The Majesty Of Day For Night
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  1. Nick Crotser

    “Censor” Love it

    • Nick Crotser

      “Censor BAR” (sorry)

      • netherwolf

        Censor bars rule

        • RegularBird

          I love the fact that he actually had one xD

        • The Moon Howler

          the bad thing is that his tag can be seen under the censor bar

          • huntersunday

            i didn’t notice that tell you said something nice catch

          • Frank

            Kinda looks like a tie to me

          • NykVerien

            Yah, but he still looks so cute holding it up anyway.

        • JokkePokke

          i think he’s macho without the censor bar ;)

        • Dogs Rule27

          He should have just put one in virtually while editing the film on the computer.

    • lightwolf21

      alt text: I apologize in advance for being so tantalizing, lady dogs, and also intimidating, guy dogs

      • Mystic Wolf

        OMG Is Bino (Superego) here! What are we going to do now? D:

        And the fun begins :D

  2. IceKitsune

    lol love the censor bar this is great.

  3. LegendaryHero

    Reenacting his plight until the dead of night.
    What wouldn’t Bino do for fame?

    • lightwolf21

      I’m sometimes worried about how far he’d go, actually. O_o

      • Leitrean

        it keeps me up at night in the fetal position

    • Dogs Rule27

      Wait… plight? What does that mean?

      • Dogs Rule27

        never mind. And i wouldn’t say it’s a plight exactly cuz it’s just a reenactment.

  4. ZincChloride

    Ha! a censored neck.

    • Leitrean

      and sneaky eyes in panel 3

  5. netherwolf

    Bino’s cute when he’s embaressed x3

    • Leitrean

      i don’t see him embarrassed in this comic. i think he’s just a bad actor XD

      • lightwolf21

        Heh. Yeah, he’s a bit of a ham.

      • darkgloomie

        Looks like he likes chewing the scenery. Though, being a dog, it’s not really that smart a move.

        (unfunny comment is unfunny xP)

  6. Leitrean

    Oh bino, dear sweet bino…let me count the ways

    i am kinda disappointed that rick decided to not do the original story and instead this hyperbolized version of bino’s but…it has it’s charms…however few

    the censor bar is epic win though

    • RegularBird

      As long as it’s good, am I right?

    • MKarrow

      I kinda thought the same thing… figured embarrassed Bino would be funnier than egocentric, fame-crazed, melodramatic (aka normal) Bino. Plus, it’s not *really* about being naked anymore, as the arc name would suggest.

      • Leitrean

        Yea it’s just turning into a fourth-wall smashing party

        • Frank

          Unless he’s planning to do something with the video afterwards!

          • Leitrean

            the thought scares me

      • GameCobra

        Bino may have already gone through the experience, but to look at it another way; Bino may get more than he can chew out of this as he recaps it. If he was walking around collarless throughout the night, i’m sure there was far more embarassing things than walking around collarless that night. Would be even better if someone corrects Bino =P

    • Sparks

      i think he went with this hyperbolized story as a reaction for his computer dying on him, hence why we didn’t see the original story of naked Bino.

  7. Russiarules1

    *sigh* A REALLY complicated dog…

  8. loomCAT

    That censor bar is WIN. However, Bino loses points for still wearing his collar. ^^;;

    On a separate note, I’m in love with his glowing eyes.

    • Leitrean

      Kinda demonic really….

    • lightwolf21

      I think Rick is addressing this with making the eyes like that:

      • Leitrean

        aaaaah VERY clever….very clever indeed

        • Mystic Wolf

          Good detail, Rick!

      • RegularBird

        Ooh so that’s what it is.

      • netherwolf

        Lol..I didn’t notice that.

        Note to self:”Look at Bino’s eyes more often”

        • Vlad the Cat

          Actually they look like this through the bushes, no glowing :P

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That would make sense if they were filming at night with a flood. Alternatively his eyes could simply have full-bright or bloom set in their shader program.

    • Russiarules1

      Once a guy from YouTube made a show about epic videos of CUTE WIN FAIL

      Reference, anyone?

      • TigerStryk

        Ahh.. I know what you are talking about, also nice username it seems I am not the only one who is interested in Russia…

  9. Elwood Blutarsky

    4-foot tall talking dog with sentiance and a mouth full of canines, heck I’d be intimidated by Bino.

    • Leitrean

      well when you put it THAT way…..

  10. Nesath

    muy macho tras la barra de censura ^ – ^’

    • Mystic Wolf

      Really macho behind the censor bar (translation).

      Oh, this is a really BIG sarcasm xD

  11. leaffly

    some how… This arc doesn’t make me laugh….

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No, I want the original. Or at least real drama.

      • Z24

        Does the shut down of Rick’s computer counts as a HP milestone?

    • darkgloomie

      I knew a comment like this was coming, and I had a scathing response for it… but I really don’t feel like complaining like that this early in the morning.

      The bottom line was: the comic? It’s Rick’s. He doesn’t work for you. So be happy he does this awesome job drawing, colouring and thinking up plots, because he may not do it anymore and you can’t do anything to stop him.

      On a sidenote, censor bar pwns.

      • Leitrean

        We can still have an opinion…..

        just because he makes the comic doesn’t mean we have to shower him with praise and feel nothing but gratitude. It’s not a crime to dislike the direction a comic is going or certain twists in a plot. i mean cmon the arc is called “the arc specifically about being naked” and so far it’s been “the arc specifically about the fourth wall”, i’m not saying it’s bad or i don’t like it, i’d just like to see the original events play out also.

      • leaffly

        I figure something like this would come up. Leitrean does have a point. We have our opinions. True he doesn’t work for us but not like I am taking out a whip and forcing him to do better. Im just stating that this arc isn’t funny. The first part was but once the computer problems came in things were just pause and now we have this.
        So my point: I will keep reading just see whats going on.

        • Jim

          Personally, I would love to see the original ark too.
          I mean, I think it would be better, story-wise.
          On the other hand, we are seeing Bino’s ego full potential here, and he is being “cute” for the first time.
          I can’t say this ark is worst, I AM liking it, but I’m just curious what the original one would be, I had my hopes up for THAT ark.
          If you think about it, most of us had expectations for it, we waited a little more than 1 whole week for it, and getting something else IS a little disapointing, even though I think the quality is either the same or better (haven’t seen the original = can’t judge, but the webcomic is really amazing, no ark is worst than another, but there are always some arks better than others, it’s housepets paradox number 2).

          • Dissension

            Well, I like this arc. It may not be what you expected, but this comic is rarely what one expects. This arc is still about Bino’s nakedness. There was never a guarantee it’d be full of Bino-bashing.

          • Jim

            Never said I didn’t like it. Neither that it WASN’T what I expected. I mean, fun with crazy improbable situations IS what most of us are here for. It’s just that we are left now with that feeling of “the cake is a lie”, but it’s such a great lie that we don’t care about it?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I’d like to see an arc about just how far this collar=clothes thing goes. But this arc isn’t going to be it. Such is life.

    • Mystic Wolf

      It’s only because you hate Bino being… so…. Bino :D

      • leaffly

        Only a little. :P

  12. Profesor Rod


    • Leitrean

      Creative Writing style.

  13. Kondog

    The Censor bars is great! This Arc has really showed off Bino’s eyes – I love it

  14. Falcon01

    total lol!

  15. WTBavatar

    This is without a doubt the most hilarous arc ever.

    • Naylorfan90

      I second that opinion! ^_^

  16. Ryufire

    Censor bars are awesome. I’d go speed-walking wearing nothing but Bino’s censor bar down in the beach! =^. .^=

    • huntersunday

      umm will your eyes glow as you do it cause that be awesome
      and on another note i love the way this arc is going

  17. Tendo

    I really like that glowing eye effect in the last panel, though with the eyes, his expression, and the somewhat ruffled fur he kinda looks zombie-ish.

  18. Babadabow

    Maybe it’s the super-long ears, but Bino almost looks….feminine in the last panel.

    Oh yes, there was a double take.

  19. Levi


    • Leitrean

      you’re avatar fits so perfectly with that response

      • Mystic Wolf

        LOL Good reply Leitrean xD I think the same

        • netherwolf

          A little psychic,but what the fits x3

      • Frank

        Because of your comment, I’m not going have nightmares of Daisy switching her catphrase for “he’s still wearing his collar!”

        • Frank

          “I’m now going to have nightmares”! That ‘t’ totally changes the meaning!

          • Leitrean

            we’re only human….or rat in your case XD

          • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS

            Frank: Ph.D in Facepalming

  20. Hoheh

    I lol’d. Bino is silly.

  21. Oren Otter

    If i had lima beans, I could make succotash.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Suffering succotash!

      • Leitrean

        wait, i don’t think i thaw a puddy tat….

        • Naylorfan90

          This whole comment/response line is full of win.

          • Leitrean

            expertly choreographed by our writing team.

  22. GameCobra

    Wow. stayed til night. At least he’s giving us what we want to know for the most part >.>

    I wonder if there will be any cats roaming at this time of night?

    • huntersunday

      cats are night creatures so who knows but it be great if it was Max

      • GameCobra

        A cameo from Max would be nice since him and Grape are my favourite cats! but i’m actually interested in seeing strays if any. i’m sure they’d love picking on Bino at night.

    • Dissension

      “Day for Night” is a camera filter that makes it look like you’re filming in night conditions.

      • huntersunday

        ohh so it isnt night that’s confusing but now i know something new!

      • GameCobra

        Really? Bah.

      • Naylorfan90

        Wait, then would his eyes still be glowing?

        • Mystic Wolf

          I’ve just thought that :S… They probably know what computer programme to use! (Like AE…)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          No, not unless they’re using a flood lamp close to the camera.

  23. Jennifer the Dark

    Rearranging the trees? Bino, this isn’t a Slenderman movie!

    • Naylorfan90


  24. Vlad the Cat

    Tags: Rex ? I dont see Rex in this strip :P

    • Vlad the Cat

      Tho i think he may be behind the camera.

      • Leitrean

        that would be correct

  25. The Wolf Kin

    That censor bar is hilarious, and the alt text works perfectly.

  26. Hodgelett

    Everyone loves the censor. Show how much of an editing nerd I’ve turned into:
    I find “Day for Night” hilarious. Now why couldn’t he edit in some scrambled pixels instead? ;)

    • Leitrean

      Rex is probably having enough trouble as it is….also i doubt he knows about night for day XD

  27. The fox -pac-

    Lol in the second panel you can see it too and when is this publishes in Est?

    • The fox -pac-

      Never mind it’s 1 hour behinde

  28. Salenstormwing

    So, Bino managed to afford the cheap-o “Blue Filter” so he could make day look like night? Nice. Let’s just hope Bino never figures out how to make a steady-cam shot, or worst, the shakey-cam.

  29. Z24

    That’s a huge censor bar XD

    But it seems to be a wardrobe malfuncion in panel 4 (hint: the wardrobe IS the malfunction)

  30. Dr. Prower

    Why does Bino own a censor bar? And where can I get one?

    • Mystic Wolf

      He probably made it.

      • Leitrean

        wal-mart, 3 dollars, misc signs section.

        • Mystic Wolf

          I’ve never heard about real censor bars xD

        • silverfang16

          They actually sell those?! 0_0

          • Frank

            If you can buy traffic signals, which empower you to misdirect traffic at your whim if you want to, you should be able to buy a flimsy “censor” bar

        • Leinad

          i’m not gonna ask how you know this…

          • Mystic Wolf

            And I’m not gonna ask what is it used for neither…

          • Leitrean

            some things you just need to know

        • netherwolf

          isn’t it cheaper just to draw “censor” on a piece of cardboard ;)

    • Leitrean

      because he didn’t want the ladies at home to faint and the guys to cower at his machoness

  31. Pogiforce

    I have to agree with those who wish we saw the original events as originally intended. We would have gotten Bino in all sorts of antics and chaos or a humorous degree. Instead we have Bino… being Bino… in a bush…

    The rest of the dogs in the neighborhood would pay to NOT see that.

  32. Z-Zman

    and then it show the recovered files. Bino: what! no! all my acting…done for nothing. Rex: well, this will still be here. but i think everyone will know that you exaggerated. Bino: *twitch*

    • Leitrean

      The twitch is a twitch of extreme joy

  33. Littlepuppy

    You know what would be REALLY funny? If we get to end of all this and Rex forgot to switch the camera on or take the lens cap off or something. Okay no that wouldn’t be funny that’d be annoying. But Bino’s face upon finding out might make it worthwhile.

    • Leitrean

      if the lens cap was on we wouldn’t be able to see anything in the comics as it is shot from the POV of the camera *hence the .rec in the corner*

      • Frank

        So what we’re getting at is the camera running out of tape/memory at the climatic moment?

  34. silverfang16

    Now the real question is whether this is getting him fans or not.

    • netherwolf

      I dough it

      • Mystic Wolf

        I think he will win (more) enemies, not fans xD

      • Frank

        Do you really knead to know?

        • Leitrean

          these replies are all half-baked anyway….

          • silverfang16

            You can’t have your cake and eat it too….

          • netherwolf

            Now that’s a mouthfull

    • Dissension

      He already had my support, frankly.

    • GameCobra

      Oh, i’m sure he’ll get alot of fans in this arc.

      Although i’m not trying to put too much on his shoulder, this arc just screams of a good opportunity =3

      • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS

        Bino = Meh
        Nameless Actor dog = Now we’re talking

  35. sonic id furreh!!!

    ARGH! IT’S SO TANTALIZING! X3……………….. ai wish ai knew wut dat meant ._.

    • Leitrean

      having or exhibiting something that provokes or arouses expectation, interest, or desire, especially that which remains unobtainable or beyond one’s reach: a tantalizing taste of success.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        .__. ……………… oh

        • Leitrean

          happy to help

  36. FerreTrip

    As much as the censor bar is pure win, for some reason, finding that it wasn’t going with the original thing of what happened kinda killed my mood for this comic…or maybe I’m just not in a good mood, regardless.

    Censoring the neck. God, YES. X3;

  37. TigerStryk

    Haha typical Bino… and I love the alt-text.

  38. gaboris

    What? DfN and an actual censor bar? I thought I’m gonna see a high budget producti… Oh wait we’re talkin aboot Bino here. I always forget. XD
    Ya know I AM interested in what could’ve the original arc be like, but this is just as funny so no prob there Rick! X)

    • Leitrean

      and in this corner! the moderate!

      • Dissension

        I don’t understand.

        • gaboris

          And I’m just not sure, but I guess he means I made my lil act a bit too “radical!” that’s all. :D

        • Leitrean

          So far there has been an arguement about the direction of the comic “see the unbreakable walls of text in the above comments”

          and so far his position is in the middle of the two opinions aka he is the moderate

  39. iHavezMyBirdo

    Ain’t that the truth

  40. Toboe

    Also, I love the way Bino’s eyes glow in the night-time.


      This guy knows where the goods are.

  41. Somecrazyguy

    Ooooh Funny good one!

  42. Dogs Rule27

    He does know that every one (Using that term EXTREMELY loosely) that will *Cough(Won’t)* watch can see that he still has his collar on right?
    … Okay, or not.

  43. Not EGS

    Keep in mind that this is a reenactment (with added flourishes). As shown in previous strips and panel 2 for that matter, Bino got his collar back. He obviously chose not to remove it for the reenactment but settled for hiding it (not too well) and just pretending to be naked.

    • Dogs Rule27

      Bur still, with all of the advanced technologies of today couldn’t they just shoot the reenactment normally (without the censor bar) and added one in the editing of the film?