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  1. Lance

    wow. grape did it. =o

    • Lance

      alt text “the new extreme power drink, irrational grape”

      • dalonewolf25

        “Now available at a 7-11 near you! Also comes in peanut butter and cookies n’ cream flavors!” *

        • Frank

          In King size! Find your gift Tarot reading on the inside of every bottle’s label!

          • Ryufire

            Hurry while supplies last!

          • Ada

            If it’s King size is it four ounces? X3

          • Argent Stonecutter


          • sonic id furreh!!!

            ai believe its pronounced *rimshot* X3

          • ptmc2112

            I believe that’s what you’re looking for

          • Skykitsune

            Well, now that I think about it, it wasn’t all that hard to guess, but still, spur of the moment guessing how every aspect of the next comic would turn out? Geez. It’s insanity!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Actually, it’s called a “sting”. A rimshot is the sound of hitting the rim of a snare drum. A sting is a short roll followed by a drum chord which could include a cymbal, a snare drum (which could be a rimshot), or a bass drum… whatever the drummer has available.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            okay then



          • Lupus


          • CaptainPea

            You’ll be saying “Wow!” every time

  2. Ryufire

    Oh nooe’s! Is that a tear?

    • Darastrixen

      Yes, but it looks more like an angry tear (at least from the slanted eyebrow) than a genuinely sad tear.

      • Blackmage835

        Or a tear of betrayal she did just find out her favorite author is fake and taking credit for her pets work. Revelations like that are quite frustrating.

        • Ryufire

          Man the truth does hurt big time! I wonder what she will think about humans now.

          Poor Grape all she needs right now is some hot chocolate, more hugs and Peanut!

          • psychoHarley36

            yes but it could also be a tear of pain. if you look at the slanted eyebrow and her hand to the side of her face. it rules out sadness (although she could be sad from learning that her author is fake, Blackmage835) or it could be from pain or anger….poor Grape

        • Pogiforce

          Peanut did warn her.

        • Justice193

          but… she’s only taking the credit because her pet wants her to… ya can’t really blame her, her pet is incredibly shy and gifted, ya can’t just let talent like that go to waste, you’ve gotta help it blossom into something more.

          But Grape’s anger is totally irrational, it’s like saying a famous book about people and their journey sucks because it was written by a human.

          • darkgloomie

            we don’t really know if Res *really* wanted his/her owner to publish the Prideland books under her name or if the woman bullied the shy Res into thinking it so. For all we know the cat was completely fine writing this make-believe fantasy about strong lions and whatnot and the owner, sensing it could be good money, published it under her name.

            Besides, even if there would’ve been no other way to see it published, would it be so much to ask to put a few words thanking her cat for “inspiration”, at the very least?

          • Justice193

            sometimes you have to be careful with what you write in the acknowledgements section, especially if the real author is trying to stay completely anonymous… besides, it’s not just the shy cat we’re dealing with here, after all, Res did say that she does the editing for “us”, implying more than one individual, so we don’t know the whole story yet. That, and Res has, like myself, an introverted personality, the key here being that Extroverts have an easy time formulating their thoughts on the fly, and don’t often slip up in conversation, while introverts take longer to formulate a response, due to their leniency towards finding the perfect answer, instead of an answer that fits, and in real conversation may mean to say something, but end up saying something else entirely because they aren’t thinking about those answers that fit, only that perfect one, and given the immediate responses that are needed in real conversation, Introverts are often left without the time to bring that perfect answer to light. This is something that is hard to overcome, as they must learn what comes naturally to everyone else; how to be extroverts in conversation, using responses that simply fit the idea they wish to portray, but once they do, they become more likely that a normal extrovert to actually come up with a perfect response on the fly, and while learning to be one, they often lose the fear of pausing to think up the proper responce, which makes them look “shy” to everyone else. *rambles on*

          • Justice193

            GEH… *they become more likely*
            *as while learning to be one*

            see what I mean, I should have taken the time to review my response :P .


            That is one epic wall of text.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That’s what I like about the Internet. I can take my time to say stuff that I’d never be able to get out on the fly.

    • Timmie

      But is it a tear of anger or a tear of sadness. She maybe sad that Res, her new found friend, is being used by the human. There was something going on earlier with Res on the computer. Writing the new book on the Pridelanders???

    • Aldon

      maybe is both cause she lost her hero and is mad cause her ex-hero uses her pets…well peanut tlod her so “don’t meet your heroes”

  3. WyldKAT

    Aww, Poor Res. Also Grape.

    • WyldKAT

      Also I didn’t notice this before, but I really like the design of Res’s collar.

      • Lupus

        I hope Res turns up some more 3:

  4. IceKitsune

    Well we were sort of right and Grape screwed up big time

    • IceKitsune

      wait Res said that she does the editing for us meaning there is more then one writer whos the other one.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Res COULD be a Schizophrenic.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Either that or Res is a member of Anonymous.

        • HonorèDerazey

          Darn, comments deleted. )= Guess we can’t talk about the unmentionable website on here.


            Rules 1 and 2 buddy, not that hard to break

          • Chip Uni

            Do I dare ask what Rules 1 and 2 are?

            (Or are they along the lines of “Rule 1: You never talk about Rule 1.”?)


            Just google Rules of the internet. Warning: Content might not be suitable for children

        • Loki Impisi

          Anon pets? Oh that would be fun.

      • Frank

        Oh! Oh! I know! Miss Auburn is a crazy cat lady! Res just happened to be the one whose “turn” it was to come with her to a signing.

        • Falcon01

          still my bet too!

      • Kit

        … Maybe the other one is Mrs. Auburn? =P

        • garbud

          I kinda thout that to

      • Pogiforce

        I think that she/he was speaking of themselves and their owner. since the owner takes credit, she’s not just editing for Rez, she’s editing for herself. so as one of those two, “she’s editing for us.” That or Rez may see it as truly a collaborative effort, and thus she’s editing for ‘us’.

        • black cat

          Or perhaps Res said ‘Us’ in the same way i do sometimes. Meaning just me but i thought Us sounded better than I. Or there is a second person in this….

          Or Res may have a split personality. A Shy Res and a far-from-shy Res!!!

  5. Mekyro


    • Firewolf

      YOU WIN! OMGsh! GREAT GUESS, CONGRATS! *cough* andbymyfinallyagreeingwithyouIwininturn. ;-)

  6. Zaneko

    They stole Mrs Sandwich’s act!

    • Frank

      Ah, but the question is, who did?

      • dalonewolf25

        I believe the answer is, who doesn’t know?

        • Leinad

          It was probably Ms Arburn’s security guard.

  7. RennisTora

    No, the Grape tears! must not cry Grape!

    • Leinad

      Cry Grape and let slip the cats O’ war?

    • Firewolf

      I felt sorry for Grape. =’( Hot Angry Tears are the worst.

      (NO “she doesn’t really exist” comments)

  8. Frank

    Only rick could create something so funny and so painful at the same time

  9. Whiskers

    Well that’s a pretty sad way to end it… but I suspect that this may be the last of this storyline for a little while…


  10. rtlstien

    Code Blue! We have a heart broken Grape. Someone get Peanut!

    • Lance


    • Masterkev

      Negative, Peanut is in the Bathroom!

  11. Frank

    You know, I just looked at panel 3 with the dialoge scrolled just out of the window. It looks like Res is getting ready to pounce.

  12. I Am...

    O my Madness, I so called this… Now I wish I didn’t. Poor Grape.

    • Frank

      So did dalonewolf:

      Maybe he’ll enjoy his pyrric victory (after all, it got him 500 cookies!)

      • I Am...

        So I called Res being the writer & Dalonewolf called her heart break….

        Cool I guess, as long as I get some cookies too. X3

        • Frank

          Oh, I thought you meant you had… never mind

          • I Am...

            …yea I’m sure you did. ^^^

          • dalonewolf25


            Also, there’s still more to be revealed, after all! Until then, I still haven’t lost my truck, 18000 cookies and a crumb, and my Jakkal…

            Also, I thought you bet in Cannon D’s…

          • Frank

            I have a tendancy to write “phirric” when I put the ‘h’ in, so I’ve grown used to leaving it out, going for the lesser of the two evils.

          • I Am...

            Well…I do. Doesn’t mean I won’t ACCEPT some cookies. The Cannon’Ds are for if I were to lose. Consider it an act of sore-loserness. ^^ XD + everyone else bet cookies. meaning since we won, we gets the cookies. NOW START SHARING or Get Cannnon’D. >:D

          • dalonewolf25

            *Gasp!* What an inunexpected twist!

            Now I’m not going to be able to forget panel 3 now every time I see Res…

          • dalonewolf25

            …I didn’t mean for that comment to be up here, but oh well…wrong place…anywho, here’s some cookies!
            *shares 100 cookies*

          • Frank

            I only got one
            and I’ve already nibbled quite a bit of it. Don’t know if you want some

          • Argent Stonecutter


          • Argent Stonecutter

            CURSE YOU <…> you made that completely incomprehensible.

            I was asking, geekishly, what “Cannon’D” refers to.

          • Frank

            Use &lt; and &gt;. It turns into < and > when you submit.

  13. HonorèDerazey

    Grapes Anger = √2

    I’m sorry, that was a horrible joke.

  14. bitesize

    Max is deet

  15. Slash0mega

    :D i was right, the cat was the author

    • Frank

      You know what’s funny? Despite all the wild betting, nobody actually bet on this

      • Tendo

        I specifically remember several people predicting this last strip actually.

        • Frank

          But nobody actually bet on it!

          • dalonewolf25

            I believed it was too predictable to be bet on…

  16. xhunterko

    Double ouch?

  17. FunkyChicken




  18. Elwood Blutarsky

    Facing the full force of angry Grape…paraphrasing the words of Spo “Ms. Auburn better be glad she’s not a mouse or she’d have been eaten.”

  19. Shadeol

    I wonder how Peanut will take the news along with a sad Grape.

    • Frank

      Oooooh. This is an excellent time for completely making her forget Max

      • black cat

        Quick Peanut jump in and save her from her anger and saddness!
        Also Shadeol is right, Peanut loves the Books as much as grape, how will he react?

        and i must add that Max doesnt seem to be taking the news badly!

  20. Chris

    :( Iunno, the whole jump from Grape storming off and then the car scene really leaves alot to the imagination.

    • Frank

      Noodle incident!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Also, what was Res going to say after “I asked her to”…

      • Leinad

        well, Res didn’t want all the attention and scandal involved in writing a famous book series, but she wanted to write a famous book series. so she writes thee books, lets her owner publish and do all the hard work, and they (hopefully) split the money.

  21. Falcon01

    the question is….how many times did they bounce?

  22. cesarinthewhitedragon

    if I found that my greatest hero was a dud and was taking all the credit, id be very annoyed as well.

  23. Tendo

    Am I the only one that thinks Res being the real author of Pridelands is a bit too cliche and predictable? Yeah Yeah I know, the “you don’t understand, I asked her to…” line is clearly alluding to Auburn not being as mean or abusive to Res as this arc makes her out to be (so far), but still, this is something you can see coming a mile away the second Res revealed that she is his/her owner and “demands perfection”. I was hoping for something a bit more original.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Not really, it’s actually a bit of a twist because for once the ideas we were kicking around actually panned out in the comic. And actually now none of us have any idea what’s going to happen next so this is where the fun and/or drama really begins.

      Could this be the first Housepets! arc to end with a cliffhanger?

      • dalonewolf25

        I…hate…cliffhangers; it always reminds me of Pokémon…but, if it’s for the good of the comic, I’m all in!

        Also, we only have 2 more updates until the Christmas comic strip…

        • Frank

          You hate cliffhangers because they remind you of Team Rocket hanging from a cliff? Or is it the “To be continued” sign?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Miss Auburn being hurled into the sky like Team Rocket?

          • Masterkev

            Miss Auburn is Blasting off Agaaaaaaaaaaaain~~~!

      • SamBlob
        • Frank

          I thought that was a happy ending. Thomas gets his treasure, the ferrets keep their millions, Miles prooves he can do his job, and Celia gets nothing for being a big censor

    • Indagare

      I think most folks suspected that Res wrote the books, but it seems that more than he does since he says “she does the editing for us”. Also Res seems to be the one to have asked her to be the public face for the group.

      • Darastrixen

        It’s also possible that Res was referring to him/herself and Ms. Auburn as a pair when he said that. That is to say: “She does the editing for herself and me [us].” It’s a little awkward, but it is correct grammatically, and Res is nothing if not awkward.

        • Indagare

          Very true, but the ambiguity of the statement–whether Res meant just himself and Miss Auburn or if he means himself and some other pet(s)–will allow Rick to toss in a curve-ball.

  24. Nitrosparxx

    Wow…I totaly DID NOT Rxpect Rick to do this. I haven been this shocked since I read Concession!

    • Nitrosparxx


  25. Profesor Rod

    Saw it coming.

    But what I wasn’t seeing coming was the tear jerker ;___;

    • Rick Griffin

      What you will learn, as I have learned, is that sometimes, it’s okay to see it coming

      • Nitrosparxx

        Because that way, your viewers will be shocked regardless!

        • Rick Griffin

          Well also they only saw it coming as I spent this arc whittling down the options until there were only a few left. I’m still trying to hone in on that sweet spot between “curveball out of nowhere” and “telegraphed twist”. I know I’ve hit it a few times but that seems to make people expect just that much more.

          Besides, the arc’s not over

          • Nitrosparxx

            Gasp! :O

          • Frank

            Haha! I knew it! I knew there was more coming from this arc!

          • dalonewolf25

            Great, now we have even more predictions in line; you just narrowed a realm of possibilities that was already there, while at the same time, distributing the possibilities almost fairly evenly that we’re forced to make it hard on ourselves to believe in just one possibility…

            …did I say it right?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I hoped this arc wasn’t going to be over, I wanted to get the rest of the story. Grape cut Res off in the middle of a sentence by running off like that, and that was rude.

          • GameCobra

            predicting the outcome doesn’t mean it’s bad. I honestly like predicting comics alot because it makes it fun. not that it makes me feel any better, but just to see how many people have the same opinion in the end.

            Even if it’s predictable anyway, i enjoy the execution that the comic has more. you can’t predict the art as they say =P

          • CaptainPea

            You surprised people like me- it was something of an untwist I guess… (although I still stand by my guess that Res is a helicopter)

  26. Avansis

    All we need now is Peanut telling “told you so!”. Oh man that would be so insensitive.

  27. Corodan

    Res IS somewhat here to stay, right? Is this going to be another King thing, ooooor something different?

    • Mekyro

      oh btw, SCOUT IS SPY!

  28. A-coro

    Please tell me that a cat isn’t responsible for the #1 cat-book for all cats in the history of cat-hood. That just wouldn’t make any sense!
    that being said, I love how the author’s identity was revealed. The twists are only as awesome as the execution.
    Thanks for putting up with us, Rick.

  29. Ratros

    ….So I’m taking it there shall be no coffee and cake….what a bummer.

    • Mekyro

      there was a burrito of pumkin, it is close enough.

  30. JB

    There was no cake but Grape gave that owner a slice of her mind. Just when Res was opening up, the poor cat might go back being self-conscious. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we’ll see Res. Aww Grape, she needs a cup full of Max and a dash of Peanut to cheer her up.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Brain cake!

    • zeroslash

      Luckily, she will get “a cup full of Max and a dash of Peanut to cheer her up,” knowing those two.

  31. CalaverX11

    Grape is…uh…not a good listener, is she?

  32. Thoth

    Now, all we need is a rough approximation on how old Rex is and we can begin trying to deduce how quickly peanuts comics are likely to improve.

    It’s also confirmation of the old creative-pets-hiding-behind-owners speculation, but that was such an obvious route for any creative pet to take that I think it was being taken for granted anyway.

  33. Russiarules1

    I saw most of all this coming… I Canz zee ze future, but I don;t know what is coming now…
    I kind of feel bad for Grape, I know how it feels to get betrayed like that. I hate people taking other’s credit… Disloyal, lying idiots, I just can’t tolerate them.
    Like always, I can’t wait for the next strip :D !
    Anyway, Christmas is almost here, 5 MORE DAYS!!!

    • Leinad

      but Res ASKED her owner to do it. She didn’t want all the fame and scandal she knew writing a book series would bring. so she lets her owner handle it all, and they (hopefully) split the profits.

      • Russiarules1

        I know Res asked her for help. But … meh, I forgot.
        I wonder what Peanut is doing while Max and Grape were gone…

  34. gagi

    ong .. now i feel so bad for grape … arff … this isn’t how it’s suppose to work out !! arff

  35. gaboris

    Why do I get surprised at anything in this world anymore? … Oh yeah cuz it’s just genious! XD I really didn’ see THAT one coming, my old forseeing days are long over by now… never got anything right back then to begin with, but still. :D
    But the last panel, it’s just so sweet, poor lil grape. Can’t wait for the rest of the arc. :3

  36. Snowmon

    Hold on, Between this comic and the one before, how did Grape figure that out? I know how everyone else figured it out (I won twenty bucks), but still I don’t see how she could have found out. Not that quickly at least.

    (P.s. Does any one know where I can keep my new a herd of deer?)

    • Indagare

      It’s probably the worst possible scenario that she likely could think of now that she knows Miss Auburn is Res’s owner and that Miss Auburn expects perfection from Res. There’s also something about his facial expression and body language in panel 1 of today’s strip is indicating something which causes Grape to ask Res whether or not a cat actually wrote the books. In her statement to him, she really captures the basics of her logic: it’s a series of books that very precisely captures feline experiences, to the point that now that she knows Miss Auburn has a cat (who is, even at the book signing, typing) becomes the most logical conclusion to reach.

  37. Clairvoyant Legacy

    So Res is a girl?

    I couldn’t tell…

  38. GameCobra

    poor Grape. i’m sure a sense of pride was hurt too being thrown out by the author you looked up for since you were a kitten :(

    • Dissension

      I’m pretty sure Grape was doing the chucking.

      Pretty sure.

      • GameCobra

        That would be hilarious =P

        • Frank

          And would probably also get grape impounded or sued

  39. NykVerien

    NNNNOOOOOOOOOO! We need more Res! Also, poor Grape.

  40. AvanWolf

    (And what was Res going to say before Grape stormed off?)
    I guess we’ll see in the next few days >.>

  41. Argent Stonecutter

    I bet an internet that the easily embarrassed cat asked the dapper debonair human to keep it a secret because of, well, the embarrassment. Res, Res, why are you hiding in the bushes like Cyrano, letting your best friend woo the world? What will you do now Grape has blown your cover?

  42. Blaze (a.k.a. Mika)

    It’s because he’s Canadian, isn’t it?

    haters gonna hate…

    • Chip Uni

      Lemurs gotta LEEM!

      • Justice193

        *jumps off cliff*…

        *onto giant fluffy pillow*

  43. Maikeru

    My bet? The talk with Grape makes Res realize how horrible his mistress is and moves in to the neighborhood.

    Resulting in his owner coming to town with a million lawsuits, demanding her cat back (except we all know its just so she can keep the books coming. All about the monies)

    And then the Milton Ferrets come in and save Res, and he gets a nice home like King.

    • Dissension

      So where are you getting the information that Miss Auburn is evil, since the comic hasn’t even hinted at that?

      • Nohbody

        Why, everyone knows that a human who is a perfectionist and carries that over to their pet(s) is obviously eeeeeeevil! :P

        Less sarcastically, assumption based on too few points of data isn’t exactly uncommon in the online world (or offline, at that, but anyway).

        • Maikeru

          Yup. That and she is taking credit for her cat’s (plural or singular) work, without even saying they inspired her. Besides, its as good of a guess as any.

          Oh, and proof that she is evil? Res stated that her perfectionism was making him unhappy in a previous page.

          • Nohbody

            Also, my first line was sarcasm. :P

        • Nohbody

          So everyone who makes someone unhappy is evil?

          I think you’re making the all-too-common mistake of confusing “things I don’t like” for “evil”. It’s entirely possible to be a jerkwad (which is also supposition based on insufficient evidence, in this particular case) without being evil.

          • Nohbody

            Whoops, clicked the wrong “reply” link. :(

  44. ZV

    I really like Res, such a good character to have introduced to the comic. :)

  45. SamBlob

    I hope her next ghost writer won’t be George Stark… O_______o


    Lesson learned: Violence CAN solve most of your problems, but not all of them.


      Also, I believe I have just won 20,030 cookies. WOOO!

      • Frank

        Oh boy. I better start paying my debt then!


          Just to quote a game: This reminds me of a story about a rabbit and his ostentatious bank account.

        • Mekyro



            I win with the power of axtinguisher.

          • mekyro



            That does not take away the fact that I play a mean pyro :P

  47. Rocket Knight boy

    hmm…this could get interesting
    this is a good arc, adding a new character to spice things up! or…something along those lines

  48. Kalvin

    Uh…. does nobody notice that Res started to say he didn’t mind? I mean I believe he’s being exploited but I don’t think we exactly have the whole story guys. I still feel for Grape and everything but as my father told me, judge slowly.

    • Naylorfan90

      Judge slowly? Ya know, that’s a really great way to put it.

      *stores it inside his vault-like mind for future use…with Kalvin’s permission, hopefully*

      • Kalvin

        No, you don’t have my permission. You must purge it from your memory immediately through any means necessary! D:<

  49. Terwin

    A good editor can be very demanding and always pushing an author to do better.
    This is one of the reasons it is very difficult to edit your own work(another reason is that it is not easy to look at your own work with a fresh set of eyes).

    Even with the best of intentions it would be hard to keep some of that from bleeding over into other relationships between the author and editor. I would not want to be a pet to my editor, especially one who believes strongly in deadlines.

    I would suspect that the next step is for Res to show up at Grapes house to explain how Auburn is the face person because that was the only way to get the books published, and that aside from being a typical editor when it comes to the books, she is always very nice to him/them.

    As a side effect this would introduce Res and Auburn to the alternate lifestyle community where pets have greater autonomy, they may even decide they want to move there…

    • NykVerien

      This would be very good.

  50. Naylorfan90

    Holy cow, gang. This all suddenly reminded me of this:

    Peanut’s last words here are just eerie…

    • Leinad

      *whistles x-files theme*

      Rick is officially a genius. that is all.

  51. Dayntei

    Sad Grape is Sad…

  52. Mandy

    Sheesh, Grape. Beating up Res’s owner for doing something Res asked her to do is totally a reasonable response… for someone who can talk to other people like they’re “her best friend” right away, she sure doesn’t listen well.

  53. FarmMan1812

    OH CraP.

  54. lightwolf21

    I was 2 fur 2 on speculations on this arc…now I wish I wasn’t :(
    …I especially hate to see Grape cry, of all the pets… Hasn’t her life been hard enough as it is?…well, prior to being adopted into the Sandwich Home anyway.

    I’m hoping this arc has a happy ending…although, the previous Christmas arc, with King, didn’t exactly have one… -_-;
    I trust Rick’s judgment on this one.

  55. Alex M.

    What have you done Grape D:

  56. FerreTrip

    AWWWWwwww…Poor Res, poor Grape…

    How was that anger irrational? I mean, sure, she should’ve stayed put and listened to Res, but…wow.

  57. KickahaOta

    At this point, I’m sort of dreading to see what comes next. The name “Res” sets off alarm bells. “Res” is Latin for “thing” — a non-person. That’s a disturbing name for a literate person to give a pet.

    • fzzymunky

      the less rough translation to latin, if i’m not off my mark, is also not only a subjective for “thing” or “it”, but also was used as an insult in dismissal of a person. lovely little added touch, and wonderful foreshadowing, can’t wait to see more on this character.

      • AvanWolf

        Wow… just. Wow.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Res is used for the unknown value in latin math puzzles, like “X” is in modern ones.

  58. fzzymunky

    as a sided note, can anyone tell me why my gravatar isn’t showing up?

  59. CaptainPea

    She got some serious air.

  60. Spirit Studios 2010

    So… is Res a guy or a girl. I’m thinking a guy, but then I remember when I first started reading HP!

    • Chip Uni

      Is Res a guy or a girl

      Neither. Res is a cat.

      • black cat

        you win

  61. Hoheh

    HGARBRARGL! I saw it coming and it STILL hurts!

  62. Khan

    I saw it coming, I tried not to rage… but it was so hard I had to…

    I vote for the game masters to punish Res’ owner in a VERY creative manner…

    • Meh.Aloe

      Nooo your anger is irrational WAIT COME BACK!

      It looks like Res’ was saying he asked his owner to take credit for the work, presumably because he’s a shy introvert, and didn’t want to deal with people, as a published author would need to…

      … On the other hand, maybe it’s just that no-one would publish a book that they knew was written by a cat, which (given the intelligence of animals in this setting) certainly would be a very good reason to range — just not necessarily at Res’ owner herself. :P

  63. NexusWulf

    EEET IS A TEAR O_O who got the tish you now ?

  64. James

    I can totally hear “Freak the Freak Out” in my head when I read the title. XD

  65. Meh.Aloe

    Well, when it comes down to it, is anger ever really rational? As far as reasons to be angry go, finding out that an author who was practically a personal hero to you was actually stealing credit for some other poor person’s work seems like a pretty good one, even if storming off before you got to hear the full story isn’t really the best idea… :P

  66. GameCobra

    Interesting to note is that Max has spoken to Mrs. Sandwich for the first time in this comic. I wonder how she thinks of him?

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