Guest Comic By Gerad R

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  1. Ryufire

    Ohh awesome!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      dis comic is truly epic X3

      • Skykitsune


  2. Midnight Wolf


  3. Teh Brawler

    You can tell this is a fan comic by the mention of beer. :P

    • CaptainPea

      It’s easier to rhyme than “Orange Soda”


        Or “Catnip”

  4. Tha Housedog

    Beer? Can that be mentioned here?
    Other than that, complete and total awesomeness!
    Also: alt text: He asked us, ‘Be you angels?’ And we said, ‘Nay, we are but cats.’ ROCK OOOOOOOOOON

    • Private Elliot

      Best. alt text. EVER

      • Flora


      • Celysus

        Needs more Rocket Sauce.

      • Kujiiro

        Yes, yes, and more yes.

      • Fao

        “Tribute”. Great song. Been a while since I’ve heard that one, and a reference to it just happens to show up in the least expected place.

        • AflacMan13

          Ok yes i agree. but i am not familiar with the song it is referencing. please to be wit de explainuating por flaver.

    • Nia

      the last good memory of Jack Black before her went down the sewers

    • Shadeol

      Flu gu gu gu, aflu gu gu gu *random sound effects*

    • Thallis

      This is the great and best comic in the world…

      ’s tribute.

  5. IceKitsune

    This is a nice one its always good to see Fiddler and Keys

  6. ReCreate

    Woah this is awesome. my favorite guest comic so far. :D

    • Frank

      The first thing that came into Gerad’s head
      Just so happened to be
      The best guest strip so far!
      It was the best guest strip so fa-a-ar!

  7. Asteri

    awesomeness!!! Rock on!!

    …..wait, SOMEONE CATCH THAT VIOLIN! IT’S EXPENSIVE!!!!! (…is it?)

    • Frank

      Nay, Rock & Roll rules dictate that a string instrument must be broken at least once a year (so Fiddler barely made it)!

    • anon_omis

      Aaaaahhh! That hurts me because I play the violin.

  8. Mr.0



      Beer driven cats on a rock and roll adventure? Epic is not enough to describe it

      • Masterkev

        Supercalifragiliciousexpealadocius? … Still not enough to describe . . . ?

  9. Icharus

    Actually, I can see this happening.
    Adam: “Plausible?”
    Jamie: “Plausible.”

    • anon_omis


      • AflacMan13


    • gaboris

      If only there was a reference to those two in one of the guest comics. X)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Well, Jamie, we’ve tried every brand in Michigan and surrounding states, and we’re still able to solve these cubes as fast as ever.

        Yes, Adam, I think we can say this one is busted. You can’t get drunk on orange soda.

        • gaboris

          I’d just love to see them in a Houspet form. What wild dreams I have right? XD

    • NykVerien


      • Quote

        i agree

  10. anon_omis

    *Holds up lighter*

  11. Weebz

    Full of WIN, this is.

  12. Furr Mate

    This is terrific. It’s going to be the best New Years in a long time.

  13. Ramisisk

    dam late agan T.T….


    HAH I love those cats!

  15. Alechsa


    Surprised someone was enough of a fan of the musical duo to have done a fan comic of them <3 I approve heartily.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      *also moshes*


      • Naylorfan90

        Your gravatar is…oddly perfect for this. :3

    • Jennifer The Dark

      *moshes with midgets*

  16. blazingpelt


  17. Valerio

    Best Rockmas ever! :D

  18. Ramisisk

    Everyone says:


  19. Big Fan

    Does anyone know what song this was based off of?

  20. WingedWolfGirl

    Love the style of this page,
    totally cool …Rock on!!!

  21. Slie

    i’m struggling to find a way to phrase how i feel about this without the words “crazy freaking awesome” being somewhere in it… definitely wasnt expecting to see fiddler and keys this week. and the alt text is the icing on the cake. epic Tenacious D reference ftw!!

    rock on you two \m/

  22. Russiarules1

    Awesome, I really like the style of the drawing.
    By the way, Borat and I say ‘NICE!” with thumbs up.

  23. Firewolf

    My favorite of the Fan Comics =D

  24. Kitkun

    Excellent style and content on this one. Similar to normal Housepets but with it’s own flair.

  25. Secrettraveler

    Happy new year Housepets!

  26. darkgloomie

    Happy new year, and very nice comic here <3 love it

  27. anon_omis

    Is there anyway I could make a suggestion to Rick?

  28. Brightwater

    This is epic! Oh, and happy new year!

  29. Kov

    So I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. And I can’t help but see this and think Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

    Not that that’s in any way a bad thing mind you!

    • anon_omis


  30. gaboris

    Ah those music cats/rock cats are so cool. They’re nothin special to me, but when they do show up it always makes me wanna listen to some music. Right now I wanna look The Rockoons up again. XD

  31. Ramisisk

    felis año nuebo :3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and good luck for every one


      *Feliz *Nuevo

  32. netherwolf

    Rock ON !

  33. Jennifer The Dark

    This made me think of ACDC’s “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”. On another note, I believe that Final owes some cookies >:D

  34. WyldKAT

    gotta say, I love the alt text.

  35. crazyBalto

    I really loved the last panel!!=D

  36. Talarin

    This is not the greatest guest comic in the world. This is just a tribute.

  37. Lycanthrope


  38. Bobcat


  39. CuteWolf2010

    I liked it, tribute or not.

  40. Espemon333

    Needs more Cowbell.

  41. Espemon333

    Also, do these two have names?

  42. Corodan

    Definitely my favorite out of the guest comics.

  43. benzo

    Why does his collar only have, C, C#, D, and E I thought Keys had a full octave on his collar.

    Other than that small discrepancy It’s completely awesome!

  44. benzo

    I love that he’s using a Roland Axe in the last panel… I have one of my own. For when modular stuff gets boring. I can jump around like a rockstar. :D

  45. anon_omis

    With the advent of “Ultramariens”, I think we should see a 40k reference.

  46. RegularBird

    Fiddler and Keys are pretty cool guys, they rock on and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  47. FuRrY321

    It’s already been said higher up, but…

    Guest Comic.

    • RegularBird


  48. xhunterko

    Fiddler and Keys. Always love it when these two make an appearance. :D

  49. Kamron
  50. Spike

    My favorited of the guest week, WELL DONE!!!! Continue like this. You draw best of all!!! no offense

  51. sketcherofstuff

    I love the simple black pen style! It’s so cool! Why doesn’t this guy have his own comic?

    (does he?)