Bad Or Good

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  1. Ryufire

    We don’t want to see Grape mad now don’t we!!! 0.0

    • Zaneko

      They’d be a lot of cats with ears like Max at the end of the day.

      • Loki Impisi

        Whatever you do. Don’t let her near the hole punchers in the office supplies store.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          or the staple gun ;P

      • Hopper200456

        Yeah…On the floor bleeding…
        (*Looks at avatar* Oh look, Its able!)

        • Zaneko

          His expression conveniently fits Grape’s mood, don’t you think?

          • Hopper200456

            Yeah…Hes not afraid of dah’ house! He’s afaid of Grape.

    • Mr Dude

      alt text: good thing we got here at 5 then… we might get out by morning

      People viewing on anything except a computer CANNOT simply scroll over the comic.

      (I never comment either, shame on you guys for not posting this already)

      • ZV

        There was a post of it at 12:02AM by someone actually; it was deleted apparently. Also the one I posted on the previous comic was also removed even though I didn’t do it until after an iPhone user requested it (in an effort to be courteous about it and show it wasn’t just a first thing). Yet it seems a few posters being trigger-happy ruined it for iPhone users (can’t blame Rick for taking steps to prevent what could become another first contest). [The actual point of it being a reply to the first comment was so it wouldn't get bumped down by more replies and thus harder for iPhone users to find since they have to scroll through.]

        Back to the comic:
        Panels 3 and 4 are copies of each other with minor changes to the facial expressions; yet for some reason my eyes see max’s ear-bite as different. Even though I know they are the same, they look different in each panel for some reason. Drives me crazy how my mind plays tricks on me like that. :(

        • Blaze

          I was the one who had posted it, i am usually checking webcomics on my phone and i really like when someone posts the alt text, but someone deleted it…

        • JackDesert

          Generally speaking I think if you only post the alt text, it will be deleted. But if you talk about the alt-text and about the comic it will remain…. just my theory

      • Buckdida

        Comment on the comic when you post the alt-text, if there’s a need to, then maybe we won’t delete your post. We mentioned this is what will work on the last comic, eh?

        We also delete single-word-single-post comments too, or comments that make absolutely no sense at all.

    • Packers848848

      I can’t believe no one got to this yet O.O…

      Alt. Text: good thing we got here at 5 then… we might get out by morning

  2. Mika

    Grape on a mass murder spree? Wouldn’t be surprised…

    • Aldon

      yea but still that kind of number i’ll kill sombody but well grapecan do a mass murder spree….go for it!! XD

  3. Slash0mega

    deadly grape is deadlyo_O

  4. Private Elliot

    Grape’s anger is funny anywhere, no matter how violent.

  5. ReCreate

    881 xD False hope doesnt work when you know it’s false

    • Shady Kitsune

      The mind is a powerful device! You can decieve yourself even when knowing you are doing it. You can be scared pnatless (or collarless, or whatever) even if you know theres nothing really lurking in your house!

      Never underestimate the power of THE MIND!
      Um, WHOOO-OOO! *ghostly wind sound*

      • Naylorfan90

        *giggles from under the couch* You funny.

    • AvanWolf

      … or does it? >.>
      (IMO, yeah, it can. If you really, really, really want to believe it, despite everything point to it being false. If only to keep you from going on a mass-murder spree XD)

      *totally empathizes with grape right now* XD

  6. IceKitsune

    lol There gonna be there a while

  7. xhunterko

    Am I the only one who likes the fluffier winter fur?

    • vv45689

      No i love the fluffy fur!

      • vv45689

        And scarfs!

    • AvanWolf

      Fluffiness is awesome :3

    • Naylorfan90

      Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed that it had gotten fluffier until you commented on it. XD

  8. Profesor Rod

    “Hang in there, kitty.”

  9. Alex M.

    Grape it’s going to begin a Killionaire.

    • dalonewolf25


      • Frank

        Googled it. Apparently it’s some sort of reward title in Halo 3. (If you still don’t get it, it’s a portmanteau of kill and millionaire. If you don’t know why Grape would be a killionaire, you’re probably beyond help :) )


      XD!!!!… that’s good… I need to get back to da video games again… I miss them

      Lets just hope she doesn’t get INSTA-KILL!

  10. lightwolf21

    lolz…Oh Grape…always solving problems with violence X3

  11. Nitrosparxx

    It’s like waitin’ at the deli at publix

    • madmoney

      ya its soooooo anoying it makes me want to go all grape on them

  12. Nohbody

    Heh. I remember when I went to get my copy of Tom Clancy’s Red Rabbit autographed. The Barnes & Noble he was doing the signing at had 2 floors and covered roughly a football field’s worth of area, and the line was winding all around the store, as well as out the door by the time I left around 10pm or so (I’d gotten in early enough to at least have made it into the part of the line on the second floor, even after a land-bound version of Gilligan’s Island to get there :P ).

  13. Snow

    Greaaaaat Book signing joyous this shall be

  14. rtlstien

    I feel my prediction from two panels ago might come true…

    • Naylorfan90

      I’m sorry, what was that?

      • rtlstien

        I meant to say three panels ago, but here’s what I posted

        Grape + New Pridelands book = Her at the front of the line with a bunch of knocked out cats lying behind her
        Max, and possibly Peanut will be joining her

  15. Fuzzypaws

    And then the author leaves before Grape has a chance to have her number called, and there is hell to pay *giggles*

    • Frank

      Aw… I wanted to call it

  16. Firewolf

    Holy Snapple Crackers! =O Hope they brought a sleeping bag.

    I am done with numbered tickets. Today I was off by one number from a winning a Christmas Tree full with tons of gifts all for free, ONE NUMBER! And now this. Just a Merry Christmas! =D

  17. Greek Geek

    It is completely and totally unfair that I am such a dork that I REALLY want Pridelands to be real. I Want to read it so badly and it’s not even written!

    • Ookitsu

      I want Pridelands too seems like such an awesome book. Rick make it real! x3

  18. Rocket Knight boy

    you know……she could leave it upside down, she just needs to beat the real 188 to the desk when called out! lol

    • Rayne

      I like the way you think my friend

    • Nohbody

      Presumably there’s a way of indicating which way is up, given that Max was able to notice it.

      • Lupus


  19. gaboris

    Now that must be a huge shop if it can hold hundreds of ppl… I mean cats inside. XD
    BTW yeah these ticket systems are still better than lines that’s for sure, but how do they keep up with so many numbers? O_o”

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They’re probably roaming the whole mall. Like the mall is run by the crazy cat lady. Do they have crazy cat ladies in the HP universe, Rick?

      • FinalSilence

        The lady who owns Mr. Bigglesworth x11. By the way, wonder if they’ll be there…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          She’s not a classic crazy cat lady. A classic crazy cat lady would have all kinds of cats.

          • Frank

            Then maybe it’s a crazy cat laddie!

  20. The Wolf Kin

    I’ve had exactly ONE good experience with numbered tickets. Most times I lose outright, or, more commonly, by one number. Then along comes the chance most important to me: Fan Expo Canada, and the chance to win Yoshitaka Amano’s autograph. Loss, loss, loss by a margin of one number, loss, loss, final call: my number.

    Simply stated, I was comparatively as happy as grape would be mad if she doesn’t get to the author.

  21. roguebfl

    There is also the issue avoided of trying to keep a bunch of cats in line…

  22. Salenstormwing

    It’s like Feline Black Friday.

  23. madmoney

    bood on the writer

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    Either they’re gonna spend a lot of time in the store or there’s gonna be a new XMas arc.

    • FinalSilence

      An arc in an arc? Genius!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “Meanwhile, at Bino’s house…”

        • Naylorfan90

          XD That’d be awesome actually!

        • silverfang16

          What would be happening at Bino’s house?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Isn’t that where the old dog’s club meets?

          • Frank

            I thought they had a clubhouse

          • Frank

            How wrong is it that my own coment is making me hungry?

  25. Rubber Band Bird

    The third panel says “is no time” instead of “in no time.”


    I expected to see more Cats who wanted their Feet signed.

  27. Krakatau

    Can someone read the alt-text please?I’m viewing in my blackberry and it seems that the alt-text cannot be viewed.

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      Rick wasn’t happy that people were posting the alt-text, so it’s not allowed. Try viewing it on a computer. >>

  28. Argent Stonecutter

    Grape forgot to bring her book to get signed, she was so excited!

    • dalonewolf25

      Well, at least she’s able to buy the new book now!

  29. FinalSilence

    False hope… sometimes good sometimes bad… like my false hope of me getting out of school today for a snow day… *sigh* and it’s semester exams this week…

    • dalonewolf25

      False hopes and great expectations shall get you nowhere, my friend…
      You just gotta believe!

      • FinalSilence

        Your avie just seems to fit with the edvice… lol

  30. FinalSilence

    The Question Is This: Which Pets Will Be There And What Do You Think The Author Looks Like Or Is? Also, People Have Been Bidding On Peanut’s Secret Santa (Who He Got)! The Current Bid is 635 Cookies and A Crumb! Let’s Start This Thing Once More!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Probably a lot of the cats animals as last time like Marvin, the smart Mr. Bigglesworth with glasses and Fiddler and Keys. With dogs Rex isn’t out of the question as is Joey with or without Squeak and/or with or without his cat costume. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jasper showed up as well given the chance for an ensemble scenario like this.


        TL;DR, I skimmed over it and saw cookies, so I put some of my own in the pot.

        • FinalSilence

          How many and on what?


            9001 on The author is a dog/crazy cat lady from simpsons

      • Pecan

        There is also the chance of Sabrina. Actually, now that I think about it, Fido could show up to get a copy for her. We have seen Fido do stuff for his sweetheart before. :D

        • FinalSilence

          How many cookies?

    • LethalKitsuneWarrior

      I bet 50 cookies *coughreallypockycough* that Grape falls asleep.

    • dalonewolf25

      I bet a truck that the lady above was the author in disguise.

    • Frank

      I bet 6 cookies Grape will get murderous, with a further 4 on it not being related to the waiting number, but to the incessantly looping carols mall stores always have on PA

  31. WingedWolfGirl

    I luv that change in facial expression from panel 3 to 4.

  32. LethalKitsuneWarrior
  33. Shady Kitsune

    I don’t think Miss Auburn would like it if Grape killed off a sizeable portion of her fanbase.
    On the bright side, theres no line, they can’t lose their “spot.” They could as well go off to anywhere they want and get back in time when their numbers called up.

    • Frank

      Or get back after their number is called

      • Shady Kitsune

        That’d suck, that means they’d miss it.
        Do not anger the cat, ANGRY CATS ARE SCARY! D=

  34. Pecan

    Hey, Rick? I believe I may have found a typo:

    “We’ll be through this is no time!”

    Shouldn’t is be in? If you meant what it says, please disregard this. ^^’

  35. Silverfox15987

    OK, Now that right there is funny. Grape is awesome and anyone who says other wise is way off O.o

  36. RockstarRaccoon

    You think it’s bad having to wait in those lines, try being the person they’re waiting to see. What a pain! >!<;; You get quite a few weirdos and groupies, and in the mean time, you've got to stay in the same place for hours on end. You can barely keep up enough interest in your fans to actually stay there and chat with them, let alone the level of enthusiasm you started with…

  37. .:AventGard:.

    Sucks to be Grape right now…or anyone that makes her mad for that matter.

  38. FinalSilence

    I just thought of something… what is Max’s number? More than likely 882, which is wierd cause that’s the number I repeatedly saw yesterday…

  39. Twilix01

    Question: In a lot of “furry” style webcomics, why is it always the cat that’s the scariest when angry? Is it the claws? O.o


      Because the person that draws this intends it to be a PG comic, the dog can’t be the scary one because if he were, we’d all die.


    • Argent Stonecutter

      Cats can beat their weight in dogs. If housecats were the size of alsatians we’d all be in trouble.

      The cats in the HP universe are comparably sized to their doggy neighbors.

    • FinalSilence

      It’s also a known fact that housecats are the deadliest creatures alive… They kill for the fun of it…

      • Frank

        Where does that leave humans?

        • FinalSilence

          Somewhere between cats and dogs… I’ve never seen a dog kill without purpose and most cats just don’t need one.

      • BeatReaktor

        lol sounds like the dudes in my neighborhood.

        • FinalSilence

          Yikes, that’s a little creepy and makes me worry for you man.

  40. BeatReaktor

    ugh! sorry I’ve been gone so long guys… I’ve been working my fingers to the bone to keep rottun happy. :(

    I don’t really get any of this humor though, I’ve never been to a book signing lol. :P

    • FinalSilence

      ‘Bout as bad as trying to get the book on the midnight release…

  41. Hoheh

    D’awwww! I love Grape’s witty goodness.

  42. WingedWolfGirl

    Don’t worry Grape,
    At least it isn’t OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …came up with that at work, I’m so proud of myself. x_x

    • Frank

      Whoah. 78 exclamation points.

    • BeatReaktor

      were do you work? a hospital? cause we need some chemo therapy after that comment.

  43. Krillos

    …Why do I get the feeling that this Ms Auburn is someone Grape and Max least expected?

  44. Whitekitsune

    I hope Grape won’t end up too disappointed, or someone’s walking home with one less eye.