Stay Thy Hand

I apologize if this doesn’t make much sense . . . I am very tired. ┬áHopefully Friday’s, which I’ve been reaching for, is a lot better.

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  1. Nick Crotser

    I like where this is going.

    • lightwolf21

      Alt-text: You will nay sully mine camera with your blair witchery

    • Leitrean

      Can’t say i agree, but i do like bino falling, and at leats it’s real drama now.

    • NykVerien

      I agree.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai wonder if sum1’s gonna have tah save Bino 0 30

      • Mystic Wolf

        Yes! This is getting somewhere!

        Will Spot (Superdog) save Bino before he fall to the river? Stay tunned!


  2. Ryufire

    Close up view of Bino is awesome especially his glowing green eyes!

    • huntersunday

      i agree it looks really cool

  3. IceKitsune

    lol uh oh Bino is in some serious trouble now.

  4. Exulen

    And vanity takes another victem

  5. netherwolf

    Rex remembers the best part (AAAAAaaaa…..) xD

    • The Moon Howler

      You bet!

    • huntersunday

      i agree but the censor bar didn’t! deserve that

  6. The Wolf Kin

    Good to know he actually fell in the river the first time.

    The censor bar following him down, however, is what i find most hilarious.

    It’s the little details that make a comic.

  7. Tenebraearum

    I loved the Blair Witch Project. Those first person camera movies I just REALLY like for some reason.

  8. Kimba the White Lion

    … Did I miss something? Love how the censor bar falls along with Bino.

    P.S. Rick, have you ever thought of doing a live U-stream as you draw the comic so onlookers can watch the development of the strip? Just a suggestion.

    And yes, I know Tom Fischbach is doing it. I actually think it’s really cool and would like to see Rick do it too.

    • Tenebraearum

      That’s a really good idea. I don’t know who Tom Fischbach is but I’ve seen Scott Campbell draw on Ustream. Besides, I always wanted to see what Rick’s hand looks like. :O

      • Kimba the White Lion

        Tom draws 2kinds (there have been ads for it recently on housepets and it turns out Tom is actually a big fan and has drawn some fan art).

        Also we wouldn’t see Rick’s hand in a literal sense if that’s what you meant.

        • Leitrean

          2kinds is good too, but Ustream of rick, meh

          • Vlad the Cat

            An ustream of rick would be awesome !

          • netherwolf

            i agree,2kinds is my second favorite comic ;3

          • JokkePokke

            hmm, wouldn’t it be cool if Rick Griffin drew a 2kinds strip, and Tom Fischbach drew a Housepets strip?! just, you know, for the hell of it!

    • Frank
  9. LegendaryHero

    At this point I’m wondering: Did Bino have the censor bar the first time? Was Rex following around a naked Bino? Was Rex not fetching a collar whilst Bino hides?

    • Frank

      I’m guessing,
      Rex: Bino? What are you doing way out here?
      Bino: (covering up his neck) No! Don’t look at me!
      Rex: I brought your collar for you
      Bino:What? Give it!
      Rex: But you should know…
      Bino: Give it now! *slip* Aaaaa!
      Rex: …that there’s a cliff around here

  10. Russiarules1

    I’m pretty next strip will include a wet, collarLESS and shy dog.
    Silly Bino!

    • scarletwolf

      Haha, either that or BIno’s third trip to the hospital! :)

      • Leitrean

        he’s got a few more in him

      • 2MK

        hospital? you mean the vet?

      • netherwolf

        The hospital is Bino’s second home xD x3

        • Mystic Wolf

          Yes, with the contest that Daisy won!

  11. Kondog

    Oh no a wet Bino!, and yet another great close up too!

    • Leitrean

      he’s such an angry person…reminds me of me

  12. Dissension

    Ack! Poor, poor Bino! I want to hug him.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      But he’s wet!

      • Leitrean

        he can still soak up all the love though


      *Walks away*

  13. leaffly

    Now this is more like it :D thank you rick! I will always be reading comic :D

  14. silverfang16

    This is one of those comic sequences that will either make you cry or laugh at the end, which one will this be? Let’s watch!

    • Leitrean

      laugh. bino in pain is always funny

      • Dissension

        This is an opinion which I do not share. x3

      • silverfang16

        I share it!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          me, too

      • netherwolf

        Funny,but not for him x3

        • Mystic Wolf

          I think the same… poor Bino!

  15. Falcon01

    “Now THIS part I remember”….yep that about says it all, lol!

  16. Leitrean

    *stands there looking innocent* oh whoops i must’ve accidently pushed him, seem’s he better get busy flyin or get busy swimmin.

  17. Elwood Blutarsky

    He dropped his censor bar!

  18. 2MK

    Is this the end of…. uhh….. nevermind.

  19. Vlad the Cat


    • netherwolf

      We can’t save it,it’s censored xD

    • Z24

      Or else we will be… exposed…

  20. Pokeblue

    Poor Bino. Still nice to know that at least something happened that happened the first time around. At this point I’m wondering if Bino is going to end up breaking his collar again, and in a setting with more eyes than originally.

  21. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Verily, I must agree.

  22. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Also, I am saddened that the cast of Housepets! obviously know much more about popular culture than I do.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      what part of the Blair witch project is POPULAR?

  23. yoyodude

    In all seriousness, that doesn’t look like a fantastic river to fall into. Water looks a bit fast for my tastes…

    My theory is that he’ll emerge on shore collar-less, and the story will progress in the relatively similar route that it was originally intended to go. Almost as if these first strips were just a build to make fun of the computer business.

    No matter what, though, I’m not gonna parooze around screaming RUINED FOREVER because of a silly 4th wall break just yet. Housepets(!) is still awesome.

    • Frank

      Sure, it will all be just like the original… except that anyone he meets will say “What? Again?

  24. Jennifer the Dark

    Granted, I wanted to push him off a cliff, but hey, it still works for me…

    • TigerStryk

      Who doesn’t want to push him off a cliff… and thanks for your reply, your avi is also nice cuz flippy and flaky are awesome!

  25. GameCobra

    I too love that small detail of the falling censor bar. Something tells me he’s going to need it. =3

  26. Salenstormwing

    Oh, see, I knew they were using a blue filter to make it look like night.

    I didn’t call the falling off the cliff into a river though. Must be where those cute woodland creatures took Zack that one time….

    • huntersunday

      yeah i didn’t realize it was a different lens tell some one told me

  27. anon_omis

    Makes sense to me Rick

  28. Frank

    Love the hand-on-lens effect!

    • Leitrean

      i prefer the face to palm effect.

  29. Z24

    Bino isn’t THAT bad to be treated like that in every arc he appears D8

    Mod Edit: Don’t do that.

    • Z24

      Sorry for that, It may have been a bit out of context ^^;

  30. Blaze

    Don’t loose your censor bar Bino!

    • Mystic Wolf

      Yes, you will need it soon!

  31. gaboris

    Heh at least we can see somethin from the original? Okay mean joke. XD
    Well we all know a movie would never be watchable if it would do everything as it happened so Bino did have the good idea there. :D

  32. Shady Kitsune

    If Spike’s comment is anything to go by, Bino will be fine, he’s done this before!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      his name is Rex. Spike is the dog from Tom & Jerry.

      • RegularBird

        Oh god, I can’t get that out of my head now >.<

  33. loomCAT

    I still love the glowing eyes. They’re Bino’s one redeeming quality!

    (Watch Dissension say something against this remark)

    • Leitrean

      oh come now, if your going to bait a hook at least hide the the hook.

  34. Vv45689

    Is that a reference to the first part of Rayman 2 or is it just me?

  35. Authur

    Rick, this doesn’t have to make sense to be funny. Bino’s suffering is hilarious. XD

  36. Gabu

    He’s very cute in this arc! I kind of like him more now.

    • Frank

      Yes! Bino’s nefrarious plan is working!

      • Z24

        But! It will hilariously do a 180┬░ and everything will be back to how it was…

  37. yarrofox

    so is there a special lens that makes it seem dark out when it’s really in the middle of the day? Or did they just fight that long

  38. FuRrY321

    Heh. New monitor REALLY makes Bino’s eyes pop. :o
    On another note, I’m hoping that, being separated from the camera will cause Bino to revert back to his state of mind when he actually did lose his collar (that is, he will lose his collar a second time).
    So, in other words, I’m sort of agreeing with Yoyodude.

  39. TigerStryk

    Tsk,Tsk,Tsk Bino you really shoould work on better people skills, and politeness, and… i give up

    • Leitrean

      he needs to work on being more aware of his surroundings

  40. xhunterko

    Love the scene in this one. And Bino has an absolute complete disregard for gravity at the moment.

    • Leitrean

      Gravity, it’s not just a good idea.. it’s the LAW!

  41. Profesor Rod

    That censored naked neck look TOTALLY hot |3

  42. FerreTrip

    I love how the censor bar is going with him. And so this night thing was actually all via a filter? Or is it just a bit lighter in the last panel?

    I wonder how on Earth Bino thought he could win in a physical tussle against REX.

  43. Dogs Rule27

    The last frame reminds me of the one where the alt text said something about the place having some kind of special scenic backwoods or something like that. Also this must be down stream of the waterfall in that one. Also Bino should be more careful or less ignorant or both.