Guest Comic By Kyderra

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  1. anon_omis

    Oh yah, can someone Explain this to me I’m a little slow

  2. Zaneko

    It appears talks between the Dog Coalition and the Feline Alliance have broken down. Its all out war.

    God help us all

    • Frank

      Newsflash! The Felline alliance has been training for this war at least since July 8th, 2009! All hope is lost for Dogkind!

      • Zaneko

        Further reports indicate that with the Dog spy Joey, also known as “Covercat” taken out, the Coalition has lost a major source of intel. With one of the major leaders Peanut and the facility under his command “Dog Fort” commandeered by the Alliance member Grape, the Dog Coalition has suffered a severe blow that may mean the end of the war for them.

        All Hail the Cat

        • Frank

          “Soon, all will quake in fear at the very mention of my name! ”
          “Oh, Mr. Tiiiinkllllles!”

          • anon_omis


          • Argent Stonecutter

            Sir! They’ve sent in choppers! Yes sir, I can hear the roflcoptors outside.

          • anon_omis

            Oh god I can’t breath! There using lol-gas!

          • Frank

            Nitrous oxide? That means we got ‘em! We can send the government against them for damaging the ozone! Call Russ Cargill!

          • an anonymous bro

            And the roflcopters go soi, soi, soi, and-
            dear god.

  3. IceKitsune

    This was a good comic great job Kyderra

    • Frank

      Definitely seconded. Very creative. Well done.

    • Naylorfan90


  4. Russiarules1

    For some reason, all I can think about is Gaz (CoD 4) saying “Tango Down!”

  5. anon_omis

    HAY!!! What happened to my “yah first!!!” comment?!?!?!

    • Frank

      Anon, gloating about being the 1st poster is considered trolling and is therefore prohibited. Any comments found to be gloating about being the 1st will be deleted without further notice. People who troll repeatedly will be banned.

      • anon_omis

        Sorry, wasn’t trying to troll. I was just excited about being the first

        • Frank

          In which case you should say something relevant to the comic, and just express your excitement as an afterthought. The problem is posts that contain nothing but gloating.

          (I need to reword my pseudo-rule)

          • anon_omis

            Ok, again I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of that

          • Snow

            Frank The Wise >_>

          • Frank

            I better get myself some myrrh

    • Buckdida

      You commented saying, “Yeah first”? Deleted, definitely.

  6. zero159

    It looks like it’s total anarchy now

  7. Tha Housedog

    Alt text: What is she doing here anyway? The spatial distances on this plane have all collapsed! All space ad time is but a single point! Or, you know, a guest comic.

  8. KimbaWLion


  9. anon_omis

    I love faces like Penuts in the last panel

  10. newpain117

    BLARGH!ima troll
    . .

  11. silverfang16

    At least Joey can get new ideas for suits.

  12. Ionescu

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick and tired of guest comics? If I wanted to see other people’s (usually not as good as the real thing) version of a comic I’d go to their websites for it.

    • Frank

      Rick is literally sick (and I hazard to guess, “tired” too). As we speak, he’s trying to force himself to make a comic for tomorrow, in an attemt to retake his routine. He’s working for you despite still being ill. I really think you could be, if not polite, at least considerate of his plight.

    • Buckdida

      Ionescu, you’re being quite rude. Rick is currently as sick as a dog (or as suck as a furret can be…), and people go out of their way to make these comics.

      Alternatively, we could have absolutely no comics instead of the guest comics, so be thankful for them, and the fans who like the comic enough to make and send in guest strips!

      • anon_omis

        I agree that the guest comics are getting old but I’m glad wehave them instead of nothing. Hope you get better soon Rick and don’t push yourself to hard to make a new strip! Just focus on getting better :)

      • Dracofangxxx

        I agree, I actually really like the fact that guest comics are being uploaded so often! I think they’re cute and silly and very funny :)

        • Furr Mate

          I concur. It’s much more fun seeing new comics every day.

    • Naylorfan90

      And here I was, thinking the Housepets fandom was free of the rudeness seen in other kinds of fandoms. Thank you for proving me wrong on this.

      • Leinad

        this one and yesterday’s are actually really good. not quite on par with Rick’s usual work, but still… really good.
        stop complaining. it’s Rick’s comic, and he can post as many guest comics as he wants.

    • Chip Uni


      When you pay for Rick’s salary, then you get some control over his life.

      Until then, he’s giving all of us GIFTS of his comic.

      Get it straight.

      (Money from advertising? He’d make more money at the local burger joint than he’s making from this strip.)


      Can somebody dial Whine-one-one? I think we need a whaaaaaambulance here.
      Rick is sick, these people are being nice and helping him.

  13. shyannethefox

    POW! Right in the kisser! XD

  14. jozaud

    Reading the comments on this, I can tell that no one gets the reference.
    this is a failed attempt to bring a meme into the mainstream, much in the same way that “The Game” and “Rickroll” were. This meme is known as Dog Fort. Dog Fort comics consist of pictures of dogs in different outfits and locations talking about secret missions, reporting back to their leader and using codenames, etc. They generally plan out attacks or defense against the cat menace. you can read some here if you want to

    • gaboris

      Heh wow, maybe most commenters are like me and never heard about these comics, but they look cool, so thx for the link. :D

    • Frank

      Well, it is quite recent. The website says the earliest known comic was up in November of last year. I know I haven’t checked the places I usually find out about memes at least since then.
      Still funny in its own right, though.

  15. gaboris

    Hmmm… Where did I see that cat before? I know there was a strip about two strays, but I didn’ find it(I went throug almost every filler between arcs and still :p). Or is that sabrina without her colar? :O
    What’s so dangerous about a pillow anyway? I bet a boot to the face would be much more effective. XD

    • gaboris

      Sorry boot to the head not face. I mess good references up all the time. XP

      • anon_omis

        BROOM TO THE FACE!!!
        Let’s see how many people remember that

        • Naylorfan90


        • gaboris

          Black and white racoons are still the same so I pretty much remember them. X)

    • Zaneko

      She is one of the cats on Uncle Reuben’s farm

  16. Kyderra

    well I was afraid it was a bit to far fetched.
    She is one of the barn cats supposable there on a small vacation.

    Better to keep it simple the next time around

    • Leinad

      so THAT’s what the alt text is about! i knew i recognized that cat from somewhere.

      good comic, btw. you have potential.

    • xhunterko

      Nah, you did a good job. I lol’d.

    • Alechsa

      I thought I recognized on of the pillow fight babes from the farm <3 No wonder she recognized Peanut's voice!

      Good job, Ky.

  17. FlareKitsune

    *sniff* Our little Kyderra has grown up!

    I’m so proud.

  18. Dog Fort

    Haha, the reference is awesome. I have yet to see one for us in a comic so far.

    • Kyderra

      O hey,
      Word travels far and wide I see, thanks for commenting!

      • Dog Fort

        Someone posted the link in r/dogfort so I decided to stop by and give some paw fives and thanks!

    • KimbaWLion

      There is Reddit here! Yes!!!

  19. netherwolf

    Nice job Kyderra,this really made my day :) , and it was really e bad start today trust me.. :(

  20. Teh Brawler

    For those of you who missed the reference:

  21. The Black Cat Eyes

    Ok, sorry but I must say, that is the worst drawing I’ve seen Joey’s Guest Week, Keep Trying, But please ….EVERYBODY, KEEP ON DRAWING TO JOEY, HE IS THE BEST!!!!!

    • Leinad

      … what?

    • Kyderra

      ya lost me

  22. The Black Cat Eyes


  23. theblackcateyes

    ??? Anyone can tellme how do you put images on the left side of my name??? i just finished in gravatr but i dont know how put in

  24. theblackcateyes

    1st try!!!!

  25. theblackcateyes


  26. CaptainPea who is so cool

    I like the fact that Peanut finds it necessary to stay in a fort in his own home. Trust no one, Peanut. No one…

  27. theblackcateyes

    Here it goes 2 try


      Go to and make an account jeez

  28. chefcheiro

    ha ha there he goes the meme XD

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