Snow Doubt About It
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  1. Ryufire

    Haha indeed!! :D

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      dat would be EPIC X3
      u go to walk outside and *chunk*
      …. a big wall of snow :3

      • Lupus

        Happened to me once, but it caved in as soon as we opened the door. Snow drifts around our house.

        • Lupus

          And it was awful too. 3: I can see this arc delving into the world of being trapped in your house and discovering that being snowed in isn’t all that awesome after all.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So long as you have food, power and internet, what else do you need?

          • Frank


          • Argent Stonecutter

            If you have power and snow, you have water.

          • Snow

            As i remember, my dad tells me when he was around 17 or so the snow would be quite large and him and his friends would make tunnels about the size of an living room…. :p

          • Argent Stonecutter

            See, you just need food, power, and internet! You can even make your own shelter!

          • tahrey

            Eh, I just need food and a big coat (in which bottles of snow can defrost)… and all the books I haven’t managed to read … and my wind-up LED lamp…

  2. Dissension

    Hah, the alt-text is funny because it’s true.

    Also, poor Peanut!

  3. IceKitsune

    lol That is a whole lot of Snow I like the title of the comic its lame but in a neat way

    • IceKitsune

      I mean of the Strip XD I just relised what that sounds like

  4. Lax

    Flamethrowers are awesome! Better than just shuffling through tons of snow :)

    • Expletive Deleted

      Yeah, but here in Texas we don’t even bother to shovel the snow, we just wait an hour for it to melt.

      • Quote



        I agree. Taking advantage of physics really pays for itself!

  5. xhunterko

    Once again. NIce try peanut.

    • xhunterko

      Super hero Peanut in panel 2. :)

      • The Broken Fox

        How will Spot Peanut (Superdog) save Babylon Gardens from the menace of the snowstorm?!? Stay tuned! :D

        • Naylorfan90

          He’ll use his super faceplant! =O

          • Tha Housedog

            Then I’ll use my super facepawlm!

          • the Art Wolf

            Oh no, it wasn’t very effective. :/

            Peanut should learn Flamethrower. :3

          • Snow

            “Peanut wants to learn Flamethrower but he already knows four move witch one would you like to delete?” (eat) (sleep) (draw) (poo)

          • XAV TAY TOR TOT

            I choose to replace (sleep) so that he can’t get lazy and doze off.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Oh-oh, he’s gonna be in trouble without (breathe).

          • Snow

            oh? but have you’ve ever seen peanut breath?

  6. zero159

    Try the flamethrower Peanut.

  7. Buckdida

    You know how some dogs will randomly poke you in the back with their nose?

    As if Grape’s cold paws on Christmas weren’t bad enough. Well, Peanut can get his dad back for the fetch thing!

    • Furr Mate

      That is so true.

    • Zlashdrive

      Considering how thease are Housepets! and not normal pets, that may not still be the case…

  8. 2MK

    We must hire a Pyro! Quickly!

    • Private Elliot


    • Weebz



        My degreaser’s true
        My shotgun is loaded
        My Axtinguisher is sharp
        Show me a spy
        and I’ll show you a dead man

        • XAV TAY TOR TOT

          You totally should have made that RHYME! That would have been AWESOME!!!

          And by the way, I prefer The Back Scratcher since Medics find me useless anyway ;)


            Axtinguisher’s a fine lady
            As long as the scouts hold steady

            Backscratcher is not credit to team
            It’ll get you creamed

  9. Leinad

    Duuuude….. i wish i got snow of that caliber. here in texas, we’re lucky if everything freezes over.

  10. Z24

    Dude! That’s a lotta slushie…

    Also, one down, 999 to go!

  11. Thoth

    Now all they need is to organize the good ol dogs club to dig a network of tunnels throughout the neighborhood – whereupon the cats can sensibly stay inside.

    • madmoney

      best idea eva

    • Frank

      Which will give rise to a dozen phone calls saying “Hey, I just finished the tunnel to your house, where are you?”
      “Me? I’m at your house! I’ve just finished the tunnel to it!”

      • Naylorfan90

        You know it’s a great idea when it sounds entirely plausible for this comic. ^__^

        • anon_omis

          Adam: Plausable?
          Jamei: Plausable

          • Quote

            100 points for awsome reference

  12. Hodgepodge

    That’s awesome! Best alteration of physics, when the snow is a perfect wall at the door when you open it!
    Love Grape’s comment! She does make a good point though, you could make many more snowmen (or snowdogs) with a mold than you could by hand. Gotta try that some time…

  13. Ki

    Heeey, it’s pretty much what I’ve seen everytime I’ve tried to go outside for the past few days.

    Well played, Mr. Winter Storm, well played indeed.

  14. Alechsa

    It’s looking close to that here… not literally but… it’s the most I’ve seen in a LOOONG while….

  15. netherwolf

    “Oh ha ha” indeed :D

  16. ZV

    last panel is amazing

  17. Twilus

    Peanut looks epic putting that scarf on. On to adventure!

  18. Pokeblue

    Shoot, I wish I could get snow like that around where I’m at. Peanut must’ve seriously rushed if he walked right into a wall of snow, then again, I might’ve done the same if I heard there was going to be lots of snow.

    Also, alt-text was awesome!

  19. Oren Otter

    Oh no! We’re snowed in! …I mean too late! Strong Mad and the Cheat have already been jibblified! Oh wait… we really are snowed in. Never mind.

  20. Avansis

    Peanut really puts his heroic superhero(dog) pose in the second panel. This arc is going to be awesome!

  21. Icharus

    My first thought: omg you could totally make tons of epic SNOW TUNNELS in that

    Also 1000 snowdogs reminds me of Calvin&Hobbes

    • Frank

      I was awed to discover that some people actually make those Calvin and Hobbes sculptures in real life!

      • Icharus

        Ahaha that’s awesome!
        The one I was thinking of was the row of snowmen saluting his dad as he’s walking home, but this one’s equally funny

  22. Furr Mate

    The last panel… I’m sorry. I just can’t stop laughing.

  23. Valerio

    2nd panel.
    Peanut = EPIC

  24. benzo

    Up at 6AM!? Puh-leeez.. I wake up at 1pm :D

    • Snow

      wake up at 1am?!?! i stay up till 4am!

    • benzo

      I meant PM whatever bro lol :D

    • benzo

      I fall asleep round 3am and sleep till bout 1pm

      • Snow

        and i missread that :p
        i go to bed around 2-4am wake up at 7-9 am >_>

  25. Ada

    I must find a similarly drawn Peanut pic from another comic so I can photoshop Peanut playing Portals. XD

    • Quote

      do it

  26. gaboris

    Peanut is like a happy puppy in the first panel, how come others didn’ mention that so far? X3
    My parents always tell me that back in their young days there were always so much snow that it covered whole cars and they had to dig tracks to move, but now we’re lucky if we even get snow right before christmas(we didn’ have a white christmas for years now). I think I was born in the wrong time period. XP

    • Rocket Knight boy

      most snow i’ve seen in the last ten years this year, my parents said the same thing about their youth

      • gaboris

        Yeah we had a bit more snow then before, but it’s still nothin compared to the old times. BTW it’s not even cuz it wasn’t cold enough, the roads had ice on them all the time, but still no snow. X(

    • anon_omis


  27. Argent Stonecutter


    Ahhh… hahahahahaHAHAHAHAAAAAAA….

  28. The Broken Fox

    Snowdogs! :D Nice little reference to one of the guest strips!

  29. Sperkle

    Love the sound effects.

  30. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    first time commenting. I just read through the entire archive twice in about a week. I love this comic.
    I wish I had that much snow, I’d still be asleep because school would be canceled.

    • madmoney

      you need to read the entire thing

      • madmoney

        i did that when i started reading this comic
        now that i think about it i did this for every comic i read

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          this is the first time I’ve ever read an archive twice. then again, I usually pick up on a comic after it’s been going for too long for me to read it twice.


            Don’t read housepets too much, it was like 59% of the reason I’m a furry now

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            how do you know I’m not already a furry?
            I’m not, but you shouldn’t make assumptions.


            Seriously, I used to troll furries like it was 1999, but then Rick Griffin had to come along and spoil the fun by showing me the awesomeness involved with this fine group of people.
            Join us.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            I have nothing against furries. I have a friend who is a furry. I just don’t think it’s for me.

      • Corodan

        “I just read through the entire archive twice in about a week. I love this comic.”

        He DID read the entire thing.

  31. tiggercat

    why can’t WE get snow like that. We were supposed to have off school today, but we got a two hour delay instead >.<

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      same here.

  32. Rocket Knight boy

    Panels 2 and 4 = lol

  33. Corodan

    Something tells me using a mould for SNOWmen just wouldn’t work.

    On the flipside, what a go-getter! Already making snow angels.

    • Frank

      Fill them with water, leave them outside, and voilá! Instant ice sculpture!

      Now throw some snow onto that. What do you get?

      • FlareKitsune


      • FreakazoidVocaloid

        You get an ice sculpture disguised as a snowman?

      • Snow

        an ice angel!!

      • Frank

        I was going to say “crushed ice”, bu I like your ideas better

  34. theblackcateyes

    I can´t imagine 1000 peanut snowdogs…. chaos!!!Lol

    • Profesor Rod

      My GOD he created an ARMY!

      • FreakazoidVocaloid

        In Soviet Russia… Snowdog army creates you? o3o



    • anon_omis

      chaos indeed………………………unless you saw “Ultramarines” you wont get the reference. did anyone elso watch that?

  35. FlareKitsune

    And apparently we’re getting even MORE snow on Tuesday. If you listen to NECN, that is.

  36. Naylorfan90

    Oh my goodness I couldn’t stop laughing after the last two panels because they’re awesome and hilarious and I just love this comic!!! XD

  37. Black Rabt

    seriously I lol’d. Love this strip every day.

  38. Profesor Rod

    SNOW FOR EVERYBODY! (except florida)

    • Max Wolfe


  39. Mika

    Lol, we just got enough to cancel school up north (central Ontario)

    • Mika


      • Jillis aka fox

        yes it shall…. it shalll MWA HAHAHAAAAA!

      • WingedWolfGirl


  40. Tahoe

    I’m not sure about “they” …. I know ONE person that uses a flamethrower to get rid of snow, but that’s expected of that one person, lol.
    I lived at a higher elevation and they just push it around with bulldozers a lot, even after the 10+ foot storms #MissesThose

  41. Kurra

    Man, I only WISH I had that much snow. This year’s had a wuss winter, hydrocrystallically. *copyrights new word, btw* cx What a great comic Rick, on many levels beyond just entertainment. Keep it up, it’s a good thing that you do this.

    • Snow

      you cant copyright a word unless you make a page on the dictionarie site:p

  42. ramisisc

    O.o snow dogs…. it sounds fun… but i pass… the misterius snow… how is?!

  43. Scientist

    If it’s snowed so much, that must’ve become all packed up and turned into ice. Which means that must’ve hurt a lot. Poor peanut.
    Yes, I’m a new reader. But I’ve been through all the previous comics BEFORE I decided to start posting comments.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      same here

    • Pokeblue

      You’re right about that. Compressed snow makes solid ice. Just curious though, unless their whole house was buried, wouldn’t at last some part stay snow?

  44. FreakazoidVocaloid

    You know, the very existence of flamethrowers is proof that, at some point, someone said “I want to set that person/place/thing over there on fire, but I’m not close enough to do it.”

    • anon_omis


  45. madmoney


  46. ramisisc thas a a video of my brother making an audition of peanut voice


      Might wanna post that on the forums

  47. WingedWolfGirl



    • Ryufire


      WOOHOO!!! :D

    • Icharus

      I am in 100% !!

  48. the Art Wolf

    with that much snow, even santa would have to call in for a snow day. :P

    • Alechsa

      Not even Rudolph can save us now!!!

  49. Z-Zman

    …nice :D

  50. Russiarules1

    So… is that a faceplant?
    I like molds for cookies…

  51. Icharus

    I wish I was that up-n-at-’em at 6am
    Or 8am for that matter
    I also wish I was that fast with snarky comments like Grape

  52. RegularBird

    I want a mold of Peanut now…

    • Frank

      take a bread slice, cut it into a dog-shape, and leave it out for three days

  53. Leafy

    I though it be more of a poof or something not a chunk Owo? Have anyone hear anyone ran into snow and make the sound chunk?

    • Kenny Lennon

      I think the top level is more of a poof but I think after it compacts a little it makes more of a crunch or a chunk.

  54. Hoheh

    I like how Peanut thinks outside the box.

  55. Zearfox

    I’m surprised the snow didn’t pour in like sand or something when the door opened. Oh well, rule of funny :D

  56. Aerion

    Would I be right in guessing the alt text is from The Whiteboard?

  57. Firewolf

    YES! =D LOL

  58. namelessone

    only 999 snowdogs to go….

  59. Marlin

    Alt text* “You know what I learned about snow removal? Up in the mountains they use FLAMETHROWERS to get rid of it. Yet another reason the mountains are better than the beach”

  60. NexusWulf

    use this -gives peanut a spoon- GO MAH FELLA GO AND DIG X’D

  61. Lax

    Did he change the last panel’s dialogue?

  62. silverfang16

    A mold would help!

  63. Kenny Lennon

    LOL That’s a furidiculous amount of snow!


      Avalanche – Did I spell that right? (._.)

  64. Skykitsune

    Oh joy, I all but spit my food all over my screen at that last panel.


    Why can’t this happen to me?

    Oh yeah… I live in England, the thing that happens in England is people saying the wpold will end in 2012 and Swine flu… I wanna live in Canada!


    oops I said wpold, not world. I need to learn how to spell

    Why did I just say that?

  67. Fern

    I have opened my door to that before. Scared the holy bee-jeebus out of me! It was 6:30 am and the lights were off so I wouldn’t wake my sister….The only break in the wall of white was a small hole where the handle was stuck into it. I don’t think I’ve ever shut a door more carefully in my entire life!

  68. FerreTrip

    XD NOICE. I don’t know if this could actually happen, despite Fern’s account above me, but…hey, what do I know? I’m only from WISCONSIN…(Then again, it’s more cold there than snowy, I guess…)

    Do they really use flamethrowers?