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  1. Ryufire

    Oooh Close up view of Peanut!!!:D

    • RegularBird

      Alt Text: “AKA Peanut Glam Shots”

      • Tom

        They are lying down, right?

        • Shady Kitsune

          I beleive so.

    • rtlstien

      I bet every image on this strip will become avatars

    • Mystic Wolf

      OMG, Is so cuuuuteeeeee. :D

      This reminds me the scene while Peanut and Grape were dancing an saying something like “We are visiting uncle Reuben!”. :]

      • The Moon Howler

        I though the same at first :)

      • netherwolf

        It reminds me as well ,because it’s a little similar to it.

  2. Frank

    Oh my god, I Lolled so hard I think I woke everyone up!

    • Alex M.


      • blitz


    • revolution25


    • Jillis aka fox

      I 5 that

    • huntersunday

      7th that wait i mean 6th that

  3. IceKitsune

    D’awwww sooo cute!

    • The Moon Howler

      Peanut’s cuteness level critical! Calling Grape joy-kill skills!

      • Shady Kitsune



  4. netherwolf

    Best close up ever!

    • Ryufire

      Absolutely! :)

  5. E

    Grape is just jealous

  6. xhunterko

    Come on Grape, you know better. Anything for a tummy rub!

    • netherwolf

      Grape would prefer a good hard scratch behind the ears x3

    • Pokeblue

      I think netherwolf might be right. I think she would prefer behind her ears. Granted I’m not sure if they count, but I heard very few cats like getting touched on their stomachs. Areas around it, like the sides (granted that they know you) is fair game though.

      • cyber95

        My cat loves freakin’ loves getting his belly scratched. If anybody looks at him for a sufficiently long amount of time, he plops right over and waits for somebody to scratch his belly.

        • Pokeblue

          I didn’t say all cats dislike it. I know my family’s cat doesn’t mind it, but I don’t think she ‘likes’ it. I think with her it’s situational since she extends the claws on one paw each time we try, the only exception is when she wants attention and lays down on the keyboard. XD

          • Dissension

            And thus ends our little foray into the off-topic world of cat psychology. Or whatever. *peers*

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s what they get used to. I got tired of having cats that turned into balls of claws when you tried to rub their tummies, so when we got new kittens I made sure to pet them a lot when they were little and now all three of the boys will just roll over and beg for tummy rubs when you get close. It’s mega cute.

        • Vlad the Cat

          you brainwashed them !

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I prefer the term “domesticated”.

          • revolution25

            hahaha and now they will do your bidding

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Not really, they’re still cats.

            One will only let anyone approach him in about four or five locations in the house. He wants to be petted, he stations himself there and waits for someone to come along. If we want to catch him, we have to go to one of those spots.

            One is totally affectionate-aggressive. He’ll follow you everywhere to get attention.

            And the third has some kind of odd schedule. When he’s not in the mood to be petted he doesn’t act differently… until you try and pet him, then he’ll use amazing Neo-in-The-Matrix Ninja moves to avoid contact.

      • Expletive Deleted

        I can’t tell if my cats like it or not. They practically beg for their belly to be rubbed but when I do they dig their claws into my hand and try to eat it.

        It’s bloody adorable of course, but it hurts. It really REALLY hurts.

        • Profesor Rod

          Love hurts :3

    • GameCobra

      In my life, i never met a cat that doesn’t like to jump onto someone’s lap. They aren’t always interested at first but eventually i find they will, especially when you’re watching TV or on the PC all day.

      and Cats love being petted behind the ears. What’s funny about it is one of my current cats has apparantly grown to loving being petted behind the ears so much he resorts to headbutting my chin sometimes when i’m asleep. (beard)

  7. Dissension

    I find the third panel oddly hilarious.

  8. LegendaryHero

    Oh God Peanut’s adorable

  9. Challenger01

    20 bucks says that the first 5 panels will become avvies in the next 24 hours

    • Rick Griffin

      That’s a junk bet man

      • Challenger01

        You owe me 20 bucks Rick, the Cosmic Nerds said so.

        • Frank

          Easily satisfyable:
          Buck Rogers, Buck Williams, Buck Grangerford…

          • Buckdida

            Or perhaps me?

    • Frank

      Wait, does that mean that if any one of them does not become an avatar, you will be mailing $20 bills to everyone here?

      • Challenger01

        hheehehe and Rick said it was a junk bet, silly silly Rick

        • silverfang16

          I don’t think there are that many people named Buck though! 0_0

          • Frank

            I said bills. Bills. Or Williams if you will

          • Kingisawsome

            My names William. I get money

          • silverfang16

            Technically you said $20 bills, which translates to twenty DOLLAR BILLS. Ha, I beat you with knowledge! All thanks to the books at my local library.

        • The Moon Howler

          While it is indeed junk bet i just CAN’T let such awesome avatars to slip away :)

          • silverfang16


  10. Russiarules1

    This reminds me of my sister’s dog, Max (RIP) and when my sister used to tickle me… from a meter away.

  11. Shadeol

    Dogs and their petting obsessions.

    • Shadeol

      Also closeups! <3

    • Trefoiler

      Pet a dog right and they’re your friend forever.

      Treats are forever+1.

      But don’t quote me on that.

  12. Alex M.

    My favorites are the second and fourth panel!

    • theblackcateyes

      Me too

    • The Moon Howler

      Prefer the third and fifth ones

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Me three

    • netherwolf

      Don’t know about ya all but i prefer all of them xD

      • Vlad the Cat

        this x3

    • TrentWolf

      I agree. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the ending tho.

    • Trefoiler

      I would have seconded and fourthed that motion at the same time, but I was beaten to the punch, it seems.

      So… what they said. ^_^

  13. theblackcateyes

    You know? the weird thing is, that, doesn’t matter how much you love the hylarious peanut, de neutral face of grape when she says that it’s just so adorable!!!

  14. theblackcateyes

    well, someone else just copy this images for your gravatar, forums and other acounts? or just me?

  15. Pokeblue

    Man, Peanut looks absolutely hilarious, and cute, in all the panels, especially the second panel.

  16. Frank

    I just realized something: they’re all lying on the carpet, aren’t they?

    • netherwolf

      I tough they’r lying on the bed?

    • Rick Griffin


      • The Moon Howler

        Rick! I BOW to Your MASTERPIECE!

      • ReCreate

        lol i fail. i thought they were standing until i read this. xD

    • white4rice

      I honestly thought they were all standing up…guess the color of the background threw me off.

      • Frank

        If you get thrown off, you can always pick yourself back up

  17. gaboris

    Heh fanboys rejoice it’s a closeup strip! X)
    Real cute, I needed this for the day so thx and nice job Rick. ;)

  18. Corodan



    • Snow

      …..or are they not close enough? think about it *slowly fades away*

  19. RegularBird

    So cute.

    • BlueAnubis

      And we have our first customer in the Avatar Shop. Who will be next?

  20. Shake

    Now I’m wondering what Peanut is staring at so intently in the first panel.

    • RegularBird

      Probably talking till his Mom showed up.

    • netherwolf

      Maby he was watching TV,when Ms.Sandwich surprised him with a tummy rub

      ,which is great btw.

  21. NickCrotser

    Tummy Rubs are underrated!

    • Gamerkitty

      you lie sir! you lie!

      • BlueAnubis

        Not really, I think that no matter how high you rate tummy rubs, you still haven’t rated them high enough.

        • Gamerkitty

          well said sir *tips his controller to you*

  22. Elwood Blutarsky

    My dog always seemed to want those at the most random times…

  23. Nesath

    I love Peanut… it’s so cute

  24. Mr.0


  25. Copycat

    Thank you for all the exploitable images! >:3

  26. Dissension

    The rating of this comic is PG; your comments should not exceed that rating.

  27. silverfang16

    So……CUTE! *squeal*

    • Scientist

      Ditto. <3

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      agreed *squeeees* X3

  28. Whiskers

    Work it, Peanut, work the camera.
    Also Does anyone else thing Grape’s head is shaped oddly… almost kangaroo-ish in panels 6 and 7?

    • Shake

      At least two of us do. I’m guessing Rick doesn’t have as much experience drawing detailed cat muzzles as he does drawing kangaroos.

    • Devin Parker

      I noticed that, too, though I also spent a little time trying to figure out what Grape was doing with her paws before I realized that they must be lying down. Still, with nothing to indicate that aside from context (if Peanut’s getting a tummy rub, he’s most likely lying down), it felt a little awkward.

      But now I wanna give them both tummy rubs.

  29. darkgloomie

    And here I was expecting more Spot(superdog).

    Guess it was kinda naive of me to expect my wish to be heed before the hundreds of fanboys/girls/in-between complaining.

    Oh well.

    Funny strip though.

    • natranr

      Did’t you read last comics title? it suggested the end of the Arc.

  30. Firewolf

    Next, Grape lying in the sun =D

    • Mystic Wolf

      OMG It burns D:

    • anon_omis

      No, asleep in the sun coming through a window

  31. tagat

    LOVE all of the Peanut expressions haha! Especially the 2nd and 3rd ones

  32. loomCAT

    Okay, I’ll say it. Peanut’s l’il fangs in the second panel are ADORABLE.

  33. dreamingcat0226

    i wonder what will it be on Grape’s face when scratching her chin and neck X3~

    • Argent Stonecutter

      … and all the way down the back. I wonder if you can make her fall over by petting her. We had a cat like that. Also mega-cute.

      • Naylorfan90

        That sounds adorable! :D

        • Argent Stonecutter

          pet pet scratch scratch HARDER OK pet pet SCRATCH SCRATCH …

          remove hand


          offended look

          Bump head against hand … *more*

          • Frank

            Yes! We’ve got to have a strip like that!

          • RegularBird

            Heh my friend has a cat like that.

  34. Deezy

    aww I love peanut in panel 2, it is epic. As for the avatar’s, yeah, thats a given.

  35. Shuma Jindivi

    ……and soon we’re going to see Peanut avatars on everyone……stating with me!

    • anon_omis

      But I like my Keene avi too much

    • The Moon Howler

      ok it seems that i am second one that made avatar out of here :)

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I go against the group. I will never make an avatar of one of the animals.

      • Vlad the Cat

        Why not ?

        • Shuma Jindivi

          ……because he’s a rondom geek?

          • Dissension

            Back on topic.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            but as a quick end-note, Shuma Jindivi’s reason is correct.

      • The Moon Howler

        Well them animals are cute and fluffy, the kind that makes even a grown guy like me to soften like a pillow (ok i just couldn’t think of anything else). But i just guess that Brent here is a bit afraid not to be called a furry? i am probably wrong but that is all i can think a.t.m.

        • Trefoiler

          A comic about the escapades of sapient, humanoid animals is not necessarily furry-exclusive. …Though it helps, I’m sure.

          I mean, we know there are readers who are not furry, but how many furries are not readers? ;)

    • white4rice

      I prefer to go avi free- the birthday suit of the internet.

  36. the1truesushiboy

    Hopelessly hilarious.

  37. Falcon01

    Peanut is soooo adorable!

  38. Tails41347

    Hahaha, Peanut! I love you so much! x3
    Does Grape have any weak points of scratching? I would like to see Grape does some faces like that. xP

  39. Jennifer the Dark

    Panel 3 is my favorite :)

  40. WingedWolfGirl

    Work it baby, the camera loves you! XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      +1 internets

      • Frank

        And that leaves you with how many left?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          If it wasn’t for class C I’d have no class at all.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          he doesn’t reward them from his personal sash.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


  41. Madd the Sane

    Grape’s just jealous that she’s not getting any.

    Of course, all of my cats bite my hand when I try to scritch their tummy.

    • Jennifer the Dark

      Same here…

    • Trefoiler

      Mine hooks onto the hand, extends her pinky, and then proceeds to bite.

      It’s weird, but such manners!

  42. Kitch

    Grape’s just jealous. She could be enjoying that, too. ;3

  43. Okamifujutsu

    Is it just me, or does Grape kinda look like a kangaroo? The ears and shape of the muzzle don’t look right to me.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      We just don’t see her side-on like that much.

  44. ZincChloride

    I just find it wierd that he’s getting his belly rubbed …while standing?… aaaaaaannnnnndddd grapes muzzle looks like one from a camel. sorry but It’s just stuck in my head. cute otherwise though.

  45. Naylorfan90

    This is great!

  46. Pogiforce

    the shape of grape’s muzzle here makes me think camel instead of cat…

  47. huntersunday

    favorite has to be the fifth panel i laughed so hard at it and grape’s face in the next one

  48. Ian the Gecko

    Tummy rubs FTW! :}

  49. Anubis

    Sooooo many avatar potentials.

    • Zearfox

      Your current Avatar suits your comment so well XD

  50. Tom Flapwell

    I read that when cats roll over in front of humans, they’re saying, “I trust you so much that I’ll show you my vulnerable side.” But for most cats, the trust does not extend so far that they won’t take a tummy rub as attack and betrayal.

    • anon_omis

      That makes scence

  51. Salenstormwing

    So many icon-able pics. So many happy people will love today’s comic.

    • RegularBird

      Indeed. ;3

  52. Ninetailsgun

    Collection of epic faces..

  53. gagi

    Is it just me or does grape look kinda weird here? Sort of looks like the roos in the zoo.

    • Frank

      Well, we don’t see her in full profile very often
      That must be it.

    • RegularBird

      We just don’t see character faces from the side usually.

  54. FerreTrip

    Oh, belly-scratches X3 And it’s kinda true–a lot of cats don’t take to belly itches as dogs do. Most of the time when I do it, they try to grab my hand and nom it.

  55. Cruzor

    After reading the other comments…I do think that the first five panels give the impression of a weird photo-shoot…So far as the last panel I could imagine Mrs. Snadwich saying, “Aw…Grape don’t jealous you will get some loving next…”….Though I could most likely be wrong…In all this is a very [sqeal] cute strip….(the squeal was for comedic effect)…By the way, when I metioned “loving” it was meant as a southern equivelent of “attention”…Not to be mistook for an inappropriate meaning….Sorry just felt that I had to clarify that…

    • Cruzor


    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      *Mrs. Sandwich

      • Cruzor

        Thanks…There are typos that I don’t always notice…

        • Trefoiler

          We like you anyway.

  56. Argent Stonecutter

    Panel 9: Grape getting scritched in turn and making funny faces trying to act cool.

    • Vlad the Cat

      i HOPE that’ll be the next strip.. please make it happen Rick ! X3

      • The Moon Howler

        Pretty please, Rick! Pretty please!

        • netherwolf

          Sure would be awesome to see it.Maby someone can do a fanart on this title.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Alas, it’s a one-off, but who knows what he might spring on us later.

        • Trefoiler

          Cumulative DAYS of my life have been whiled away gently stroking a cat on my lap.

          Grape is a cat.

          IT. HAS. TO HAPPEN.

          • Trefoiler

            Actually it’s probably a cumulative week or two.

            My point stands.

  57. Twifoxy

    Epic expressions. reminds me I still need to work on some of mine XD

  58. Chochi

    Glam portfolio FTW XD

  59. revolution25

    Grape is just Jelous

  60. Bia

    Epic face, epic face, epic face, epic face…


    1 Word: LOL

    • RegularBird

      That whole comment was more than 1 word.

      • Chaplin, A PERSON WHO COMMENTS


        • RegularBird

          Seriously? I can’t even believe you still remember that xD

  62. Kurra

    Best Housepets ever. |3 *drool, wishes he could +fav* Peanut!

  63. japan

    Grapes mouth looks different in the last three panels

  64. Anti

    We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher, but we will are willing to compromise.

  65. Timmie

    Awww, Peanut is so cute.

    Now bring back the wolves!

  66. Dogs Rule27

    Wait. Are they on the floor? What’s with Grape’s hands erm paws er. I DON’T KNOW! D:

    • The Moon Howler

      Yes they are on the carpet and Grape just lays aside (sorry if there is any typo), looking at Peanut

  67. newpain117

    he’s hopless.

  68. FunkyChicken

    As adorable as this is, could have used more shading to show they’re on the floor. Otherwise: EPIC D’AWWW.

  69. Hoheh

    Peanut being adorable. This is good.

  70. ZV

    ahhh grape looks drawn so similar to the kangaroos this comic, rick must have them on the mind :P

  71. Ekevoo

    Art style… changing!

  72. Dogs Rule27

    YEAH! I can’t wait till the next comic.
    Cuz seriously i have nothing else to do.

    • newpain117


      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I have more important things to do, doesn’t mean I would rather do them than update.

  73. NexusWulf

    :’D peanut looks adorable X’3

  74. Dogs Rule27

    I hope this next comic has something to do with setting the clocks ahead.
    Considering that’s what we’re supposed to do tomorrow.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I haven’t had to keep track of time changes manually for 20 years. That’s what computers are for.

      Except when they change the rules and I’ve got to make sure a whole division’s computers have an updated timezone file.

  75. Dogs Rule27

    You know… I just thought about how there hasn’t been any new story arcs posted under the calender for forever. So i scrolled up the page (it took freaking FOREVER) and looked and found new arcs posted.

  76. Dogs Rule27

    Btw, how the heck do u do da little face thing?

  77. Dogs Rule27

    I just know i’m gonna b up ALL night on my computer waiting for da update.-.- *sigh* Whatever.

  78. avto-ru

    Thanks, its usefully for me.

  79. Dogs Rule27

    Drn. no new 1 yt.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      that comes tonight.

    • Foxstar

      Comic only updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        and certain holidays.

      • Millerdark

        What time though? I must know exactly!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          12:00 AM in the US Central time zone, so adjust accordingly.

  80. Shady Kitsune

    Is it just me or is it kind of odd seeing those two laying on the crapet like that?

    Because real pets do it all the time, it shouldn’t be odd looking behaviour for these two, but still…

    • Shady Kitsune


      *kicks the typo monster into the pit of grammatical correction*

      • Trefoiler

        This. Is. Grammaaar?

  81. wraithtaker

    And then the song Street Smart from Oliver and Company gets stuck in my head because of Peanut’s expressions. Seriously, it looks like he’s about to start singing it any minute now

    • Trefoiler

      I’ve been struggling to remember the name of that movie for days.
      And this isn’t actually a rare occurrence.

      ‘tha Christmas?

  82. Clairvoyant Legacy

    This just screams “Oh! Exploitable!”

  83. Trefoiler

    Every panel makes me smile
    but the whole strip makes me laugh.

    Peanut steals the show! XD Also, I had thought Grape was doing her oracle impression or something. But they’re just on the floor/bed/debatable location of the horizontal persuasion.

    Thank yooouuuu! ^_^

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