I am sick as a dog right now, so guest week is going to be extended until I’ve recovered enough to work

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  1. yoyodude

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. lightwolf21

    …probably should have avoided eating grass. X3 Seriously though, hope you get better real soon Rick.

    • T-Squared

      You took my joke! XD

      • lightwolf21

        lolz, good. I didn’t think I was the only one that could come up with it…that means I have some talent for comedy… -_-’

  3. Valerio

    get well soon, Rick-Sama!

  4. Tha Housedog

    I know how that feels, Rick. Get better soon! :|

  5. Mozz

    Are you just going to keep using the ones you’ve already recieved, or are you open to new submissions?

  6. garbud

    aww well the more you wait the better is seems when you get it

  7. gaboris

    Get better soon man, just take your rest. I bet we all understand and guestcomics are always fun so don’ worry.
    Just keep it up. ;)

  8. Draco_2k

    Get well!

  9. Delta Pangaea

    Well that’s… what? 97 Antidotes left now?

  10. Asteri

    D: I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick.
    Hope you get well soon. Drink lots of water and get some sleep!
    also, more guest comic! does that mean my late-sent comic has a chance?

  11. FuRrY321

    Remember to always take your pills with orange soda. Or is it never take your pills with orange soda?
    Get well soon, Rick.

  12. Thoth

    It seems to be a bad season for it; everyone here is sick too. Hopefully it will improve quickly all around!

  13. Wagrant

    . . . That’s Korean.

  14. Epsilon

    You know, how about making guest comics a more frequent/permanent thing? Personally I found a lot of these guest comics interesting and a nice change of pace from the steady collection of originals.

    You could still publish your comics on a regular schedule, but occasionally throw in an extra comic (done by a guest). Would be an interesting way to involve the community a bit more.

  15. Argent Stonecutter

    Sick as a dog is a little disturbing, given some of the story line.

  16. Adeptis

    Feel better soon.

  17. Karlos

    I’m sorry to hear that. Sickness is no fun.

    I hope you will get a lot of rest and you will feel better soon.

  18. Gabi

    Take care and get well soon!

  19. Espemon333

    Be sure you have enough Tish, yous. Or perchance* you have the *Bum bum BUM!* STOMACH FLU and you need some Pepto. Either way, you’re in my prayers. Get well soon!

    * Perchance is such a fun word, isn’t it?

  20. arch9angel

    Get well soon and I love your comic

  21. thegamist

    I was sick to
    but you should feel better soon
    else i’ll kill the one who invented sickness and stuff

    • Tom Flapwell

      I think that would mean killing Satan. Best leave that to the forces of Heaven.

      Why do we say “sick as a dog,” anyway? Do dogs have especially bad immune systems?

  22. Penape

    I love all you work :)

  23. Somecrazyguy

    >.> looks like somebody may have partied toooo hard over NYE *Snicker* Or is still partying.. :P Yeah right… anyway… Get better soon Rick!! so you can draw us some more comics..

  24. Leafy

    Well hope you get better soon. Can’t wait to see your comics again.

  25. Everanesce

    Hope you get better soon, and I wish you a pleasant January, if nothing else.

    You know, past the illness and all.