles

        • natranr

          Why do you all think I’m complaining? I’m just pointing it out. I know I’m not the only one.

      • kingisawsome

        he looks shorter and he has a wider muzzle

    • silverfang16

      Nor do I.

    • klaykid117

      It would be cool if like in the beggining when we found out grape was a girl if we find out that fox is really a girl that might alter king and fox’s relationship.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        maybe in a dream next year on April Fools day(if it doesn’t fall on a normal update day)

  24. Asteri

    ……I think Fox recognizes that name.. ; -;
    and poor King… then again… Since Bino has it… it means he’ll lose it on some embarassing manner..

  25. Shake

    Incoming drama storm!

    Though it occurs to me that King could probably diffuse the whole thing with “Joel’s my former owner, don’t wanna talk it about it.” But that wouldn’t be very entertaining now, would it?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or would it…

      Then there’s that wildcard where he can’t say “Joel.”

      • Shake

        I was under the impression that had to do with Pete controlling his brain in violation of the rules. I’m pretty sure he’d be able to say “Joel” now.

    • Erkhyan

      Well actually… If he said Joel was his former owner, it would raise an interesting set of questions from the other pets. Joel despises animals because his former pets kidnapped him, remember?

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Now that you mention it the guys he hung out with weren’t really into the whole “pet ownership” thing were they.

        It’ll be fun to see if how this plays out.

      • Shake

        Wait, Joel’s pets kidnapped him? O.o I guess I don’t remember. Yeah, that could potentially just make things harder.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It was his family’s pets, and they kidnapped him because his parents mistreated them.

      • Thropian

        also kings owner up and left if you recall.

  26. Z24

    Now remember, the clock fell down the sky randomly. It’s still too soon to link Joel to King unless King spills it there right now…

    And Bino went through garbage? What for at first?

  27. Elwood Blutarsky

    He actually broke Fox…

    • SilverZeo

      By the name “Joel” … does this mean he is not a fan of the first 5 seasons of MST3K?

  28. Hoheh


  29. Icharus

    Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out as badly for Bino as it did at the Christmas party…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Why not?

      • Icharus

        Oh, well. Unless you want to hope that, of course. Just speculatin.

        • Hoheh

          I don’t WANT Bino hurt, but it tends to be deserved……

      • Frank

        There are two words that will get a wave of favorable comments anywhere on this site: hospitalized bino

        • Zarvain

          Oh come on, its not that bad. It’s not like he has been in and out so often that he has his own room and a pet health wellness trust fund named after him…oh wait…nvm.

  30. Kondog

    This arc just keeps getting better and better, And I love the look of that watch on Bino He should keep it! =P

  31. Kohaku Wolflover

    Dang it Bino. I’m not so sure Fox does know, but since Sabrina can’t help directly maybe they can get Daisy to convince Bino to give it back… that is if she is currently dating him :P Wow I’m surprised that even though I have been reading this since the Peanut gets scritched all over comic that I never bothered to make a comment lol.

    • Dissension

      I think you may have confused Daisy and Sasha.

      • Kohaku Wolflover

        Herp de derp yes I did

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      But Daisy has never convinced anyone of anything except for what her name is.

      • silverfang16

        Daisy is secretly VERY intelligent. She just hides it.

        • NykVerien

          Maybe she’s French.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s a theory. There’s no evidence for it.

          I still want to know what she did with the bag of money.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            she bought a name tag so she never has to talk again.

          • Z24

            Rhinestoned, of course

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            more like diamond encrusted.

          • Kohaku Wolflover

            And the collar itself is 24k gold

  32. Shuma Jindivi

    Millions of people are named Joel……

    • huntersunday

      true but if you were kidnapped by a man name Joel who you never really saw and knew he escaped from prison wouldn’t you tense up a little at his name I know I would probably be a little bit paranoid

    • Frank

      “Peanuuuut! A guy just got hired at the gas station and his name is Pete!

    • Shuma Jindivi

      ture……but that’s not enough to reveal King’s identity. Also, I think the watch looks good on Bino’s collar.

  33. Elwood Blutarsky

    They sure love that “Watchdog” pun. :)

  34. Roadrunner23

    Will King’s identity be revealed to fox?
    I just can’t wait next monday XD

  35. Slash the Kitsune

    You could knock Fox over with a feather.

  36. A.T.

    I wonder what will happen if Fox finds out that King IS Joel. Fox would be so hurt and confused…or a choke on King’s neck would do.

    • kingisawsome

      no, it would be a throttle. Fox even said so.

      • silverfang16

        Well…..he never got to state all that he would do before King interrupted him.

        • Thoth

          Well, if Fox remembers clearly, he’ll know Joel as the reluctant and confused one who objected to his dognapping – and Fox has become good friends with King and is sufficiently loyal to keep on hanging around with Bino.

          I suspect that getting past the incredulity about Joel being kidnapped by a magical being and turned into King may be a bigger barrier than actual forgiveness.

          • Zarvain

            I agree, I think Peanut is the only one who can just go along with such seemingly insane ideas.

            Of course, who he’s dating does help with that I suppose. =P

  37. megaman64

    Figured that Bino would have the watch.
    Also I lost “The Game”.

  38. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Good job breaking it, Hero.

  39. Argent Stonecutter

    So, now we have the two characters Rick most loves to hurt fighting over a powerful artifact.

    This is likely to end with at least one of them in traction.

    Possibly both.

    In adjacent beds.

    With an embarrassingly friendly and cheerful nurse who’s sure they’ll be best of friends, completely oblivious to them poking and prodding each other with sporting goods every time her back is turned.

    I saw that in a Looney Tunes cartoon with Sylvester and Spike.

    Oooh, for maximum irony… the nurse… it’s Sasha as a candy-striper.

  40. Mystery Ezekude

    :( I was expecting it to be Peanut…Nevermind. The bomb is about to be dropped anyway!

  41. The Wolf Kin

    Poor King. I really should have seen it coming, though.

  42. Draco_2k

    I feel an ocean of epic coming on.

    Way to set up a plot point, Rick.

    • Aenbr

      Oh, I have a feeling that the plot isn’t even pointed yet. We’re still trekking that mountain.

      • Thropian

        are we there yet?
        are we there yet?

        also this comic is great

  43. Cerveny

    Oh… Fuuudge this wont be ending well x.x

  44. Elena

    I wonder if Joel was King’s human name?

  45. WingedWolfGirl

    Clever lies and/or explanation time.

  46. Hera Ledro

    Love King’s problems right now. Been waiting since Christmas to see an arc -this- involved and deep. Tally-ho!

    Also, I think King’s sentiments may be summed up in the following:


  47. Kitch

    This was too predictible.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Which made it all the more a wildcard it actually happened.

  48. microbuss

    hehe He should say “That IS my name Now give it back!” XD

  49. huntersunday

    I love the santa joke it took me a second to realize what Rex meant but I laugh when I figured it out
    also love Fox’s shock face it is awesome.

  50. Whitekitsune

    I think I can say for certain that his is is my all-time favorite page so far. It was definitely worth staying up till 1 in the morning to see! The line work seems cleaner than usual, King in the first panel is probably the best I’ve seen of him, and the whole page today was played out wonderfully. Bravo!

  51. Rocket Knight boy

    The plot thickens! as does Bino’s ego

  52. TheScout

    Aaaaaand King is dead.

  53. FerreTrip

    I hope Fox just got spooked at the name of someone who gave him heck and isn’t freaked because he realizes King is Joel…

    • Dena

      The first is more plausible than the second. After all, whoever heard of a man being turned into a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

  54. crazyredemu

    I thought they were posting alt text for people who couldn’t read it on their phones or something like that? Oh well

  55. Sonic125

    *record scratch noise for Fox’s face in the 4th panel*

  56. Radio Viewer

    Ooh boy… What’s going to happen next?

  57. JokkePokke

    Heey, Bino stole Rex’s joke :( Why is Bino always so mean!? He’s a jerk, just like Pete :(

  58. nukedude51

    that proves its not binos watch :P

  59. theabsolutelyterriblewriter

    Good heaven.
    Bino controlling King/Joel’s fate.

    • T-Squared

      If you want this watch back, then you’ll have to do this:

      1.Wash my dog bowl every day
      2. Buy me a diamond-encrusted dog collar
      3. Write my signature like this [Insert high-class paw-print signature here]
      … and so on…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “What does this button do?”
      “Hey, where’d King go?”

      • Z24

        That would be something Peanut would rather do.

  60. SilverZeo

    Why do people think that people will believe that everyone in the comic WILL BELIEVE that King was once the very human that was arrested by having him merely mentioning that a griffon did to him so he could play cosmic D&D against a Dragon….

    • Thoth

      Well, it is kind of hard to say just how much weirdness and magic is accepted in the Housepets universe.

      We know that telepathy is widely known and accepted in Dolphins.

      Other “Psychic Powers” may be accepted. Joel / King apparently accepted the “she’s psychic” explanation of Tarot without a quibble – and having two psychic pets in one household is not considered incredible.

      Tarot and Peanut riding around on a broomstick apparently passed without any real notice – but that might just be a Halloween thing (either non-canon or simply dismissed as an illusion or fraud).

      The “Scaredy Cats” arc suggested that psychics and spirits may be known – if rare.

      As far as high-powered outright “magic” goes, there isn’t much information available. Pete was seen by several humans, and many pets, but there’s been no apparent reaction. That could mean that such sightings aren’t unknown, or it could mean that it’s been dismissed as an illusion or fraud of some sort.

      The noted disappearance of Pete’s house may also fall into this category.

      On the other hand, the “rule of funny” – as specifically noted with regard to pumpkin carving, and chocolate-covered espresso beans, and in many other incidents does cover a lot of exceptions.

      Or perhaps acts of magic aren’t all that uncommon. That could explain a fair amount about the world background – such as why the Good Ol Dogs club could apparently accidentally burn down a building and yet suffer no apparent repercussions.

      • Keldor

        I’d argue that the whole “accepting” of Tarot as a psychic had more to do with his state of hysteria than anything else, as if to say, “Of course you’re a psychic! It all makes sense now! Next thing I’ll find out is that Pete is actually my fairy godmother and he made me into a dog because it was the only way I’d fit in those glass slippers!”

        To which Tarot would reply “Spirit guide, actually, and those slippers really aren’t glass.”

        • Thoth

          There are a couple of problems with that.

          First up, we have the next strip. Why should Joel / King go searching for Tarot because “I need someone who understands” if he didn’t accept her ability to read minds? What other reason would he have to believe that she would understand?

          Secondarily, we already know that functional psychic powers are known and accepted in the Housepets universe. Everyone who visits the zoo will experience them first hand. Thus Grape’’s line: “That’s because she’s psychic, like a dolphin? Only she can read minds too”.

          Why should Joel / King’s reply – “Oh, OK, that’s a perfectly normal explanation” be anything other than literally true as the next strip seems to indicate?

          If I said that “Oh, that’s Jim. He speaks Spanish better than a lot of Spanish people do” would that be unbelievable? Is “Oh, that’s Tarot. She speaks ‘Dolphin’ better than most Dolphin’s do” really all that different in the Housepets universe?

  61. FIrewolf

    Of all the people to get control of his fate, why’d it have to be him? X|

  62. netherwolf

    oh man..quite an aquard moment

  63. Kanashimi51


    Ya dun know wut sumethin’s truleh worth until ya’ve lost it… Thaz pretteh much King’s whole life moral.
    He’ll now prolly gunna hafta ruin his friendship with all his pals cuz of his LIL secret… Ai feel sumewhat soirry fer em.

    • Frank

      Okay, we’ve people who “talk” wierd before; but this time there’s a rule against trolling them for it.
      Just a friendly warning to the other repliers

    • Dissension

      If you’re typing this way intentionally, please don’t.

      • gagi

        i think it’s kinda cute :P

        • Thoth

          Also ambiguous unfortunately. Would “em” be standing in for “him” or for “them”? The intent is somewhat unclear I think.

        • Dissension

          Since we communicate entirely through the written word here, it is undesirable to intentionally post with atrocious spelling and grammar. Don’t encourage it.

  64. flintfang

    That’s quite a slip-up you’ve made there, King

    • Frank

      Like I said at 12:10 AM, it’s probably nothing more than the typical childish “Hey, that’s my seat!”
      “I don’t see your name on it”
      except that this time it does have a name

  65. And once again it starts

    Bino’s clearly not acting like Santa, he’s being Detective Gumshoe of course.

    • Espemon333

      If he were Gumshoe, he’d have called somebody pal by now.

  66. Mandy

    I have such love-hate for Bino. He’s an amusing little ball of smug superiority. :)

  67. Thor2213

    oh no, this cant end nicely o..o

  68. Immortel Shadow

    *Falls to his knees.*

    • huntersunday

      Because you secretly know all the answers but cant figure out how to access them
      also anyone else notice King is crying agian?

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        look more closely. that appears to be the very edge of his eye, not a tear.

  69. TheLaw

    Now throttling in this situation is completely acceptable.

  70. Immortel Shadow

    Lol, Completely agreeing

  71. Hypergenesis

    I do wonder if Fox knows about Joel’s story of his pets turning on him?

    Because if he does ten it would be quite interesting if King says that Joel is his owner.
    Which I wonder how he would do that since he can’t say the word “Joel” if I remember correctly.

    Actually I even wonder how he would explain since he can’t even say the word “Joel” XD

  72. Daggy

    I want the next piece so bad… D:

  73. lucamaster

    heres a great exuse, “he was my old owner, fox shut up, i don’t want to yalk about it”

    • megaman64

      lol right on.

    • Espemon333

      Fox: Your old owner tried to kidnap me?!?

      • Dissension

        The other pets know King’s previous owner to be Pete.

        • zeroslash

          He could tell them he was adopted by Pete after his old “owner” abandoned him.

  74. JayEnfield

    What I’m wondering… Is just what DOES someone do with a piece of someone else’s fate. It’s obviously not delicious.

    • Thoth

      Given the lack of any obvious control, perhaps someone else having it in their possession just means that your affairs will be constantly entangled with – and possibly subordinate to – theirs.

      Constantly winding up getting entangled with Bino (and possibly even worse, always getting the worst of it), would be pretty unpleasant.

      Of course, there are lots of other theories, but many are too horrible to fit in with the Housepets.PG rating.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      How do you KNOW it’s not delicious? Have you tried it? How can you say you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?

      • Thoth

        Joel / King is a cynic and – however justifiably – often miserable. It makes for a lousy flavor. Now, happy, bouncy, contended souls however…

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          so daisy’s soul would be delicious?

          • Thoth

            Yes, but unless she has hidden depths (as her musical talents may indicate), you’d just be hungry again an hour later.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            I think you’re thinking about Sasha, not daisy. but Sasha’s would taste good too.

          • Thoth

            Oops, you’re right there. Sasha has the delightful flights of fancy, like chocolate frosting.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          King has his good side.. The cynicism just adds a spicy tang to his naivete and charity. I mean, even after the stuff his pets did to him he was still trying to help animals, in his bumbling and incompetent way.

        • klaykid117

          remember king built sasha a dog house

    • GameCobra

      If i had to sum up what i think:

      “His fate is now yours” is the best analogy i think that’s going to happen. As in, what Joel’s fate would be is going to be Bino’s instead. Probably why heaven wants it back immediately. Whether Joel’s fate would be good or bad depends, but it’s usually the bad side of things.

  75. Nintendosagafan

    uh oooohhh…
    we’ll see wat happens next

  76. Argent Stonecutter

    Bino: It doesn’t have YOUR name on it either.
    King: It does, my name’s not King, it’s really King!
    Bino: …
    King: I mean, it’s KING! KING! K-I-N-G! IngKay! AUGH!
    Bino: Your name’s AUGH?

  77. A random person

    Oh snap

  78. Dogs Rule27

    That was completely opposite of what I said and unexpected…
    I would say something else about this strip but it would exceed the pg rating so… yeah.

  79. Gatuno

    I have a strange question about Fox:

    Is he a wolf or a wolf-like dog or just a dog? I mean, like a husky or something like that

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      according to the forums at least, he is a husky.

    • megaman64

      I always thought that Fox was a either a grey fox or a grey wolf of some sort.
      Either way Fox is very cool. Not as cool as King but still cool.

      • megaman64

        He’s a husky sweet. That just makes him cooler.

    • Dissension

      As everyone’s said, Fox is a husky. As such, he bears a strong resemblance to the wolves from the zoo. : )

  80. Myichao

    I feel slow–I just now realized why King threw the watch away in the first place–it has his old name on it, which Fox would know! Draaama. :O

    Can’t wait to see where this goes… :D


    Look at the comments on the last strip. I totally called this :D

  82. WolfLongFellow

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  83. tuctchone

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  84. 8feet

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    God Bless!!!

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  87. WolfLongFellow

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  88. E

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  89. Russiarules1

    Will King reveal his last and true identity? Will Bino give the watch back? Will Rex appear in the next trip and say a one liner? Will I ever run out of questions? Does Fox knows this “Joel” person? Will King make up a good excuse to get the watch? Does the watch work with batteries or solar power?
    Tune next in time and discover more stuff in… Housepets! But, for now, one question can be answered from the ones I mentioned, AND THAT ONE IS…
    Will I ever run out of questions?