Your Heart Day Refresher Course

Hey guys!  You can see the hi-res versions of all the valentines comics below

And as a SPECIAL bonus, I have redone the 2009 cards in the current art style!

Now in classy-o-vision!Still same as last yearWe've been embiggened!

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  1. Cwitt


    • lChronosl

      I second this statement.

  2. Dissension

    Sweet deal, Rick; thanks!

  3. Z-Zman

    bino looks weird

    • netherwolf

      How can he NOT look weird,when everyone likes his brother more then him..aspecialy when you think about Sasha :D

      • Nintendosagafan

        lol poor Bino XD

        • Z-Zman

          You might feel bad for him, but that face is going to haunt me.

      • Zero159

        It make me feel bad for bino

      • Keldor

        When I first saw that I thought he meant Joey. I mean, who would date HIM?!??

    • Bobcat

      That’s his ‘I am killing you with my mind’ look.

      • Z-Zman

        what do you m— *stabbed in mind’s heart*

        • Snowy

          *already dead*

    • Kitch

      He looks exactly like how he looked in the last panel of the first comic in “The Present”. When he got that same glare at Fox when she was pounced suddenly by Sasha.

  4. sonic id furreh!!!

    HOLY CRIPPLED MUNCHKIN BUNNIES!! these are awesome rick ^-^!

    • Z-Zman

      So true

  5. Z-Zman

    Isn’t the redone first awesome too!!!

  6. Cwitt

    I really like the Joey one. Next year we need a Tiger one!

    • Mystic Wolf


  7. GameCobra

    poor Bino =P

    Love them all, but Lana’s the top one for my pick =)

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai second this :3

      • Z-Zman

        i third… if i was in a relationship

  8. Firewolf

    Everyone’s going to like the Joey one, including me. XD

  9. IceKitsune

    Oh my god I love the Bino and Joey ones they are hilarious XD

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai like the 1 with sabby :3

  10. Hoheh

    Sabrina and Joey. Those are funniest to me. Joey’s especially. Afterthoughts are awesome.

    • Mystic Wolf

      I think the same, but I prefer Sabrinas’ card.

      • netherwolf

        same here.

      • The Moon Howler

        here too

      • Mystic Wolf

        Do you like my new gravatar?

        • Mystic Wolf

          Ok, I have to wait 10 min. … -.-”

        • netherwolf

          You’r new avatar looks the same as you’r old one..i think i saw it on devianart with the name Bluewolf …i think ?!

          • Mystic Wolf

            I edited it, but I dont know where I took it…

          • Mystic Wolf

            xD I was looking for Bluewolf on deviantart and I haven’t found him, but I found this, it’s:
            “When life gives you lemons, make apple juice. Then sit back and watch people try and figure out how you did it.”


    • Tha Housedog

      Agreed, I like Joey’s the best. It kind of fits me, in a kinda-sorta way. Which in retrospect,…

    • Hoheh

      In retrospect, Sabrina’s is also pretty awesome.

      • Hoheh

        Waaaaait a second…

  11. LegendaryHero

    Putting the two hi-res 2009 cards together and switching between them, it’s amazing how much the art style has changed.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Sasha is surprisingly similar in the old style, given how much everyone else has changed.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        That’s Max, not Sabrina.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          Now I feel dumb because I totally misread what you wrote.

  12. RegularBird

    Some more cards to give off to people, Sweet work Rick.

  13. Kai-sama

    These are sweet! But when I click on the image of the re-makes, it simply brings up the image above it.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      There are three seperate images, but they look like one continuous strip.

  14. Kai-sama

    Oh yeah.
    *Alt text: What beautiful thoughts have been imparted this day.

  15. tagat

    I love Lana’s card, haha

  16. Profesor Rod

    Being the complete furtard I am, I will gift the Bino one to my crush ;V

  17. Smokofenek

    Hah. Nice :)

  18. netherwolf

    Sabrina has the best one,although Bino has the funniest one xD

    • Mystic Wolf

      I second that! But poor Bino…

  19. Scientist

    I think I commented on your DA, so I’m off the hook here. ;P

    I’m stupid, I’ve always mixed up Joey and Fido. So the former is Bino’s “furry” brother, and the latter is the police dog.

  20. Karlos

    They are really good :) But it’s so hard for me to choose between Joey and Bino.

  21. MYichao

    Adorable. :D

  22. Tails41347

    Yippi! :D

  23. Kitch

    So Bino is into mice? :P

    I could totally see this ending up accidentally with Squeak, and Joey beating the crap out of him.

    • anon_omis


      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        he is joking as if the Bino card is talking about Joey instead of Fido, which would mean he is addressing Squeak instead of Sasha.

        • anon_omis

          Ha now it’s alittle funny

  24. Mystic Wolf

    OMG Rick, you are in the top 10 internet comics! This comic is the 7th, with 14930 readers! And only a few write comments -.- … Well, if we all wrote something, we couldn’t find our discussion xDDD.

    “Wait, my comment was in here! OMG Now I have to find it -.- …”

    P.D.: Can someone tell me what’s a permalink, please?

    • gaboris

      Ctrl+f and you can search your own name to find your commetns. I always do that. :D

      A permalink is… let’s say the ID of a commetn and if that is given in the URL (the link) the page jumps to that specific commetn.(If it’s not a comment based thing, but it’s just used for this function than my bad, but it’s still the same thing. :) )
      BTW “P.D.”???

      • Mystic Wolf

        P.D. Is Post Data, IDK how to say it in English

        • Mystic Wolf

          Sorry, *Pos Data

          • Mystic Wolf

            Sorry again, *Postdata xD, in English (Google-translated) is Postscript

          • anon_omis

            P.S., don’t ask us what it means because we don’t even know

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            it means it comes after (post) the writing (script)
            not that hard to figure it out.

    • Rick Griffin

      *out of the comics listed on ComicRank

      Just making a note here!

      • Mystic Wolf

        DANGER! The link of: “Vote TWC” is broke.

        I was going to do it, but it’s broke!

  25. Mystic Wolf

    OMG not possible anyone saying nothing! How is this possible!?

    Too bored to do nothing more than waiting a comment -.-”

    *Yawn* -.- -o- -O- -o- -.- Zz. Zz.

    • Mystic Wolf

      Yay! At least someone commented!

      Wait… Awww…

  26. gaboris

    Heh always funny to see these cards, nice job with them Rick. But I think I’d just laugh my head off if I knew someone even uses them in real life(no harm meant, but it’s still true).

    @Mystic Wolf: Don’ worry there’s always somebody to say somethin, but since these comments should be about the comic we TRY to not go off topic too much ya know. :D
    BTW PLS stop using double and triple negatives, I can’t figure them out most of the times. XD

    • Z-Zman

      Man i was just thinking that…

    • newpain117

      i gave the last two v-card sets to my girlfriend.
      she always likes them

    • Mystic Wolf

      I know this sounds silly, but… What’s the meaning of FTW and BTW?

      • Z24

        For the win and By the way…

      • anon_omis

        Dont worry, had to ask the same questions a little while ago

  27. mathgrant

    Lana’s card is the best one yet!

  28. Mystery Ezekude

    Wow! Your 2009 Valentine’s Day card remakes look absolutely fantastic! It’s nice to redo some of your old stuff using the techniques you learn later! You can see how much your art style has evolved.

  29. CaptainPea

    Bino’s is the best of all 12 by some million miles

  30. cesarinthewhitedragon

    joey being joey.. always so cute.

  31. Ian the Gecko

    Rick, you never cease to amuse me. Keep up the good work!

  32. Mystic Wolf

    One question Rick, I saw your twitter and at the backgrond I saw a wolf astronaut. Is him wolf-chief of Halo?

    • Rick Griffin

      No, she’s a character in a book series I’m writing


    LOL The *card thing actually happened to me once xD

  34. Flintfang

    U got me new car?!!! rly? oh. nvm. ty

  35. R.Y.N.O.

    wow. i need some of these pronto.
    happy valentine’s day everyone1

  36. Xenoyia

    Bino looks cute and annoyed at the same time :D

  37. Z-Zman

    WOW. Not as many comments as i thought there would be

  38. NightFox

    It’s so perfect. :D

  39. Russiarules1

    To be honest, Bino looks like the Grinch… or is it only me?

    • anon_omis

      I think it’s the green eyes. Were his eyes always green?

  40. Z24

    Does Bino know abotu Fido and Sabrina already? Awkward XD

    • silverfang16

      I don’t think so. He wouldn’t keep that a secret.

  41. Keenan

    Is there any I can get these translated, I want to show some of the comics to my cousin in Germany

    • anon_omis

      Didnt worry about it, they now English

      • anon_omis


        • Keenan

          I’m not sure what your saying, but you did not answer the question

          • anon_omis

            Everyone learns English. So, depending on how old they are you don’t need to translate it

  42. Ihavenoidea

    Seriously how do you guys make usernames and get avatars,I saw the gravitar thing but i am unsure if that is how.

    • Jennifer the Dark

      You have to use Gravatar to get an avatar.

  43. silverfang16

    I wonder if Sasha is going with Bino this year……or if she will be swept away by King. :P

    • silverfang16

      On a separate note the remakes of the cards has really put Rick’s art changes in perspective! O_O

  44. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    I didn’t think to check the site on a non-updating day. Luckily, I have no occasion to use these great cards. Aww, now I’ve made myself sad. :(

    Hopefully, I find a reason to use these when I go to college next year.

    • silverfang16

      Aww, don’t feel bad. I don’t either! ^_^

      • anon_omis

        Third. Join the club

    • netherwolf

      You may not use them now,but don’t lose hope,the day will come ;)

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        thanks. I can always depend on the internets to cheer me up.

        of course, I was only joke sad.

  45. Jennifer the Dark

    My favorite’s the one with Joey ^^

  46. anon_omis

    Shesh! In 11min we got that many comments?
    Also, I already saw this yesterday…wait, was this updated yesterday?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      he uploaded it early, if you are not just joke confused. if he uploaded it today, boyfriends would have to print them up in a hurry.

      • anon_omis

        I saw this on saturday on Furaffinity

  47. James Sitka

    Joey’s cat suit looks pretty good in this one.

  48. Thegamist

    Err,… happy valentines day everyone
    (not that I’ve got someone to share it with)

    • anon_omis

      You could not share it with me since I don’t have anyone to share it with either

  49. anon_omis

    At Joey:
    Bend me
    Shape me
    Any meat you want to
    As long as you love,
    Its alright

    • Jennifer the Dark

      D’awww~! Y’know, the Joey card reminds me of when my boyfriend and I cosplay…

      • anon_omis


  50. Angela


  51. anon_omis

    Just an old fashion love song
    Play’n on the radio

    • anon_omis

      Seriously, no one ever listened to Three Dog Night?

  52. Authur

    I just love Bino’s expression in the third card. XD Not only is he the Green Lantern again, but he’s the Green Lantern on a Monday at work! X3

  53. Hoheh

    The re-done stuff looks great in the new style.

  54. Lux

    I like Lana’s car the best.


  55. FreakazoidVocaloid

    I generally hate Valentine’s Day because of all the sap and mushy-mushy emotion it brings out in people. Just this once, though… I’ll make an exception to hand out these awesome cards. Thanks Rick. ^///w///^

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