Relaxing Pastime
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  1. Ryufire

    Yo sir have just made my day lolz! :D

    • RegularBird

      Alt Text: “Now can I please play through?!”

      • Ryufire

        Looks at the humans: “Sorry animal instincts kicked in gosh”

        • Frank

          “Well, that’s never happened to me”
          (paper bag pops)

  2. RegularBird

    Hahah oh wow.

  3. Tha Housedog

    Keene, Keene, Keene…Lolz.

  4. Bino


  5. Zero159

    Just because it looks like something doesn’t mean it is.

  6. Latrone

    haaaaa! epic one-liner-one-pager combo

  7. xhunterko


  8. Mystic Wolf

    xD Really funny strip, I think that nobody will do a “put” this time!

    • Z-Zman

      hole in one

      • Snowmon

        Too bad it’s the wrong “one”

        • anon_omis

          Do you think he will settle for a “birdie”?

          • Guard99

            *slaps all you for horrible puns*

          • anon_omis

            *wosh* Ha! That was a whiff you sandbagger

          • Rocket Knight boy

            (begins to clap slowly)

          • Mystic Wolf

            *Guard 99 miss*
            What are you doing?
            *Miss again*
            *Mystic Wolf attack and -9999 HP*
            (Sorry because the off-topic, but I had to do it :3)

  9. netherwolf

    I wonder were ’s the rest of them..hopefully in a more un-akward moment.

  10. Snowmon

    Um… what exactly looked like a mouse? on the golf course? while he could get in trouble for?

    Also, is it strange that I only find the part about the mouse weird?

    • Z-Zman


    • Mystic Wolf

      Probably he ate a golf ball or a typical white glove! xD

    • Tha Housedog

      He mistook one of the golf balls for a running mouse.

  11. Z-Zman

    why florida?

    • Mystic Wolf

      Because the ferrets are rich, and they can (and) travel to everywhere they want to.

      • Z-Zman

        but shouldn’t there town have a golf place

        • Z-Zman


          • Mystic Wolf

            If you want to play golf, you would play with snow?

        • Snowmon

          Because of the snow, duh.
          And he heard about these giant mice in some theme park there.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          their house probably has a golf course, but it’s much nicer in Florida.

    • Snowmon

      No snow, except that one summer a few years ago.

    • RegularBird

      Why not?

    • FinalShadow

      Why Florida you ask? Because our golf courses are AWESOME! :D

      • ShadowclawFC

        *high fives*

    • ShadowclawFC

      If you’d ever been down here and looked around, you’d have noticed the vast number of golf courses we have. Plus, yeah…last I checked golfers prefer sand traps and water over snowbanks and ice. -grin-

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        why? it would make it much easier to retrieve your ball.

  12. Lite

    Pretty weird golf ball to look like a mouse, eh?

    • Snowmon

      Well, it was going for a hole.

      • RegularBird

        Good point.

      • gaboris

        And it was white. :D

  13. Shiranai

    There are far more worst things than ferrets on the green.

  14. gaboris

    Okay 1) NOW I wanna know what he did. 2) Are those guys anybody in the story or just the ones who got their game disturbed? :D

    • Mystic Wolf

      Well, now they are in the story of getting their game disturbed! xD

    • The Moon Howler

      1) Keene probably ate their golf ball, mistaken it for an albino mouse, and them guys didn’t like it.
      2) just three random men, whom are now in the story and got their game ruined (probably).
      That’s pretty much it

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        actually, only two of them had their game disturbed. the third guy is security.

  15. D.Z.

    As a golf addict, I laughed out loud at this, especially the alt-text. :-)

    Hey Keene should get to know this fox:

    • Argent Stonecutter

      There’s been at least half a dozen golf courses with a similar problem, in both the USA and the UK.

  16. Clairvoyant Legacy

    Golf is… sortakindamaybe fun.

    • anon_omis

      …to play, not to watch

    • dot dot dot



  17. The Moon Howler

    Isn’t hanging by the tail painful?

    • netherwolf

      His tail is short,so i don’t think it’l hurt..(much)

  18. Profesor Rod

    Pro golfers frown upon touching the ball with anything but the clubs. BIG NO NO.

    • Jennifer the Dark

      And especially eating the balls.

  19. Dissension

    As soon as he’s able, Keene buys the golf course, fires the security guards, and bans these pro golfers.

  20. IceKitsune

    Lol silly Keen XD

  21. Big Fan

    Even with this and the last strip Keene was in, I still think he’s the sanest of the Milton Ferrets.

  22. Zearfox

    At least he won’t get in trouble since he’s rich, right?

    • WingedWolfGirl

      pretty much. :D

    • netherwolf

      He’s rich enough to by that golf course..what am i saying?!He probably has enough to by Florida! xD

  23. Jennifer the Dark

    Did he try to run over everything with a golfcart? My brother did that once XD

  24. Alvilan

    its not like he can just buy the place…
    oh wait. he can…..

  25. WingedWolfGirl

    Lol, he’s rich! Where’s his personal security officer to prevent this kina stuff?

    • netherwolf

      Relaxing somewhere in Palm Beach xD

      • Leinad

        Nah, he’s facepalming just off-panel, “You got yourself into this…”

  26. Salenstormwing

    It’s a good thing he wasn’t at Disney World, he’d have seen a big mouse there too.

    • Jennifer the Dark

      Haha, nice…

  27. WingedWolfGirl

    Luv the detail of the bushes and trees back there.

  28. anon_omis

    God, the one on the left is FAT

    • Jennifer the Dark

      Wow, I’m laughing so hard because as mean as it is, it’s true…

  29. Argent Stonecutter

    Needs a tag “security guy”.

  30. madmoney

    rick best florida joke i have ever heard and i live in florida!

  31. Naylorfan90


    • Frank

      You dare yell at me, Jeeves?

  32. Pogiforce

    Considering the ferrets are now one of the richest entities in the world, and somewhat vindictive when slighted at that, you can expect that that security guy will not have a job after today.

    • huntersunday

      or you can suspect that the golf course its self wont be there for long either
      also love this pick

  33. Tha Housedog

    “Keene! Who ate all the golf balls?!!”

  34. Z24

    Darn Ball, you look like Spo!

  35. Blaze


  36. Cruzor

    After security was called but before this statement the golfers probably asked, “Why did you just eat our ball?”…(this panel) Keane: “…Because it ‘looked like’ a mouse, alright?!”…So far as the hanging by his tail…I would say that since the Security Guard has him close even to his bottom that the strain on his bones, muscles, skin, and discs are very low…more unpleasant than painful…nice panel/strip overall…

  37. FerreTrip

    Actually, in my experience, we always punished our ferts by hanging them by the scruff. That said, Keene is actually kinda huge here, isn’t he? He’s usually shorter than the other pets, who all usually come up about waist high or a bit taller/shorter (except for Rex). Or maybe it’s because of his ferret tail. Those things are, in tail-to-body ratio, pretty thick compared to other animals.

    ANYWAY: *lol*

    • Frank

      All the animals in this universe are “kinda huge”. The mice are about the size of our rabbits, the rabbits are about the size of our wolves, and the wolves are a bout the size of human pro wrestlers!

      • Indagare

        Which means humans are the size of giants!

        • Frank

          And what size are giants?

          Actually, that raises an interesting point: maybe humans are just smaller in this universe

        • anon_omis

          You sir, just got an internet

  38. CaptainPea

    I believe this entire set of one-offs will form a food chain
    Friday’s comic will involve somebody wanting to eat a ferret

  39. Pogiforce

    Also, considering that the two golfers seem to be looking at the security guy, and the SG has his hand stuffed in his pocket like he thinks grabbing keene by his tail wasn’t such a hot idea, one might infer the golfers are actually mad at the security guy.

  40. anon_omis

    i mentioned that the ferrets wanted to eat Spo on Mondays strip… do you thinkd that had any ifluence?

  41. Firewolf

    Aaah, Animal Discrimination. Poor Spo, can never play Golf in Florida….you know, I don’t think he’d care. XD


    I would have loled if it was Tiger Woods he was playing with :P

    • anon_omis

      Ah!! You bet me to it!!!

      • Mystic Wolf

        Now I see with your two avatars that Keene is allways wearing something on the head… And in the same position!

        • Frank

          Maybe he just likes hats?

  43. Pogiforce

    I just noticed that for a ferret, Keene is pretty huge here. He’s like the size of a small dog.

  44. Flintfang

    Lol. nothing else need be said.

  45. tymime

    Hmm… I see that ferrets are bigger in this world.

  46. Keenan

    I wonder what it was? =:S

  47. nukedude51

    a typical ferret thing XD

  48. Fuzzypaws

    Spo’s lucky he’s not Keene’s pet instead of Fido’s!

  49. Annamae Naftzinger

    I can’t agree more what a really thoughtfully written story, thank you for sharing this!