Guest Comic By Valerio and Lightwolf21

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  1. Rendak

    Crafty Peanut

    • Valerio

      You can count on him for the better ideas ;)

    • Aldon

      heheh look at the picture to the right XD

      • Skykitsune

        Awesome picture right?

  2. rtlstien

    Mistletoe at last!

  3. IceKitsune

    Lol Peanut is so tricky

    • Valerio

      Can’t blame him for trying, the poor guy

  4. Rendak

    I love the picture on the wall to the right 8D

    • lightwolf21

      That was from a bit of Housepets! fan-art I did a while back, for Valerio’s fan-fic series. X3

      • Frank

        Gasp! The author commenting on his own guest comic?

        • Valerio

          Make it authorS ;)

          • ThatGuyWithTheBeard

            We are not worthy…

    • Rendak

      Tis awesome my friend, great job

  5. ZV

    Max is going to sneak in under the mistletoe while Peanut is wasting his time putting so many up!

    • GameCobra

      And credit Peanut for it XD

  6. Private Elliot

    Lightwolf21 is now jumping in joy most likely.

    • Private Elliot

      WITH joy I mean.

    • Rendak

      But Jumping in joy is just as if not more satisfying!


        Not as good as smearing your face with joy, as you flail your fists with anger.


        • Argent Stonecutter

          And then you’ve got joy all over your face, anger all over your hands, and a heck of a dry-cleaning bill.

          WAS IT WORTH IT?

          • Naylorfan90


    • lightwolf21

      I’m so good, I’m doing both simultaneously! ;3

    • Rendak


    • Tha Housedog

      I feel stupid for using a meme, but Light and Val are definitely credits to team.


        Credit to team is a reference to TF2, not a meme.


        • Lupus

          YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT and in saying that I am incorrectly using a meme so I AM DOING IT WRONG!!!111!1!11one D:

  7. xhunterko

    Obviously. :D

    • xhunterko

      I still can’t believe I missed posting yesterday. Shame on me.

  8. Tha Housedog

    There ya go, Light! I told ya!
    Also, alt text: obviously made by a fan who does not agree with Grape.

    • Rendak

      Haha, so true xD

    • LegendaryHero

      Grats, Val and Light!

    • Tha Housedog

      By the way, I hope Rick’s joking about the alt-text..Light’s one of the biggest Grapenutters I know.

      • FuRrY321

        That’s the point… he “doesn’t agree with Grape”, meaning, he wants Grape to give Peanut more than just one kiss!

        • Valerio

          As the head of the Grapenutters and writer of today’s comic, I say…THIS

    • Rendak

      A Valerio and LightWolf colalboration was boudn to be good, nou? :3

      • Valerio

        o yea

        • ThatGuyWithTheBeard

          -Kool-aid man breaks through wall- “no stealing my line!”

          • Valerio

            *shatters the Kool-Aid Man with a tin of Fury of Grape* hush, ya!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Now you’ve got fury smeared over everything. That stuff stains.

        • Tha Housedog

          That’s what our brand-new, patented “Fury-B-Gone” is for, silly! it gets those tough fury stains out of all fabrics! :D

  9. Ramisisk

    im not the first T.T…

    wait wat?!!!! a kiss???!!! :D

  10. ReCreate

    lol mistletoe

    • Rendak

      Wonder why they have so many :P

      • Frank

        Maybe because it’s something they can sell to pets?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          There are many things they can sell to pets.

          Novels about pets.
          I can’t believe it’s not chocolate.
          Cat doors.

          (note, one of these things is not like the others, totals do not add up to hedgehog, and restart universe before installing fanfic)


            Yeah, because you know how those items have such great retail value and practical uses

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Don’t make me tell the story about the cat flap and the cheese.

  11. Kirihito

    squee, thats adorable

  12. Russiarules1

    Hey! It is my two favorite authors, LightWolf21 and Valerio! Impressive…
    Too bad my Christmas didn’t go so well, many things happened (some ‘let downs’, a family member died and other personal/family stuff) BUT, I’m still happy that other people maybe enjoyed their Christmas. I also had the opportunity to see some family that I missed (Like my sister and cousins!):D good times… Well, Christmas is gone, BUT a new year is coming!
    2011, gee… time goes flying!

    • lightwolf21

      Awww, I’m sorry to hear that Russia. :( I hope the new year makes up for it…

      • Valerio

        this. I wish you the best 2011, Russia.

        • Russiarules1

          Thanks both of you guys.I just want a great new year for everyone and me.
          I wonder what will happen next year…

  13. FuRrY321

    …Can it be? I’m posting (shortly) after the comics is up? As in, before there are at least 40 comments? :gasp: I’m amazed!

    Excellent writing, Valerio, and excellent illustrating, Lightwolf!

    Though can someone tell me what that picture is on the right? I see Peanut with a rose in his mouth but what is Grape doing? It’s not that clear.

    • FuRrY321

      Oops, never mind, I see it now. ^^;

    • lightwolf21

      Facepawlming and blushing in embarrassment at Peanut’s display of affection, as she’s trying to push him on his back.

    • Rendak


    • Valerio

      thank you, Furry! Light can do an impressive job of understanding my ideas for comics and/or writing. :)

  14. anon_omis

    Out of all the the ones for gust week, this is my 2nd favorite as far as the art is conserned. Also, where do you find the alt-text?

  15. Konata

    Maybe the mistletoes count as his trys, I think wants to make sure that he gets it right~! lol

  16. anon_omis

    I think this is taking the “cat lover” thing a bit to far

    • Konata

      BLASPHEMY!!!!! Peanut was always the better one! But in reality it’s up to whoever want in their mind..

    • Konata

      they wany*

    • Konata


      • Masterkev

        T-T-T-T-TYPO BREAKERRRR! (More Effective than a Combo Breaker, Thats for sure!)

  17. benzo

    rules are rules.

    • benzo

      whoops…. wrong email. behold gravatar!

  18. Brightwater

    Yeah, more is more logic won’t work everywhere.

  19. gaboris

    Another shipment of shippers on the way. XD

    • Valerio

      of the best quality at that!

  20. netherwolf

    I guess Peanut want’s more then just one kiss ;D;D

    • Konata

      Here’s how Peanut is arranging the mistletoes first Left cheek, seconf Right cheek, third mouth,and lastwell~ you see where im going with this?…Grape prob. suspected as much so she stopped him right in his tracks..! oh shoot~

      • Tha Housedog

        Too far. Toooooo far.

        • netherwolf

          Too far indeed..He has to draw the line to “frienship”.But if he continues with the mistletoes,Max will get very sore at Peanut.

      • NykVerien

        French kiss…maybe?

        • madmoney

          *with french acsent*
          oh yes penut would like that

          • madmoney

            *sips apple jucie*

          • BluSpy

            Let’s settle this like gentlemen
            I’m going to gut you like a cornish pig



          • madmoney

            *ninja stabes self*
            thats what i get for sopping at discount ninja barn

        • Ramisisk

          … yes thas sound cute :3

  21. newpain117

    lol is all i have to say LOL I TELL YOU, LOOOOOOOOOL!


    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it Peanut. hehehe

  23. tsophiekins

    well, utterly pointless anyway peanut, that’s HOLLY


  24. Ross

    What if his dad walked under there though and penut was waiting. Poor penut.

  25. madmoney

    what the…..
    why would grape even promes one kiss

    • benzo

      cause it’s X-mas? Idk

    • benzo

      btw I can NOT tell what your gravatar is… some sort of furry… in a bowtie… holding a… something.. with caption. please ellaborate. :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The caption reads “apple juice”.


        It should say: “Totally not martini”


          Correction: “I can’t believe it’s not martini!”

      • madmoney

        its a old comition rick did

  26. crazyBalto

    YAY! lolĀ²

    • Valerio

      at least, in this time of the year it’s legitimate :P

  27. Naylorfan90


  28. RegularBird

    I knew someone was going to do this eventually.

  29. Hoheh

    Peanut’s enterprising!

  30. WingedWolfGirl

    Very Cute!!! XD

    • Ryufire

      Agreed! :)

  31. carlhh

    That’s holly, not mistletoe.

  32. Masterkev

    Oh Peanut, Promise or not, you will get at least ONE kiss :P

    Max will steal the rest of course . . . or WILL he? (Dramatic music) DUN DUN DUUUUN!

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