Bait And Switch
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  1. ZincChloride

    Cooooooooooooooool :)

    • an anonymous bro

      I c what u did thar

      • Blaze


  2. Valerio

    AAAANND the first comic of the year features none else than the sublime KEVIN!
    Bless you, Rick-sama!

  3. IceKitsune

    lol Kevin needs to think about something other then tackling other people

  4. Sir Jerric

    Alt-Text: “I thought you would appreciate a quiet activity, have I somehow misjudged?”

  5. Asteri

    brrrr ice fishing… it’s cold outside D:

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      but ice fishin’s fun :3

      • Snow

        it truely is!

        • Asteri

          …it doesn’t change the fact that it’s cold D:

          • Snow

            Then wear a jacket,sweater or a snuggle! ÷)

  6. Clubker429

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!

  7. Firewolf

    Tackles + Pointy sharp hooks = No Bueno. =) Glad to see Kevin’s back.

  8. Two_Twig

    A quiet activity indeed, but deceptively humble. We do our part to engage in these simple matters least we be bothered by the tormented screams of souls long since pasted beneath these simple somber waters….

    Good to see you back in action Rick :D

    • Frank

      Fish screaming? That I’d like to see

      • Kamon

        well lobsters scream when you put them in hot water

        • Naylorfan90

          And…now I’ve just imagined the agonized screams for mercy as Housepets lobsters are put in hot water for cooking…

          • Leinad

            *achievement unlocked!*

      • Two_Twig

        I wasn’t actually referring to fish, but I guess in this world that might seem more likely

  9. rtlstien

    Kevin: “Can I at least tackle the fish we catch?”

    • Argent Stonecutter

      … just for the halibut?

      • packers848848

        touche good sir, touche.

      • anon_omis

        *rim shot*

      • Naylorfan90

        *laughs and collapses to the floor* XD

  10. The Wolf Kin

    Heh heh heh. Good work, Fido, good work. A bait and switch indeed.

    By the way, KEVIN!!!

  11. xhunterko

    Hopefully your feeling better Rick. Guest week was fun.

    Ice fishing. I hope they have chairs.

  12. zero159

    Kevin sitting still fishing is IMPOSSIBLE.
    He would try to tackle the fish.

    • dalonewolf25

      Or get sick by jumping in the water :P

      • Kamon

        that should be kinda obvious dalonewolf

        • dalonewolf25

          You’d be surprised how many times it’s been proven wrong…

          • Snow

            or the fact that the water tackles kevin

    • yarrofox

      He could try fly fishing when the water has no ice

  13. roby

    He could tackle the clerk at the counter…

  14. ZV

    Excellent work Rick! Glad you are feeling better; although guest week was great too! The way Fido’s glasses sit on his head is really well done!! :)

    • Frank

      Wait, there’s something strange about Fido’s head…

      Of course! Spo is not on it!

      • anon_omis

        What’s up with that?

        • Black Cat

          Well whats wrong with it is it raise’s the question, “where IS spo if he isnt on top of Fido’s head?”

          • Leinad

            hidden in his locker, of course.

          • silverfang16

            Stuck in the locker while they go fishing?

          • silverfang16

            Fido did this on purpose…..

          • silverfang16

            Why did it put that comment on here. -_-

          • Snow

            now the question is……. why didn’t you? =3

  15. gaboris

    Sorry Kevin, but shop is a nother thing that won’t get any better for you just by adding tacke to it. XD
    Great to have ya back Rick, hope you’re all well now and don’ worry guest week(s) was great. Keep up the good work. ;)

  16. Lax

    Aaaaand we’re back with the good stuff! :D

  17. Kyderra

    Tackle those high prices, DO IT, DO IT!

  18. Sperkle

    Well at least he’s not tackling the tackle.. that would just be painful

  19. Faren455

    Bino who? hehe even chars I didn’t know about get more face time now.

  20. BlueAnubis

    O I C wut u did thar Ah ha! I deduce the things you where implying in that location.

  21. Ilovehousepets

    So guest week is so long, farwell, [insert german goodbye here], goodbye?

    • Frank

      No, you can still click the “Prev” button to see it

      • anon_omis

        I saw what you did there

    • Asteri

      …..I love your icon lololol

  22. Val Kilmer Batman

    Verily the Great Artist did live, and there was much rejoicing! And Verily did we return to our regularly scheduled pogramming, and there was much rejoicing.

    And Verily hath we eaten the bard, for he did refuseth our numerous request for him to stop playing “The Final Countdown” on the lute. And there was much rejoicing.

    • anon_omis


    • Naylorfan90



      *hides his guitar before anyone eats him*

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      *subdued yeah*

    • theblackcateyes

      Cool picture… I LOVE JOEY!!!!

  23. Frank

    I know five people have said this before me but…

    Yay! Rick’s back!

  24. Kobrag

    I can think of one euphemism that is quite hilarious. :P
    I bet he’d be up for it too. >:3

  25. Argent Stonecutter

    He looks different. I think his eyebrow patches are off model.

  26. Serub

    Pokeballs for sale in the third panel!

    • Cbyer Phoenix

      Those would be bobbers not pokeballs.

      • Leinad

        but they should be.

  27. Salenstormwing

    Oh, if Kevin wanted to get tackled, he should have gone to one of those stores in the mall where the perfume ladies tackle you with their smelly bottles of stinky stuff.

  28. The Broken Fox

    Oooh… This year is off to a great start!

    Also it’s interesting to see Kevin so calm, so far he’s always been excited and tackle ready. What’s next, Daisy says something deep and philosophical? :D

    • Frank

      Hi, I’m Bellis perennis!

      • darkgloomie

        Hi, I’m Always Pretty!

        • Sansash

          Cute lil’ Bulbasaur.

  29. E

    Rick please try not to make bad puns. I cough blood up is I heard or see one.

    • Naylorfan90

      Hey! Rick-Sama’s bad puns are an art form!

    • Sansash

      As I always say, the jokes I make aren’t funny, but it’s funny that I make them.

    • Sansash

      Bad jokes, Lord I love them.
      Bad jokes, can’t get enough of ‘em.
      Oo oo oo whee,
      bad jokes for me.

    • Tha Housedog

      Just be happy that Rick’s back. Geez.

    • Ilovehousepets

      Guest week is over and people are happy. I love his pun In my opinnion. Don’t make me make all your pants dead. >=(

  30. anon_omis

    Kevin reminds me of the dog that keeps jumping on Edward in Full Metal Alcamist

  31. Ramisisk

    fishing i love it!!!!! :3 i love fishing with cans


    Hey Rick Griffin is back! And so is Fido! And they’re going fishing!4


  33. Corodan

    Kevin should go sword fishing.

    Maybe then he’ll re-think that.

  34. theblackcateyes

    Jajajajaja, TACKLE SHOP VERY GOOD!!!! is good to see that rick is ready to bring us more of Housepets. Joey would back!!!!!!!!!

  35. theblackcateyes

    Last try about my picture will seewhat happen

    • theblackcateyes


    • theblackcateyes

      JAJAJAJ i did it finallly thanks to agent stonecutter and xhunterko for your help now i got a picture thank you so muhc


        Congratulations, you are now as special as everyone else :O

      • anon_omis

        Did you slip into German at the beginning?

        • Frank

          Uh, I think that’s spanish (the Spanish J sounds like the English H)

          • Lite

            It’s German. I’m pretty sure Ja in German means Yes in English.

          • theblackcateyes

            Jaja is spanish, is like hahaha in USA. Then… yes, it means I’m laughing

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Some people use kekekeke. I don’t recall what language that is.

  36. netherwolf

    Well..guest week is over,welcome back Rick :)

  37. FreakazoidVocaloid

    ZOMG it’s Kevin where have you been I missed you so much *flyingtackleglompsquee*
    Come to think of it, my boyfriend’s name is Kevin… xD

  38. CaptainPea

    As a compromise, they go tackle ice fishing.
    It does not end well.

  39. Jennifer The Dark

    Hey Rick, glad to see you’re doing better! Don’t overwork yourself, okay?

  40. WingedWolfGirl

    Kevin, quite activity….
    Kevin! …quite activity.
    *weighs in each hand*

    Water and oil anyone?

  41. BBally

    Oh Kevin, you’re always full of entertainment.

    Seriously though, I think Dobermen are so cute.

  42. logicFox

    tackleing would be more fun if it wasnt for fish

  43. Sperkle


  44. Leafy

    Aaaannnnddd we have tackled our first problem of the bait and tackle shop :P

  45. Elwood Blutarsky

    Ice fishing would actually make a lot more sense if you were a four-foot tall anthro dog or cat given their fur as a natural insulator.

  46. Z-Zman


  47. anon_omis

    No new comic? :( oh well, just concentrate on getting better Rick!

    • CaptainPea

      This comic looks new to me?

      • anon_omis

        Was posted yesterday

        • Tha Housedog

          Housepets doesn’t update daily M-F, it updates MWF. That was just for guest week.

          • anon_omis

            Ok thanks! Didn’t know that

  48. Ninetailsgun

    The more important question is, where is Spo?

    • E

      Maybe he back at fido’s house

      • Ninetailsgun

        Yeah but Fido without Spo is like batman without robin

        • Sirius

          Except that spo is funny in a good way
          would make an interesting remark

  49. Ninetailsgun

    Also, testing to see if the new image works

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      Nope, nothing.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and say the rating is too high. This site is PG (most of the time, anyways), so if it’s rated R or X, no dice.

  50. Somecrazyguy

    Yay Ice Fishing! soooo much fun, used to do it a lot with my grandad, now he just does it alone, because I live sooooo far away.

  51. newpain117

    dude, what is up with you name

    • newpain117

      my bad “your” name

  52. Phonti

    Schwarzenegger accent:


      The evil Sasha avatar really isn’t help me be less disturbed 0_0

  53. Madeline Henry

    The stillness of the air
    The silence of the hardwood paneling

    This is a BORING place!


  54. Brightwater

    I really would like to go ice fishing again. Too bad there is no proper place to fish near me and my car is not the best one for long trips. There are many lakes here in Finland of course, but you need a permission from land owner to even fish.

  55. iHavezMyBirdo

    Ohh, okay okay, I get it. Tackle. Lol.

  56. every5rose

    am i the only one wondering where SPO is?

    • silverfang16

      I think he’s lost in the lures.

  57. Horosuma

    Just found and read your whole comic, simply put I loved it, some great gags and real cute moments.

  58. joseph


  59. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder how many critters go in just for the live bait… :3

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