Yell Phone

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  1. Dissension

    Haha, Peanut’s adorable. x3

    • GameCobra

      Like a little kid yelling across the road <3

      • RegularBird

        Now I know what dogs sometimes yell out in the night! :O

        • theblackcateyes

          Jajajaj XD

        • netherwolf

          I think the cats are more noisy at night then the dogs,with their meowing all night long ;3

          • Tenebraearum

            Tell me about it. We have 5 cats and it’s meowing and hissing ALL NIGHT.

          • Mystic Wolf

            xD In my neighbourhood dogs are as noisy at night as cats!

          • Lycos

            My cat is quiet at night unless in fights with other cats or its raining. Dogs are the noisiest.

    • JokkePokke

      Know wut would be really awesome? A Housepets Animation :D

      That would be SOOO cool!!!

    • Tha Housedog

      Peanut actually sounds more like a teenager than a child in this one. X3

      • Dissension

        Which would make sense, since the pets are roughly equivalent to teenagers. *shrugs*

  2. IceKitsune

    lol and I guess they do actually date.

  3. ZincChloride


  4. xhunterko

    Sorry, godda run, dad’s on the other line! *click*

    • MKarrow

      But I’m still here!

      Actually, she could just talk in his mind instead.

      • Naylorfan90

        Shh, you’ll ruin the silly fun! :P

        • MKarrow

          Ah, but ruining the fun is my kinda fun ;)

          • Lite

            Pretty lame fun

          • MKarrow

            Aww you ruined my fun from ruining fun… you must like it too! :D

  5. Cerveny

    Wooo! Tarot and peanut on a date :3!! Im a happy goofball now

    • theblackcateyes

      Yes, i wanna se that soon , why the time dont pass fast, come on monday!!!!!!!!!!
      come quickly!!!!

      • Frank

        Uh… it’s a one-off. Which means there probably won’t be a follow-up

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Unless he arcs.

          But no, I predict a new arc next strip.

          And you don’t have to wear green any more.

        • Electric Claw

          Pffff! A one off? Flay-rah! This can’t be a one off! There can’t be!! There has to be an follow up! There MUST be a follow up! Why? Because of there simple fact that we have yet to see one of Tarot and Peanut’s dates. We’ve seen Grape and Max’s, and Peanut and Tarot kissing… but not a single date. I really hope there’s a follow up; those two are my favorite couple here. :3

          TarotXPeanut 4eva!!

          • Nohbody

            It is possible that the date could be a later arc, too. :)

          • Foxstar

            To be fair, the two have had dates.

            The ‘first’ date could be said to have taken place in the arc that Tarot showed up. They spent the time with each other then.

            Then there was Halloween, in which we know Peanut spent the evening with Tarot, just as Grape spent it with Max.

          • IceKitsune

            Foxstar I wouldn’t really call either of them dates per-say. Especially the first one, they had just met and weren’t dating at the time (I would say they didn’t become serious until IM2 at the earliest) and the Halloween arc you could tell by the look on Peanuts face he would have rather been with Grape at the time.

            I would totally call this there first date that we know of.

          • Frank

            So you’re saying Date ⊆ Appointment?

          • JokkePokke

            It says it’s a one-off, but that can’t be right? A strip can’t end like this, can it? I wanna see them date! NOW!!!

  6. the1truesushiboy

    Wait, wait, wait… Do we have ourselves a bootstrap paradox, here?

    • Lupin the Vapour

      Wait… The Lupe has been lost….

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Where do all you zombies come from?

        • the1truesushiboy

          Wha? Zombies? What does that mean, exactly?

          • Nohbody

            “By His Bootstraps” and “… All You Zombies” are two Robert Heinlein stories regarding time travel.

          • the1truesushiboy

            Oh, right… I should’ve been able to guess that. Now I feel silly.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            “The Snake That Eats Its Own Tail, Forever and Ever. I know where I came from – but where did all you zombies come from?”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Rats, I thought that was the last line of the story, but I misremembered, there’s a handful of sentences after that.

  7. MillerDark

    I wonder if his service charges in embarrassment?

    • Snowy

      i think he lost that years ago

  8. Lupin the Vapour

    This reminds me of my dogs.. and what they happen to be doing right now…

    • netherwolf

      Maby if dogs could use telephones,they wouldn’t be barking all the time,talking to the neighbor dog.Although sniffing is also considered a conversation between dogs.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Also lampshaded with King and Fox.

        • The Moon Howler

          Over too lampshaded if you ask me

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You can never have too many lampshades!

          • Awhiteandblacklove

            Argent,That lampshades comment is full of win,For some reason through i am unable to comment below it,The reply button isn’t there.

          • Awhiteandblacklove

            Disregard that,It showed in the right spot anyway.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            The replies have been limited to five deep for a while in an attempt to deter any long reply threads. Of course, we work around it by continuously replying to the fourth level reply.

          • The Moon Howler

            Argent, i was having in mind some of fox-king fanart *cough*

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I have no idea what fanart you’re talking about.

  9. Goforit

    Brings back memories of Ye Olde Party Lines, when you’d pick up the phone and hear your neighbor’s conversation. Fun!

  10. anon_omis

    Alt text plz!

    • Goforit

      “I do this partly because people want to see them act like animals for some reason”

      • Frank

        Cue Foxstar beating Rick for pampering the fans

      • Tendo

        Except that a lot of people do that exact same thing, even if they have cellphones :P

      • Blaze

        So why is this, do you guys think?

    • the1truesushiboy

      Alt text:
      “I do this partly because people want to see them act like animals for some reason”

      • the1truesushiboy

        Oops. Oh well, whatever.

  11. Pokeblue

    Lol, crude, but efficient. Makes me wonder if they’re the only ones who do that, or if any of the other dogs do something like that as well.

  12. Shiranai

    In the HP! universe, Is dogs “talking” coined as “barking” to humans?

    • Frank

      I have too often read “he barked” referring to the way a human said something; I think that’s what Mr. Sanwich means. The fact that Peanut’s a dog and that dogs literally bark in our universe just makes it even funnier!

      • Argent Stonecutter


        ‘Have seat!’ the Baron barked. Vimes had been trying to avoid the word, but that was exactly how the man spoke - in short, sharp sentences, every one an exclamation.

        Though of course the Baron von Uberwald is a werewolf.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          OK, what broke the line wrapping there?

          • Blaze

            The italics?

          • Z-Zman

            that’s cool. how do you italic on here

          • Frank

            Standard HTML: <i>italics<i/> = italics

            The full list of HTML tags you can use appears below the “submit” button

          • Frank

            My bad it’s <i>italics</i> (the slash has to come before the ‘i’)

  13. theblackcateyes

    This left the phone very small and boring

  14. Alex M.


    • Snowy

      yea thats right keep that voice down…..unless…..

  15. netherwolf

    Before the invention of the telephone,the mail and that morse-code machine,that was the long distance conversation way..SCREAMING x3

    • Naylorfan90


    • The Moon Howler

      You are forgetting the fire signals and smoke signals

      • FuRrY321

        I’m pretty sure that was after screaming.

        Also: lines in the sand. Oh, wait….

    • razgriz

      Sounds like the way stage crew works if the telex’s are out…
      “Dim one oh five at full!”
      “Cue five at full?”
      “No, DIM!”
      “Who’s Vim?”

  16. Tenebraearum

    Where we’re going, we don’t need phones.

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  17. Vlad the Cat

    Would be funny if instead of the last panel Peanut would turn towards dad and start yelling at him, forgetting that he’s 2 meters away xD

    • Tenebraearum

      Are… are you a wizard? D:

    • netherwolf

      It’s actually extremely funny when you start to imagine it xD

      • RegularBird

        Heh, that IS funny.

    • theblackcateyes

      For me would be funny and painful, that te Groudy GRape apperas take a friying pan and hit peanut… and then she asked “Wait a second, how I get this thing again” or something like that

      • netherwolf

        De-ja-vu o.O

        • theblackcateyes

          I mean that the question would be put into the friying pan place in the hosuepts world, i mean, it lost for years and sudenly appears with groudy grape and all the yelling thing, and then the question is like ironycal.

          • theblackcateyes

            Housepets* writting mistake

          • netherwolf

            Oh ok..i tough you ment about that time when Grape hit Bino on the head with a frying pan..nvm x3

          • Vlad the Cat

            I think he DID mean that

          • FuRrY321

            It’s funny because you have a writing mistake in “writting mistake”! xD

            Also, that would be extremely hilarious, both to Vlad the Cat and theblackcateyes.

  18. Profesor Rod


  19. leaffly

    ahh peanut i just love the way you do things your way :D

  20. Stainless Steel Fox

    Was anyone else thinking ‘Twilight Barking’?

  21. MKarrow

    Peanut’s got a daaaate~

    ……and everybody knooows~

    • FuRrY321

      “I got… a daaay-aaaate…
      I… I got… a daaay-aaaate…
      I… caught a freeii-eeeiight…

      ^What would be going through Peanut’s head were theblackcateyes’ comment ( to come true.

      (A cookie to anyone who can tell me where the above quote is from. Note: this cookie is set to expire after one day.)

      • Frank

        Awarding stale cookies?

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          No, they’ll stop being awarded then because he/she will provide the answer at that time if it has not been guessed yet.

      • MKarrow

        It’s from Furthiiiiaaa~
        cookie for meeeahh~
        Hope it’s not staaaale~
        Like eatin’ naaails~

  22. Pokeblue

    A question just crossed my mind, has Peanut and Tarot had an ‘official’ date in the past? Or is this the first as far as we know?

    • IceKitsune

      This is the first one we know of officially. And I still say it about time, even if I don’t like the pairing.

      • Electric Claw

        And this is the exact reason why I say this MUST be continued!

      • Dissension

        This ignores when Peanut and Tarot met (which could be considered a “blind” date), when Tarot and Peanut spent time together on Halloween, and when we saw them messing with tarot cards. *shrugs*

        • IceKitsune

          Eh I still think calling the first one a blind date is stretching it, that would require both parties to know its a date at least, its unlikely Peanut considered it a date. And as for the Halloween one off Peanut clearly wanted it be with Grape at the time due to the look on his face in the comic so I wouldn’t call that one a date either because really IMO a date requires both parties to be interested in it to be one.

          • IceKitsune

            As for the Tarot Card one off that was just them hanging out and its not a date every time people hang out, but I guess you could be right about that one. However I still think its a stretch.

          • Electric Claw

            …Strange how they’re having the exact same ‘conversation’ a little higher up on the page, huh?

            TarotXPeanut forever!

        • silverfang16

          Maybe, but since she can see the future she will already know how the date will go.

          • The Moon Howler

            That would ruin the fun, besides as far as i remember spirits don’t like very much looking into the future

          • silverfang16

            She uses the spirits to look for the remote, I don’t think she cares.

    • huntersunday

      your right most the time tarot just shows up saying she new peanut needed her they never really planed any thing unless you want to count the Halloween thing

  23. Agent Sandwich

    Peanut must have a really big thumb in panel 3!

    • Argent Stonecutter


    • The Moon Howler

      i didn’t get that…

    • Agent Sandwich

      It’s not a joke, his hand is slightly out of proportion in my opinion. He appears to have a 5 five finger hand rather the traditional 4 finger hand each pet has. Otherwise, Peanut must have a really big thumb if he has a hand that big and 3 fingers of a normal size.

  24. Fidelo

    To all who it may concern, I just refernced this comic(arc 19: sinister shadow) in a formative english essay for no apperent reason

    • WingedWolfGirl


    • Frank

      Now you need to post that essay online!

      • Fidelo

        Well it’s only a paragraph talking about pet reactions to PETA dog napping stunts, and plus, where would I post it?

        • Vlad the Cat

          Anywhere! Google doc’s ?

          • Fidelo

            well i put it on the forum for anyone who cares

  25. Jennifer the Dark

    I wish my husky would to this with our neighbor’s dog

  26. Shake

    … So would sniffing be the equivalent of texting then?

    • Shady Kitsune

      Silly, sniffinf is the equaliant of a handshake: you show you want to be familiar with the person.

      I don’t know HOW sniffing could be used for communication.

      • Frank

        Just study ants and you’ll know

  27. Kitch

    Peanut has no propriety. x3

  28. Val Kilmer Batman

    Nice. This reminds of the old “Sorry, I’ll have to call you back from another theater” joke.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Welcome to the future.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        The future is scary. I have seen it. It has traffic jams in three dimensions.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          And I don’t even want to see what happens when you run out of gas in the middle of the “road”

        • Argent Stonecutter

          No, I mean that joke is older than cellphones.

  29. WingedWolfGirl

    That’s one way to avoid roaming charges. :s

  30. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Animals acting like animals? Noooooo~

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    A question for the mods, is spam for a product that’s arguably on topic actually spam? Or is that a paradox? (see a couple messages up for context)

  32. Corodan

    My neighbor and I used to do this. We did it often enough, our neighborhood was aware of our antics.

    Except for this one guy, who’s dog was always trying to bite us.

  33. huntersunday

    i love how peanut acts like he is talking on the phone i laughed so hard at dad is being rude part

    • The Moon Howler

      Maybe from HP! dogs point of view, Earl does act rude

      • huntersunday

        true i just thought it funny because i always see people complain when people talk why there on the phone

  34. CalaverX11

    Psht, furries, wanting to see cartoon animals act like animals.

    • The Moon Howler

      You don’t have to be a furry to want that … they must to do that from time to time … they are animals, doesn’t matter if they are cartoon or not …

    • MKarrow

      Oh, the irony…. Ah well, can’t be helped I suppose. It’s fun when something out of the ordinary happens.

  35. Anony

    Man, i just finished readin ALL your comic (yup, i found it recently) and i have to say… this is one of the BEST web comics ever \o/

    • The Moon Howler

      Your nickname gives me some bad memories… have you happen to play WoW?

      • The Moon Howler

        Sorry for the offtopic question!

      • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS

        Anon = Short for annonymous

        • The Moon Howler

          I was thinking of similar nickname in a game, shortened WoW, to be honest.

  36. ManaWolf

    What time zone is this comic updated anyway?

    • Cruzor

      U.S. Central Time

      • ManaWolf

        Thanks, I wanted to know because I sneak into the bathrooms at my school and go on my iPod just to see the latest housepets. But then there are already comments on here and I’m like “wait but it’s only 10:00 PM EST.” So I’ll have to go into the bathrooms at 9:00 now………but it’s worth it

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          Lucky for me, I’m only one time zone away, so I can update before school or before I go to bed. Okay, off-topic over, back to the strip.

  37. Cruzor

    This strip is just too cute…From what I have heard, before many rural areas receive even the option of phone service…Instead of walking to a neighbors house to talk ; especially if the neighbor was at the very end of the lane; a person would yell over to the nearest neighbor to get the attention of the neighbor at he end of the lane…In said rural areas the yelling “Hollering” eventially coined the term for the community a “Holler”…Or the term could in fact be a derivative of the term Hallow…Sorry if i drifted of topic …As well as for the length of the comment…

    • Cruzor

      [Sentence 2] *received

  38. Valerio

    I love the sound of dogs barking. I wish I could understand what they exchange

  39. CaptainPea


  40. FerreTrip

    Heh X3; Oh, lack of social grace, how we love/loathe thee ^^

    Love the alt-text, too XD


    Protip: Use telepathy.

  42. Vyvy

    Extremely rude!

  43. Dogs Rule27

    Darn! missed all the good comments! I guess I should have waited up longer. But I gotta admit the strip is pretty funny. :)

  44. Hoheh

    I much prefer moving extra to yelling.

  45. JokkePokke

    switching from first page to last page, first to last, it’s insane to see how much better the comic has gotten!

    really nice work Rick, keep it up :D

    • The Moon Howler

      it will be better to go through all of them to see how his art “evolved” to reach the level you see now

  46. madmoney


  47. Scientist

    The “DAD IS BEING EXTREMELY RUDE” line is hilarious.

  48. Firewolf

    If dogs could use phones….. O.O

  49. Leitrean

    Yea, i use verizon collarless the signal is good but its a bit expensive :P