Peanut Has Been Bad

Aggravatingly, I will not be able to work on the comic this week either it seems.  Such is life.

So you get some more guest comics and just have to wonder what Bino looks like naked.

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  1. IceKitsune

    lol another old fan comic I love

  2. Avansis

    I’m not sure if I want to wonder what Bino looks like naked…

  3. GameCobra

    Bino speaks French when he’s naked.

    In all seriousness, it sucks hearing that things are again being delayed on both ends here, but it’s definitely understandable. i can only hope in the future things turn out more reasonably =)

  4. netherwolf

    old,but still great :)

  5. Argent Stonecutter

    1. We pretty much know what Bino looks like naked. It’s how he reacts to it…
    2. Everyone with a laptop needs a cheap desktop as backup. Seriously, get one at Goodwill.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      The problem comes when you have a kick-butt desktop with a terabyte of RAM…

      And haven’t turned it on since you got it about two years ago.

      Because it’s buried in the “office” which has become a storage area that hasn’t been fully organized since you moved in. Two years ago.
      I have to say, this unintentional cliffhanger, however sadly it may have come about, is perfectly timed for hilarity. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME! It’s likethat time in Homestuck where he decided to post that image with Aradia and Equius and then go on a week-long hiatus. Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about.
      In related news,

      Not that that’s a bad thing.
      is this reply even still valid as a reply instead of a post? I suppose only the first part is a reply… oh well.

      • natranr

        TB of Ram? do you mean Gigabyte of Ram, or Terabyte of HDD space?

        • Tenebraearum

          Yes, I believe your correct. A Terabyte of HDD space, RAM is all the memory you can pull up at will and in any order. (i.e. Applications, files, etc.) I’m probably wrong though.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        No, really, you can get a pretty good naked computer (without a collar OR operating system) for under a hundred bucks.

    • Tenebraearum

      I hope Rick has an Apple (doubt it) so I could take his computer to my friend Joe Chang to fix it. He put a terabyte of memory on my hard-drive, Boot Camp, Windows 7, Final Cut Pro, VMware, Word, PowerPoint, and Avast Antivirus on my Macbook for 500 dollars. A lot easier than building a 6-core desktop… believe me…

  6. Pogiforce

    heh, Don’t know if Grape’s extra too there is a typo, or a sign of how drunk she is from grogginess.

  7. anon_omis

    *pulls up Housepets!* maybe this will cheer me up *reads todays strip* nope, still in a god offal mood

  8. Valerio

    log entry #20110330/2871
    Patient has summoned an army from the netherworld and has conquered the last three floors of the building. At midnight, he holds a mass to some guy called ‘Chtulu’, chanting in an unknown gibberish. The female staff has disappeared.

    • netherwolf

      that’s my world xD

      • MrMutt

        That’s an interesting world you live in.

  9. silverfang16

    This is why Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich can’t leave them alone!

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    • Tenebraearum

      I don’t mean to be rude, but why not just post these rules where ever you keep the ToS?

      • revolution25

        play nice children!

      • Dissension

        Because there are no Terms of Service and posting them here allows people to read them.

  11. The Wolf Kin

    Hmm, quite an enjoyable guest comic. The final panel definitely makes it work.

    Hope things get better on your end soon, Rick. Can’t wait for the arc to continue on. Until then, I will enjoy the guest comics.

  12. Hoheh

    This agreement is rather specific, but Grape was wise to do it. Better safe than sorry.

    • darkgloomie

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Chaos loves irony, so by giving a misleading and sarcasting condition (“unless the house is on fire”) Grape effectively gave Peanut-manipulated-by-chaos free reign to do exactly that and get her attention.

  13. Z24

    Poor Bino, naked for two weeks!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Fate truely is unkind to him…Course he’s also dating Sasha so it’s not too unkind to him.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        yes, but she also wants fido.

  14. the Art Wolf

    I’ve always thought that I had a trouble dog when he chewed on my stuff or was trying to “claim” my room, but Peanut sure does set the bar way up there…

  15. Kyderra

    waaaait a MINUTE!, I KNOW THIS!?
    It’s the one with the fire n’stuff! *Bricked*

    I actually had a follow up thought up for this but I never made it:
    “Grape grabs broom”
    Peanut: ” I don’t think a broom will help for this situation”
    *grapes closes microwave door with the broom, removing the flame’s oxygen*
    Peanut: ” ow…”
    *grapes walks away and goes back to sleep*

    It’s actually something my sister did in my house, where my mother started screaming ” fire, fire!” and my sister casually closing the microwave door and walking away

    • LegendaryHero

      Draw eet

    • Z-Zman

      I literally can’t stop laughing at that other comic thing, and the fact it was pretty much a real life event, Kyderra. O_o

  16. Russiarules1

    I remember when I burnt my breakfast, the whole house had the odor of burnt eggs and tortillas. And that’s why I always have cereal for breakfast… such a lovely good times :)
    I am hungry for crunchy bacon.

  17. Profesor Rod


    • netherwolf

      He’ll just have to wait in the bushes untill Rick’s laptop is fixed x3

      • RegularBird

        That’s one long wait.

  18. Firewolf

    Can I just say one thing?….Tiger’s Rock. :D

  19. Tendo

    Out of curiosity, why is everyone saying that this is an old comic? Was this part of some art Rick did before he started Housepets for real or something?

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Of the tabs at the top of the page, if you click on the one marked “Bonuses” you’ll see some of the first fan-comics. This was one of them.

  20. Cerveny

    Well atleast he dosent have to stay naked in cold weather. I hope you can get things worked out buddy i wish you luck

  21. Slash the Kitsune

    Must resist urge to-


    • huntersunday

      don’t forget the urge to-

      goodness gracious GREAT BALLS OF FIRE

  22. Anony

    ROFL xD
    loe this one!

  23. Nick Crotser

    I have like… a Million (actually just 6) Desktops in my House that are of decent quality and speed that are just sitting there doing nothing and being unplugged… Darn it Rick, I’m sure people (like me) would be glad to donate a desktop!

    • revolution25

      I’ve said it before, ill say it again.
      I vote we pitch in a buy rick Alienware

  24. CaptainPea

    If you’re going to build suspense in your comic by breaking your computer, I can’t think of a better place than before the arc specifically about being naked.

  25. Aaron

    Should make him like literally shaved naked. That would be hilarious!

  26. gaboris

    Hey I remember this one! Oh so nice to remember it again. :D
    BTW I hope things are going well. Just take your time Rick and we’ll be here. ;)

  27. FerreTrip

    >XD NOICE!!

    Hope ya get it back up and running soon, Rick! Don’t rush, though ^^

  28. Espemon333

    You were planning this all along, weren’t you, Rick? Keep us in suspense. WHAT DOES BINO LOOK LIKE NAKED???? I MUST KNOW!!!!!

  29. Dat guy thats here

    What day(s) does this comic update on

    • RegularBird

      Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but recently Rick’s laptop died out on him so none for now.

  30. Dat guy thats here

    What day(s) does this comic update on?

    • Kyderra

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday
      7:00 AM GMT +01 eu time

      currently not trough, Rick’s PC has broken down, hence the guest comic

  31. wikipedia addict

    Bino’s: Bino – In particle physics, a gaugino is the hypothetical superpartner of a gauge boson, as predicted by gauge theory combined with supersymmetry. They are fermions.

  32. Shyannethefox

    bad doggy! hehe

  33. j0llyranch3r

    how do u make the comic strips look so amazing?! i know your amazing tht why

    • Kyderra

      You would be amazed what kinda things you can do if you get the right motivation for it :)

  34. Angela

    Love the guest comic. And good luck with getting new computer parts and such. I know first hand how aggravating that can be.

  35. Stitchfantommy

    When does this comic update? Im new here

    • huntersunday

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    • NickCrotser

      In the future, read above posts to see if your question has previously been answered. The comic updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
      @ about 7:00 AM GMT +01

    • Stitchfantommy


  36. Frank

    Just noticed the alt text: “This is ALSO what happened”
    what unnatural disasters will Peanut be revealed to have caused tomorrow?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      We’re not talking about the incident with the anteaters and the chocolate syrup.

  37. Ian

    why dont u just make grape and peanut a couple

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Because that would lead to a disaster of biblical proportions. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… the dead rising from the grave…

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        plus all that stuff Tarot mentioned in her first appearance.

        • Russiarules1

          In short:
          The comic will possibly end… or maybe it can bring even more plots and stuff! But wouldn’t be the same.
          Sooooooo… no.

    • IceKitsune

      Because then the comic would most likely be over or maybe Rick doesn’t want to do that (I hope he does though I really do) or its just to early for it to happen in the story. It may happen eventually just wait and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.

  38. JamesWilmouse

    loving the real comic and the fan comics :3

  39. Argent Stonecutter

    Wondering if we’re going to get an April Fool strip.

    • IceKitsune

      Considering Rick can’t work on the comic till this weekend I doubt it but he could do a late one I guess. If your talking about guest strip wise maybe but unlikely as its a guest strip so what would be the point.

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