Guest Comic by Tom

Cross fingers, laptop should be fixed by Tuesday.  Rest assured I am never going with that company again for repairs.

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  1. jacruz666


    • revolution25


  2. Kyderra

    Bwahaha, Yep

  3. rtlstien

    We need more Karishad! Isn’t this only his third appearance?

    • Shady Kitsune

      He made his Housepets guest star debut at the first Zoo arc.
      He is “the new guy” annoying the daylights out of all the other foxes with horrible, unBEARable puns.

      Wait, whats the rope and electric shaver for? NO! LEMMEGOAAAAAAAAAH!

      • Mystic Wolf

        Will Spot (Superdog) save Shady Kitsune? Stay tunned!

        • Shady Kitsune

          He didn’t, he was too busy teaching orphans how to ride bikes.
          And Bino whines that being collarless feels naked…

  4. LegendaryHero

    *Goes off to look for that post*

    • revolution25

      Be sure to report back on your findings

      • Tomfox

        It’s not there, I made it in Photoshop :D

        • FuRrY321

          That’s cheating. All you Photoshoppers (I’m pretty sure that’s a verb, and if it’s not, it is after I “Add to Dictionary”) lead people astray with your visual lies.
          So saying, I made my avatar in PS CS5. :P

  5. IceKitsune

    Man I really hope it is fixed by Tuesday. I love the guest comics and all they are fun but I really want to get on with this arc already. Also lol at the bottom part of the comic.XD

    • IceKitsune

      Also I noticed he used my sig in there lol cool. (The one with the Challenger01 Fan banner)

    • Leitrean

      is that really someone’s sig?

    • darkgloomie

      You just want to see Bino naked, don’t you?

    • Challenger01

      And I’m glad you use it :D

  6. netherwolf

    O.o … xD

  7. Tha Housedog

    Hey, the Sonic Id Housedog banner is in there. :3
    I’m officially ecstatic.

    • lightwolf21

      As well as Tha Housedog Fan one.

  8. Leitrean

    aaaw here’s hoping it gets fixed :D

  9. GameCobra

    If there’s one thing i gotta say about the company at this point that’s doing your repairs, it’s this:

    put on some dark shades and get working on some classic villainry. and be sure to practice on your villainous laugh. companies hate it when customers come back with a iconic vengeance.

  10. Private Elliot

    Oh, so you show my best friend’s fan banner (Tha Housedog) But not mine!? I AM DISAPPOINT!

    • Private Elliot

      Never mind, I remembered it was a guest comic. Pretend I never said that.

      • huntersunday

        what has been said cannot be un— what were we talking about again

  11. Dissension

    I’ve asked people if they have enough banners before. The answer is usually “no.” *giggles*

    • RegularBird

      Heh, you can never have enough banners. :D

    • darkgloomie

      … I’m trying to picture that question said with a wiggle of the eyebrows and a misleading tone, but I still fail to see a double entendre.

      Which makes me wonder, was there one to begin with?

      • Dissension

        No. When someone’s signature section is longer than their average post on the boards, I raise my eyebrow in concern.

        • darkgloomie

          Mod Edit: The comic’s rated PG. There’s no reason you should even hint at anything above that.

          • darkgloomie

            Yep, my bad. You guys are a little strict, but hey, it’s nice to see someone care, for a change.

  12. The Moon Howler

    That is one heck of a good work :D ! Remember people, don’t use so many banners, else you saw what happened!
    Also, behold the new computers on the market – Pear!
    and ‘lol’ i missed that awesome fox :)

  13. BlueAnubis

    Who else but Karishad?

  14. Valerio


  15. Russiarules1

    - What does the scouter say about his signature count?
    - ITZ OVAH 9000!!!

    Well, my signature was not shown here, means that this is no my problem :)
    Eto nie moya problema :)
    Este no es mi problema :)

    Not a Dragon Ball Z fan… I dislike that cartoon/anime.

  16. darkgloomie

    lemme guess, this is ALSO ALSO what happened?

  17. Icharus

    I love the one with Peanut giving the bluescreen face.

  18. darkgloomie

    p.s.: Alt Text anyone?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      “you shouldn’t be letting people do all these guest comics, Rick, you’re getting lazy. And soft. And FAT”

      • Score

        I really really really hope that FAT is a filesystem joke.

  19. Dissension

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    Your comments should be relevant to the current comic; please take all off-topic discussion to the forums. You should not post “first,” “lol,” or any other one-word response that does not contribute to the conversation. Do not re-post the alt-text unless you have an actual comment to go along with it.

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    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      we complain about this, but the moment you don’t repost it we break rule number one :D

      • darkgloomie

        and here I was trying to see how far I could go before breaking the rating. But if you post the rule, then I feel guilty about it :(

        • Foxstar

          Don’t do that.

          • Frank

            Wait, you don’t want him to feel guilty?

        • Foxstar

          No Frank, I don’t want him to ‘test the rating barrier’

  20. Hopper200456


  21. MKarrow

    What?? Why would you not go to a company that features Karishad? He’s my hero….

    I like the style of this one. So fitting for these shenanigans.

  22. Hoheh

    Such capable help…

  23. foxfireattack

    All those banners, and the only one that Stuck out for me was the one that was NOT housepets. (I’ll give you a hint: It’s Two Kinds)

    • Leitrean

      i saw that too, was pretty funny actually XD

      • Secret_Wolf

        Is it the thin one second from the bottom left? cause i think that’s Natani
        am i right

  24. Russiarules1

    I was just thinking, what if they did a guest comic section here, or that would take place in the forum gallery?

  25. Omians

    They wanted to charge me 80$ just to talk to them over the phone.. instead i took it to a local company called Geeks 2 You heh, got good service

  26. Profesor Rod

    banners.exe has caused an exception in AAAAAAAAH

  27. Leafsword

    Is that “nerd squad” cup emblazoned with a Pokeball?

    • WingedWolfGirl

      its supposed to look like the geek squad logo I think.

      • FuRrY321

        I think it would be better with a Pokéball >:3

  28. Douggie

    If only you lived in California. Totally fix your lap top for free, just to get the webcomic up and running again. But if you do, come by TSJ’s for some good ol’ chinese food.

  29. Ronto

    I like how one of the banners in Peanut staring at the Blue Scree of Death X3

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      actually, that blue screen is a metaphor for what is happening to peanut’s mind in that image.

      • Mystic Wolf

        Oh! I get it now! Thank you Some……Brent!

      • silverfang16

        I thought he was just trying to comprehend the coding!

  30. WingedWolfGirl

    Too many sig banners. XD

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    Laptops are really hard to fix. Here at work we just replace broken laptops once they’re out of warranty.

    • FuRrY321

      I really hope you get the extended warranty, then, or that’d be pretty expensive.
      Oh wait.
      That’s a “service plan”, silly me.

      • Dissension

        I work for a company that administers extended service plans. Be nice. Also, back on topic.

  32. Crater

    is it just me or does Grape look like shes got a brain freeze

  33. LegendaryHero

    Before I scrolled down to the “Too many sig banners” line, I thought the cause was the Grapenut shipping, what with the avi and the first sig banner you see.

    • Micro Fur

      Mmmm. . . grapenuts, the breakfast of champions! Dash-o-sugar and nuke it for 20 seconds; YUM!

      Don’t look at me like that, I have attention deficit. . . oh shiney! *scrurries off*

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        We all do.

  34. Leinad

    i really like the first panel, with peanut and grape just sitting around, eating with spoons. they look so natural, despite the artist’s blocky style (not a bad thing).

  35. FerreTrip

    I saw “Hey, kids, it’s KARISHAD!” and went, “Uh-oh…” X3;

  36. [enter name here]

    I like Grape in 1st panel :)

  37. I Am...

    lol I c you Natani! ^_^

  38. gaboris

    DANG IT! So Karishad was a real person all a long… Okay even I didn’ think I was that slow(That’s a big word ya know.). XP
    Anywho real funny, I like this guys attitude. XD

  39. Challenger01

    YAY!!! I see me in this one! (Challenger01 Fan) It’s used by my mate IceKitsune ^^^Way up there

  40. Spirit Studios 2010

    Well. I guess he found the Java plug-in.

  41. Blaze


    Wait…that came out wrong…

  42. CaptainPea

    Accounting for the last panel, you may as well say this was cowritten by Alex M.

    • Alex M.

      I know o .o

  43. Rayne

    Is it wrong that I laugh at guest comics more than the real ones. Its not that the normal ones aren’t funny. They just ain’t the kind of funny that makes me laugh.

  44. revolution25

    “What dose the scouter say about his power level?”

    • revolution25

      Also, i would like to add that happiness is NOT a warm puppy.
      Happiness is a belt fed weapon :D

      • FuRrY321

        I’m guessing I’m lacking a bit in happiness, then?
        And you’re right, happiness is not a warm puppy, it’s a naked puppy. I like guest comics, but leaving us with a cliffhanger as big as an embarrassed Bino is just wrong.
        That being said, stupid laptop, get fixed already!
        I have to go another week without a comic, I’m going to join the forums just to post a thread about the pro’s/con’s of laptops vs desktops.
        One of the points is that desktops are X amount easier to fix than laptops.

  45. Deezy

    I like the pear instead of apple, very funny. Nice guest comic, all the banners made my head spin.

  46. Venku

    “What does the scanner say about his power level?!”

  47. Squival

    I can see Natani from 2Kinds in one of those sigs ;)

  48. Cwitt

    Oh Natani, we all see you hidding there!
    This guest strip made me laugh so hard just cause of Karishad!

  49. sonic id furreh!!!

    hey! look! there’’s the me an snoopdog banner :3

  50. Alex M.

    Hey! I see five of my signatures there. :D

  51. Hoheh

    Wait. There’s an ad with Natani?! I’ve never seen that one. *sadness*

  52. Pogiforce

    At first I thought the mug said HERP squad. Then I realized it said NERD squad. I liked my version better. c.c

  53. FuRrY321

    LOL now I see Natani! I kept overlooking it because of all the sheer awesome sigs surrounding it.
    Speaking of which, when I saw in the RSS feed “Guest Comic by Tom” I think you can guess which Tom I was thinking of. x3

  54. Lux

    The length of this computer repair is pretty much analogous to my car repair… took it into the shop last Tuesday, they said it should be done the next day, then they extended it to Saturday… and now it’s supposed to be done tomorrow. So frustrating.

  55. iHavezMyBirdo

    I wouldn’t have known, my account is broked on the forums so I never go on there. oAo

  56. Ressy

    Lol I actually went to geek squad to get my AC jack fixed (after accidentally dropping my computer). After diagnoses, they said I need to replace my harddrive even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with it… Charged me 240 dollar to fix a 4 year old vaio laptop…. Going straight to manufacturer next time….

  57. Lite

    Woo! Karishad!