If Only In My Dreams

By the way, since Christmas falls on Saturday this year, I’m not going to QUITE delay Friday’s comic . . . I’ll put up one part on Friday and continue it on Saturday

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  1. Zander

    Daww. :< grape crying makes me sad :<

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      but de end makes up fer it :D

      • NexusWulf

        indeed ^^

        • Skykitsune

          Gonna give out some more of your irrational anger Grape? Sounds fun!

  2. Mekyro

    ill be home for christmas…

  3. dalonewolf25

    SO Res is male!

    • Frank

      Wait, what?

    • Rukinom

      Uhh, yeah, it’s kind of obvious with the name Res

      • garbud

        not really no one relly new if he was mail or femail

        • dalonewolf25

          There we go!

          • Frank

            Go where? You’re not mailing me!

          • dalonewolf25

            Aww, why not? We were just sending you to go cheer up Grape!

          • Frank

            That didn’t work too well for the last mouse we saw Grape with

        • garbud

          can’t spell most words

          • dalonewolf25

            It’s fine, we’re not grammar nazis, amirite?

          • Grammar Nazi


          • dalonewolf25

            You are a curious fellow, and your music makes you an even more curious fellow. On top of all of that, you made the right appearance. Here’s a cookie (while I still have any).

            Also, garbud, words don’t matter as long as you’re learning the language and conveying the information at the same time, my friend!

          • XAV TAY TOR TOT

            Most indubitably, ol’ chap!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So long as you don’t use “less” when you’re supposed to use “fewer”, or put your apostrophes in the wrong place (or leave them out of the right place), your socks are safe from Grammar Ferret.

        • lightwolf21

          Is that a ’shipping’ joke?

      • Rayne

        What sounds so masculine about Res?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Yush. Now if it was Rez, that’s a guy’s name for sure. But Res? Could go either way.

    • Celysus


    • Firewolf

      You didn’t notice? He had NO eyelashes. The only exception is Grape, lol …I hope Grape is the ONLY one 0.0

  4. IceKitsune

    Wow Max that was not a smart thing to say at all. I hope Grape and Res can make up after this.

    • Frank

      He literally doesn’t know what to say. Remember Monday? He had to be stopped by Mrs. Sandwich

    • Firewolf

      *gladly hands Grape a candy cane*

  5. ZV

    Grape don’t worry, you and Res will be the best friends ever!!!

    …I hope. :)

  6. Rukinom

    Animal aboos!

    • Frank

      We don’t know if it’s (puts on nazi cap)Animal Abuse(takes off cap) in this case. And neither does grape

    • NykVerien

      Until we know more. Hush you.

    • Frank

      On second thought, can Grape sue? She’s not an affected party and she’s, well, a cat. And supposing she can, does the court have a “no pets allowed” rule?

  7. xhunterko

    Poor grape. She’s not getting a break is she?

  8. garbud

    i think res and grape will still be friends

    • garbud

      at lest i hope

      • Lupus

        Since the plot seems to be focused on Res even after he’s not even here anymore, I think he will make a comeback.

  9. Frank

    The quickness with which Grape thought up that plan, despite requiring three steps (get a candy cane, suck the candy cane, stab Max with the candy cane), scares me.

    And since I’ve just written it anyway: Candy cane, candy cane, candy cane!

  10. Nitrosparxx

    Dang that rough…

  11. Frank

    Just saw the alt text. It makes me think the next arc should be called “The Rise of the Jerks: When Max met Pete”

    • SamBlob

      You don’t suppose that Max will become Pete’s avatar, do you? :O

      • Pecan

        Well, it’d kin of make sense, that mean both Grape and Peanut are dating an avatar… of course, now it’s too obvious. D:

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I don’t think Max is being a jerk, I think Max is scared.

      • Lupus

        That he’ll lose Grape? He should be. He’s got two other very close competitors right now.

    • ????


  12. dalonewolf25

    Aww, I’m gonna miss that poor fluffball…
    New bet: There will be a present under the Christmas Tree of the Sandwich family by Res, to Grape.
    Bet Amount: 10,000 Cookies

    • Frank

      Didn’t you hear? Betting’s closed for this arc:
      At least for everything except prize collection.

      • dalonewolf25

        Awww…well, make it a guess, then…I, at least still gots my Jackal, 18000 cookies, my truck, and my crumb on the line, though…but at least I got my 500 cookies back, of which I now have 400…


          Should I bet the cookies that I won with this arc?
          “Hecks” yeah

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Betting is still open for Peanut’s secret Santa, so it can stay open for prezzies.

  13. Loki Impisi

    Heh. Festive murder.

    I wonder if we will see more of Rez after this?

    • Naylorfan90

      I hope so, he was a neat character. If he does make another appearance though, it’ll probably be in a while. Rick seems to like switching between dif characters between arcs. Good idea, really.

  14. Elwood Blutarsky

    It might not be the right tone to ask it in but Max does have a valid question…actually so would Peanut.

    • Frank

      I was hoping someone would remember Peanut, and Grape’s “You’re my best friend in the whole wide world whether or not it’s supplied by mushiness” discourse

      • Naylorfan90

        Oh dear…

  15. Tha Housedog

    I hope Grape and Res do make up…she did it for him, after all.

  16. Ryufire

    Looking at panels 6 and 7 i always picture Gnarls Barkley’s song “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” while driving at the highway at night with your hopes and dreams shattered! Poor Grape!!!!

  17. Rukinom

    I always thought max was innocent and reliant. hmm

  18. Aristocles


    • Frank

      Because it’s a wonderful life

      • Aristocles

        *sniff* thanks Clarence. *rings a bell*

  19. Oren Otter

    I’ve heard about animal actors being forced to have their tails removed. Those poor weasels who were in Who Framed Roger Rabbit had their tails removed just so they could fit into their costumes. Then Disney decided not to have them all wearing pants!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It can be a good professional move: there’s always more parts for hamsters than rats, for example.

  20. Fuzzypaws

    Best friend ever? Nice of her to forget Peanut :/


    So Res IS a he, Mind not too blown….

  22. Sperkle

    I would love to see Grape chasing Max around with a “sucked down candy cane” It would just be way to cute to see

    • Aristocles

      * Plays “Yackety Sax”*

      • Sperkle

        That would fit perfectly

        • SamBlob

          …probably with “FÜr Elise” and “Ma Na Ma Na” mixed in…


        This would make the scene a lot more beautiful

  23. Frank

    Wait a second. An animal worried about animal rights? Whodathunkit?

  24. ~DarkLeo~

    Ya know I just thought of something important…where was Peanut during all of this? And also on an offhand note: I wonder if tarot celebrates Christmas. I think that would be interesting to see.

  25. Elwood Blutarsky

    Last year Christmas arc took a said turn, then suddenly Sasha turned up and all of a sudden everything seemed hopeful. Now Sasha can’t fix this but perhaps this arc will like that one suddenly have a from nowhere burst of positive energy…or maybe Rick goes for downer ending on a twist. Should be fun either way.

  26. Alex M.

    Awww Grape is feeling really bad for her actions >:c

  27. Falcon01

    so…if Res wasn’t being taken advantage of….err….arf.

  28. Russiarules1

    Wow… That is deep… What will happen to Grape in the next strip?

    • Alex M.

      She will be stabbing Max for being a jerk.

  29. WyldKAT

    Is that an American Dad reference, Rick?

    • Leafy

      lol I though about that too.

  30. Leafy

    Q-Q poor grape I feel so sorry for her. It hurts Q.Q

  31. Clairvoyant Legacy


  32. Firewolf

    :’( First time I ever cried due to a comic strip. I hate that “angry at myself” feeling.

  33. Fox

    best friend ever? what about peanut?

  34. Rocket Knight boy

    Where is that universal box of “TISH-YOU” when you need it?

  35. gaboris

    This is one of the most touching moment I’ve seen so far at HP and I think that’s a big word, but MAN Max why did ya have to ruin it? … Oh and what’s with stabbing ppl with candy canes all the time? Is that really an appropriate weapon for somethin like that? O_o”
    BTW on a side note I’ll got with Max on the thought, is she counting Peanut as best friend or not? :D

  36. Doomwolf

    I have a feeling that things will work out some how.

  37. Whiskers

    Guys I’m starting to get an EXTREME “Cats Don’t Dance” vibe here…
    And I’m intrigued.

  38. GameCobra

    Note to Max: When Grape is scared, you gotta comfort her >.<

  39. Dissension

    Poor Max! *hugs*

  40. Salenstormwing

    I hope we get a happy comic now. All the sad is really harshing my mellow or something.

  41. FerreTrip

    Ah, gender confirmed!

    Meep…Poor Grape…O_O; I hope things turn out for the better…

  42. Steve

    I would really love to see more Res in the future.

  43. Jennifer the Dark

    Yes people, I changed my user.
    On another note…
    GRAPE STAB THE @*%^& OUT OF HIM!!!!!!

  44. yarrofox

    … Res is a guy??!!!


      yeah, cuz you know how you can tell if an animal is a guy or a girl at first glance right?

      • Flexico

        Right, whether or not they have EYELASHES!

        • ????

          i think you forgot about grape….

    • captainpea

      Rick is all about those surprise gender reveals, although to be fair it really wasn’t relevant until this point.

    • e

      yes Yarrofox. Rs is a boy. MHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  45. Flexico

    After hours of happy talking, I’m sure Res would forgive you for one impulsive mistake! And it was even in protection of said friend, if misguided. XD

  46. RockstarRaccoon

    Wow, that sucks. Poor Grape…

    I wonder if Rick’ll ever return to this idea…

    • RockstarRaccoon

      To Res and all that I mean. Is he just gonna leave it hanging.

  47. Housepetsfan15

    Tisk tisk tisk, no compassion what so ever.

  48. ZincChloride

    I think a good Christmas gift for Grape would be a signed book by Res sent to her with a letter saying all is well. ;D

  49. fraggingfox

    hopefully we will see more of Res in the near future

  50. J.J.

    Oh Grape.. Grape.. Grape… Grape…

    Your good intentions seem to have finally bitten you in the fuzzy butt.

    • Tha Housedog

      Er…no comment.

  51. fristdynamo


  52. Lance

    My opinion: Grape has been having too many incidents lately that end in tears.

    And yeah, Max is a jerk. That’s consistent, too.

  53. Tibe19K

    Heh, that last comment Grape screams makes me think of the American Dad Christmas special when the girls and Roger were stuck in the cabin..

  54. ReCreate

    Max may be a jerk at time, but aww, he’s so cute! :3

    • ReCreate

      He looks rather worried in the 5th panel.

    • Sansash

      So is Max this Christmas’s sort-of-a-jerk? (last year’s being Pete)
      I have to say despite his jerk-ness I feel for him; saying something inappropriate at the worst time is certainly something I’ve done. His face in that fifth panel is really great- though, all these serious expressions are gold. Nice use of a God shot at the end too- that way, no need so see faces that break from the earlier expressions. Well done.