Just so I don’t get caught blindsided when I am on New Year’s vacation again, I’d like to have some guest strips run after the end of the Christmas arc. Depending on how many I get I might run them every day of the week instead of just the three days.

If you’d like your guest comic in the running, email it to me at rickpgriffin at gmail dot com.  I’d like to have them by the 26th!

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  1. Zander

    YESS! This is a perfect time to use my new comic bristle pad :3

  2. Aquablast

    A good opportunity indeed! This will be good experience! …… If I actually have any ideas……

    • Frank

      What? How can you have no ideas? I’m brimming with ideas for guest strips, but I doubt I’ll be able to make them fast enough

      • Aquablast

        Well, I don’t have any good ideas, or at least I don’t have any ideas that I considered good. Actually, I have 2 ideas (from discussing with my friend) that I think is potential, but I am still not too confident about it.

        Visit the forums sometimes, Frank!

  3. Foldo

    *look the almost unused tablet*
    Mmm… I MAY do something, I will see during my vacation. ;)

  4. Asteri

    :D yay!! *somesortofexcitedemtiongoeshere*

  5. Tom Flapwell

    Just as well that I’m taking time off from my own webcomic. I’ll come up with something.

  6. Lupus

    Eh, sounds fun. I’ll try and do something unique~


    I wish I had the gift of ART. I have the gift of KNOWING HOW TO WRITE SOMETHING, but not ART

  8. 2MK

    Does anybody here want to see Housepets as an animated series?


      No. I honestly wouldn’t like to see the voice they’d give peanut

      • KimbaWLion

        Well, how do you read Peanut’s voice now?

        • Profesor Rod

          Professor Farnsworth? :V

        • 2MK

          I think the voice will sound both smart and funny.

        • Sperkle

          Totally a Gir voice would fit him.

          or Zim.

          Gaz could totally be Grape.

      • 2MK

        What do you mean SEE the VOICE?


          I’m sorry, I’ve only spoken English for 4 years, I tend to make a typo here and there.

  9. gagi

    Hey Rick, are there any rules to the guest comics, and topic you’d like us to stick to?

    I have a few things in mind, but they would be really far from the comics plot right now.

    And one more question, what happens if you’ll get too many comics, witch is quite possible here.

    • Rick Griffin

      PG. Otherwise I don’t care if you stick to canon or the season.

      • Tom Flapwell

        Do you care if the frame is of different proportions from usual?

        • Rick Griffin

          I’d prefer it to be the width that the comic usually is but I’m not gonna be overly picky