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The comic that was supposed to run on Wednesday

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  1. Dissension


    • Dissension

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      • ZincChloride

        is this serious? …. what’s your position of authority to make guidlines? e.x. r u rick? webmaster? rick’s sacilian mofia hitman? gasp! XD SANTA?! I would listen to santa!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          he’s a moderator and Rick has given him authority to post the rules.

        • Foxstar

          He’s a mod. He posts the rules so there’s no excuse for people to run to when commenting rights are revoked.

        • Jimmy Jazz

          He is a wonderful moderator on the forums, and tends to the community. he does have the authority to post these things.

          Also, note to self… if I find a watch with my name on the back. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY.

        • Clairvoyant Legacy


    • Leitrean

      ALT TEXT: wait i thought his last name was zechar what is this i don’t even know

      MEMES! how do they work?

      • howlslikewolf

        “wait I thought his last name was Zechar what is this I don’t even”

        The word “know” isn’t there, but even if I mentally add it, I’m not “getting” the meaning.

        • MrMutt

          It references a frame a few pages back when Pete picks up Joel’s fate orb thingie from the pedastal. I also seemed to added “Know” on the end when I read it. Durn it.

        • Frank

          “…know what’s going on”

        • Alphonse

          “I don’t even…” Do not know about you guys, but I use that phrase all the time, sarcastic as that may sound.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Memes use magnets!

        • Chochi

          OMENTO POWAH!!!

      • Dogs Rule27

        All this is giving me an idea that the next alt text might be the ending of this alt text sentence. I can’t wait!

  2. IceKitsune

    Yep this is going to get passed around. I wonder what it does. And Yay his full name!

    • IceKitsune

      I could also see it ending up in a landfill if someone doesn’t get it out of the trash and King having to go find it before something bad happens to him or something like that.

      • Frank

        Like what? It rolls out of the truck and every time it bounces…
        *click* anvil
        *click* piano
        *click* tugboat?

        • Mettlebird

          Oh gosh what if the not all dogs thing and him throwing out the watch make him… Go “bye bye!?!?” D:

    • Mettlebird

      I also wonder why he threw it out? And lol, watchdog joke FTW!!!! :D

      • Leitrean

        either out of ignorance (not likely) or fear of being linked to his true self (more likely)

      • JokkePokke

        Haha, yeah, i laughed at that one :D

        Btw, Alt text: Wait I thought his last name was Zechar what is this I don’t even

        …I didn’t really get the alt text, any ideas?

        • RockstarRaccoon

          Rick is mocking you.

      • BlueAnubis

        Because if you look closely at the hand holding it, it is Fox’s

        • BlueAnubis

          And then, if you look even closer, you’ll see that it is King’s hand and realize you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Leitrean

            good boy

  3. Alphonse

    King crave is fulfilled.
    Pun crave, not so much.

  4. TheyCallMeGrapeIDKW

    This… adds a whole new meaning to the words “twist” and “suspense” for meh.

    • tuctchone

      same here

  5. gaboris

    Heh I hope this means Pete took the wrong fate orb. XD

  6. AvanWolf

    Ok, I so didn’t see the trashcan coming. XD [and yes I'm still alive ... just busy >.>]

    also alt-text: “wait I thought his last name was Zechar what is this I don’t even”

  7. FIrewolf

    The plot thickens XD Why did he throw away the watch? It had his name written all over it.

    • Z24

      His Dog-napping days’ name on it…

      • Thoth

        In very small letters. At night. Plus, of course, what little evidence he has suggests that someone already (literally) threw it away; it’s the obvious explanation for it dropping out of the sky.

    • silverfang16

      Yea, he probably couldn’t read it…..or there is a deeper meaning here.

      • NykVerien

        I think he just panicked when he read his old name on it. Fox is standing right next to him you know.

        • FuRrY321

          Yep. My thoughts, exactly.

    • Chip Uni

      I think that his throwing away the watch is a reference to this strip: http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/12/04/try-to-understand/

      The-former-Joel had his name taken away from him.

      • FIrewolf

        Y’all Don’t know a bad pun when ya see it XD

  8. Asteri

    yay King and Fox XD my fav combo! ….. hmmm something’s different about fox today o.0

    • jacruz666

      yep, actually, fox looks a little feminine

  9. xhunterko

    At least it’s not how much time is LEFT thank goodness!

    • Z24

      You got 10…
      Months? Years?
      No, 10…9…8…7…

  10. xhunterko

    Although, it does give a new meaning to ‘throw your life away’.

    • MrMutt


  11. Kondog

    could it be he has chosen rid himself of Jole Zechariah Robertson’s fate and forge his own-as a pet… most interesting

    • Mystic Wolf

      I think he has lost the chance of his life O.O” Now he is in danger, isn’t it?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or Fox is with him and he doesn’t want him to find out his real identity.

      • silverfang16

        You have to wonder what Fox’s reaction would be anymore.

        • huntersunday

          well I say he would just laugh and say stop kidding King cause hearing I was a human turned dog by griffin would be out there

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      it’s Robinson. and Joel.

  12. GameCobra

    what is this i don’t even i thought his last name was Zechar

  13. loomCAT

    King! Dude! A watch fell from heaven with your FREAKIN’ name on it, and you threw it into a dumpster! What is wrong with you?! Aren’t you just the slightest bit perturbed by this development?

    Erggh… nevermind.

    On another note, I can’t help but think about how our fanfiction writers are going to have to go back and retcon how King/Joel’s name appears in their stories in order to match what is now canon. ^^

    • loomCAT

      *facepalms* Oh, right. Fox is right there. THAT might be why he doesn’t want the watch around him… >_<

      Now I'm just confusing myself.

    • Z24

      His dog-napping days’ name on it. Reading it out loud would be AWK-WARD… XD

      • Zarvain

        Only he COULDN’T read it out loud, is tongue is still locked from saying his old name.
        …so what would have happened if he had tried and not been able to say it around Fox? Would Fox have though King another of Joel’s victims, or something else?

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          probably would have thought he can’t read.

        • Frank

          I think he’s only locked from saying that that’s his name. Nothing indicating that he wuld be unable to read it off a piece of paper (er, plastic?)

  14. Elwood Blutarsky

    Is full name is Joel Robinson? Maybe getting turned into King wasn’t such a bad gig after all, he may be a corgi but at least he didn’t end up a janitor then shot into space because “his bosses didn’t him.”

    • Spoofmaster

      I was wondering how many comments in we would get before someone else caught that.

  15. natranr

    Fox still looks feminine.

    • Foxstar

      So what?

    • tuctchone

      now that you mention it you are kinda right i see it now

  16. Corodan

    That was thoroughly anti-climactic.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Who says its over?

  17. FenixWong951

    Lol wut?

  18. RegularBird

    What a twist!

  19. The Moon Howler

    That’s some bad move, King! Never throw a watch with your name that fell from the sky in the trash. I wander what kind of consequences will this have for him…

  20. white4rice

    How long has it been since Joel became King? The same amount of time that has past in real life or not?

  21. netherwolf

    wonder whan’ll wappen if that timer hits zero..

    • The Moon Howler

      It’s a watch – it shows the time… haven’t you watched ADgtH?

  22. Ozimul

    Watch it (hahaha) pop up and ’stalk’ King around, forcing him to take it. Fate-watches sure can be tricky.

  23. leaffly

    So does this mean he threw away his own fate?!

  24. ZV

    The title for this Arc worries me.
    “Not all dogs”
    as in “not all dogs go to heaven”

    • The Wolf Kin

      I worries me too.

    • AvanWolf

      Also not that king is not exactly a dog either ;) – I think that its a pun on the movie, and a reference to king’s state (no pun intended)… of course it could perhaps br both. >.>

  25. Roadrunner23

    Hmm? King forgot his former name?

  26. The Wolf Kin

    Could this be proof that King likes his life as a dog far better than his life as a man?

    Although I am enjoying another King-centered arc, the title worries me that it may not end well.

    But I look forward to more pages.

    • The Wolf Kin

      Is he turning his back on his past life? Has he forgotten his original name? Who knows. I just look forward to seeing how it all spans out.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        He hasn’t fogotten it, deep down he’s still Joel…I think.

        • silverfang16

          But perhaps a BETTER Joel.

      • ZincChloride

        I think he feals that this life is better… maybe. But he threw the watch away quickly because if anyone saw that name on the back MANY questions would arise. They would think he has something to do with the dog catcher (his old self).

  27. Draco_2k

    Mystery! Yes, I’m loving this development.

  28. Kimba the White Lion

    Because no one has said it, the lighting is amazing.

  29. Tamer

    Kiiiing~ You can never come back. You can never comCLICK

  30. silverfang16

    Hmm….for a fate controlling thing that watch looks pretty ordinary. I mean it doesn’t even look like it has a stopwatch.

    • Ninja522

      Of course it looks ordinary. The design is probably based on the watch Charlie had in all dogs go to heaven as it looks similar.

  31. Ninja522

    Since I haven’t really commented much I decided to sum up all my thoughts in one post.
    This comic is amazing and one of my favorites all the entire Internet. Not only do you have interesting story arcs but also, your characters are well thought out and developed. To cap all that off your drawing style is wonderfully good and I wish I could draw even half as well as you do.

    Now about this page in particular, the lighting is very good and this particular story arc leaves me hanging. I want to know what will happen next and look forward to finding out. Please keep up the good work.

  32. BlueNight

    If it’s an All Dogs Go To Heaven watch, then he dies when the watch stops.

    If it’s referencing the Doctor Who episode Human Nature, then by opening it (but it’s not closeable!) he turns back.

    • Ninja522

      I didn’t think of the Doctor Who reference till you pointed it out but that’s a decently good idea. I’m pretty sure it’s just an All Dogs Go To Heaven reference though.

      • tahrey

        Yeah, having never seen ADGTH I was thinking the Dr Who thing as well.

        Took quite a lot of persuasion to get John Smith to submit to his former self transferring back from the pocketwatch to his body and (partly) overwriting his current being, too.

        Though said body didn’t change… so maybe he’d still be stuck as a corgi (having regenerated) but have some of his memories and free will return.

        • Ninja522

          He never lost any memories, he just is not allowed to say his name. Maybe he’ll get the ability to say his name back though.

      • Your Obedient Serpent

        There’s nothing keeping Rick from bundling more than one reference together.

        After all, it’s also a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference.

        • Ninja522

          Hmm…I don’t know this reference. I’ll have to look it up.

  33. Russiarules1

    I still sense some Time Travel or Time Modifications… If Peanut finds that watch, everyone will be possibly doomed.

    • Ninja522

      Actually, Peanut finding the watch might be interesting because through him the watch might fall into the hands of the Dragon and Tarot. That is…after he messes with it at least once and does something in regards to King.

    • Foxstar

      One of the rules is “No Time Travel” Rick’s not going to break that rule.

      • Frank

        To be fair, the rule is “no weird time junk” which I think doesn’t prohibit time travel, just paradoxes

        • Leitrean

          depends on the definition of “weird time junk” pete was probably trying to exploit that lackadaisical wording in this arc..at least until cerb showed up.

          what is this, i don’t even know.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Pete’s not allowed to break that rule. That means weird time junk is possible, Pete’s just banned from making it happen. But Pete’s not in control of King’s fate any more, so if someone else does weird time junk with it, that’s a whole different ball of paradoxes.

        Now Rick may have decided that’s not going to happen, but the “no weird time junk” rule doesn’t prohibit it.

  34. Glixuel

    Lets make some bets on who finds the watch! I bet Tarot might find it or help “someone” find it, she kinda already knows its there, doesn´t she? =D

    • Ninja522

      No she doesn’t. As Pete put it when talking to the Great Kitsune “I’ll let you know if you don’t tell Dragon.” Which means Dragon doesn’t know and therefore there is no logical reason for Tarot to know.

  35. Grrxyn

    He forgot his name! D=

    • Leitrean

      he’s been magically prevent by pete from saying his real name, maybe pete made him forget his name or whenever he tries to think of it he can’t, maybe the same applies to reading it, or maybe it’s just too dang small to read.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Tres cute avatar.

  36. FuRrY321

    Okay, everybody who thinks King forgot who Joel is/was. Think for a moment how quickly he throws it out, right after seeing his former name. Look at his nervous response to Fox, cutting him off like that. He doesn’t want Fox or anyone else to know who he was, or that he was ever human. Of course, Tarot knows, (and so do all the celestial beings) but it doesn’t appear that she’s told anyone yet.
    So, yeah, I doubt he forgot his name, but he wasn’t thinking very clearly when he threw it away. If something fell from the sky, hit me on the head and had my name on it, I’d take it home and hide it.

    • Frank
      • FuRrY321

        Thanks for pointing that out.
        By the way, when you (and not just specifically you) post links to older comics, do you actually go through the archive searching for a particular strip? Search in the search bar? Or have you read and re-read the comic so many times you just know which comic is in which arc, etc.?
        I’m curious. Would make my comments more informed so you wouldn’t have to point out such things – though I do appreciate just how useful people like you can be. :)

        • Frank

          I tend to reember what arc they were a part of, so I click that from the list at the right. When it’s a one-off, I go to housepetscomic.com/tag/character_name, and flip through that

  37. T-Squared


    No seriously, I can see hijinks ensuing!

  38. WingedWolfGirl

    Betcha King will run back to the dumster and claim it when Fox isn’t with him.

    • Zarvain

      and then hide it in his sock drawer where he hopes no one will find it. (He’ll need to get socks to hide it under then though…)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think he’ll run back to the dumpster… and discover someone else has grabbed it first.

      Who finds it? Fox? Bino? Sasha? Tarot? Peanut or Grape? The Milton ferrets? The Milton relatives? Fido?

  39. T-Squared

    Oh, and I want a stopwatch like that. |3

  40. Lumnous

    Basically its a death clock, if you dont get the tag “All dogs to to heaven is a movie where this dog turns back his clock for more life” which seems to point out…king may not have much more time.

    • Lumnous

      i mean the not all dogs part, sorry not the tags.

  41. Leitrean

    well i guess we’ll just have to “watch” what happens

    • Lumnous

      dum dum dish.

    • tuctchone

      good one lol

    • wolfandspice

      I oughta smack you.
      but I get what you mean, reading all these theories and thinking it up on my own, Im interested as well.

  42. Hera Ledro

    …I love the Alt-text reference (possibly) to the comments a few strips back xD I also like the pseudo-ADGtH direction this is taking, yet is subverting at the same time. I assume that the pocketwatch is digital due to the time period? Or is there something there that I really don’t have time to delve into D:

    Also, Fox’s ‘headfur’ style seems a bit more pronounced in this comic. Just a different angle?

    • Leitrean

      he’s done that for the past couple strips i find it hilarious XD

  43. Argent Stonecutter

    Next episode, he sneaks back without Fox around to dig it out of the dumpster… and it’s gone.

  44. Emil Barr

    Is his name a MST3K reference?

    • Pea, Captain

      I’d be surprised if it wasn’t


    Me when I saw the new comic up :)
    Me when I finished reading the comic >:DDDDDD

  46. Tigerbitten

    Perhaps he has adjusted to the semi-easy pet life?? At least until he next years shots or he gets “fixed”. XD

  47. James Sitka

    Hmmmm, the strange orb changed to a watch that is half yellow and half green, I wonder if the Spirit Dragon has anything to do with that

  48. Jennifer the Dark

    Panel #1: King’s too short to fit in this comic :P

    • Ninja522

      He’s bending down to pick up the watch. He is rather short though compared to Fox.

  49. KnightPuppy

    Fox: Wait a minute, that watch had the name of the guy from PETA!
    King: No, it didn’t! That was some other guy who kidnapped you, not me!
    Fox: What are you….YOUR that guy?
    King: *Starts nodding his head and runs off:
    Fox: KING, wait!

    I think this should be dialogue for Monday’s comic. Add a little drama to this arc, and a backstory on why joel joined PETA in the first place.

    • KnightPuppy

      I made a mistake on king nodding and running off. It should be this:

      King: *Starts nodding his head and then runs off*

      • Ninja522

        Decent script but the font was small enough that I don’t think Fox could read what it said over King’s shoulder.

      • Frank

        This allows me to point out that it’s “you’re”, not “your”

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        also, there is no evidence that Fox actually knows his name.

  50. CalaverX11


  51. FerreTrip

    Wait, he just put the watch into a dumpster…after finding his old name…This means one of two things:

    1) King’s trying to cover up the fact he’s actually a human by acting like it isn’t his. He’ll probably come back for it later. (And a comical chase-the-dump-truck scene might follow.)

    1.5) (Okay, three things, I lied) King actually values his friendship with Fox so much that he doesn’t care about his human life anymore.

    2) King has spent so much time under Pete’s spell, he’s forgotten his old name.

    Let’s hope it’s not door number 2…

  52. wolfandspice

    I’d like to think in a positive light on King as I think hes actually liking being a dog now, he’s voiced no complaints for a long while, My hope is he decided to throw it away despite recognizing his human name and wants to stay a dog. (Fox is his no.1, im sure hes got no one like that waiting for him to come out of jail should he ever turn human again.)

    • Gabu

      If King goes back to being human, I’m going to cry for hours.

  53. Shaex

    soooooo many people called this happening, does rick check the comments every few minutes for new ideas or has he already thought of everything?

    • Shaex

      i personally say the latter of the two

    • Frank

      I think he checks the comments to see if anyone has guessed exactly what’s going to happen, and if so, change it

  54. klaykid117

    I think king might be trying to put his old life behind him

  55. klaykid117

    or he’ll come back to it later

  56. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Occam’s razer suggests that he simply hasn’t read the text.

  57. Captain McPea

    Sure gets dark early in the Housepets world.

    • Zarvain

      It may still be early spring at the time of this comic. We are only given a time of day on the watch, not a date.

    • Rick Griffin

      It’s cloudy

      • Leitrean

        or that

  58. Dogs Rule27

    What? He doesn’t even what? WHAT?!?!?!?
    Heh. this reminds me of the first Housepets! Christmas where Rex gave his owner a watch. :P

  59. Dogs Rule27

    WAITASECOND!!!!!!! What if King saw his real human name and that’s why he threw it away, because he didn’t want Fox to put two and two together and find out King’s REAL identity and so on and so forth… or however it goes anyways.

  60. TheRen

    I don’t know about you guys, but I just love how Rick always takes special care on the lighting of the strips when King is in them. It makes me happy because King is one of my favorite characters.

    • Gabu

      I agree. Maybe it’s coincidental that when King is around, the shading is more detailed.

  61. Scott Panthertaur

    Wait a Sec…. Joel Robinson… Thats the name of the guy on MST3K. He dropped his watch out of the Satellite of Love…