It’s been an hour and a half and it’s only half inked . . . so yeah, gimmie an hour and a half past midnight

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  1. Kimba the White Lion

    Hour and a half past midnight EST or CST? If CST, that would mean the comic is coming out around 2:30 for me.

    I’ll be up.

    • Kimba the White Lion

      Where’d my Avi go?

      • Kimba the White Lion

        There it is! Was using the wrong email.

    • Dissension


  2. Dissension

    It’s all right, we don’t mind waiting.

  3. Alphonse

    All is well, Rick. An hour and a half is nothing when it means a new comic!

  4. IceKitsune

    Darn it oh well I can wait.

  5. xhunterko

    Darn, was hoping for some housepets tonight after today.

  6. Thoth

    But won’t that result in the end of the world?

    Well, I suppose that there is a small chance that the universe will survive.

  7. jacruz666

    ha, it would be 12:30 for me :D

  8. FerreTrip

    I’ve waited before, I’ll wait again. Then again, I’m usually not up this late (well, on the computer this late). The fact you are confident you can finish it in AN HOUR AND A HALF when it’s half-inked just blows my mind…it takes me AGES to finish my stuff…(Then again, you’s gots experience and not a lot of stuff to really worry about compared to a full pic. But still, amazing.)

    • Rick Griffin

      Well I was wrong; it took me a half-hour more than that

  9. FerreTrip

    *just noticed this is arc 42* Oh, God…XD;