Let It Snow
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  1. Tha Housedog

    Aww, that’s really cute, Peanut.

  2. Ryufire

    Everyday is Christmas for Peanut lol!

  3. Tha Housedog

    Alt text: Second Christmas has to be declared after Epiphany, but before spring.

    • Blaze

      Well, after Christmas, there’s this huge void of holidays, mainly because nobody wants to leave their house in minus-infinity weather (at least up here in Canada). Notice the next holiday afterwords involves finding small pieces of chocolate – from the comfort of your own home. What better way to celebrate the great holiday void than with:

      CHRISTMAS 2.0!!!

    • Frank

      July. For Australians, this would mean July

      • AflacMan13

        So this is a queston that has always bugged me.

        If it is January and B***s cold here in the Northern Hemisphere… does that mean that it is January and Hella hot down in the Southern Hemisphere or is it July and Hella hot down in the Southern Hemisphere??? Does the Australia celebrate Christmas and New Years the same Time as North America or are they a whole six months the other way around?

        Does the southern calendar follow the world or the seasons?

        • Dissension

          Yes. Yes, it does.

        • Aeonera

          in NZ its mainly december which is really hot

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s why Christmas is supposed to be for swimming, sailing, and beach parties. And the world’s most awesome yacht race.

        • Brasil

          Ih the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Christmas and New Years in the same time as you, but while you are on winter season
          we are at summer.
          Second Christmas??? YYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
          P.S. : Forgive me any grammar mistakes.

    • cesarinthewhitedragon

      here in México we celebrate the coming of the 3 wise King Wizzards. :P
      so theres plenty to celebrate still.

      • Frank

        Um… “Three wise men” or “Three kings”. I don’t think they’re ever called “wizards” in English.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I’m thinking of calling my rat “Frank”.

          • Frank

            The one who you call when there isn’t an arc with King?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, the one we didn’t feed to the snakes because he was too cute. He’s getting pretty used to being handled and seems to like hiding in my dressing gown when I’m reading in bed.

          • Frank

            They don’t call ‘em “fancy rats” for nuthin’


            “Reyes Magos” They’re a lot cooler in Spanish, for they aren’t just kings, they’re wizards

    • Stevie Maxwell

      So that would be, what, Groundhog Day?

      o/~ Babe… I got you babe… o/~

  4. IceKitsune

    lol second Christmas Peanut has cool dreams

    • 2MK

      I wonder what cool dream he would dreamt up next?

      • Ryufire

        cookies and grapes!

        • Shady Kitsune

          That a new ice cream flavor or something? :P

    • anon_omis

      Your gravitar is perfect for this

  5. xhunterko

    It doesn’t quite work that way Peanut. :D

    • xhunterko

      And what a surprise! I wasn’t expecting another arc. Not that one-offs are bad, mind you. It was just with Rick being sick and all I figured it’d be a while. Glad to know you’ve recovered this well Rick!

    • zero159

      Don’t doubt the magic of snow.

      • xhunterko

        It’s only magic snow if it’s north pole snow! Then it’s just regular snow.

  6. 2MK

    And here come the choir of d’awwws from the forth panel.

    • xhunterko

      *nails fouth panel back in place*
      Help! I need more nails!

      • Quote

        *hands you bag of unlimited nails*

        • ilovehousepets

          Oh my god! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

          • Aeonera

            a bag of unlimited nails is cute?

          • Ilovehousepets

            Sorry, replied to wrong comment.

      • madmoney


      • Frank

        *Looks at nail scizors*
        *Looks at post*

    • Ryufire

      *cough* D’awww :D

    • Valerio


    • Zearfox


      • Snow

        quick men we must nail this place quickly, otherwise this whole place is going down!!

      • xhunterko

        *gets nail gun* ka-chunk
        Fire in the hole!

      • dalonewolf25

        You missed one.

        • Snow

          Tango Down!! Quickly, TIME IS NOT AN OPTOIN!!!!

          *picks up heavy chain (clip?) gun*GRAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa
          *Fires and misses every shot*

  7. zero159

    A Second Christmas sounds awesome Peanut.

  8. rtlstien

    It’s times like this that reminds me just how child-like all of them are.
    So cute! ^-^

  9. Private Elliot

    Yayz for new arc!
    Also, nice shading :D

    • Jakkal

      Absolutely. He trained it, probably ^^

  10. Two_Twig

    It’s a well known fact that being startled awake causes spontaneous hair growth.

    Actually I like her with bed face, it’s kinda cute.

    • The Broken Fox

      Don’t you mean bed fur?

    • Valerio

      this and this!

  11. ReCreate

    Santa looks fat.

    Also d’aww at the last panel. :P

  12. Celysus

    Peanut looks ridiculously snuggly in that last panel.

    • Valerio

      megathis! :D
      And megaDDAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :) :) :)

    • Naylorfan90


  13. Hodgepodge

    Snowed-in? Could this mean being stuck inside, with all those paper bags, markers and rulers? Or could this be the beginning to the most epic snowball fight ever?

    Only time will tell… and he’s sleeping right now, so I guess will have to wait for the next comic…

  14. benzo

    This strip made me laugh so hard I blew ash all over my desk…. “Second Christmas” haha :D

    nicely done Rick great to see you back in the saddle… those guest comics were getting boring… not to say that there weren’t good ones.

    • Snow


      • benzo

        I had a cigarette in my mouth when I lol’d I blew into it causing ash to fly all over my desk and studio equipment.

        • Snow

          i see…..
          just don’t get cancer now :p

  15. Pokeblue

    Reminds me of myself when I was younger. Dunno why, but somehow I thought if you went south of the equator sometime in July, when it’s suppose to be winter there, you can enjoy Christmas again.

    Cute though, Peanut just looks rather huggable in the last panel

    • Frank

      Technically it’s called Yule-tide

  16. Valerio

    these doses of cuteness on monday morning are pure lifesave :D

    • RegularBird

      Especially if you hate the heck out of a Monday.

    • anon_omis

      Especially for me I was pretty depressed a few min. ago

  17. AvanWolf

    Lol, poor peanut when he finds out the truth XD

  18. overzen

    I LOVE second Christmas! It’s even better than second breakfast!! :D

    • Chip Uni

      Second Christmas is the BEST Christmas present ever!

    • xhunterko

      If I may perchance a guess overzen, you enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia as well?

      • overzen

        He he, actually, I was thinking of the Lord of the Rings when I mentioned second breakfast. But, the Narnia series is on my list of books to read…right after I finish the Dark Tower series. ;)

        • xhunterko

          Ack. There I go again! Getting my universes mixed up!

  19. Tara

    Aww, that’s so cute! xD

  20. Zearfox

    Obviously, Peanut has never spent Christmas here in the Tropics or Australia XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I miss REAL Christmas. Christmas is for swimming and sailing and surfing and barbecues on the beach.

      • Z24

        You win an Internet for being so darn right!

      • Zearfox

        Don’t forget the surfing Santas….and the entire country being closed for the day!

  21. Russiarules1

    Rick Griffin, thanks for this… today I had a terribly sad day but this cheered me a little bit and bought me a smile.
    Thanks a lot, Happy New Year, have a good day/night and greetings from Mexico.

  22. Ryufire

    Nothing like fresh powder and yes a second Christmas does sound awesome Peanut! :D

  23. Sperkle

    Haha Peanut is a typical dog and he’s ALL win. But I can just see him bounding through the snow.

  24. Oren Otter

    Yay, snow!
    I just heard that you were sick as a dog, Rick. Sorry to hear that you were sick, but if you had to, it’s nice that you at least got to be a dog.

  25. Zlashdrive

    Grape is looking more and more like a rockstar with that hair…

  26. Shiranai

    I sense a great disturbance in the force.
    IDK. Based on the arc title “We’re Snowed in!” my gut tells me something bad is about to happen in the next following comic strips.

    • madmoney

      suck inside forced to roleplay

      • Argent Stonecutter

        More Tarot!

        • Snow

          i remember hearing stories from the old folks home (my dad, he makes faults teeth!) one of them said ” I remember we had snow went right up to our roof and we had to make tunnels though the snow to get to school ” or something like that anyways:p


        Madmoney has just made me think of a fate worse than death.

  27. Dakota Lesmercy

    awwwww…..!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  28. zeroslash

    Oh, Grape. Call him a mutt all you want, but you know you’re excited yourself.

  29. microbuss

    cute & the real 2nd Christmas is July 25th lol

    • Frank

      Noooo! Not Christmas in Julyyyyy!

  30. Frank

    Is… is that puppy peanut in panel 4?

  31. The J.A.M.

    Well, in Mexico, we kinda have a “second” Christmas, precisely on January 6, i.e., The Epiphany. There, the 3 Wise Men bring you presents.
    Note that January 6 is precisely “the 12th day of Christmas”. In South America and Russia, the gift exchange is ONLY on January 6.
    January 6, by the way, is December 25 on the Julian Calendar.

    • Frank

      Isn’t it an “either-or”? (meaning you get presents either on Christmas, but not on the Epiphany; or on the Epiphany, but not on Christmas)

      Or have stores changed the custom?

      • The J.A.M.

        No, it’s a “both”, at least in Mexico. Though generally, the gifts of January 6 are less expensive than those of December 25.

        • Russiarules1

          And that is why I like Mexican traditions… too bad I didn’t get anything for that day, but I really don’t care.
          Viva Mexico!
          And greetings… from Mexico.

  32. Ki

    Yes, we do have a stupid-fat amount of snow here. IN THE SOUTH. >< There's so much ice that the schools have cancelled for the day, and possibly tomorrow.

    I wish we had a Second Christmas. D: At least we'd have something to do while trapped inside!

  33. Naylorfan90

    I wish it would snow where I live…

  34. Kitch

    That was cute. We can only imagine what kind of hijinks will be had. Maybe have a big snow party with some friends? =P

  35. Avansis

    Whaaat, shading looks really nice! Rick should try that out more often.

  36. netherwolf

    lol..a second Christmas does sound nice,in the middle of january :D

  37. NexusWulf

    he wish ^^

  38. gaboris

    Hehe, Santa cameo. XD
    Peanut would be happy in Hungary, cuz we DO have a second christmas so to speak. X3 (We have somethin similar a few weeks before christmas, but I won’t start explainin how much we messed up poor Santas connection to christmas with that. >.<")

    • Frank

      I’d dare say we were the ones who messed it up. Saint Nicholas of Myra travelled Europe year-round; not just on Christmas. Celebrating his life on his Feast Day, rather than as part of Christmas, is probably the right thing to do

      • gaboris

        Yeah point there, I just don’ like to point fingers… or just didn’ want to get any mean comments. XD

      • Argent Stonecutter

        6th December and 9th May?

  39. ReCreate

    Since santa is tagged i think he’s going to appear in the comic later.

    • Frank

      Maybe it’ll be a mall Santa?

      Wait a second… snowed-in at the mall?

  40. CaptainPea

    The title of the arc kinda gives away the plot, but this is Housepets, not Lost, so it doesn’t really matter.

    On another note, apparently one way to celebrate second Christmas is by going tag-less.
    But enough criticism, the lighting on display here is pretty awesome.

    • Snow

      1. lost is awesome;p 2. your avatar looks like something off of spore>_>

      • CaptainPea

        Correct on both counts.

  41. Chris

    When life gives you snow, make snow cones. Snow men. Snow angels. Snow….

    • Snow

      Snow forts, Snow pets, snow me`s:D…….

      • Snow

        also snow creepers

  42. ramsisck

    yai!!!!:D…seryusly how is the snow is: terible, fun,stupid ,fatidius? …all the same thigs? tell me

    ….so peanut is adurable =3 realy cute

    • Frank

      The joy brought by snow is inversely proportional to your age

      • Snow

        snow is bad for a few things though>_>
        2.plow your front sidewalk (other wise floods my house>_>
        3.leaning how to drive in icy roads

        yea mostly a few things, still….

  43. Silent Kitsune

    Umm, Rick messed up th Story Arc tabs along the side, it should be Guest Week THEN Were snowed in :3

  44. WingedWolfGirl

    ~The next morning~

    Mr Sandwhich: “We’re snowed in.”

    Peanut: Yay! No School!!! …wait.”

  45. theblackcateyes

    jajajajaja peanut!!!!! it’s very cool him child mind, es really cOol

  46. supervanman64

    That “X3″ face that Peanut is makin’ in the last panel is so adorable.

  47. silverfang16

    Second Christmas? Love you Peanut!

  48. Z-Zman

    … >:3
    Merry Christmas Peanut

  49. Z24

    Well, peanut, dreaming is valid XD

    And refering to the last comic (the fishing one) I feel we need a police dog on a training day arc

  50. MistingWolf

    I know EXACTLY how Grape feels. I, too, hate the snow and find it more or less pointless. Boo snow! Stay in the arctics where you belong. X.x

    • Frank

      You mean that block of ice of which half dissappears every year?

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  52. MYW

    Just wanted to say, the art for this comic keeps getting better and better. I loved the shadows and strong light source in the first three panels, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the expressions of the characters seem to have gotten more nuanced in the last month or two. Super-cute story today too! :-) Bravo!

  53. benzo

    What happened to dalonewolf25?…. he’s a pretty chill homie. :)


      Benzo? De los Pulentos?
      If you don’t know what I’m talking about please disregard this comment.

  54. Adeptis

    I want to celebrate second christmas! But is has to be spontaneous, there’s too much time between thanksgiving and christmas as it is.

  55. Alex M.

    Dawwww! Peanut I’m sorry but that not possible >:(

  56. Pogiforce

    To peanut Christmas is about santa claus and getting stuff.

    That makes me sad.

  57. Argent Stonecutter

    So who was Peanut’s Secret Santa?


      Wild guess: Rex got him a watch

  58. Fuzzypaws

    Well hey, there actually can be a second Christmas, since I believe the Russian church celebrates it later than everyone else…

  59. Hoheh

    Happy Peanut is happy. Where’d Santa come from. Eh, probably just missing things.

  60. Stacy Gregory

    Ack. There I go again! Getting my universes mixed up!

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