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  1. Tha Housedog

    “Unbridled hedonism”, indeed. x3

    • Vlad the Cat

      Can we agree so that the first commenter would reply the alt to himself ? please

      • Rick Griffin

        How about commenters don’t get to make up the rules

        • Leitrean

          Sounds good to me.

        • Vlad the Cat

          i was just asking -.- what about those people that cant view the alt from phones like me… Oh And nuuu rick isnt happy with me

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            you ask, and it shall be answered.

          • Rick Griffin

            Well, people tend to post the alt text anyway. But you can’t really expect the first poster to do it by himself; that’s silly, unenforceable and would probably make some people unwilling to comment if there was an extra layer of etiquette on top of the rules there already are.

        • Dissension

          Speaking of the rules…

          The rating of the comic is PG; your comments should not exceed that rating. This also means you should not use profanity. Attempting to bypass the profanity filter will count against you.

          Your comments should be relevant to the current comic; please take all off-topic discussion to the forums. You should not post “first,” “lol,” or any other one-word response that does not contribute to the conversation. Do not re-post the alt-text unless you have an actual comment to go along with it.

          Do not abuse or belittle other posters.

          Don’t correct others’ grammar or spelling unless they specifically request it; this is annoying and downright rude. (This is not an excuse to use intentionally poor spelling and grammar.)

          Don’t post spam or advertisements.

          Do not under any circumstances argue with, ignore, or impersonate a moderator (or Rick, obviously).

          Comments that violate these guidelines are subject to deletion. Repeat offenders and those guilty of serious violations may be banned without warning.

      • JokkePokke

        I agree, the alt. text really explains a lot sometimes, but mostly it’s just funny :3

    • Alphonse

      Alt Text: “Money can’t buy happiness, so I’ll just buy the misery of others”

      • Frank

        Well, I have to say the first panel did make me miserable, but the punchline was more than enough to make up for it

        • Leitrean

          don’t be sad frank…you can come and talk on my satphone in my jello filled swimming pool if you want :3

      • JokkePokke

        Id say money CAN buy happiness, but not much of it.

        You can still have both money and happiness tho! Just don’t let it go to your head

  2. IceKitsune

    lol god I love the Ferrets they are always so wacky XD

  3. GameCobra

    Grape flavored

    nuff said

  4. Vlad the Cat

    mmmm grape flavoured gelatin

  5. Foldo

    Wait, HOW Keene managed to bring this phone at the middle of a swimming pool?! Ô_o

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      he walked. it is gelatin, after all. or he kept it on the floating chair.

    • Alphonse

      S’best to just go along, if’n you ask me. Comic rules, and all.

  6. scarletwolf

    Pool filled with gelatin= Epic Win.

    • LegendaryHero

      The best part of it all is that everything will be fine in the event of an earthquake.

    • nukedude51

      nope it equals a epic moment in derp history

  7. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    YAY, WEALTH!!! of course, I’d go for an orange soda pool. of course, the ferrets would become intoxicated and drown, so this is probably for the best.

    • MKarrow

      No, that would be a… uh… sugar rush! I mean, nobody gets intoxicated in this comic! *wink wink*

      Though an orange soda pool sounds delightful…

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


        I chose that word specifically because it is okay.

        • MKarrow

          Ah, I stand corrected. You’ve done your research. However, death doesn’t sound like a fun theme either.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            they can drown and be resuscitated. they don’t have to die.

          • darkgloomie

            They’re Milton Ferrets. If somebody can blow money over a resurrection system, it’s them.

  8. ManaWolf

    Gelatin pool sounds fun, but it wouldn’t work. You’d just sink right in.

    • Vlad the Cat

      Why not ? They were swimming on those things and eating gelatin. Win

    • silverfang16

      WE would, ferrets wouldn’t. :P

    • Frank

      Been watching Mickey and the Beanstalk, haven’t you?

  9. loomCAT

    I wouldn’t care for a pool filled with gelatin, but I want a chocolate fondue jacuzzi NOW!

  10. LegendaryHero

    Hedonism is fine. It’s when unbridled hedonism gets to their heads that all heck breaks loose.

  11. Leitrean

    There is nothing wrong with their money spending in my eyes…jello filled swimming pool, who wouldn’t?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      It’s gelatin. Jello is a name Brand.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Pretty sure they can afford to buy the name brand…although for copyright purposes having the generic is best.

        • Rick Griffin

          Notice, however, I said Jacuzzi anyway

          • silverfang16

            Chocolate Fondue Jacuzzi!

          • Mystic Wolf

            So weird wishes…

            Go for it Ferrets! :D

          • Argent Stonecutter

            If I had a coat of thick oily fur and chocolate was poison to me I would probably not go for the chocolate jacuzzi. Just sayin’.

          • Mystic Wolf

            I thought the same, but if thew want… they can do everything…

            Ok, they can’t travel to another dimension… wait… I think this is something possible buying a Stargate…

            Hmmm… Let’s see if this is possible…

          • Frank

            Didn’t Peanut do that in “we’re snowed in”? I doubt money could buy that method, though

        • Frank

          “Jacuzzi” is trademarked? What is this world coming to?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            the proper term is “whirlpool tub”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            They don’t want people to xerox their ideas.

          • MKarrow

            Whoa, it’s okay. Just take a tylenol and lie down for a while.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            okay, but first I have to go blow my nose with some Kleenex.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Isn’t Whirlpool also a brand name?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It was a word first.

    • Leitrean

      you all know what i mean. i don’t have to be politically correct all the time. i’m not gonna call velcro “hook and loop snaps” i’m gonna call it velcro dang it! (as a specific example)

      • LordWorpeltinger

        It’s like in the south (of USA) that we say “Gimme a coke” when we mean soda/cola/pop/carbonated sweet drink of choice.

        • huntersunday

          so true I never say the name unless there are a lot of options but most the time I ask for a soda .

          on another note I want a pull full of pudding that would be so much fun. Lol what If Grape swim-ed in the pool would it start a time paradox?

  12. Elwood Blutarsky

    And remember Keene’s the one who doesn’t use ALL his money for self-indulgent purposes.

  13. Kondog

    great to see that wealth hasn’t changed Keene…and a chocolate fondue jacuzzi sounds like a great idea

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Won’t that kill him but make him oh so tasty?

    • The Moon Howler

      And afterwards a Peanut butter and Grape Jelly “mud bath”

    • Mystic Wolf

      The problem is… fondue is hot, so hot… Who will resist that?

      • netherwolf

        maby they put ice cubes near them to keep cool x3

      • Frank

        Steamy bubble bath, anyone?

      • Leinad

        it’s probably that pet-safe chocolate, like peanut had that one time during the snowed-in arc.

        as for the not insignificant heat of melted chocolate… i got nothing. i’ll just chalk that up to rule of funny.

  14. Tahoe

    Yanno…. I think that Keene is my favorite ferret. ^__^

  15. xhunterko

    Well, almost had another guest appearnce from grape jelly sandwhich in a ferret strip.

  16. Pokeblue

    Cool, a pool full of gelatin. :D And to think it’s olympic sized.

    How do I keep forgetting that the ferets are that rich?

  17. Russiarules1

    This little scene reminds me of a much smaller scene from a movie called Scarface… Hope not get in trouble for saying the tittle of that movie.
    In other news, it has been a long time since I last saw one of the Milton family members.

  18. iHavezMyBirdo

    … C-Chocolate

  19. silverfang16

    It could be worse. They could have filled it with dead mice….

    • IceKitsune

      ewwww that would be disgusting

      • Mystic Wolf

        OMG Cats everywhere! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! D:

  20. Argent Stonecutter

    The new inking makes him look so fluffy.

    • Mystic Wolf

      I like the ink style! It’s extra neat, so they look nice :D

      • RegularBird

        Aah, I kinda forgot about the new inking style, it DOES look nice :O

  21. netherwolf

    I wonder if the background statues are Keenes.(i mean that they’r Keene’s body form) xD

    Olympic-size pools are awesome

  22. Tom Flapwell

    I just remembered the chocolate Jacuzzi from “All That.”

    I hope he means grape-flavored and not, y’know, Grape-flavored.

  23. nukedude51

    pool filled with gelatin=epic moments in derp history

  24. Chip Uni

    After you swim in gelatin, how would you clean yourself?

    *asked ynnocently*

    • Mystic Wolf

      Ehm… With… The erase-gelatin they bought before? xD

      Well… They are still animals… They can… You know… *slurp*

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Depending on how strong they made it, you might not be able to swim in it. Ever made up a batch of jello and didn’t mix it up completely, so there’s this leathery skin across the top?

  25. David Cramer, From HP!R

    Is it strange that I’m hungry now?

    • Mystic Wolf

      Is it strange to reply a weird comment? I recommend you to don’t make any comment like that again…


      • Leitrean

        there’s nothing wrong with his comment…. so please stop acting like a mini-mod and leave him alone
        and no it isn’t strange it makes me craving some jello XD

        • Mystic Wolf

          Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get it… I get it now that I think… Sorry if I offended someone!

          I only tried to help… I’ll shut up next time :(

        • Dissension

          You stop mini-modding, too. We’re capable of doing our jobs, thanks.

  26. Frank

    The ellipsis is because he’s trying to avoid saying “tastes like fur”

  27. Deezy

    haha, see I always feared Gelatin Pools b/c I would fall to the bottom and drown… in Gelatin… I think thats gotta be worst death ever.

    • Leitrean

      nonsense just eat your way out!

  28. Lycanthromancer

    He should’ve filled it with custard!

    Because, y’know, the ability to walk on custard is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4K8r9OUIBM

    • Lycanthromancer

      Divine, even!

  29. Jorbs3210

    Homestar reference, anyone?

    • gaboris

      Home what now? O_o”

    • JokkePokke

      Why is this a Homestar reference?

      • Jorbs3210

        In the email ‘winter pool’, they fill their swimming pool with gelatin.

  30. gaboris

    It’s the Roman empire all over again!!! Catastrophe is upon us! O_o”

    BTW I’m not sure if it’s a good thing wasing all that sweet-SWEET chocolate for a jacuzzi… at least I wouldn’t try it after a bath. XD

    • Frank

      they’re not cats, they’re ferrets!

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        but ferretastrophe doesn’t have the same ring to it.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Attaboy. Don’t let him weasel out of it.

          • MKarrow

            Wolfin’ down some justice there.

    • Jennifer the Dark

      I double dog dare you guys to keep this going :D

      • gaboris

        Oh keep what going? I don’ see anything happening, that would be against commenting rules ya know. :”3

  31. FerreTrip

    I’m actually more worried about their massive waste of food…There are poor kids in [insert poor place here] who want some of that chocolate!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      there are non-poor teenagers in the USA who want some of that chocolate. bB

  32. Jennifer the Dark

    I’d love a pool with jello, but I perfer cherry.

  33. Hoheh

    I see where this is going…

  34. CaptainPea

    I don’t care too

    much for money

    • VulpinePilot

      Say you don’t need no diamond ring and I’ll be satisfied
      Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can’t buy
      I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love

  35. JokkePokke

    Random question:

    How come some dogs and cats have pink noses, while others have black? Same principle as their fur?

    • Jennifer the Dark

      Sort of. If the cat/dog has light fur (white, blonde, grey, etc) their noce is usually pink, while a black, brown, or dark blonde dog has a black/brown nose :)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s all about the melanin.

      I wonder…

      Since melanin and adrenalin have the same precursors, does coat color correlate to aggressiveness in carnivores? Anyone know?

      • Frank

        I doubt it. Though I’m only basing myself on dark, wolf-like dogs that can serve as counterexamples, such as the American Alsatian.

      • Oren Otter

        Actually, yes. The genes which control temperment in carnivores also control a number of other traits, coat and skin color being at the top. Domesticating a wild species such as foxes will drastically alter their appearance. In fact, domesticated foxes look, act and sound like dogs.

  36. JokkePokke

    He could give the chocolate to the poor children of Africa! It would probably melt before it got there, but it’d still brighten many poor souls!

  37. vv45689

    Well Rick! The background looks impressive and i would like to swim in that pool.

  38. Elwood Blutarsky

    Are those solid silver statues of ferrets in the background? Man they are flashy.

    • Frank

      No, not flashy, shiny. Ferrets are much more excited by shinyness than by flashiness

      • JokkePokke

        …What’s the difference?

  39. Dogs Rule27

    I think his power of money has finally gone to his head completely.

  40. FenixWong951

    i dont know , i think that the grape jelly pool whas just an excuse to cant draw water whit this new methot of drawing (or womething like that)

    • Dissension

      Aside from a different hue, water would look exactly the same. *peers*

      • FenixWong951

        Search water in any of the anteriors arcs , and yuo will find the diference…

  41. Keldor

    You know, I bet it attracts ants…