I’d get started on the comic earlier (ba-da-DA-da)

Need maybe an hour more

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  1. natranr

    What, so I’m waiting till 12 est and finally realize that you are in Central. now it’s going to be one hour later. lol I can wait.

    • Mettlebird

      Lol, love the avatar!

  2. Mystic Wolf

    What’s the meaning of “ba-da-DA-da”?

  3. gaboris

    Awww why now? :(
    Well okay I’ll read it tomorrow it’s fine. :)

    • theblackcateyes

      I will wait, all the busy week for this, and i dnt gonna miss it

      • Mystic Wolf

        I think that I’ll see it in a few hours… I have to go and do some exams…

        • theblackcateyes

          I supossed to be donig philosophy’s homework jajaj
          so sorry professor Bruno
          Housepetes its pure philosophy!!!!!!

          • Mystic Wolf

            Be (a Housepets! fan), or not to be, that’s the question.

            Wait, that’s not pilosophy, that’s drama!

          • Mystic Wolf


          • theblackcateyes

            Jaja!!! you have to rethink that!!!

  4. theblackcateyes

    ok, Rick I am waiting with full emotions!!!!!

  5. theblackcateyes

    Still here!!1

  6. Draco_2k
  7. Sakkano

    But I thought the job of otters was to swim and hold hands?

    Been enjoying this comic since I found it last week. Keep up the great work!